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Wedding: Emily & Robin

From Emily & Robin: Our story starts like a cliche, in a bar—our love is anything but…

We both went to a meet-up group mixer one night in November of 2014, and by luck we ended up in a grouping together at the start of the event. We talked during a break, followed each other throughout the rest of the events for the night, and afterwards went to talk more over tea, ending up walking around the streets of the West Village getting to know each other for another couple hours. We both knew right away that this was different, and within a week we had fallen in love. Robin was invited to family Christmas 10 days later, and marriage was talked about in the first two weeks.  We got engaged a year later and started planning our intimate wedding shortly after. We had gone to Aurora Brooklyn (our venue) on our third date and again the night we got engaged. Their garden atrium was the perfect place for our ceremony, and their food is out of this world—and an important requirement for our wedding. We wanted it to be filled with good friends, our wonderful families, great food, and an amazing time.   And it was. We opted to do a lot of the decorations ourselves, i.e. the backdrop, the flowers, and a lot of smaller decorative elements. We also used Etsy and close friends for the bigger parts: our cake-topper, hair and make-up, and our day-of coordinator. All of this helped to reduce the cost of a NYC wedding so that we could spend our money on an amazing wedding photographer and a fantastic venue.  We couldn’t have asked for a better event—it really was everything we wanted and more!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Tew Photography.

© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography

Event Credits

Music: Marie Michele ( // First Dance Song Performed by Doug Winton & Carly Walker of Kyloe Blue ( // Venue & Catering: Aurora Brooklyn ( // Make-Up: Erin Acker ( // Invitations: Love and Shelter ( // Hair: (Emily) Missy Green ( // Day of Coordinator: Lovelys Powell // Cake Topper: MeltingPotLove // Cake: Ladybird Bakery ( and The Chocolate Room (
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Wedding: Amy & Amanda

From Amanda: Amy and I have lived all over the country and have friends and family everywhere. We chose to have our wedding in Illinois for a few different reasons: 1) we love Chicago 2) it was legal in Illinois when we started planning and 3) it’s centrally located for guests to fly /drive to. Since we don’t live in Chicago, we needed someone to help us chose vendors and help us through the planning process. Our wedding planner, Lisa Gordon, did a phenomenal job.

Once Amy and I started discussing wedding plans, we quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted something small with lots of charm, simple, and most of all fun. When Lisa sent us the information for Firehouse Chicago, we immediately fell in love with its charm and character. Amy has an outspoken love for spiral staircases and when we saw it lit up, we knew that this was the place for us. We wanted simple decorations and the Firehouse delivered that with their candle and light package. Another great thing about the Firehouse was that we used the courtyard for the ceremony then went directly inside to start kick off the reception. Having the ceremony and reception at the same place made the logistics a lot easier. We chose to have an open bar from the moment guests arrived until the end of the night, which made potentially socially awkward moments early in the night due to some of our guests never having met before less of an issue. The fact that Binny’s will take back any non-opened alcohol allowed us to over-purchase and not worry about running out of drinks.

Amy’s favorite part of the day (besides marrying me and the spiral staircase of course) was riding around downtown Chicago and stopping to take pictures with our bridal party and photographer Agnes Malorny. We have several favorite photos from the day, but our absolute favorite is the one of us standing on a ledge hanging out over the Lake Michigan with the skyline in the background. We had that one printed on 3ft x 1ft piece of metal which is now the focal point in our living room. My personal favorites were the matching converse shoes that we had made with our wedding date sewn into the side and the mini cupcakes that Dave’s Specialty Foods provided. They were SO good. I ate them the next morning and still talk about them today. We don’t have any wedding day horror stories because ALL of the vendors we chose to work with were wonderful. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing that day except enjoying the moment and sharing our love for each other with family and friends.

Photos courtesy of Agnes Malorny.

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Event Credits

Catering: Dave's Speciality Foods, Inc. & Binny's Beverage DepotFlorist: KED Design & Planner: Lisa Gordon// Chicago, IllinoisMusic: Stitely EntertainmentOfficiant: Rev. Rebecca ArmstrongOther: Elite Chicago LimoPhotography: Agnes Malorny Photography//www.agnesmalorny.comVenue: Firehouse Chicago// & Hotel Blake for getting ready
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Wedding: Trineice & Brigid

From Rebecca, Trineice & Brigid’s wedding planner & designer: When I first met Trineice and Brigid, I knew instantly that I wanted to work with them. Not only was I thrilled that they were planning their wedding in Oakland, California (my home turf!) and wanted to show off all the beauty and special spaces tucked away in this special town, but I was also really drawn to their energy and enthusiasm. I *LOVED* that they met while dancing at SF Pride, and knew that dancing — and really the pure joy that just glowed between these two — would be at the heart of the vision for their wedding. Their venue, the Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate, is a melding pot of historic elegance set amid gorgeous, open grounds. The brides wanted to play off of that vibe, combining the laid back energy of spending a summer day at the park with an elegant outdoor cocktail hour and seated dinner. And of course, ending the night with an epic dance party was a must!!

Photos courtesy of Kara Brodgesell Weddings.

BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_103 BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_053BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_099BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_036BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_108 BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_111BrigidTrineiceWedding_Ceremony_100BrigidTrineiceWedding_Ceremony_186BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_124BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_138 BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_144BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_009 BrigidTrineiceWedding_Dancing_141BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_131

Event Credits

Attire: Trineice - Kipper Clothier (; Brigid - JCrew ( and Dessert: Susie Cakes ( Blue Heron ( Farm Girl Flowers ( Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate, Oakland, CAMusic: Heart of Gold DJs ( Rev. Priya Friday-Pabros, M.Div.Photography: Kara Brodgesell Weddings ( or Event Designer: Be Hitched, Event Planning & Design ( Dunsmuir Hellman (
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Wedding: Joni & Tammy

From Joni: Tammy is on staff and I’m a volunteer chaplain at the church where we first met four years ago. That meant that our wedding had to happen (conveniently, I might add!) at our church. Our minister asked us when we sat down with him to use three words to describe how we’d like our ceremony to feel. We answered with sacred, communal and lighthearted. We were certainly blessed to have experienced an infinite amount of each of those on our big day.

Despite Tammy being an introvert we opted for a large wedding, especially since our relatives alone added up to over fifty guests. Our guest list wound up hovering at around 125, and at one point went to 150. We had our four closest friends stand with us and opted to call all of them “friends of honor.” (Feel free to steal the phrase instead of using the traditional titles, if you like.)  We also left them to choose their own attire, as long as it was fitting for the wedding theme. None of them shopped together, yet all of them looked perfect! The night before the wedding we gave them all a necklace with a silver bar engraved with “Soulpod” on the front and our wedding date on the back.

Our ceremony was performed by our minister and his wife, who is a dear friend of Tammy’s.  We knew that they’d be reading from our recent book. (Tammy is a poet and I am photographer and we’d recently published a book of our work.) However, we didn’t review the ceremony prior to our wedding. We had no idea what poems would be read or what our vows were going to be, as we’d left them up to Steve, our minister. He told a beautiful story that included a mention of a white squirrel that had been seen on the grounds several times over the weeks leading up to the wedding, and our vows were beautiful, uncomplicated, and perfect for us.

There was so much support and love in the room with us. We chose to escort each other down the aisle, and a spontaneous round of applause erupted when we made our entrance. That was a surprise. Everyone was so supportive and full of joy.

Over and over, the response we got from guests was the attention to detail they noticed during the ceremony and reception. We like to think it was a byproduct of the love we put into every detail.  And there were lots of details. We lovingly picked out just about everything a guest would touch or see. We shopped for and bought mismatched dishes, silverware, napkins, water glasses and mason jars for every guest. The vases for the flowers, the table décor, the serving dishes, the decorations. Tammy has a background in design so she did the invitations, programs and the menu, along with our guest gift, a book full of our favorite love quotes. I’m a former theatre director, so I enlisted the help of my theatre friends to do the decorating, which among other things, involved hoisting a bunch of bunting to the top of a very high pavilion the morning of the wedding.

Both Tammy and I wanted a vintage feel and I was adamant that the experience be as close to having a picnic in your great grandmother’s back yard as possible. For me this meant family style dining using real dishes and playing yard games. The dishes happened. The family style dinner happened: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and not just cake but a pie bar. The yard games, though, got rained out. In fact, the Monday before our wedding, the weather called for not just rain, but possible hail and tornadoes. Even the covered pavilion couldn’t withstand that. On Wednesday we met and crafted a plan for moving the whole event inside. Luckily, the weather held off and didn’t get too turbulent until the day after our wedding. It did rain on our big day, but it always seemed to stop just when we needed it to. Oh, and the white squirrel paid us a visit, right as everyone sat down to dinner.

There were a gazillion beautiful moments. Every moment was beautiful is more like it. As the sanctuary doors closed before we entered and the two of us had a private moment to talk to each other I asked Tammy if she was nervous.  She said no. And neither was I. It’s a remarkably beautiful experience to feel so clear and comfortable and at ease about love and commitment. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Full of ease and grace and joy.

Photos courtesy of Brenda Ladd Photography.

353_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto359_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto127_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto290_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto301_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto r077_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto146_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto345_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto613_Official_BrendaLaddPhoto 458_Recp_BrendaLaddPhoto720_ToastCake_BrendaLaddPhoto 577_Feast_Music_BrendaLaddPhoto641_ToastCake_BrendaLaddPhoto 605_Official_BrendaLaddPhoto

Remember Joni & Tammy’s clever DIY shoot last fall? It’s always fun to look back at engagement photos!

Event Credits

Catering: Food by Chef Alvaro (; Bartending & Serving by Austin Community College ( Arranged by a friend; Sourced from Austin Flower Company ( Austin, TexasPhotography: Brenda Ladd PhotographyVenue: Unity Church of the Hills
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Wedding: Nicki & Sandy

From Nicki: Sandy and I met online in 2004. We were both fresh out of relationships and not looking for anything serious. We dated on and off for about 2 years, before splitting up and living separate lives. We kept in touch over the years, but both dated other people. In June 2012, Sandy got up the nerve to profess her love for me and we have been together ever since. We were engaged November 2012, married April 2014, and welcomed our daughter April 2015. I feel like I am living a fairytale everyday.

