Meet the Team: Erin

Another Friday, another new team member to introduce!

Today we’re excited to introduce Erin, one of our two new managing editors. Along with her partner, Sam (who was featured last week!), Erin has brought her insights and talents to A Bicycle Built for Two, working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure all of your LBTQ+ wedding and engagement beauty shines through each post.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Erin! I’m a 27 year old from the east coast recently transplanted to California.

How did you find A Bicycle Built for Two?

My partner, Sam, is a huge fan of the blog! Throughout our long distance relationship she shared ABBFT posts with me.


What do you love about the site?

I really like the photography, and the wedding dress inspiration!

Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

I’m in a long term relationship, marriage may be on the horizon.

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

A Free People wedding dress and family.


What do you do for fun?

Go to the beach, read, peruse Instagram, watch Netflix.

Do you have any pets?

A family cat named Alice and I miss her very much.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

Grilled cheese with soup on the side!

Thanks to Erin for sharing her time and her talents with A Bicycle Built for Two! Give her a warm welcome on in the comments—and look out for another “Meet the Team” post this time next week. 

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Wedding: Aleah & Hannah

From Hannah and Aleah: The inspiration and preparation for our wedding started in April of 2014, a few months before we would get engaged on a freezing cold evening in the woods behind Hannah’s house. That Spring, Hannah’s parents purchased a plot of land up the hill from her childhood home in Readfield, Maine that held the remnants of a dairy farm dating back to the 1800s. The field where we would hold our ceremony two years later was full of rubble: rusted plows, heavy hand-carved beams, and scraps of old milk receipts. Hannah’s father, Steve, with the vision of an eternal optimist, looked at that pile of debris and saw our wedding.

The theme of our ceremony and our day was, without a question, that of community. In the year that followed our engagement, our community—friends from our alma mater, Colby College, colleagues from Boston and New York, and the fine people of Readfield, Maine—threw on their work gloves and rallied behind the cause of building a wedding venue from the ground up. They came in droves to haul wood and sheet metal, de-nail boards, and move rocks to build stone walls.

On August 6th, we celebrated our wedding on the completely rehabilitated farm that so many of our guests had been a part of transforming. Everything about the day from the literal ground up was DIY; our families collectively built the birch tree chuppah and all of the tables, neighbors planted flowers, made centerpieces, strung lights, and two of our friends arranged and played cello and fiddle music for the processional. Aleah’s mother even made a beautiful quilt for the ceremony to replace the traditional Jewish prayer shawl, a tallit, under which the couple traditionally stands with their parents. Figuring out which traditions of Judaism, Aleah’s faith, were important to both of us was a part of planning our ceremony with our dear friend and officiant. Using the quilt in the ceremony, as well as stepping on a glass and listening to our friends read the seven Jewish wedding blessings, were some of the ways we combined Aleah’s faith with Hannah’s personal beliefs.

One of our favorite memories of the day was our “first family dance.” We chose to dance to the Talking Heads “This Must be the Place” with all of our immediate family members. While we started the dance with both our fathers, we were quickly joined on the dance floor by our mothers, brothers and sister. Throughout the dance we kept switching partners, and a highlight was watching our fathers dance together!

Our advice to future bride(s) is to find intentional time to talk about the why behind the wedding. Every time we sat down to talk about the nitty gritty details (napkin colors, number of tables, porta-potties!) we would start our conversation with “reasons.” These were little reminders not only of why we were getting married, but why we had fallen in love in the first place.

From Gretchen, Aleah and Hannah’s photographer: Looking through the photos to select images to submit I was struck by how much laughter and love I captured this day. I loved the way both Aleah and Hannah were able to incorporate important parts of their lives into the day’s celebration and made sure that their family and friends knew how much they appreciated their help with the venue and celebrations as well as their love and support of their union.

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Event Credits

Attire: Hannah's Dress: BHLDN // Aleah's dress: Jenny YooFlorist: handpicked from Elvin's Farm // jewelry: Alexis Russell, Wedding Band: D. Cole JewelersLocation: Readfield, MaineMusic: Justin Gilbert DJ // Cake: Silly's Portland // Caterer: White Flour CateringPhotography: Gretchen Powers Film and Photo
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Meet the Team: Sam

Another Friday, another new team member to introduce!

