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Wedding: Susan & Julie

From Julie and Susan: After Julie and Susan got engaged in Cambodia, they knew they didn’t want typical fairytale wedding with veils, grandiose cakes and give-away Dads. Their wants were pretty simple: an authentic day with a touch of tradition and a ridiculously fun party. They decided on a restaurant named Osteria Via Stato close to their home in downtown Chicago. The venue was perfect for their 120-person ceremony, followed by great food, wine and a live band who played everything from Madonna to songs that honored Julie’s New Orleans roots.

Even though the weather was ridiculously cold, the warmth from Julie and Susan that day was enough to warm the city. If their smiles are an indication of their love, they will live happily ever after and continue to write their own version of a fairy tale every day.

Photos courtesy of Elena Bazini.

Event Credits

Catering: Osteria Via StatoFlorist: Sprout HomeLocation: Osteria Via Stato, ChicagoMusic: Ralph Wilder OrchestraOfficiant: Melissa ThornleyPhotography: Elena BaziniVenue: Osteria Via Stato
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Wedding: Lorie & Renee

From Lorie: When Renee and I first met, we knew we would love each other deeply. Our story is one you see in the romance movies, the love at first sight moments where the characters turn to each other and say, “Have we met before? I feel like I’ve known you forever.” After 3 years of melding our lives together, Renee asked me to marry her. It was official, our lives of two would become one. We announced our engagement to our family and friends and the planning for our big day began.

Off to the court house we went in New York, where same sex marriage is recognized. Then we went to where we first met, Fort Lauderdale, Florida to celebrate our marriage in a ceremony/reception that was nothing short of a fairytale like wedding. 100 friends and family members joined to celebrate with us. With our two sons escorting us down the aisle, we met at the alter and said our “I do’s.” Then the party began! Guests were welcomed in by a drag queen that was over-the-top exquisite and then entered a room that just shouted two women are celebrating their love here today.

We are sharing our story with the hope that other lovers that are dreaming about or are planning their wedding day can find inspiration from our story. We came across this site when we were planning our wedding and we found inspiration from some of the other stories shared here. Watch our story told through this video clip

Photos courtesy of Munoz Photography.

Event Credits

Attire: Peggy's Bridal in Rochester NYCatering: Marriott Harbor BeachFlorist: Panache Style in Fort Lauderdale FLLocation: Fort Lauderdale FloridaMusic: Mike Sipe EntertainmentOfficiant: Bobby KeiserPhotography: Munoz in Fort Lauderdale FLPlanner or Event Designer: Katie PakradooniVenue: Marriott Harbor Beach Resort
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Wedding: Carin & Ilani

From Carin and Ilani: We got married in Cape Town, South Africa. It was mid-winter there, but when we woke up on our special day, Table Mountain wasn’t covered in a white cloth, but stood with all its attitude against the bluest sky. We could not have asked for a better view from our beautiful suite at The One & Only Cape Town.

We have been working and living in Taiwan now for a couple of years, but knew that we wanted to celebrate our wedding in our hometown. Looking for the perfect venue in South Africa is like looking for the perfect star in the sky. The area around Cape Town is surrounded with hundreds of beautiful venues. Unfortunately not all venues are open to LGBT couples. (South Africa legalized same-sex marriage in 2006.)

Lucky for us we happened upon The One & Only’s website and we were immediately blown away. Every single person who we came in contact with at the resort was amazing. They catered to our every want and need and planning the wedding from the other side of the world was a breeze. We felt like family by the end of our stay and we will definitely return as soon as possible. One of the highlights was the food. We chose a buffet style menu and it exceeded any expectations. The dry ice sorbet pallet cleanser between courses added to the magic that was in the air.

We made use of the in-house florist, Gerhard ( We loved the plain white ballroom with pink lighting. The candlelight from the tables created the perfect atmosphere. We didn’t stick to traditions, but we did have a wedding cake on every table that doubled as a centerpiece. We aren’t big fans of flowers, but we loooove cake. So it just made sense. We donated the cakes that weren’t cut to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital the next morning. Waking up early the morning after was HARD, but so worth it.

