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Wedding: Lauren & Christine

From Lauren: As an event planner, I wanted to have a destination wedding to ensure we had an intimate affair with our closest family and friends and also to relieve some of the stress of planning a large wedding. We had over 50 people fly to Mexico to enjoy a week of festivities!

Naturally, I had to get involved in some DIY projects. Our colors were ivory, navy and burlap with a hint of mint. I created almost every aspect of the wedding – invitations, menus, reminder cards, table numbers, etc. My vision was rustic beach with a Mexican flare. We both really appreciate the holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and what it stands for, so it was incorporated into our planning. Sugar skulls were subtlety added into the mix – on our welcome cups, wedding favors and cake topper.

Our day flowed perfectly. Nicole Barr (our photographer) made sure of it! She kept us on track and on time. We knew we wanted a “first look” to calm our nerves and prevent “ugly” crying during the ceremony – so glad we did. It was an intimate moment and we were able to get a lot of photos taken during this time as well.

My cousin Jan married us. Christine and Jan worked hard to create a beautiful ceremony. It was personal, unique and from the heart. Our ceremony and cocktail hour were on a gorgeous sky deck overlooking the ocean, and a generous breeze was welcomed as it was hot. The reception was situated in between two pools, creating a beautiful back drop in the evening with candles, strung lights and papel picado. Our first dance was to Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.”

We ended the night by jumping in the pool! It started as a fun shot we wanted to have the photographer take, and then our bridal party and guests joined us! It was the highlight of the evening and certainly something we will never forget.

We have received countless comments on how much fun our guests had and I wish we could do it all over again!

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Event Credits

Attire: JCrewLocation: Puerto Morelos, MexicoMusic: DJ All MusicOfficiant: Cousin of Bride: Jan HaydenPhotography: Nicole Barr PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Weddings by LomasStationery: Made by BrideVenue: Azul Sensatori
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Wedding: Teri & Angela

From the couple: Teri and Angela met through their art. Teri “Lyric” Green is a rising music star that has been making major moves, and Angela “Imani Truth” Manson is known by some as “the princess of poetry.” Both have performed with famous names, are international artists, and have the same heart.

Through pain and art their love was born. Teri decided, “I’m not letting something so good pass me by,” and while she was on tour in Jamaica in 2013 she popped the big question to Angela. Surprisingly, Angela said yes!! Teri is the first female relationship ever for Angela, and now four years later they are stronger than ever. Both have careers but mainly they thrive on assisting others: together they have fed more than 1200 homeless people out of their pockets, more than 600 kids, and sent 3 kids to prom.

While getting ready to secure the ceremony, the unexpected happened– which only proved even more that they were destined to be together. Teri’s mother passed away two weeks before the wedding, and majority of the funeral costs fell upon her. Teri and Angela cut a few things from the wedding so that Teri’s mom can have the home-going she deserved, while the couple could still pull off a great wedding. With emotions soaring to unknown heights, Teri had her mother cremated and still took her to the wedding– her mother had never been out of the country while she was alive. The wedding was July 4th, and Teri held a release ceremony for her mom the next day. 

Teri and Angela also sent us their wedding video, and a link to Teri’s music website. She describes her style as “the love child of Drake and J. Cole” with an emphasis on positivity!

IMG_0394 IMG_0279 IMG_0263IMG_0312IMG_0340 IMG_0227IMG_0383IMG_0389IMG_0424IMG_0428

Event Credits

Date: July 4th, 2015Location: Hard Rock Hotel Dominican Republic
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Wedding: Mako & Samantha

From Mako: Sam and I met 4 times before I really got to know her. The universe kept shoving us together as if to say “Would you just look at this girl?!” And eventually I listened. We spent an entire night sitting on a mutual friend’s floor playing cards and getting to know each other, and by the time the sun came up I was absolutely smitten. We were 17 at the time.

Sam proposed to me in a fit of laughter under a summer star-filled sky after we had been together just 6 months. I said yes, not knowing it’d be 10 years before we’d make it happen.

We got our Registered Domestic Partnership in 2008. When the bill passed on June 26th, 2013 that allowed gay marriage in California, we both already knew it was going to happen. On Christmas morning (Sam’s favorite holiday) I got down on one knee in front of my family and asked her to marry me for real.

