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Giveaway: Brandy Mars Designs!

When Brandy got in touch to tell us about her line of hilarious and adorable LBTQ greeting cards, we couldn’t have been more excited! We here at A Bicycle Built for Two are all about romance via old-fashioned mail, and Brandy’s cards are the perfect medium, designed specially for queer folks.

Then, Brandy offered to send over some cards for free, and we decided that—as much as we’d like to keep them all for ourselves—this was the perfect time for a giveaway! Read more about Brandy and her amazing cards, then scroll all the way down for instructions on how to win a selection of these cuties.

FotorCreated (2)

Tell us your story! How did you come to be a card designer/entrepreneur/Etsy genius?

I began my card company in October 2016. My fiancée and I were doing long distance, and I saw there was not much available for LGBTQ cards. A few years ago when I came out I had a popular funny lesbian blog, and the card line branched off from there. Sales have really taken off in the past few months, and the Etsy shop has a five-star customer rating! Customer service is super important to me. I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design And Merchandising and have done fine art my whole life. I love merging humour and design in my card making!

What are a few adjectives you would use to describe your style?

Modern/classic, cute, funny!


What’s your design process like?

Whenever I have an idea I write it down on whatever I have nearby. Inspiration comes from all over, but mostly my beautiful fiancée! The “I want to whisper sexy things in your ear. Like “Grilled Cheese.”” is an actual quote from something I texted to my fiancée when we first started dating. It’s now my most popular card!

Why is it important to you to design cards specifically for the LBTQ community?

There isn’t a huge selection of cards out there for us, and I think it’s important to represent your community if you live in a safe enough environment to do so. Many parts of the world are still dangerous for LGBTQ people. I like meeting the customers and hearing how happy they are when they get the cards!


Are you married or engaged? Tell us about your proposal/partner/wedding day!

I’m engaged! She proposed to me, and it was a big surprise. We took a gondola up to the top of a beautiful mountain. There was a part of the lodge blocked by a curtain and when we walked around the corner there were photos of us and quotes on this wall. And then we walked around that and there was a wooden sign that said, “Will you marry me?” I went, “YES YES!” And then she said, laughing, “Let me ask!” It was pretty hilarious!

A photographer took photos of us! It was raining so we ended up drenched, but it was fun. She got me the exact ring I wanted: small and super sparkly. I wouldn’t change a thing. I got her wedding ring and planned to give it to her this New Year’s Eve. All the plans went sideways due to a crazy snowstorm, the custom ring I ordered couldn’t get made, etc., but I still managed to make some new last-minute plans and got a beautiful ring and gave it to her right at the midnight countdown. I was nervous and couldn’t get the box open, and then I slammed it down on the table. Such a spaz! We laughed a lot about that after. (She’s asking me why I’m smirking while I type this.) 


Proposal planned by Stephanie Reitsma.//Engagement photos courtesy of Christine Pienaar.

What do you envision for your wedding? Will you design your own invitations?

Definitely I will make the invitations! I want it to be warm (so probably summer), and she wants the colour grey. And not toooo huge. I like smaller weddings… more personal. 

What’s your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?

I love Ed Sheeran music!

What else would you like readers to know about you?

I also paint portraits of people and pets! You can check out all my artwork on my Instagram/Etsy/Facebook


In other news, Brandy’s selfie game is on point.


We’re keeping it nice and simple! To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling us which of Brandy’s cards is your favorite AND/OR who you’d be sending your greeting cards to! One lucky person will win five cards (including the famous “grilled cheese” one!) to send to friends & lovers.

(If you can’t wait to see whether or not you won, head over to Brandy’s Etsy store to place your Valentine’s Day orders!)


The giveaway is now closed, and we’ll be announcing a winner shortly!

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Sponsored Post: Basic Invite

A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series of sponsored posts featuring some of our favorite vendors, who are ready to help you with all your planning needs!

It’s no secret that I (Maggie) am a huge stationery nerd. One of my favorite parts of seeing all the photos that come in is eyeballing your creative designs for invitations, programs, save the dates, menus, and more! So when Basic Invite got in touch with us about sponsoring a post, I went straight to their site to start playing around with some of their ten basquillion (that’s a technical term!) designs.

After spending more than my fair share of time comparing fonts and colors, I talked to Katie Scott about Basic Invite’s many features, and today, we want to share with you a little bit of what makes their services anything but basic! Take a look at the pretty pictures below and then head on over to their site. Even if you’re not planning a wedding right now, I promise you’ll have fun looking through all the options for personalization—plus, they have templates for baby showers, graduation announcements, bat mitzvahs, and pretty much every other occasion you can think of! (While you’re over there, feel free to check out my favorite wedding invite design and tell me what you think in the comments…)


What sets Basic Invite apart from other stationery services?

A lot! We are able to provide our customers with almost unlimited customization options through the development of unique technology. We offer over 180 color options, 40 + fonts, colored envelopes, and the ability to instantly preview your stationery online.

We also offer truly custom samples, which allow our customers to order the exact product they have created so that they can see it for themselves before ordering in bulk. This way they are able to make any changes before their final order. We feel like these options and abilities make us a truly unique stationery company.


What tips do you have for couples picking out wedding stationery?

Start as early as possible! The more time you have to design your wedding stationery the less pressure you will feel. Our customer service team here at Basic Invite will be there every step of the way no matter the time frame, but the more time they have with you, the more editing they can assist with making the perfect invitation! Weddings are already stressful enough! And the more eyes to edit the better—that way there won’t be any pesky typos!

For most of us, budgeting is a big part of wedding planning. Can Basic Invite help us save money?

Absolutely! Our prices begin as low as $0.99, and the more you order, the cheaper it is! We do have a bunch of add-ons and upgrades so the price will always depend on your design and customizations. Plus, we always have promotions going on! We are currently offering 15% off everything—if you head over to our website you can grab the promotion code from our homepage.


Tell us about one (or two or three!) of your favorite designs!

Our new gold and silver foil invitations are our current obsession! Also, we recently added Guest Books to our inventory, and they are to die for! You can match your guest book to your invitations or customize it with a favorite photo of you and your loved one. And finally, we are extremely excited for our real wood invitations to come out soon!

Why is it important for you to support the LGBTQ wedding community in particular?

As a company in the business of weddings—and really, in the business of love—it is important that we help those in love make their wedding dreams come true no matter their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves love and everyone deserves that love to be celebrated. Anything we can do to help that process be as special as possible—especially for those having to overcome adversity—is such an honor. Love is love!


Are you married?

I am getting married next month! Most of our team is married, and most of them wish they had Basic Invite when they were looking for invitations! Just knowing I can spread the word to all the other brides-to-be who are still in the beginning stages of planning is wonderful. We all get to live vicariously through our customers each and every day – it rocks!


One last thing—in oohing and aahing over all the designs on the Basic Invite website, I noticed one thing that I didn’t love: all the samples feature names of what appear to be straight couples! The good news is that, when I raised this question to Katie, she said they were already talking about this very issue, so hopefully it’s only a matter of time until we see some new samples on the site.


In the meantime, many thanks to Katie and Basic Invite for your sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two! We appreciate your support.

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you.

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