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Elopement: Kimberly & Hayley

From Kimberly: Hayley and I met online 6 years ago, and although I’m from Connecticut, USA and Hayley is from the UK, we’ve kept things going strong and gained a love of travel. When we were planning our wedding we knew we couldn’t have it in America or the UK because one set of our families wouldn’t be able attend. So we decided to make it all about us and elope in Banff, Canada. On the day of our wedding we made our way out with our commissioners and photographer to frozen Lake Minnewanka to say our vows. Afterwards we went for afternoon tea and then later to fondue. When Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” came on the radio, we knew it was meant to be.   

Photos courtesy of Robyn Kirkpatrick.

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Event Credits

Location: Banff, CanadaPhotography: Robyn Kirkpatrick:
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Wedding: Emily & Elizabeth

From Amanda, Emily and Elizabeth’s photographerE&E have such a sweet and enduring love for each other. The morning of their November wedding was cooooold, but clear and sunny. It was also busy with friends and family preparing the 8th floor of the Pacific Tower that overlooks Seattle. The excited brides planned long tables to diagonally fill the space where their guests would both watch their ceremony and enjoy a second Thanksgiving feast. Each table was named after a bird to follow one of the sweetest relationship stories I’ve ever heard…

Emily and her cousins were riding in the car together one day. One of them was looking through an online dating app and swiping past profiles she wasn’t interested in. Soon the others added commentary, including the word “Duck” whenever she would swipe past one and “Goose” when she would give the profile a thumbs up. Fast-forward to early in Emily’s relationship with Elizabeth… there was a gathering with Emily’s family and upon seeing the way they looked at each other one of Emily’s cousins pulled her aside and asked, “Is she your Goose?” Awwwwww! She was, and she is.

We started the formal photography with a first look at Four Points – across the street from the hotel where everyone was staying. The pillars and urban backdrop added the perfect variety and compliment to their venue. Elizabeth & Emily were ecstatic when they first saw each other and hugged so much that their dresses became attached at the bust! Haha!!!
With their siblings by their sides as bridesmaids and bridesmen and Emily’s uncle officiating, these two read their vows of support, promises, and love to each other while the sun went down behind the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle lights began to glow behind them. Happy tears, laughter, and love swept over the whole building as the wedding ceremony ended with a kiss and transitioned into a sequin filled dance party.

For more photos of this beautiful wedding, check out Amanda’s blog!

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Event Credits

Attire: Bhldn & David's BridalFlorist: QFC Seattle, WashingtonPhotography: Amanda Photographic, Pacific Tower, Seattle, WA
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Wedding: Emily & Holly

From Emily and Holly: Emily proposed to Holly in a forest of bluebells, orchestrated with the help of our closest friends—and to Holly’s surprise. Holly thought she was simply going for a walk with friends and then came to a clearing where Emily was surrounded by bunting, lanterns, and bluebells.

We got married at an English farm where Emily spent a lot of time as a child and where her father had a small office managing his international social projects and charities. Emily’s dad died of cancer in 2007, so we picked this special venue and the day of his birthday to get married.

The day was filled with friends and family from all over the world who came to share our special day with us. We are so blessed to have found one another and that we have the love and support of incredible friends and family.

Photos courtesy of Maxim Burlakov

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Event Credits

Location: Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Chorleywood, EnglandPhotography: Maxim Burlakov
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Wedding: Anna & Erika

From Brooke, Anna and Erika’s photographerLast year, I had the pleasure of spending the day with two wonderful women, Anna and Erika. Throughout the day, I was reminded of how beautiful the love between two people can really be. It was a great day and awesome wedding to be a part of.

From Anna: As with any good lesbian love story, Erika (the tall one) and I met at a gay bar in Bloomington, Indiana in 2009 while we were both in grad school. She made some terrible puns, and I was hooked. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

We were so excited for this day! We had gotten engaged 2 weeks after marriage equality and were planning our wedding during the Religious Freedom Restoration Act outrage in Indiana. Luckily, we had no issues and worked with some really amazing people to make our big day happen. Our goal was to plan a fun party and hang out with our favorite people. Mission accomplished.

We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful photographer Brooke at The Lucky Willow Photography, Lacey from Blooms & Lace, and the wonderful folks at the Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis.