Photos courtesy of King Vincent Storm Photography.


Event Credits

Location: Branford, CTPhotography: King Vincent Storm Photography
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Wedding: Megan & Lauren

From Megan: Lauren and I are an online dating story gone right. We met and had our first date in June of 2013 and immediately felt so connected. We both fell in love quickly, made plans for the future together, and bonded through our mutual passion for travel, family, entrepreneurship, Game of Thrones and wine. In July of 2014, we got engaged and the wedding planning began.

On our special day, we got to see all of our planning come to fruition. There were a few kinks: one of my bridesmaids got the flu and couldn’t make it, and the hotel was a nuisance to get booked and checked into (since we were trying to arrive to the hotel early to get ready). Other than that, I couldn’t have asked for a more stress-free, fun and lovely day. My now-wife and I did our own makeup and hair at the hotel, and when we arrived at the venue to get dressed, everything looked absolutely amazing. The ladies at the venue were incredible to work with from the very beginning, and they were so excited for our wedding because we were the first LGBTQ couple to get married there! They handled all of the florals, linens and bartending on site, and set up all of the personal decor we had brought in. Our wedding coordinator even managed to get ahold of some sparklers for the send off when my wife told her I had forgotten to order them in time (which they both then kept a secret from me until the end of the night). I cannot praise this venue enough, as they made us feel truly special on our wedding day.

My wife and I ended up doing a first look, which was not really planned but we were both feeling so nervous and excited that our photographer found some time and a space before the ceremony for us to have a moment together. When I saw her looking so gorgeous in her suit, her hair perfectly coifed and her face glowing with excitement, all of my nerves faded away. I was ready to get married. We had both our parents walk us down the aisle as the band played an acoustic version of “Bloom” by The Paper Kites. During the ceremony, which was officiated by my best friend from college, we laughed and cried and felt every wonderful emotion wash over us as Kacie (our officiant/friend) gave the most beautiful speech in any wedding ever. Lauren and I read our own vows, exchanged rings, and 75 of our closest friends and families cheered us on as we shared our first kiss as wife and wife.

After taking some really fun and quirky photos with our families and wedding parties… we partied. The Italian food we had for our reception dinner was amazing and the caterer even worked with us to create a tasty vegan pasta dish. The bar served beer, wine and our signature cocktail: Moscow mules. After our first dance to “La Vie en Rose,” dinner and then the father/daughter dance, the band turned on their spin tables and DJ’d the rest of the evening. Everyone danced, drank, laughed, and it was an absolute blast. My aunt made our wedding cake, which turned out so beautiful and delicious, and there were also various sweets made by my mom and her friends. My grandmother came up to us at one point, gave us a hug, and gave us advice for a happy and long marriage. Our sisters (who were also the maids-of-honor) gave beautiful speeches that made us feel truly loved; both expressed how proud they were of us for coming out, living our life/love out loud, and finding such wonderful life-partners. After more hugging, laughing and dancing we went out with our wedding parties and enjoyed an “after-dinner” cigar, which resulted in some sexy photos featuring me and my wife. Shortly after the cigars, the DJ played our final song (“Closing Time” by Semisonic), we did our grand exit, and the our life together as a married couple truly began!

Our wedding was perfect. No words can capture all of the love, hope, joy and excitement that filled the day. Our photographer was wonderful and sent us about 500 pictures of people throughout the ceremony and reception… and every picture was beautiful and funny and unique. So many friends and family pitched in to make our day truly special, and we feel beyond grateful and loved every time we remember that day.

Photos courtesy of Madeline Faye Photography.

13230190_10204668748398877_2315600913986121022_n13151586_10204668555394052_541132016634189744_n13230328_10204668567874364_2578518886693597636_n13227135_10204668564514280_5902811588006583848_n13102861_10204668531513455_1213468829315194986_n13230195_10204668535553556_2282457916222369925_n13221459_10204668584034768_9159520236990317719_n 13179459_10204668543993767_3985812390856691243_n13177665_10204668590274924_794378157230935954_n13178804_10204668569234398_9150030107550985713_n 1936088_10204668567074344_6381343647469622913_n13220940_10204668608435378_692183321993526624_nDSC_0209

Event Credits

Attire: Dress: Demetrios, Suit: J CrewCatering: Paesano's RistoranteLocation: Parker, TXMusic: Full Circle MelodyPhotography: Madeline Faye PhotographyVenue: Cross Creek Ranch
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Elopement: Tiffany & Stephanie

From Kim, Tiffany and Stephanie’s photographer: Tiffany and Stephanie recently moved to the Pacific Northwest and love spending time outdoors, so naturally when planning their elopement they chose the Columbia Gorge as their venue. Keeping it short and sweet for fear of “ugly crying,” we met up at a trailhead and enjoyed a sun-soaked, heartfelt ceremony at the base of Wahclella Falls.

© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |

Event Credits

Location: Wahclella Falls, ORPhotography: Kim Smith-Miller Photography
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