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Link Love: Butch Visibility

We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

butch 2

This week, we’re soaking up an amazing project from Meg Allen, a “photographer, adventurer, and artist” in Oakland, California. In her portrait series, BUTCH, Meg explores female masculinity through a series of gorgeous photographs documenting a community who isn’t often in front of the lens. As Meg told The Huffington Post back in 2014, “I wanted see a gallery of people who looked like me in attractive portraits!”

Now, Meg’s created a book with the full series of images, available this September from her personal site.

butch 3 butch 4

If you’re watching A Bicycle Built for Two‘s Facebook page, you may have already seen a few of these images courtesy of our friends at The Pride & Joy Project—many thanks to them for drawing our attention to Meg’s work!

For more butch visibility from our archives, click back to Amanda Swiger’s (not entirely safe for work) butch boudoir shoot with her wife Jordan.

Look for Link Love every Friday—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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Something A Little Different [NSFW]

When wedding photographer Amanda Swiger got in touch with us about featuring a new project she’d been working on, it only took about thirty seconds before we decided to say yes! Normally here at A Bicycle Built for Two, we’re all about weddings—the rings, the bow ties, and the beautiful cakes. But we’re also all about love—loving our wives and ourselves and our bodies—and Amanda’s new foray into boudoir photography showcases all of those loves in the form of some incredibly sexy photos of her wife, Jordan… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In her message to us, Amanda offered a beautifully explanation for why this kind of photography is so important:

After a really honest conversation with my wife recently about the lack of queer and butch boudoir out there, I convinced her to let me shoot some images of her! So much of the boudoir realm is focused on a very “straight” perception of what it means to be sexy and leaves little room for anything outside of the “lingerie, pretty hotel room, high heels and lace” box.  Added to that is the fact that everywhere we look we see these slim, muscular bodies that are what we are told is perfect, when in reality there is so much beauty beyond that.  While I think all sexuality should be celebrated, as lesbian women I think it’s hard sometimes to feel like our own uniqueness is sexy or attractive.  For the women out there who want to do something for the woman they love but maybe aren’t interested in donning satin and a set of heels, there is very little inspiration out there for what this could look like.  Sometimes what makes someone feel sexy is a leather jacket or their favorite boots—and why not celebrate that too?

So we set out to capture my wife in a setting that fit her love for being outdoors, that showcased her tattoos and love of suggestive underwear, and that took into account that she is both incredibly strong and soft. I really think it is important that we as queer and lesbian women keep pushing the envelope for what it means to be a woman and doing new things to express who we are! 

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Event Credits

Attire: underwear: head//jeans: Buffalo by David Bitten//jacket: Calvin KleinLocation: Ridley State Park in Newtown Square, PA
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