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Sponsored Post: Sweet Delilah Farm

As spring arrives for those us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re thinking about flowers—and so, we’re thrilled to feature Sweet Delilah Farm, an amazing queer-woman-owned business in Portland, Oregon. Chelsea Willis, the owner/farmer offers flowers and floral design for weddings, events, and area businesses, as well teaching classes and running a CSA-style flower subscription. She’s passionate about gorgeous flowers and lovely weddings as well as LGBTQ couples, sustainability, and social service—and we’re excited to share her story with all of you today!

If you live in Portland, contact Chelsea for all your flower-related needs, and let her know you found her through A Bicycle Built for Two—we’re so grateful for her support of our community.


Tell us your story! How did Sweet Delilah get started?

Sweet Delilah Farm was a dream I didn’t entirely realize I had. Growing up, I always knew I wanted land, but I didn’t ever foresee how it would manifest itself. After I met my wife and began spending more time on her farm, I realized that working on the land feeds me, and as luck would have it, a piece of property in the same neighborhood came available. I didn’t even think twice—I signed a lease and began the trial-by-error process of learning how to farm. I love what I do and I love finding ways to give back to the community. The flower design came as a natural partnership. My favorite thing to do is have couples come out to the farm a few weeks before their wedding so they can see what’s growing. They get to see the plants that their flowers will be cut from. It’s a true farm-to-bouquet experience.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Such a hard question! I have so many. Right now my favorite part is watching all the seeds I’ve spent hours and hours planting begin to grow. It’s such a cool experience and some much needed color after the intense winter we’ve had here in Portland. I also absolutely love teaching classes and watching people get excited about getting dirty, playing with the flowers, and creating something they didn’t know they could.


Tell us about the classes you teach!

I love making learning accessible to everyone. I do everything from floral crowns and Ikebana [the Japanese art of flower arrangement] to flower essence and herbalism classes. One of my favorite recent projects was an Ikebana arrangement for a luncheon for some Japanese tourists. I took Ikebana courses while I was in school and fell in love with the form.

My all-time favorite kind of event is probably our bridal luncheons. We invite the bridal party out to learn how to make whatever kind of flower arrangements they want, and then they get to experience a farm-to-table lunch right there at the farm.

What is your favorite flower for a bridal bouquet?

My favorite flower right now is either ranunculus or sweet peas. They both bring very different shapes into a bouquet. Ranunculus are round, but they come in the most amazing colors and textures, and the sweet peas are long and tall and airy. They can bring a dynamic to a bouquet that no other flower can achieve—plus, they smell outrageously good!


What are three questions couples should ask about flowers? What’s something you wish more people knew about flowers or floral design?

  • Ask where your flowers are sourced from, I don’t think a lot of people realize that most of the flowers their choosing are not in season and are flown in from other countries. Sourcing locally, while it can be a bit pricier, uses less resources. And there is something really beautiful about the authenticity of honoring the climate you’re getting married in.
  • Ask your florist to do a site walk-through with you. Most florists will do this—and it is really important to get in the space together.
  • Ask your florist what’s in season. There could be things growing in your backyard that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box.

Sweet Delilah provides flowers for couples wanting to take the DIY approach—what advice would you give to couples who want to do their own flowers?

First, I would ask them if they are really sure. I love the DIY idea, and my mom and close friend did the flowers for my wedding; however, it’s A LOT of work. Flowers can be finicky and have lots of different needs. If you decide you do want to go the DIY route, my best advice would be to take a couple floral design classes (a great idea for a date night!) beforehand to get an idea of just how much work it will be. Another option is to do some DIY and get some things from a florist, i.e. have your bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres, and big pieces done by a florist, but make your small centerpieces. It’s important to have time to relax and connect with your friends, family, and partner before the big day, and doing any big DIY projects can interfere with your downtime before the wedding.


Tell us about your proposal/partner/wedding day! What were your favorite moments?

My now-wife and I met just about a year ago, when I walked up the driveway to her farm to volunteer. It was love a love-at-first-sight situation. She followed me around asking questions while I weeded and 6 months later we got on a plane to Denver (where I’m from) and got married with 10 of our closest friends and family.

My favorite moment of my wedding day was the moment I got all the way down the aisle and we grabbed each other’s hands. It was such a surreal moment filled with emotion. I’ll never forget it. I didn’t think about it then but I guess you could say we eloped. This year on the same the date we’re having the big wedding in Portland for all our friends and family. It’s been a wild year but also a magical one.