We had a fall wedding at the beautiful rustic Pine Hills Lodge in Julian, CA. Over the years we had talked about our wedding plans; what we’d do, who we’d invite, and now it was time to get real. We had a very elegant wedding with around 100 people– all close friends and family– with a budget that started off at $10K, evolved to $14K, and ended up being $18K. We were so blessed to have both our families there, since there had been some turmoil in the past, but our day was so perfect and SO full of love.

Sam and I found our vendors through extensive online searching (mostly googling “gay friendly ____”) and sifted through tons of venues, photographers, and DJs. The Pine Hills Lodge was the perfect backdrop for our fall celebration, the photos of red and brown leaves around a rustic lodge fit immaculately with Sam’s vision and the price tag of $7500 for the venue and catering fit with our budget plan. La Vida Creations Photography was another easy pick for us. Their candid style and appreciation for light went a long way in our book, and Sam was absolutely taken with their “Senior Tails” portfolio showcasing senior dogs with their humans. Upon meeting Jeff and Betsy there was no turning back; their geeky side spoke to us on another level. We later discovered they were close friends with two of my closest friends, and it became a much more personal connection. Finally, we found DJ Pat with Sound Prodigy. His love for all things Disney really bonded us in our first meeting with him.

Our centerpieces were the talk of the night and were so much fun to put together. They consisted of medium glass lanterns, moss, live herbs, and tiny fairy lights entwined in the herbs. It gave our tables this great rustic fantasy feel, and were great gifts for anyone who wanted one. These were easy to make and fairly cheap only costing $20 each. For our favors we had homemade caramel apples that my aunt prepared for us, which had cinnamon sticks for the handle and cute leaves that said “Fall in Love.” We had so many apples, people were leaving with one in each hand and each pocket! Instead of cake, which is pricey and not our favorite dessert anyway, we had a spread of 12 different types of pie, most were from Mom’s Pies in Julian. And the mutual friend, who really brought us together, caught both the bouquets!

Whenever we talk about that day we both just say how perfect it was and how grateful we are to have so much love in our life. I could go on for days about all the planning that went into and the love and fun that came out of our perfect wedding.

Photos courtesy of La Vida Creations

MakoSamWedding_0009MakoSamWedding_0008 MakoSamWedding_0019 MakoSamWedding_0027 MakoSamWedding_0041MakoSamWedding_0001MakoSamWedding_0037 MakoSamWedding_0051 MakoSamWedding_0064 MakoSamWedding_0067 MakoSamWedding_0081 MakoSamWedding_0089 MakoSamWedding_0095

Event Credits

Attire: Gowns: Alfred AngeloCakes and Dessert: Mom's Pies//Julian, CALocation: Julian, CAMusic: DJ Pat with Sound ProdigyPhotography: La Vida Creations PhotographyVenue: Pine Hills Lodge
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Wedding: Amy & Crystal

From Amy: My partner and I tied the knot on August 13th. We had the wedding of our dreams – it was beautiful. So many people said it was the only wedding they went to where they could feel the love. I will admit they were all right. So excited to have this woman as my partner for life!

Photos courtesy of Juliet Ashley Photography.

FB_IMG_1444277160525FB_IMG_1444277147146FB_IMG_1444277167372FB_IMG_1444277188029FB_IMG_1444277154321 FB_IMG_1444277815712

Event Credits

Attire: Dhgate.comFlorist: May flowers Portland OregonLocation: Troutdale, OregonMusic: Mobile music Brian SmithPhotography: Juilet Ashley photographyVenue: McMenamins Edgefeild
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Wedding: Erica & Kasandra

From Kasandra: My wife Erica and I met in high school. Since we were young, we’ve talked about flying somewhere to have our wedding where it would be legal… but it always seemed like a far away dream. Then, once the Supreme Court ruling was made and I heard news that Harris County would begin issuing licenses, I rushed her to the courthouse as fast as we could get there. Our wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale. The venue was hidden in the woods and walled with floor to ceiling windows. It was the perfect backdrop to say our “I Do’s” and commit our lives to each other. Surprisingly we had over 200 guests, a majority of which was family. We were so happy to celebrate with so many loved ones and can not wait for the rest of the professional pictures. It was a day we will always remember.