When it came to music I had it covered. I have been working on a wedding playlist since birth. We asked Mark from to use the playlist as is. He also supplied our rocking black&white dance floor. Looking back we could not have chosen better songs. We entered our ceremony with Phillip Phillips singing “Home.” It was perfect. We danced our first dance to “Tougher than the Rest” by Bruce Springsteen. It wasn’t a typical song choice, but represented us as a couple the best.

Because we live so far from home we decided to make the invitations, placemats (which doubled as a guest book) and seating chart ourselves. It made us feel more involved in our wedding planning. We ordered custom badges for everyone for the seating chart and that was part of their favor. The other favor was the invitation itself. We made e-invites and put it on USB’s. We posted it to all our guests. It was a lot of fun to make!

We weren’t too worried about what we would wear. We were just happy spending the day with the people we love. We had our dresses made here in Taiwan. We wore matching white converse. I ordered my suit from Her Tuxedo. I loved changing into it for the reception. I was one of the crowd while my beautiful new wife was the only one in white. She looked spectacular! We asked our guests to all wear black for the day. It was a beautiful contrast to our white decor and the pictures came out great.

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The best moment of our lives was announced…

“I give to you Carin and Ilani van Wyk”

Photos courtesy of Greg Lumley.

Event Credits

Location: One & Only Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICAMusic: Mark from Videography: Brian Seymour Decor: Gerhard Greg Lumley
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Wedding: Cecily & Alayna

From Cecily and Alayna: We were shot with Cupid’s arrow in October 2012. We had both been on the dating website (Cecily on and off for 5 years, and Alayna for just one night) when Alayna rated Cecily as someone she could potentially be interested in. The rating, unbeknownst to Alayna, prompted an email to Cecily by the site. Cecily immediately emailed Alayna, suggesting they could be a good match and that they should chat sometime. Alayna definitely agreed after looking through Cecily’s profile. After that email, we talked on the phone the next day for three hours, and then we met in person five days later for lunch and a movie. After that first date, we never looked back.

Planning our wedding was truly a labor of love. Early in the planning stages, we decided to DIY as many elements that we could. We also enlisted many of our talented friends to help us make our day special. With the dining room of our tiny one-bedroom apartment as our workshop, we set out to create a truly personalized ceremony and reception. We made the cake platters, centerpieces, and other reception décor. Our friend, Tressi Chun, also assisted us with signs for the ceremony and the card box for the reception.

The wedding colors were coral and navy blue with accents of gold. We both love coral and thought that navy blue would bring a classic element to the wedding. Based on that, we allowed all of the women in the wedding to wear coral dresses of their choosing and the men to wear navy blue suits. We also chose flowers that were varying shades of coral. For our flowers, we asked our friend Adrianna di Bartolo of Femme Flowers to help us. At the crack of dawn on a Saturday about a month before the wedding, Adrianna escorted us to the LA Flower Mart to choose our flowers. While it was overwhelming to see that many flowers in one place, Adrianna helped us figure out what we liked. We love her creations!

We decided to have a first look and photos before the wedding at a nearby park in Pomona. We did not pick out dresses together and leading up to the wedding, kept them stored at Alayna’s brother’s house nearby. We also got ready separately. The first look was our chance to see the dresses and each other all dressed up. Alayna kissed Cecily’s shoulder as she approached, which was a special touch. The first look was very emotional and exciting at the same time.

Our wedding ceremony took place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pomona, CA. The Reverend Mark Hallahan presided over the ceremony. It was a joy to work with Fr. Mark to customize our ceremony within the Episcopal wedding ceremony structure. 

We decided to walk down the aisle separately, as neither of our parents were in attendance. Alayna’s parents are involved in our lives and are very loving but made the decision not to attend the wedding, which is a decision that we respect. Cecily’s parents have struggled immensely since she came out at the end of 2012. Alayna walked down the aisle first, with our nephew Ahn (our “wedding crier”) following carrying a sign that said “Aunt Alayna Here Comes Your Girl.” Alayna walked down the aisle to “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Ingrid Michaelson. Cecily followed Ahn down the aisle with “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michele playing. The songs are meaningful to us and show our individual style. After the ceremony, we walked out of the church to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. It was such an upbeat, joyous song that was perfect to help us celebrate being married!

