Wedding: Emily & Hayley

From Emily: My wife and I got married just over 2 years ago at a gorgeous historic building called The Rose Room in downtown Boise, Idaho. We also recently celebrated 6 years together and have a four legged corgi-lab daughter named Bea. We really never thought we’d be able to get married (especially in Idaho), but 10 days after marriage equality finally graced us with its presence in October 2014, we were engaged!

I (Emily) am an artist focusing on painting, drawing and mixed media. My wife Hayley is an amazing cook and feeds me all the good food! I am a vegetarian and Hayley is not, but she is so kind and graciously cooks us vegetarian dinners on the daily. So when we go out to eat, that’s usually when she takes the opportunity to get her bacon fix. We have a very supportive and wonderful family and friend group. Most of them have kiddos and we pride ourselves on being fun aunties and then we just go home to our four-legged kiddo. We are big fans of the show Parks and Recreation and watch that on repeat. Hayley loves football and Emily does not… So it’s the perfect time for Emily to hop in her art studio and Hayley to get her football on.

We are grateful for those before us who helped champion our rights as wife and wife. Thank you for sharing our story and I hope anyone reading this, no matter where they live, no matter where they’re from, knows they are loved and deserve a life where they get to be true to themselves and live their best life, however that may look.

Photos courtesy of The Murphys.

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Event Credits

Location: Boise, IdahoPhotography:
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Popping the Question: Walking Down the Aisle

We’re back with another installment in Popping the Question, our series where we tackle questions unique to wedding planning as a queer couple.

MelRachelWedding (763 of 1236)

Photo courtesy of Jason Worrell Photography

Earlier this fall, we asked you about walking down the aisle. How do we, as queer couples approach this tradition? What unique and personal twists can we bring to this aspect of the wedding ceremony? Today, we’re featuring some of your answers! 

From Leah:

My wife and I danced our way down the aisle! Our music was from Pirates of the Caribbean (we’re Disney freaks, among other things we’re freaks about) so it worked out! The way our venue was set up, we had a short distance, and it intertwined with our guests. Pretty awesome to see my wife to be (extrovert) rock her way up to our ceremony space while I (introvert) got to kiss and hug all our guests on the route! Our Honor Party of Awesomeness walked into Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (I am a Potterhead). One of the best aspects was that all of our music was played by an instrumental trio that included flute (my aunt), a cello, and a violin. We loved it!

leah and lisa

Photo courtesy of Karen Leah Photography. (See more from Leah and Lisa’s beautiful, colorful wedding here!) 

From Deborah:

In the first picture, you see my adult son “walking me down the aisle” (there was no aisle). As I said in the write-up to our wedding, “He didn’t want to give me away because it’s a patriarchal tradition, but I said to view it as being a psychopomp, and he agreed he could get behind that.”

My father passed away between the engagement and the wedding, but I wouldn’t have wanted him to walk me anyway. We didn’t have a good relationship, and my son was much more intimately involved with Melissa & I as a couple. Walking with Arthur felt more “us.”


Photo courtesey of MPR Studio. (You can see more from Deborah and Melissa’s wedding here!) 

From Mel and Rachel:

Rachel and I (Mel) just got married June 3, 2017. We decided to forego a wedding party, and we’re both only children whose parents mean the world to us. The walk down the aisle began with our friend Topher, who walked our Yorkie mix Judy to the birch altar we bought on Etsy. (Judy wore a white dress too!) Then Rachel decided she wanted to go down the aisle before me, which worked out well because I wanted to go last! She walked in with a parent on each arm, and then I did the same. I wouldn’t change a thing!

MelRachelWedding (719 of 1236)MelRachelWedding (724 of 1236)Photos courtesy of Jason Worrell Photography.

Thanks to everyone who responded! Stay tuned for our next Popping the Question soon! 

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Wedding: Lisa & Marina

Today we’re thrilled to bring you an award-winning LBTQ wedding! Lisa and Marina’s wedding recently won a Belief Award, a prestigious international award for wedding planners. The Belief Award team reached out to us to share the couple’s story:

This was the wedding of two Muscovites. In Russia, same-sex marriage is not allowed; however, it was very important for the brides to be registered and recognized officially. Lisa and Marina chose to be married in Portugal.

Lisa and Marina met occasionally in Berlin, and this city marked their lives forever. Traveling is one of the favorite activities of the couple. So, one day they came to Portugal, the country of great travelers, to make the most important decision of their relationship.

The main idea for the decor came from rustic chic. One of the most important and even crucial elements turned out to be the wedding bouquet. The objective in some ways was to reproduce the old master paintings using David Austin roses. 

It was quite emotional to make this alliance happen. Overall, they had a cozy party for 15 people who enjoyed incredibly tasty catering.

Photos courtesy of Dima Kornilov.


Event Credits

Catering: Casa da Comida Flowers and decor: Decorelle Quinta Guia, Mafra, PortugalPhotography: Dima KornilovPlanner or Event Designer: Studiovictorias and Gay Wedding Portugal
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Wedding: Jenna & RJ

From Jessica, Jenna & RJ’s photographer: Two brides, Jenna and RJ, got hitched at this beautiful family backyard wedding.

IMG_0181 IMG_0214 IMG_0347 IMG_0372 IMG_0568 IMG_0627 IMG_0665 IMG_0750 IMG_6130 IMG_6165 IMG_6168 IMG_6913

Event Credits

Florist: Rebecca's Flower Shoppe, Fairhaven, WALocation: Blaine, WashingtonPhotography: Jessica Drake Photography //
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Wedding: Erin & Yolanda

From Erin and Yolanda’s wedding planner: Erin and Yolanda had an enchanted forest theme wedding located at the beautiful Prado ballroom in Balboa Park.