Photos courtesy of Oryan Photography.

12003338_1661338374109988_290568376328424984_n12006173_1071970662826552_1818142490969641871_n12036384_1071951866161765_111144020541899070_n12010523_823888451043022_2125481249692812739_o 12038780_823890287709505_8313799925183484713_o 12006477_823873931044474_8717313097199511210_o

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Rustika CafeCatering: In house- Ashton GardensFlorist: Gallery Flowers-in the HeightsLocation: Ashton Gardens, in Houston TXMusic: Reel DJOfficiant: Melissa AyalaPhotography: Oryan PhotographyVenue: Ashton Gardens- North Houston
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Wedding (& Anniversary!): Jamie & Erin

From Jamie: My wife Erin and I got married on September 14th, 2013. On our 2nd wedding anniversary, I wanted to express how much I love Erin by bringing back some of my favorite pictures (thank you to Kimberly Howard Photography) of the two of us on our wedding day. Saying “yes” to Erin when she popped the question at one of our favorite places in JP (The Brendan Behan Pub) was the easiest “yes” of my life. In fact, I knew Erin was the one well before that day and couldn’t believe how I had found the perfect person for me. Saying “yes” to her during our ceremony was even easier. With friends and family by our side, I couldn’t have felt more love in my heart if I tried. These pictures only capture a pinch of how wonderful of a day we really had.

Two years later, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel like the luckiest person in the world having her by my side. Whether she’s making me laugh, comforting me when I cry, planning the next renovation in our house, scraping popcorn ceilings, singing loudly in the car on our rides back from work, building an awesome fire in our backyard, making the best steak ever, snuggling with me, teasing me lovingly, or just loving all of me for me… I am so thankful for having her as my wife.

Erin, I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’m with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.

Happy 2 year anniversary, babe! I love you!

111852473 10 9

Event Credits

Location: Harpswell, Maine on Bailey Island (Mackerel Cove)Photography: Kimberly Howard PhotographyVenue: Bailey Island Library Hall
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Wedding: Hilary & Jennie

From Hilary and Jennie: Hilary and Jennie met in Denver in 2008 as part of Teach For America. After many years together, multiple cross-country moves, and taking turns going to graduate school, we settled in Chicago and decided it was time to tie the knot. Having friends all across the country (and beyond!), we wanted a setting that would allow for a weekend event with lots of activities, opportunities for quality time, and beautiful scenery.

Thank goodness for Camp Wandawega! This lakeside summer camp located 90 minutes outside of Chicago allowed us to have all 50 guests on the premises for the weekend. Everyone set up camp in bunkhouses, cabins, tipis, and Boy Scout tents, and the weekend was full of laughter, canoe trips, card games in the treehouse, a ceremony in the rain, dancing under the tent, an impromptu flip cup tournament, and nightly bonfires.

The weekend was everything we hoped for; it was full of personal touches and joint efforts that highlighted our community of support upon which our marriage is built. Many wedding guests pulled double duty with contributions such as driving up kegs of beer from their Arkansas brewery, Bike Rack Brewing Co, baking 6 dozen salted chocolate chip cookies for everyone to munch on around the bonfire, and even baking our wedding cake – an amazing lemon cake with lavender frosting. Our officiant was one of our best friends, and her dad lovingly served as our wedding photographer. Most importantly, though, everyone went with the flow when it started raining pre-ceremomy and with our guests under umbrellas, we were able to still get married in the outdoor chapel. As they say, a wet knot is harder to untie.

Photos courtesy of Jim Scearcy.

Photo 1Photo 12Photo 16 Photo 15 Photo 18Photo 9Photo 14Photo 13 Photo 22

Event Credits

Attire: J. Crew and ModClothCakes and Dessert: Sally Blatz and Abby Wentworth Joseph (friends)Catering: Underground Food Collective CateringFlorist: Flowers for DreamsLocation: Camp Wandawega - Elkhorn, WisconsinMusic: Wedding and Events String EnsembleOfficiant: Robin FisherPhotography: Jim Scearcy (family friend)Venue: Camp Wandawega
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