The reception took place at Villa Tepeyac in West Covina, CA. It is a Mexican restaurant so our menu included chile verde, steak picado, rice, beans, and tortillas. We also served a variety of wine (Be Mine Wines), Mexican beers (I Do Brews), and margaritas (Marry-Me-Gritas). We wanted the reception to be a giant party and that is exactly what we had. We enjoyed every moment on the dance floor. Our friend Michaela is a DJ in Los Angeles and did us the honor of DJ’ing our wedding. She mixed in our favorites with other crowd pleasers and kept the party going!

Photos courtesy of Splashes of Time photography.

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Emily SuroweicCatering: Villa TepeycaFlorist: Adriana DiBartolo (Femme Florals)Location: Pomona, CAMusic: DJ: Michaela MeyersOfficiant: Fr. Mark HallahanPhotography: Splashes of TimeVenue: St. Pauls Episcopal Church (Pomona, CA)
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Wedding: Lauren & Jessie

From Lauren: Jessie and I started dating 2 years ago on the day that we got married! We both went to Northwestern University together but didn’t meet until I was a senior and she had already graduated. Though it took us awhile to get that we were meant to be, finding each other was the best thing that ever happened to us! We celebrated our love with a small wedding, 40 of our closest family & friends, in our neighborhood of Chicago, Boystown. In trying to save for our year-long honeymoon traveling Australia and Southeast Asia, we wanted a small, romantic wedding that felt very personal not only for us but also for all of our guests. Many of our friends and family had never been to Chicago, so it was an amazing weekend of everyone getting to understand our love in the city that we fell in love in. We made it into a whole wedding weekend starting with a joint bachelorette party, welcome cocktail party, and lunches and brunches to keep everyone full and busy.

We wanted to do something a little different with our aesthetic, so we asked our guests to wear black and white and Jessie and I both chose vibrant red dresses for a pop of color. We got married by our best friend Rachel in a small neighborhood park that meant so much to us, and also was the site of the proposal. We walked down the aisle together to Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic and it was truly a magical moment.

By the end of the weekend we had this amazing community and said (or should I say cried through) our written vows to the most supportive and loving group of people either of us could’ve imagined!

Photos courtesy of Justin Barbin Photography.

Event Credits

Location: Chicago, IllinoisPhotography: Justin Barbin Photography
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Wedding: Sharon & Sue

From Oxana, Sharon and Sue’s photographer: I am a wedding and portrait photographer in the southwest of England. I would like to share my first gay wedding. It was made on a budget and mainly created by the brides (the cake, decorations in the pub etc.).

Words from Sharon, the bride: “Sue and I felt we waited a lifetime to find each other, so wanted our special day to be personal to us. We made as much as we could ourselves: the favours had mini envelopes with seeds of love made by Sue, beaded key rings, mini scrolls, the napkins had slips decorated, flowers all scented. Everything looked beautiful and smelt good with the scented cupcake candles. The cake was handmade by myself bright and colourful just like us with two large voluptuous women on for fun. The overall look was shabby chic with a relaxed cosy feel. Sue looked amazing and I felt fantastic, the sun was hot, the guests smiling – just a wonderful day.”

Event Credits

Location: Yeovil, UKPhotography: Blissful Wedding Pub "Great Lyde"
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Wedding: Sally & Sarah

From Sally and Sarah: We were planing an NY trip for an official union, but sadly, Sally’s mum was diagnosed with cancer the year before we were planning to be married. When we found the cancer was terminal, we had weeks in which make our special day happen. With amazing family support, the best of friends, most incredible event planner and much love, we organized and experienced the most amazing day, in just 7 weeks. We had our ceremony at an outstanding venue and shared the BEST day of our lives with our close friends and family, and thankfully Sally’s mum got to be there and share it all with us. Our love grows day by day and we are thankful to ALL who accept us and made such an incredible day possible. Many happy memories were made. We wouldn’t have changed a thing about our beautiful day.

Photos courtesy of Abba Photography.

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Jan EdwardsLocation: Orlando, FloridaOfficiant: Debra RandallsPhotography: Abba PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Kelly BlockVenue: Gaylord Plams Resort
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