Photos courtesy of Acqua Photo.

Erin_and_Yolanda_0013 Erin_and_Yolanda_0058 Erin_and_Yolanda_0090 Erin_and_Yolanda_0135 - Copy Erin_and_Yolanda_0164 Erin_and_Yolanda_0210 Erin_and_Yolanda_0232 Erin_and_Yolanda_0333Erin_and_Yolanda_0558 Erin_and_Yolanda_0650Erin_and_Yolanda_0418Erin_and_Yolanda_0964Erin_and_Yolanda_1192 Erin_and_Yolanda_1300 Erin_and_Yolanda_1423 Erin_and_Yolanda_1429 Erin_and_Yolanda_1436

Event Credits

Florist: Blush BotanicalsLocation: Prado Ballroom in Balboa ParkOfficiant: Walter Gray IVOther: Cinema: Quixotic Weddings // Entertainment: Tidal Wave Photo Booths // Beauty: Nancy Jones & Alicia Kiel // Rentals & Decor: Concepts Event DesignPhotography: Acqua Photo
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Engagement: Natalie & Susanna

From the couple:

How We Met
Natalie and Susanna met at the University of the Pacific after a Pep Band gig. Susanna was in charge of the instrument closet and was bringing Natalie’s roommate an instrument to borrow. For years Susanna thought she was carrying a tenor saxophone, and Natalie said it was a trombone. True to form, Natalie was right.

After a year of friendship, Natalie and Susanna started taking a music history course together on Romanticism. It was through that course and their camaraderie in their music fraternity that they began to fall in love. (It didn’t hurt that Susanna had to borrow Natalie’s textbook constantly either!)

At first it was a cute joke. Natalie soon become Susanna’s fake girlfriend because everything in the universe seemed to say they should be together. From their love of The Court Jester to sharing the same shoe size and a love of words and grammar, they seemed to be a perfect match.

Within a month of “fake dating” they realized that what they had was real, and with a bit of pushing from friends and some liquid courage they moved from “fake dating” to just dating.

The Proposal
Four years later, Susanna and Natalie knew that they both wanted to propose to each other, so they decided that one would go first, and the other would go right after. Like the planners they are, they decided they would go to University of the Pacific, where they first met, to propose. Conveniently, Susanna had a choir concert in Stockton the night of 9/24, so they went to Pacific after the concert. (Well, after they had a drink first so they weren’t as nervous…)

When they were “fake girlfriends,” Susanna would walk Natalie to her car after their Romanticism class. Susanna would even carry Natalie’s books for her while walking to her car! They went back to that classroom after 4 years of absence and started their walk. Most of what was said on the walk is now a blur, but the part Natalie remembers the most is when Susanna said, “When we were walking to your car 4 year ago, I had no idea that I was walking with my future wife.” She stopped walking, turned to Natalie and said, “Will you marry me?” And through much crying she said, “Yes! Of course!”

Then it was Natalie’s turn! She took Susanna on a walk to a beautiful part of campus called The Columns. It is a circle of Ionic columns, with circular benches all around. Natalie wanted to bring Susanna there because the architecture reminded her of their trip to Italy together, and how in love they felt there. She had always wanted to bring Susanna back to Rome to propose by the Pantheon, and the columns reminded her of their special place. She took out a card, and handed it to Susanna. The card talked about some of the themes from their Romanticism class, and how the music they listened to was circular in form, with no end, just like their relationship. At the end of the card, she wrote, “Will you marry me? Check yes or no!” Of course, she forgot to bring a pen! But Susanna had one and checked yes.

Photos courtesy of Bill Quinn Photography.

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Event Credits

Location: University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA engagementPhotography: Bill Quinn Photography
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Meet the Team: Adriana

Another Friday, another new team member to introduce!

Today, we’re pumped to present Adriana, A Bicycle Built for Two‘s new Outreach Editor! In this role, she connects with the ABBFT community to bring you insight into the LBTQ wedding world. Just this week, we featured her work in our latest Brides Revisited interview with Shoshana and Meredith. We can’t wait to read more awesomeness from Adriana (I, for one, am hoping to get ahold of some of these vegetarian recipe haikus…)!

IMG_2923 (1)

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m just a lesbo living in London who enjoys alliteration. I’m a fond lover of cats—really out of the norm for lesbians, I know. In between my love of cats and avoiding London on a Saturday afternoon, I teach the youth of tomorrow.

How did you find A Bicycle Built for Two?

One of the Sundays where you’re curled up on the couch *for a quick 10 minute sesh* and lo and behold, 10 hours later I was scrolling through ABBFT and weeping a tiny bit at how beautiful all these wonderful stories of love were.

What do you love about the site?

That it provides a space for queer women to seek out ideas for weddings, to find stories about love between people, and all the pictures of cake.

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

Very few people there. Only the people I love. Which are my cats.

What do you do for fun?

Google vegetarian Buzzfeed recipes and write haikus about vegetarian recipes.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I feel really lucky to be able to be part of a team that wants to create such an amazing site for queer women to form a network and community that promotes, honors, and celebrates love in all its wonderful and complex forms.

Thanks to Adriana for sharing her time and her talents with A Bicycle Built for Two! Give her a warm welcome on in the comments.
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