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Wedding Video: Alanna & Felicity

From Nan, Alanna and Felicity’s videographerFelicity and Alanna were surrounded by lots of loving and supportive family and friends at their wedding in La Jolla. This private ‘at home’ wedding was absolutely stunning! Three hankies!

Watch their wedding video here.

Check out their wedding post as well!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.50.35 AM

Event Credits

Location: La Jolla, CAOther: Nan from Classic Film Works
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Wedding: Wendi & Crystal

From Wendi: In order to fully grasp the importance of our wedding day, it’s helpful to know a little bit of our story: We’ve been together for over 11 years! Our love has derived from a deep friendship that created a foundation for the relationship we have now – one that is full of laughter, playfulness and a deep love for Jesus as well as each other. And kitties. Always kitties.

Here’s how it all happened: We both grew up in conservative Christian homes where we fell in love with Jesus at a young age. Neither of us ever considered ourselves to be gay – we just thought we hadn’t met the “right guy” yet. Upon further consideration and through various experiences, we individually knew deep down that since childhood there was something different about ourselves and our romantic attractions. We met in college in 2001. Both being freshman and living in the same hall, Crystal quickly became friends with my roommates and by default, I slowly became friends with her as well. Crystal was a bit “too-cool-for-school” while I leaned towards the more “nerdy” side (we think it’s because she was home-schooled for most of her life). A year and a half later, we slowly fell in love. Real head-over-heels, heart-bursting love. We still don’t know exactly how it happened, except that in a whirlwind of emotions, a casual friendship turned into a deeply heartfelt love. We questioned much of the emotions that were stirred up, knowing we were pursuing something very different than what we were taught as little girls in Sunday School. We guessed what our loved ones would think. We knew what our home churches believed and easily assumed their thoughts. Yet we also knew what we had together was incredibly raw and gentle and bursting with color and life and that truly made us want to strive to be better people for each other and the world around us.

Plagued with inner conflicts of meshing love with faith, we formed a relationship by a beautifully sacred commitment. We trudged forward with our lives together, in silence to our world (over nine years in silence). We watched the rest of our loved ones find their soul mates, get married and build families. Time caused us to realize we had been stuck in the same place all those years, not being able to move forward with plans to get married and start a family of our own all while feeling unable to invite said loved ones to be a part of our love celebrations. After realizing how unfair we had been to ourselves and those around us, we went through a year-long process of coming out to ourselves and preparing to come out to the rest of our world. Holding tight to the truth that honesty is the best policy for all, in the summer of 2013 we moved forward and began changing everything. Telling our story. Telling the truth, as hard and terrifying and painful as it may be. Struggling with what it means to be true to our loves – a love for the Father and a love for each other. Coming to grips with the sting of rejection from some while feeling the warmth of acceptance from others.

Which brought us to our wedding: establishing our commitment before God and the rest of the world and pledging with happy hearts our sacred love for one another. We feel our entire relationship – the last 11 years – had been building to this wedding celebration.

About the wedding: Crystal and I were a little bit of a dream team, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve helped countless friends with their weddings throughout the years and I love all things DIY and crafty. Also, Crystal works as a graphic designer so that was huge in our execution of things! For the theme, we knew we wanted it to be all things metallic, glitter and sequins – your perfect lesbian wedding!

We did all of the decor ourselves and Crystal designed our invitations and the programs/menus for the day. We had “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles playing as we walked down the aisle three times – once with dear friends and family to represent our past, once with church friends to represent our present and finally just the two of us to represent our future. It was a very sacred moment and symbolized the crazy journey that brought us to that day. We had over 100 guests join us at our church, where we were their first same-sex couple to get married at their location. A friend of a friend did our cake and cupcakes (which people are still raving about). We also found a local family that has a taco cart and they made the most amazing homemade, authentic tacos on-site! We also asked guests to bring a special piece of fabric with them which was weaved into a beautiful loom along with notes, well wishes and trinkets – this was one of our favorite pieces of the day. I also loved the hundreds of white feathers dipped in gold paint and glitter that we hung all over the reception area – definitely created the vibe we wanted and all of our guests had glitter on them at the end of the night!