Today we’re thrilled to present Sam, one of our two new managing editors (the other is Sam’s partner Erin, who you’ll learn more about next week!). Since diving into A Bicycle Built for Two a little over a month ago, Sam’s helped manage new submissions and publish new posts, putting her technology savvy and passion for LBTQ+ love to work in order to bring you plenty of wedding goodness.


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m Sam, a proud California native & Sign Language Interpreter.

How did you find A Bicycle Built for Two?

I came upon the blog 7-ish years ago after starting a long distance relationship with my partner, Erin.

What do you love about the site?

Seeing the representation of my community, love, & beautiful pictures/stories/wedding inspo!

Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

Long term relationship with plans to marry in the near future!


What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

Succulents, up-cycled & DIY decor, 90’s-early 2000’s jams.

What do you do for fun?

Craft, DIY, thrift hunt, go to the beach, read, watch Netflix, research minimalism/tiny living/zero-waste lifestyles.

Do you have any pets?

None yet.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

Vegetarian here so… loaded with veggies! I could eat a sandwich everyday, no joke.

Thanks to Sam for sharing her time and her talents with A Bicycle Built for Two! Give her a warm welcome on in the comments—and look out for another “Meet the Team” post this time next week. 

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Love & Friendship Shoot: Vy, Kei, & Sah

From the friends: About a year ago, Vy and Sah’s friendship commitment ceremony was featured on ABBFT. Fast forward one year, and Vy and Sah are still madly in friendship! Being big fans of the Bicycle blog, we are now posting the pics of our Love and Friendship Summer Park Stroll. Some relationship statistics behind the pics: Vy & Sah have been friends for 18 years, Vy & Kei have been together for 9 years as a couple, and Sah & Kei have been friends for 9 years. Here is to love, friendship and summer strolls!

Photos courtesy of Tanya Frantsuzova.

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Event Credits

Location: Moscow, RussiaPhotography:
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Queer Card Guide: You’re Transtastic!

It’s time for another Queer Card Guide, and this month, we’re focused on trans folks. We’ve got punny greetings for top surgeries of all kinds, the perfect paper goods for sharing news of your transition, and this transtastic hand-printed masterpiece from Grape Gender Crush Designs:


Scroll onward for more queer card goodness!


(From left to right: our friends at Ladyfingers Letterpress & Paradise Papercraft)

Puns Galore


(Clockwise from top left: Peppersprout Press, Gay Pigeon, Four Letter Word Cards, & Henson Handmade)

Mmm… Pizza Rolls

Untitled collage (23)(From left to right: Katy Maher Art & Ladyfingers Letterpress)

When Cis Folks Mess Up…

Try not to. But if you do: apologize, do better—and send a card!

i'm sorry

(From No Coast Paper Co.)

Love is Love is Love is Love is Love

gallery3gallery 5

(Clockwise from top left: An Open Sketchbook, Mark It Proud, Prickly Cactus Collage, & Carolyn Draws)

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Wedding: Kayla & Lauren

From Kayla & Lauren: We shared our engagement photos a while back & wanted to share our wedding photos too! Our day was everything we could have wanted. We felt so lucky to be surrounded by our friends and family with so much love.

Photos courtesy of Michelle VanTine Photography.

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Event Credits

Attire: New York Bride and GroomCakes and Dessert: Fancy Cakes by LeslieCatering: The Tabard InnFlorist: Park FloristLocation: The Tabard Inn - Washington DCPhotography: Michelle VanTine Photography
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Popping the Question: Walking Down the Aisle

We’re back with another installment in Popping the Question, our series where we tackle questions unique to wedding-planning as a queer couple.

Today is all about strutting your stuff! We all know that “tradition” dictates how couples are supposed to walk down the aisle, but what happens to those of us who don’t fit into that traditional binary? If you’re already married, tell us: How did you decide who would walk down the aisle? Did you both walk down together? Or did you forgo that tradition entirely in favor of a different kind of grand entrance? If you’re planning—or just dreaming of—that perfect ceremony, how do you envision taking those all-important steps?

On a related note: what do dads have to do with any of this? Will pops be “giving you away”? Will you go it alone? Or will a member of your chosen family be walking you down the aisle?

amanda melanie

Whether you’re married, engaged, or simply dreaming of the big day, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post or get in touch with us . We’ll be accepting responses though Friday, September 18th, and then we’ll compile a post with some of our favorite stories, so get in touch!

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Zetta

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