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Gallery: Loving You Was Red

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a gallery of all things red!

We’re sending thoughts of love and chocolate out to all our readers today (and everyday!) and wishing one and all a very happy Valentine’s Day!

For more LBTQ wedding inspiration, check out our other galleries here.

Wilkins & Monicawilkins & monicaBrittney & KaraBritney & KaraErica & AlexErica & AlexIlina & Kristin:
ilina & kristinLauren & JessieLauren & JessieTara & MeganTara & MeganCecily & Alaynacecily & alaynaRebekah & Shawna: Rebekah & ShawnaLindsay & AngelaLindsey & Kara

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Gallery: Bespectacled Brides (Part 2)

You know what they say—clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

For even more wedding-related glasses inspiration, we also loved this beautiful (& inclusive) Buzzfeed post. Check out the rest of our lesbian and queer wedding galleries right here.

Carrie & Claire: Carrie & Claire

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Gallery: Bespectacled Brides (Part 1)

Now feels like a time when seeing things clearly seems particularly important. So today, we’re offering up a collection of LBTQ brides and brooms in glasses, seeing clearly and looking good while doing it.

Hoping for more brides-with-glasses inspiration? Check back for Part Two on Wednesday! In the meantime, check out our other lesbian and queer wedding galleries right here.

Mariah & Natacha
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Gallery: Get Me to the Church on Time!

Here at the blog, we love featuring weddings of all faiths and no faith, but in this gallery, we wanted to focus on a collection of lovely weddings that take place in churches—from North Carolina to California to the U.K.. When so many of us have had to struggle in the intersection of our faith and our queer identities, there’s something particularly beautiful about seeing these couples say their vows in front of congregations filled with family and friends. No matter your own religious background, we know you’ll see the love on display in these sanctuaries, at these altars, and up and down the aisles pictured here.

Patty & Lisachurch-patty-lisaWendi & Crystalwendi-crystal wendi-crystal2 wendi-crystal3 Katie & Sheilakatie-sheilakatie-sheila2 Monique & Meganmonique-megan Pam & Audreypam-audrey2pam-audrey Joni & Tammyjoni-tammyJulie & Jenniferjulie-jennifer2julie-jenniferCecily & Alaynacecily-alaynacecily-alayna2 Emily & Hollyemily-hollyBekka & Carlabekka-carla bekka-carla2Lauren & Crista

P.S. The title is a reference to one of Ashley’s favorite musicals. Can you name it?

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Gallery: She’s Got Game!

I’m not going to lie to you here: I am among the least athletically inclined people in the universe. However, it is clear that some of you are committed athletes and fans—and we love the clever ways you’ve found to make your favorite sports a part of your proposals, engagement shoots, and weddings. Even if I can’t catch a ball to save my life, I can definitely appreciate the charms of these gorgeous photos!

We’re sure no one will be surprised to see softball and roller derby represented here, but we also have football fans in their jerseys, bowling alley nuptials, and some great stadium shots. For even more sporty inspiration, head to the archives to check out Kristi and Debbie’s baseball-themed cake and roller derby lovers Anna and Sarah’s engagement photos. Read about Taz getting down on one knee at the softball field and Erin and Karen’s Red Sox wedding weekend.

If you and your wife/partner/girlfriend/fiancée have a special connection to a particular sport, let us know in the comments!

Alli & Jess:alli-jess allie-jess2 Amy & Sarahamy-sarah amy-sarah2Jessica & Nik:
jessica-nik jessica-nik2Stefanie & Kathleenstefanie-kathleen Monique & Nicolemonique-and-nicole-2 monique-and-nicoleMegan & Jennameghan-jennameghan-jenna2

P.S. Happy National Coming Out Day! We’re glad you’re here.

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Gallery: Cuddle Up

As fall arrives for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days get cooler and we break out the sweaters, boots, and—of course—blankets! Judging from our archives, blankets are a particularly popular feature of cool-weather engagement shoots, and why not? We certainly can’t argue with results this adorable! Find a blanket of your own and cuddle up with a nice cup of tea as you peruse this gallery of beautiful blanket-lovers.

Looking for more fall wedding inspiration? Check out last year’s autumn galleries here and here

Ashley & Kristen: View More: http://peachpix.pass.us/ank1View More: http://peachpix.pass.us/ank1Rachael & Sam:  rachel-samrachel-sam2Alissa & Caity:alissa-caity2alissa-caity Amanda & Christina: amanda-christina amanda-christina2 Anna & Sarah:anna-sarah anna-sarah2
Devin & Christy: devin-christy devin-christy2 Hannah & Eileen: hannah-eileen2hannah-eileen Kaylin & Rhodes: kaitlyn-rhodes kaitlyn-rhodes2 Mariel & Lisa: mariel-lisa mariel-lisa2Jo & Wally: jo-wallyjo-wally2

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Gallery: Let Them Eat Cake

I’ll let you all in on a secret: Ashley actually doesn’t like cake, which is why I’m putting together this gallery of beautiful cakes and cake toppers. Happily, we have plenty to choose from—looking for alternatives to that heteronormative little bride & groom has become a breeze in the past few years, and now, the real challenge is picking from so many adorable options!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, scroll down for a nice big slice of wedding cake inspiration, from a tiny cross-fit couple to quite a few lovebirds and even a bicycle built for two!

Get a taste of more delicious queer wedding style with our other galleries

Jillian & EmilyCake Topper- Jillian & Emily

Erin & MoCake Toppers- Erin & MoJess & SarahCake Topper- Jess & SarahMegan & KatieCake Toppers- Megan & KatieNancy & WendellCake Toppers- Nancy & WendellSharon & SueCake Toppers- Sharon & SueAshley & AngelaCake Topper- Angela & AshleySusan & JulieCake Toppers- Susan & JulieVanessa & Judy: Cake Toppers- Vanessa & Judy

Lauren & ChristineView More: http://nicolebarrphoto.pass.us/lcwed Rachel & ZendziCake Topper- Rachel & Zendzi Emily & ElizabethCake Toppers- Emily & ElizabethCrissy & ErinCake Toppers- Crissy & ErinArley-Rose & Morgan:Cake Topper- Arley-Rose & MeganDanielle & Holly:

Cake Toppers- Danielle & HollyLeah & Lorraine:
Cake Toppers- Leah & LorraineMarybeth & MollyCake Topper- Marybeth & MollyStacey & KatDevon Rowland Photography

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