It was the happiest day of our lives and we’re still glowing from it all (and slowly putting everything away). We’re a part of the Why Marriage Matters Arizona campaign, and our church is a corporate sponsor of it, which is why we’re huge on sharing our story with the world. We are pushing for marriage equality in Arizona and love telling our story in hopes that another couple who has been silent because of fear and shame, can relate.

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Campbell Photography.


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Event Credits

Attire: Mod ClothCakes and Dessert: Suzanne LeverCatering: So-Cal Taquizas Location: Glendale, ArizonaOfficiant: Andrew ShepherdPhotography: Alyssa Campbell PhotographyVenue: Foothills Christian Church
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Wedding: Katey & Melodye

From Abigail, Katey & Melodye’s photographer: I’m a professional photographer who also happens to be a lesbian. Katey and Melodye are actually very good friends of mine. I knew each of them before they even started dating. They’re best friends who fell for each other. After nearly 3 years of dating, Melodye surprised Katey with a proposal at their favorite place in Disney World. It’s only fitting that they wished to celebrate their marriage there as well. Fortunately, South Carolina legalized same-sex marriage just a few weeks before their wedding. They had a small offical ceremony here in Charleston, with just a few friends present to witness. Then a week or so later, a small celebration with friends and family in Disney World.

ceremony-1 ceremony-2 ceremony-3 reception-1 reception-4reception-3 reception-6 reception-8enagement-1engagment-2engagment-4engagment-3

Event Credits

Attire: Gown Boutique, Charleston, SCCakes and Dessert: Publix BakeryFlorist: Whole FoodsLocation: Charleston, SC and Disney World, FlOfficiant: Adam Huffman, close friendPhotography: Abigail Marie, NONPAREIL Photography
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Wedding: Etain & Michelle

From Etain: Michelle proposed on a beach in Spain in 2012 (think “Will you marry me?” written in the sand), and I proposed back by projecting it onto a building in Dublin’s docklands 6 months later (picked up by the national Irish news!). We decided to get married in Spain, a small affair in the hills somewhere… In the end we had 150 guests join us for a big, bright wedding full of love and laughter. We were blown away by overwhelming happiness in the air at the wedding.

The ceremony was officiated by a lady called Lizzie Marriage. It was like Mary Poppins had flown in on an umbrella – she rocked it. It was moving, it was fun, and it was serious business all at once. The roar of applause when the ceremony finished was amazing, and we were immediately handed two ice-cold glasses of cava before saying hello to all the guests.

We thought it would be funny to enter to the Eurovision winning song “Euphoria.” Little did we know the place would go wild – people standing on seats, pumping fists in the air (to the bewilderment of some of our straight guests). It blew the roof off the place and really set the tone for the rest of the night.

There were embarrassing, hilarious and tearful speeches before the meal. We dined on local dishes like lobster, slow roast peppers, pork and seafood skewers. The meal was wrapped up with a gin and tonic sorbet, and later followed by a tower of white chocolate, orange and pistachio cake balls. There were Flamenco dancers in to entertain the masses after the food – it was a lot of fun and of course we ended up being pulled on stage to join the dancing. Our first dance was to Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”

The following day we invited all of our guests back for a BBQ and pool party. Between the mojito bar and seriously competitive volleyball in the pool the day flew by in sort of splashy, delicious blink of an eye. It was unforgettable.

Check out a video of Etain & Michelle’s wedding here.

Photos courtesy of Albert Pamies.

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Event Credits

Attire: Sarah Foy Design Location: Mijas, SpainOfficiant: Lizzie Marriage (actual surname!)Photography: Albert Pamies, Videography Salvador Blanco Planner or Event Designer: Tara Chapman, Fiesta Sol WeddingsStationery: Sarah June Fox Venue: Hacienda San Jose
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Elopement: Ellen & Amanda

From Meg, Ellen and Amanda’s photographer: Ellen & Amanda eloped in New Hampshire with their little dog along for the ride. I spent an afternoon doing a little portrait session with them before they jetted off to the church. We did some portraits in their pretty white dresses, and then they both changed into more comfy clothing that really showed their true selves. (Ellen is an artist & Amanda is a librarian.)