Since you’re in the midst of wedding planning yourself… what are your tips?

Take moments away from wedding planning to breathe and reconnect with your partner. It can be a lot of work, and it can get overwhelming. Find the humor in all of it and keep laughing with each other.


What’s your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?

“At Last” by Etta James. I’m a sucker for a good slow dance.

Why do you love working with LBTQ couples?

The obvious answer would be because I’m queer, and the truth is that I think it’s important to feel like you can connect with your vendors. A wedding is an intimate experience whether it’s big or small. It’s a huge life experience and you want to feel completely comfortable with the people who are making your big day happen. I want my couples to feel like I really “get it.” LGBTQ couples have had to fight harder for the right to have their marriages legally recognized, and that’s a fight you can only understand if you’ve gone through it yourself. It makes something about getting married even more special.


What else would you like readers to know about you?

The flower farm is just the beginning of my dream. My ultimate goal is to have a bigger piece of land where I can facilitate retreats and have programs for youth who have aged out of the system but have nowhere to go. My background is in psychology and social services, specifically with youth, and my life’s work won’t feel complete until I am serving that demographic.

Besides working on the farm, how do you like to spend your time?

I teach yoga, hang out with my 2 mini dachshunds and drink tea. Lots of tea.


We’d like to thank Chelsea of Sweet Delilah Farm for sharing her story and her images—and for her sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two. We love her, and we know you will too!

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you.

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Sponsored Post: Basic Invite

A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series of sponsored posts featuring some of our favorite vendors, who are ready to help you with all your planning needs!

It’s no secret that I (Maggie) am a huge stationery nerd. One of my favorite parts of seeing all the photos that come in is eyeballing your creative designs for invitations, programs, save the dates, menus, and more! So when Basic Invite got in touch with us about sponsoring a post, I went straight to their site to start playing around with some of their ten basquillion (that’s a technical term!) designs.

After spending more than my fair share of time comparing fonts and colors, I talked to Katie Scott about Basic Invite’s many features, and today, we want to share with you a little bit of what makes their services anything but basic! Take a look at the pretty pictures below and then head on over to their site. Even if you’re not planning a wedding right now, I promise you’ll have fun looking through all the options for personalization—plus, they have templates for baby showers, graduation announcements, bat mitzvahs, and pretty much every other occasion you can think of! (While you’re over there, feel free to check out my favorite wedding invite design and tell me what you think in the comments…)


What sets Basic Invite apart from other stationery services?

A lot! We are able to provide our customers with almost unlimited customization options through the development of unique technology. We offer over 180 color options, 40 + fonts, colored envelopes, and the ability to instantly preview your stationery online.

We also offer truly custom samples, which allow our customers to order the exact product they have created so that they can see it for themselves before ordering in bulk. This way they are able to make any changes before their final order. We feel like these options and abilities make us a truly unique stationery company.


What tips do you have for couples picking out wedding stationery?

Start as early as possible! The more time you have to design your wedding stationery the less pressure you will feel. Our customer service team here at Basic Invite will be there every step of the way no matter the time frame, but the more time they have with you, the more editing they can assist with making the perfect invitation! Weddings are already stressful enough! And the more eyes to edit the better—that way there won’t be any pesky typos!

For most of us, budgeting is a big part of wedding planning. Can Basic Invite help us save money?

Absolutely! Our prices begin as low as $0.99, and the more you order, the cheaper it is! We do have a bunch of add-ons and upgrades so the price will always depend on your design and customizations. Plus, we always have promotions going on! We are currently offering 15% off everything—if you head over to our website you can grab the promotion code from our homepage.


Tell us about one (or two or three!) of your favorite designs!

Our new gold and silver foil invitations are our current obsession! Also, we recently added Guest Books to our inventory, and they are to die for! You can match your guest book to your invitations or customize it with a favorite photo of you and your loved one. And finally, we are extremely excited for our real wood invitations to come out soon!

Why is it important for you to support the LGBTQ wedding community in particular?

As a company in the business of weddings—and really, in the business of love—it is important that we help those in love make their wedding dreams come true no matter their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves love and everyone deserves that love to be celebrated. Anything we can do to help that process be as special as possible—especially for those having to overcome adversity—is such an honor. Love is love!


Are you married?