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Event Credits

Florist: Blooms & LaceLocation: Indianapolis, INPhotography: The Lucky Willow PhotographyVenue: Fountain Square Theatre
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Wedding: Emily & Molly

From Emily and Molly: We met in Portland, Oregon over 8 years ago on Friday the 13th and the rest is history… with a lot of traveling, bicycle rides, rain storms, late night cocktails, queer dance parties, cats, cooking, movies, and more exploration in between! We moved to San Diego a few years ago to be closer to Molly’s family, the sunshine and the ocean. When we initially talked about getting married we just wanted one big party to bring all of our friends and families together for a night of good cocktails and dancing. A few days before our engagement party, we decided to surprise everyone and get married at the engagement!! It was such a lovely evening with a ton of laughs, tears, and hugs. We are so happy and lucky to have such incredible people in our lives. Check out for more of our story and pictures from the wedding. XO.

Photos courtesy of Adria Curtis & Chris Zertuche.

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Event Credits

Attire: Pinup Girl ClothingLocation: San Diego, CAPhotography: Adria Curtis & Chris Zertuche
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Wedding: Jenn & Elise

From Sarah, Jenn and Elise’s photographer: You know the saying “you had me at hello”?Well, I totally experienced that meeting Jenn and Elise and hearing these beautiful words: “There will be TWO wedding dresses, Sarah. And two sets of beautiful shoes. TWO brides, Sarah. How awesome will that be?!” Um, yes. Please. Keep talking! It was actually quite some time ago that we first met, and over that time I feel like I’ve gotten to know these two incredible women quite well. To say that I’ve enjoyed working with them is quite the understatement. To say that they’re clients wouldn’t be correct. These women have become my friends. The entire process has been wonderful and I feel lucky to have captured their love and their wedding day.

So let’s talk about two wedding dresses, two sets of shoes, necklaces, mom/daughter moments, and all that. What a whirlwind, and was I sweating! Oh yes, I love looking for the perfect place, and of course, the most perfect place required balancing precariously on a rolling chair to get the dress hanging perfectly. We schemed about their first glance too, and I was thrilled with the balloon idea. The ceremony was held on the beautiful patio of Valley Ridge Golf Course under the most perfect blue sky. My favourite detail is a tie between the cookies at the ceremony (Okay, I have to stop and talk about the cookies. They’re probably the best cookies I’ve ever tasted and I want some right now actually.) and the Jones Soda inspired pop bottles, painstakingly made by the girls with a photo of each and EVERY guest.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a ‘moment’ kinda girl. I look for moments, sometimes I help them along (I’m sneaky like that), but for the most part I strive for authentic. And you can’t get any more authentic than letting two people who love each other more than anything in the world just be. I am speaking specifically about the AMAZING sunset session we did, where I set them free to just be themselves. Photographer heaven right there. Between the kisses and cuddles, there was also some robot dancing because, let’s be honest, no one can be serious for that long. I truly, 100%, loved every single second.

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Event Credits

Attire: Jenn's dress: Novelle Bridal Elise's dress: Cameo & Cufflinks Bridesmaid dresses: Henkaa https://www.henkaa.comCatering: Valley Ridge Golf Course Calgary, AB CanadaMusic: Bruce HanishewskiOther: Make Up: Yulia Rudko www.modernphotography.caVenue: Valley Ridge Golf Course
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Wedding: Amanda & Melanie

From Cassandra, Amanda and Melanie’s photographer: When meeting with Amanda and Melanie for the first time, we immediately felt like old friends, and I am so grateful they chose me to document and preserve their afternoon garden wedding celebration.

Amanda and Melanie’s special day was held at St. Mary’s Transfiguration Spirituality Center, conjoined with her mother’s backyard. Upon arriving, I found myself in awe of the beautiful architecture, gorgeous floral gardens, and wrought iron fencing.

After hair, makeup, and getting into their dresses, Amanda and Melanie shared an amazingly sweet first look. I don’t believe I’d ever seen Mel or Amanda smile bigger than during this tender moment on their wedding day.

Soon after, the ceremony began. Melanie walked down the aisle first, led by her father; Amanda followed hand in hand with her mother, into this sacred space. The ceremony’s spoken words and gently sung lyrics were unique and personal; their vows, heartfelt. Their joyous reception in Amanda’s mother’s backyard followed, but not before they took a moment to change into their party outfits. The two brides then danced for the first time as Mrs. and Mrs., filling the air with love. Melanie’s father/daughter dance was incredibly sweet; Amanda’s mother/daughter dance followed, where she wiped away her mother’s tears. Throughout the rest of the afternoon, the brides and guests mingled, danced, played yard games, and enjoyed the festivities. It was truly a perfect spring wedding.

Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_001Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_002Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_003Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_004Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_005Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_006Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_007Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_008Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_009Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_010Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_011Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_012Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_013Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_014Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_015Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_016Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_017Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_019 Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_021Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_022Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_023

Event Credits

Location: Cincinnati, OHPhotography: Cassandra Zetta ( St. Mary’s Transfiguration Spirituality Center
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