Event Credits

Location: Sugar Hill, New HampshirePhotography: Rodeo & Co. Photography
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Wedding: Becca & Leah

From Becca and Leah: Becca and Leah met on in May 2011.  Becca was searching for nice Jewish girls in NYC and Leah came up as a 99% match.  Becca read her profile and couldn’t believe how good of a fit they seemed, so she messaged Leah.  Leah was skeptical about the age difference between them, but after reading Becca‘s profile she agreed with OkCupid that they really did seem perfect for each other.  After a prolonged email exchange they finally had their first date, and the rest is history!

Both of us knew after dating for just a short time that we were a perfect fit.  After we had been together for a while we started talking about marriage and when we might get engaged. Instead of a “traditional” proposal, we decided to go out of town for a weekend so we could have some special time, just the two of us.  We chose Philadelphia, as it is Becca‘s college town and it was an easy weekend trip from NYC.

We arrived in Philadelphia, had lunch, and checked into the hotel.  We didn’t have a set plan or location in mind for the proposal, instead we decided to walk around the city, knowing it would be clear when the moment had arrived.  Towards the end of the afternoon we found ourselves in Rittenhouse Square Park and realized it was the perfect place for our proposal.  Though it was winter, the weather was temperate and we found the perfect bench in the middle of the park.  Neither of us had prepared anything specific, but we both had a lot to say to each other as we proposed.  After expressing our mutual desire to share our lives together, we exchanged rings, and we were engaged!

After a year of planning, we were married exactly one year to the day that we were engaged at the Round Hill House in Washingtonville, NY. Surrounded by our friends and family, we were married by our good friend and rabbi, Karen Perolman in a traditional Jewish ceremony. After the ceremony, dinner, drinking and dancing ensued. The night was everything we dreamed of and more… if only we could do it all over again!

We currently live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with our dog Gus. Leah is also pregnant with our first child due in late July 2015. 

Photos courtesy of Jared Slater, J&J Photography.


IMG_3775 IMG_4333 IMG_4656 IMG_4750 IMG_3902IMG_4855

Event Credits

Catering: FEAST at Round HillFlorist: Flowers by David AnthonyLocation: Washingtonville, NYMusic: 74 Events- DJ RobOfficiant: Rabbi Karen R. PerolmanOther: Videography: NST PicturesPhotography: Jared Slater of J&J PhotographyStationery: Invitations & Programs: Julie LambVenue: Round Hill House, Washingtonville, NY
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Wedding: The Jennas

From Jenna and Jenna’s photographer: The Jennas are too cute for words. They were married among the vines at Running Hare Vineyard in Solomons Island, MD. The day was happy and relaxed all the way through. The weather was absolutely perfect and it went off without a hitch! The girls prepared separately with family and bridesmaids and waited to have their first look be from either end of the aisle. Classic romance. Proceeded by the flower girl carrying a “here comes the brides” sign, the Jenna’s came down the aisle one by one accompanied by their fathers. It was a beautiful ceremony that focused on appreciating the support and love they had felt from each and every one of their guests throughout the years. It was very touching. They also boxed a bottle of wine for their anniversary! The reception was a complete party. The Jennas booked a full band who absolutely rocked! There was partying and dancing through to the end of the reception and it followed to a bar after that! It was such a blast watching these two families come together bonded by the love of these two wonderful women!

Check out their engagement photos here!

Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -006Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -054Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -055Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -031Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -067Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -063 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -060Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -071 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -072Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -075 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -073Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -089 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -092 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -126


Event Credits

Location: Running Hare VineyardsPhotography: Mathy Shoots PeopleVenue: Running Hare Vineyard
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