I am getting married next month! Most of our team is married, and most of them wish they had Basic Invite when they were looking for invitations! Just knowing I can spread the word to all the other brides-to-be who are still in the beginning stages of planning is wonderful. We all get to live vicariously through our customers each and every day – it rocks!


One last thing—in oohing and aahing over all the designs on the Basic Invite website, I noticed one thing that I didn’t love: all the samples feature names of what appear to be straight couples! The good news is that, when I raised this question to Katie, she said they were already talking about this very issue, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time until we see some new samples on the site.


In the meantime, many thanks to Katie and Basic Invite for your sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two! We appreciate your support.

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you.

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Sponsored Post: Focus Photography

A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series featuring some of our sponsoring photographers! Here’s our latest:

Today, we’d like to introduce you to FocusPhotography, Toronto wedding photographer extraordinaire! The Focus team specializes in engagements, weddings, and videography, and when they reached out to us about being featured on the site, we were excited to talk to their founder, Lee, about some of his favorite parts of his work.


Tell us your story! How did you come to be a photographer?

I’ve always had a passion for photography since I was in school.

What are a few adjectives you would use to describe your style?

Candid and authentic.

Tell us about a memorable moment from one of your shoots.

The craziest thing that ever happened was at a wedding when the couple surprised each other with performances– and it turned out they were dancing to the same song!

What’s your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?  

Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good”


Besides photography, how do you like to spend your time?

I am so busy with Focus that I even on Christmas, I go into the studio to edit some photos!

Why are you excited to work with LBTQ couples?

We are excited about working with LGBTQ couples because it’s sad that we still live in a society when people inquiring with us feel like they have to ask, “Are you guys okay with shooting gay weddings?”


What do you envision for *your* wedding? Any must-haves?

For me, a must-have is really personal vows.

What else would you like readers to know about you?

We live for every couple’s journey. All of us care about our clients as if they were our friends– and everyone in the studio shares the same philosophy as I do, or else I wouldn’t hire them.

Daniela Godoy & Asim Waheed-87

If you’re looking for a photobooth in the Toronto area…

Check out Focus’s sister company, Focusbooth: Toronto wedding photobooth rental is their jam! (It looks like they’ve got a great selection of novelty props, too.)

We’d like to thank FocusPhotography for sharing their story and  images– and for their sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two!

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you.

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Sponsored Post: Cassandra Zetta

A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series of sponsored posts featuring some of our favorite photographers. Here’s one!

Meet Cassandra, a photographer, penguin-lover, and “hopeless romantic” who specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community! Cassandra’s work has been appearing on A Bicycle Built for Two since way back in 2013, when she caught our eye with Angela & Quyen’s beautiful engagement session. She posted two more shoots with us this year (here and here), and you can see even more of her lovely photos on her website. Cassandra and her wife live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but she loves to take her camera on the road!

Cassandra Zetta by Ryan Deasley Photography

Cassandra, photographed by Ryan Deasley Photography.

Tell us your story. How did you come to be a photographer?

When photography entered my life, it became the pinnacle of my evolution. I had just graduated college with a degree in graphic design, and while I love and appreciate design to its core, I knew in my heart that it wasn’t my calling… So, I began searching for other mediums that would serve my creative soul. That’s when I discovered wedding photography. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the idea of working with couples so in love and happy during their grand wedding celebration spoke to me. That was the day my lightbulb went off and I found my calling.

What are you few adjectives you would you to describe your style?

Emotional. Intimate. Honest.

Cynthia + Theresa Wedding-240

Cynthia & Theresa, one of Cassandra’s lovely couples. 

What’s your favorite moment to photograph during a wedding?

The ceremony, always. The way the couple looks at one another, the sweet readings, the heartfelt vows; it all touches my heart so deeply that I cry at every ceremony.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Hands down, the friendships that are forged with my couples. From the initial consult, we share stories, laugh, find parallels in our lives, and form a wonderful connection. Through keeping in touch via email, social media, engagement sessions, and further communication, it truly feels that for every wedding I photograph, I’m actually acquiring two incredible new friends. This is the part I am most grateful for.

Lacey + Tiffany Elopement-263

Lacey & Tiffany: some beautifully tattooed brides! 

Why do you love working with LBTQ couples?

Working with LGBTQ+ couples has filled my heart in a way I never knew possible. As a member of the community, I am able to understand and relate to the experiences, struggles, and triumphs of other LGBTQ+ couples. After planning our wedding, I realized the difficulty same-sex couples face trying to have a voice in a heteronormative industry. From a photography perspective, I wanted to change this. I longed to provide a safe place for all couples to share their love openly, and without worry. I overhauled my business to focus on our community– and it has been so rewarding.

