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Queer Card Guide: You’re Transtastic!

It’s time for another Queer Card Guide, and this month, we’re focused on trans folks. We’ve got punny greetings for top surgeries of all kinds, the perfect paper goods for sharing news of your transition, and this transtastic hand-printed masterpiece from Grape Gender Crush Designs:


Scroll onward for more queer card goodness!


(From left to right: our friends at Ladyfingers Letterpress & Paradise Papercraft)

Puns Galore


(Clockwise from top left: Peppersprout Press, Gay Pigeon, Four Letter Word Cards, & Henson Handmade)

Mmm… Pizza Rolls

Untitled collage (23)(From left to right: Katy Maher Art & Ladyfingers Letterpress)

When Cis Folks Mess Up…

Try not to. But if you do: apologize, do better—and send a card!

i'm sorry

(From No Coast Paper Co.)

Love is Love is Love is Love is Love

gallery3gallery 5

(Clockwise from top left: An Open Sketchbook, Mark It Proud, Prickly Cactus Collage, & Carolyn Draws)

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Queer Card Guide: Coming Out

I know what you’re thinking: when did this become a blog about stationery? Well, in compiling our last two queer card guides, I came across SO MANY beautiful LBTQ+ cards that I couldn’t resist sharing some more with you. So, while I continue searching for that elusive Ms. & Ms. card, we’ll be offering you the occasional dose of queer cards for all occasions!

Today’s occasion? Coming out. And whether you’re the come-outer or the come-outee, it turns out… there’s a card for that!

Yay, You’re Gay: Congratulations & Good Cheer!


(From left to right: Veronica Dearly & Angela Chick)

Untitled collage (21)

(Clockwise from top left: ThisIsBiscuit Studio, Letters by Bonnie, An Open Sketchbook, & Brandy Mars Designs)

I Have Something To Tell You…

coming out

(From left to right: I’m Different Press & Gay Pigeonmate

(Inside and outside of “Mate…I’m Not Straight” from Letters by Bonnie)

Solidarity & Support


(Clockwise from top left: No Coast Paper Company 1 and 2, Mishka Marie, & Megan Roy Design)

Cupcakes & Narwhals

amazing folks

(From left to right: Creature Comforts & Ecolorty)

Other favorite coming out cards? Ideas for queer card occasions you’d like us to cover? Share in the comments!

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Queer Card Guide: So You’re Engayged!

Sure, you can double-tap on the Instagram or press “love” for that Facebook relationship status update—but if you ask us, there’s  still nothing like a good old-fashioned card to mark a truly special occasion! Celebrate the engagements of all your lady and non-binary friends with these queer engagement cards.

If you’re looking for save-the-dates, invitations, and more, don’t forget to check out the stationery section of our vendor directory.

(Looking for queer wedding cards? That was last week’s topic!)

Untitled collage (11)

(From left to right: Only Like Us & Quirky Paper Co.)

Engaygement Excitement

Untitled collage (7)

(Clockwise from top left: Little Mushroom Cards, Smudge InkBrandy Mars Designs, Wynwood Letterpress)

Cute Animals Galore!

Untitled collage (8)

(Clockwise from left: The Printable Card Shop, Tiffbitsktcrawford)


Untitled collage (9)

(Left to right: Wanderlust 25 Paper Company & Loray Co.)

Very Funny

Untitled collage (12)

(From left to right: Brandy Mars Designs & Peas and Cukes)

For the Feminine-of-Center

Untitled collage (10)

(Clockwise from top left: Halifax Paper Hearts, Smudge InkMsSpanner, Nicole Marie Paperie)

And a little something for everyone!

Untitled collage (13)

(Clockwise from top left: Hammerpress Studio, Steel Petal Press, Shop 803, Design with Heart)

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Queer Card Guide: Wedding Delights!

I don’t know about all of you, but Ashley and I are delighted to have quite a few queer weddings on our calendar for 2017 and 2018—and that means plenty of opportunities for LGBTQ+ greeting card purchasing! While we were doing our research, we thought we’d share the wealth with this collection of lesbian and queer wedding cards.

Did we miss any? Link us to your favorites in the comments!

(Oh, and if you’re looking for engaygement cards… We’ll be back with another feature next week!)

Untitled collage (6)

(From top to bottom: Paradise Papercraft & Proyecto Alegria)

For the Mrs. and Mrs.

Untitled collage (1)

(Clockwise from the top left: Pretty by Her, Hennel Paper Company, Holly Collage, Honest AF Cards)

Two-Dress Fun

Untitled collage (2)

(From left to right: Rosy Design Online & ARIllustration)

Non-Binary Love  Untitled collage (3)

(From left to right: This is Biscuit Studio & MsSpanner)

A Little Something for Everyone

Untitled collage (4)

(Clockwise from top left: Emily McDowell, Paradise Papercraft, La Familia Green, Queer Pabuku)

Untitled collage (5)

(Clockwise from top left: Hello Lucky, Red Cap Cards, Ladyfingers Letterpress, La Familia Green)

P.S. Maybe you’ve been reading about Hallmark’s new line of trans encouragement cards? Ladyfingers Letterpress, a long-time member of our vendor directory, also has some great designs for folks who are transitioning!

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