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Wedding: Jenna & RJ

From Jessica, Jenna & RJ’s photographer: Two brides, Jenna and RJ, got hitched at this beautiful family backyard wedding.

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Event Credits

Florist: Rebecca's Flower Shoppe, Fairhaven, WALocation: Blaine, WashingtonPhotography: Jessica Drake Photography //
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Wedding: Jen & Beth

We found today’s wedding through Beth’s personal blog, The Babbling Blonde—and we couldn’t be happier! After you’ve ready Beth & Jen’s story and scrolled through the gorgeous photos below, make your next step Beth’s site, where you can read Beth’s “Tales of a Bisexual Bride,” as well as other stories from Beth and Jen’s wedding planning experience!

Now, here’s their story: Jen and Beth met in the early spring of 2014 when they began working at the same company. After a fast friendship made them platonic companions for the next year, both of them finally wised up to the fact that there was something more to the relationship. They began dating in the summer of 2015, and Jen proposed at Konzelmann winery among the waters of Niagara Falls in Canada in July of 2016.

As a super fan of the Dave Matthews Band, Beth had previously bribed Jen to chase the band around to quite a few concerts over the years, including one in Charlottesville, Virginia. While they were in town for the show that same summer, they attended a wine tasting at Blenheim Vineyards, the local winery owned by Dave. Beth and Jen fell in love with the atmosphere and decided to make it their wedding venue.

After several visits to the winery and a few months of hectic planning, the two tied the knot on April 22, 2017. The skies couldn’t have been darker, and the rain couldn’t have been steadier, but everything was perfect under the tent outside by the sprawling vineyard. The cozy ceremony took place in the same space as the reception with a few reading from close friends, a gift and sand ceremony with Jen’s  5-year-old daughter, Mia, and an ode to the elements.

Once they made it official, Beth, Jen, and Mia ate and danced the night away with their closest family and friends. The first dance was to Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”, and they finished the night out in rambunctious style with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”. The food was delicious, the cake was to die for, and guests also enjoyed a homestyle cookie table supplied by Beth’s family, which is a Pittsburgh and West Virginia wedding staple.

The wedding made official what everyone already knew: a little family of two became #McDpartyof3, finally legally.

Photos courtesy of Melissa Jean Photography.

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Event Credits

Catering: C & O Restaurant // Bakery: Sweethaus Bakery Location: Blenheim Vineyards // Photographer: Melissa Jean PhotographyOfficiant: Amber Baker // Hair & Make-Up: Best Face Forward and Kelly Matheny of Bella Hair
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Wedding: Nicki & Sandy

From Nicki: Sandy and I met online in 2004. We were both fresh out of relationships and not looking for anything serious. We dated on and off for about 2 years, before splitting up and living separate lives. We kept in touch over the years, but both dated other people. In June 2012, Sandy got up the nerve to profess her love for me and we have been together ever since. We were engaged November 2012, married April 2014, and welcomed our daughter April 2015. I feel like I am living a fairytale everyday.

Photos courtesy of King Vincent Storm Photography.


Event Credits

Location: Branford, CTPhotography: King Vincent Storm Photography
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Engagement: Amanda & Christina

From Amanda: We are head over heels with our engagement photos. Our’s are just so unique. The simplicity of just us. We’ve been together 8 years (June 25, 2008), and wanted to wait until gay marriage was legalized in the South. Never once did we give up on one another! Our love is everlasting. I love our engagement photos, they capture the moment of us. We legalized our marriage the first day it was issued to Charlotte, North Carolina (Oct 13th, 2014). It was so powerful. We were featured on the news (crazy they chose us!), and Creative Loafing. We were truly lucky to have this experience with so many lovely people. Here we are a two mom family, talk about magical!

Photos courtesy of Connection Photography.

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Event Credits

Location: Charlotte, NCPhotography: Connection Photography
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Gallery: Tattooed Beauty, Part 2

We hear tattoos can be addictive, so here’s some more good-looking ink for you to admire. We’ve got no shortage of tattooed LBTQ ladies in our archives!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to offer a shout-out to Allebach Photography: one of many amazing photographers in our vendor directory—but the only one specializing in tattooed wedding shoots!

Alyson & Jesse:Alyson & Jesse

Jocelyn & CarolineJocelyn & CarolineJocelyn & Caroline2

The AnnasThe Annas

Kathleen & KelseyKathleen & Kelsey

Ashley & LeeanneAshley & LeeanneJodie & AmandaJodie & Amanda

Jessica & Rebecca:Jessica & Rebecca

Monique & WendyMonique & Wendy

Mako & Samantha:Mako & Sam

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Gallery: Tattooed Beauty

Whether you’re looking for wedding & engagement inspiration or planning on getting some new ink, this gallery’s got you covered! Check out these gorgeous tattooed brides and brides-to-be!

Leah & Lisa:

Leah & Lisa

Ileana & MelodyIleana & Melody

Courtney & KorinneCourtney & Korinne

Bex & Cara:Bex & Cara

Becca & Laura:Becca & Laura

Emily & Rachel:Emily & Rachel2Emily & Rachel

Jamie & Sam:Jamie & Sam

Siri & Antonia:Siri & Antonia

Jessica & NikJessica & Nik

Shay & Jenelle:Shay & JenelleJennifer & Amy:Jennifer & AmyJennifer & Amy2

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Wedding: Jennifer & Natalie

From Natalie: I met the woman I call my wife in the fall of 2011. What started out as a casual friendship grew into a beautiful love affair. A love affair where made each other swoon with fresh fruit, chocolate, sushi, wine, yoga, nature, and ideas of the Spirit. A love affair where nothing else in the universe existed—not time, not distance, not space. Until it came to being apart, that is.

It became simply obvious that nothing was quite as beautiful when she was not there to bear witness with me. Nothing was quite as savory if she were not there to taste with me. No scent as sweet, no sleep as restful, no shavasna as cleansing. My world became a bit like a foggy mirror that only became clear in her presence. Don’t get me wrong—our relationship most certainly is not easy. There were many times leading up to the wedding I wanted to run like hell, but there was/is something different about this woman—at the end of the day I can’t imagine doing life without her. As scary as it is to go through the same cycles over and over again I still can’t imagine not cycling with her. Not growing through the crap together.

I’ve often described this relationship as the most difficult relationship I’ve ever been in, but it is also the most rewarding. My life with her is amazing. Our life and our love. I look forward to every morning snooze and snuggle cycle, every wake up drink coffee and read together cycle, every get home drink wine and cook together cycle, every Grey’s Anatomy, Walking Dead, or whatever’s on cycle, every Moon cycle, and any other cycles in between. I look forward to all the cycles of our life that are yet to come. And amidst the cycles we continue to swoon.

I can only imagine our wedding day was as perfect as all wedding days are with happiness and anxiety abounding, and parents of the nervous brides trying to slip sedatives into their drinks before the entire shebang, but this one was different because it was mine. And it was the most beautiful, authentic, and best day of my life—of our lives. We are the Martins and we love love!

Photos courtesy of Professional Wedding Crashers & assisted by Thomas Felts Photography.

You can also check out Jennifer and Natalie’s wedding video below and head over to Professional Wedding Crashers’ post for more photos of this beautiful wedding!


Event Credits

Location: Pioneer Bluffs Matfield Green, KSPhotography: Professional Wedding Crashers & assisted by Thomas Felts PhotographyVenue: Pioneer Bluffs @
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