Sarah + Rachel Wedding-94

A gorgeous photo to capture Sarah & Rachel’s love. 

Tell us about your wedding day! What were your favorite moments?

Nine years ago, I met and fell in love with the most generous and selfless soul. After almost 4.5 years of being together, she proposed to me on the beach at sunrise in Hilton Head. We then began planning a fun and intimate wedding at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Our wedding day was magical, filled with love and our closest family and friends. My favorite non-traditional decision from our day was that we walked into the ceremony together; entering as two, leaving as one. Second only to the heartfelt ceremony, of course, our favorite moment from the day was when Penny the Penguin surprised us during the reception. My wife and I both love and adore animals, but penguins are extra special. So when Penny came wobbling down the aisle towards us, it was such a wonderful moment.


Cassandra and her wife celebrating their legal wedding in Connecticut, as photographed by Kelly Prizel (in front of Maggie’s favorite library!)

We’d like to thank Cassandra for sharing her story and her images– and for her sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two. We love her, and we know you will too!

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you. 

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Sponsored Post: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro

Starting this fall, A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series of sponsored posts featuring some of our favorite photographers. This one is our first!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Michelle Davidson-Schapiro, a Boston-area photographer with a talent for all things portrait, wedding, and engagement. You might already recognize her name from the snazzy logo in our sidebar, but in order to help you get to know her a little bit better, we asked her some questions about her work, her life, and yes, her high school math class!


Meet Michelle!

Tell us your story. How did you come to be a photographer?

When I was in grad school, I spent all of my free time shooting film through an old medium format Yashica twin lens camera and working at a photo store. I was doing mostly fine art work, but some portraits, and a friend of mine really liked what I was doing. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was flattered…and (I can say this now) totally terrified. But I said yes.


A shot from Katy and Emory’s wedding, as featured on A Bicycle Built for Two

Her wedding was a labor of love–and I do mean labor. I worked so hard to capture every detail, all the moments she would want to look back on over the years. I burned through three sets of batteries, two cards, and a lot of film. But when I was done I had a body of work that both she and I loved, and suddenly I had the feeling that I knew what I wanted to be doing with my photography. From that first wedding came a couple more the next year, and still more the year after. Now, five years in, I’m working a busy schedule of weddings and doing a whole bunch of portraits as well. I love my work and my clients, and I’m forever grateful to a friend with an idea that grew into a pretty perfect balance of labor and love.

MDS_0830-2058119039-OCheck out more of Michelle’s photos of Kym & Gianna here!

What are a few adjectives you would use to describe your style?

I would describe the style of my photography as natural, classic, and clean.

Why do you love working with LBTQ couples?

I love working with all people (not just couples, but polyamorous families and other configurations of love as well), but the LGBTQ community is my people. When I was planning my own wedding, I felt like I was constantly running into form fields asking for the name of my “husband.” When I went to a bridal shop to scout dresses, the staff just could not wrap their heads around the fact that there was no groom. It was stressful and annoying, and made me feel like I didn’t fit. So when I am lucky enough to work with LGBTQ clients, I get to make inclusion a non-issue for them. The world is changing, but the wedding industry doesn’t always reflect that. So I’m happy to be a queer ally to my LGBTQ peers!

MDS_3703More of Michelle’s lovely work. 

Besides photography, how do you like to spend your time?

Besides photography, I spend an inordinate amount of time with my family. I have a wonderful wife and amazing baby daughter, and I’m pretty much obsessed with both of them. We love to hang out in our neighborhood (Boston’s Jamaica Plain), listen to records, read books, see our friends, and go to the farmers’ market. If I’m not working, it’s likely I’m hanging out with my two favorite people and one grumpy cat.


Tell us about your wife and your wedding day!

IMG_1019My wife is the best. She and I met in high school, in math class. She’s smart, beautiful, hilarious, and the best partner I could ask for in life and in raising our daughter. My wedding was a blur! But my sister surprised us with a photo booth rental, and looking back at those images is my absolute favorite. I love when people let loose and mug for the camera!

On the right, a photo of Michelle and her wife back in high school!

We’d like to thank Michelle for sharing her story and her images– and for her sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two. We love her, and we know you will too!

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you.

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