Engagement: Allison & Alex

From the lovely Cass, Allison & Alex’s photographer: From the moment I met Allison and Alex, I already adored them. They have a refreshing and captivating type of love—one that makes you feel incredibly lucky to witness. When they’re together, they get lost in each other’s eyes and words, and the world around them dissolves. They’re head-over-heels and absolute soulmates.

Allison and Alex initially bonded at breweries over craft beers, and their love blossomed on long shared hikes. And so, for their sweet summertime engagement, we ventured into the woods as the golden sun poured down upon us, and delighted in a joyful, laughter-filled hike.

Photos courtesy of Cassandra Zetta.

Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0001Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0002Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0003Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0004Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0005Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0006Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0007Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0008Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0009Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0010Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0011Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0012Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0013Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0014

Event Credits

Location: Cincinnati, OHPhotography: Cassandra Zetta (www.cassandrazetta.com)
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Link Love: The Love Interviews

We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

Today’s link is this adorable video from Apartment Therapy’s wedding channel, where real-life couple Meghan and Holly tells the story of how they went from neighbors to more-than-friends with the help of two next-door apartments, a tipsy friend, and one sweet dog!

Watch them tell their story here. 

Meghan and Holly sitting together on a loveseat.

Look for Link Love every Friday through the end of August—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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Gallery: Weddings On the Water

With the temperature in the 90s every day here in North Carolina, Ashley and I are longing for lakeside living, and these weddings fit the bill! Last winter, we featured beach weddings (here and here) to cure your winter blues—now, these lovely waterside celebrations offer the perfect breath of fresh air in the midst of a hot summer (at least in this hemisphere!). 

Anne & Allyson: 
Anne & Allyson Anne & Allyson2Ali & Meenoo: Ali & MeenooAli & Meenoo2 Ashley & Mila: Ashley & Mila Ashley & Mila2Aislin & Sarah-Nelle:Aislin & Sarah-NelleAislin & sarah Nelle2Keven & Lynn:Keven & LynnKeven & Lynn2Jess & Maya:
Jess & Maya Jess & Maya2Mariah & Natacha:
Mariah & Natacha Mariah & Natacha2Mindy & Jade: 
Mindy & Jade
Mindy & Jade2

Looking for more queer wedding inspiration? Check out our other galleries here.

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Link Love: Marryokes

We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

Although this week’s link isn’t *specifically* LBTQ+, it’s so amazing that we really couldn’t resist sharing….

Meet Marryokes, a husband-and-wife team who specializes in beautiful, epically produced music videos starring couples, their wedding parties, their families, and their friends. We recommend starting here, with this amazing rendition of “I’m Gonna Be” set at a Scottish castle wedding, but really, you can’t go wrong! Ashley and I have spent the morning watching pretty much all the videos featured on the Marryokes site, and they’re all hilarious.

The best news of all is that, in perusing their YouTube channel, Ashley and I were happy to find a few LGBTQ+ couples in the mix—don’t miss Vicky & Michelle’s rendition of “Don’t Stop Me Now.” That being said, we wouldn’t mind seeing MORE amazing queer couples lip-synching for love… so start practicing now!

Look for Link Love every Friday through the end of August—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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Engagement: Ashley & Maggie(!!!)

Remember when we said we had some exciting news to share? We got engaged! For about as long as we’ve been working on A Bicycle Built for Two, we’ve been talking about this occasion, but last month, I finally put a ring on it (as they say).

Ashley and I met while studying abroad at Oxford, so when we decided to go back for a quick visit this June, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to propose in the place where it all began! With the help of a few of her friends, I concocted a series of increasingly improbable scenarios that led us to the beautiful Worcester College gardens, where, way back in 2011, we had spent many happy hours strolling, drinking Pimm’s, and yes, occasionally studying.

After eliminating possible proposal locations #1 and #2, I led us to location #3: the main quad, where I got down on one knee (just like a straight man in a movie!) and pulled out the ring, which was secreted away in my purse. After many exclamations of “Oh my god!,” Ashley said that “Of course!” she would marry me, and we celebrated with tea and scones—as well as this lovely photo shoot.

Finding an engagement photographer from across the pond was actually trickier than I had been expecting, that is, until I found the awesome Marianne Chua, who calls herself the world’s only “funtojournalist.” Although she doesn’t normally do engagements, I somehow charmed her into coming up from London to frolic with us around the amazing Bodleian Libraries, the gorgeous Worcester College gardens, and finally, our favorite kebab stand, where we celebrated the end of a perfect day with fried chicken, chips (a.k.a. french fries), cheese, and a healthy dose of “burger sauce.” As promised, working with Marianne was a blast—and as you can see, the final product was (in our humble opinions) nothing short of stunning!

Photos courtesy of Marianne Chua Photography.

Ashley Maggie-17 copyAshley Maggie-18 copyAshley Maggie-10 copyUntitled collage (20)Ashley Maggie-41 copy Ashley Maggie-46 copy Ashley Maggie-64 copy Ashley Maggie-75 copy Ashley Maggie-81 copyAshley Maggie-112 copy Ashley Maggie-114 copyAshley Maggie-91 copyAshley Maggie-122 copy Ashley Maggie-141 copy Ashley Maggie-143 copy Ashley Maggie-144 copy Ashley Maggie-147 copy Ashley Maggie-152 copy

Event Credits

Location: Oxford, U.K.Photography: Marianne Chua Photography // http://www.mariannechua.com/
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Link Love: Catalyst Wedding Co.

When Tracey started A Bicycle Built for Two, sources of LBTQ+ wedding inspiration were still few and far between—but in the last seven (!!) years, times have changed for the better. Today, we’re fortunate to exist in the midst of an amazing landscape of LBTQ+ wedding goodness, so we’re starting this new feature to share with you just a few of our favorite things in the queer wedding space!


Today’s Link Love is going out to Catalyst Wedding Co., a print and online publication that covers “love, sex, weddings, and marriage for feminists, the LGBTQ community, & woke folk.” Obviously, their mission is right up our alley, and we’re always pumped to see their great features on real LBTQ+ couples like long-distance lovers Jen & Amy, amazing activists Bianca and Christina, and NYC’s Rachel & Leah, well known to Hamilton fans for their backstage engagement ft. Lin-Manual Miranda. Recent weddings include Crystal and Michaela’s gorgeous two-dress affair featuring both pearls AND lace and Dana and Colleen’s rainy day, which ended with a REAL rainbow!


The folks at Catalyst are the quintessential wedding space disruptors, working to increase representation and challenge gender roles in the often very Barbie & Ken world of wedding planning. We are so inspired by their work, and we hope you’ll head on over to their site, follow them on Instagram, and maybe even subscribe to that fancy magazine, pictured above!

Look for Link Love every Friday through the end of August—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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Wedding: Mirhanda & MB

From the couple: For most of our (admittedly short) engagement, we thought we were going to elope. Large gatherings are not really our thing, and we would much rather spend the day reading in a tea room. Ultimately, though, all 6 of our Southern parents got involved, and the rest is history.

In the end, our theme became “It’s Not a Wedding Without _______.” In place of gifts, our guests brought the one thing they thought was essential for any wedding to have. By the end of the day, we had flowers, dresses, cake, a photographer, and a trip to Asheville. One of our friends even brought herself as our last-minute officiant (Thanks, Mo!).

The day was wonderful, and we joke that we must be the only couple to be surprised by their own wedding!

Photos courtesy of Annamax Photography.

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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: http://www.ameliesfrenchbakery.com/Photography: https://www.facebook.com/annamaxphotography/Venue: http://www.ameliesfrenchbakery.com/
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