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Wedding: Marissa & Casi

From Kelly, Marissa and Casi’s photographerI hope you enjoy looking through these images; shooting Marissa and Casi’s was a blast. They are such a great, quirky couple and they really brought their personalities into their wedding day. 

From the couple: The energy of the day was palpable. Everything about our wedding was so personal: people we loved most in the world kept coming up to us all night saying they’d never attended a truer, more joyous wedding. Our venue was the New York City Fire Museum, and it was the perfect raw space to be turned into exactly what we wanted. 

Communication with your partner is extremely important in the planning process (and in your marriage, period). No one will remember the teeny things like the napkins and neither will you. That being said,  I would suggest sitting down with your fiancée and discussing what is important to each of you in your vision for the day. For example, I (Marissa) had a lot of opinions on flowers. Casi didn’t. So I was in charge of flowers. She had an opinion on beer. So, she did beer.

Marissa on Casi: I love that Casi is genuine, loyal, hilarious, positive, giving, the best friend anyone could ask for, and a dream of a wife.

Casi on Marissa: I love that Marissa is brilliant, sweet, giving, hysterically funny and pretty much always has the best perspective anyone could want. Plus, she makes amazing red sauce.

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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: By The Way BakeryCatering: Hill Country BarbequeFlorist: Jennifer J. BanksLocation: New York, New YorkMusic: Michael EdwardsPhotography: Kelly Prizel PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Sarina Law, Hill CountryVenue: New York City Fire Museum
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Engagement: Melissa & Charena

From Melissa: Charena, better known as Tiny, and I met online in October of 2004 and began dating a month later. Since then we have pretty much been inseparable unless you count the 4 deployments we have endured.

Tiny proposed to me in front of our close friends during her going away party for her last deployment and of course I said, “YES!”. Before Tiny’s first deployment she took me on a romantic picnic dinner in Balboa Park which was the first time we expressed our love to each other so we thought it would be fitting to take our engagement photos there. (The tree in the picture is actually where the date took place). Our wedding will take place later this year in San Diego.

Event Credits

Location: Balboa Park (San Diego)
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Engagement: Rheanna & Martha

From Martha: Rheanna once summed up our relationship in these terms: “it was…an energetically favoured chemical reaction,” it wasn’t a decision, it was just something that had to happen.

Rheanna is from Alberta, Canada. She moved thousands of miles away to New York City, just as I was doing the same from a medical school in the Caribbean. We happened to end up living in bordering neighborhoods of Brooklyn. She chose a kickboxing studio at random and began to take classes. I happened to go for a run one day and passed the same dojo’s van parked on the street. I decided to go to a kickboxing class. We met.

Six months later, Rheanna proposed at our favorite Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, and two months after that I asked her in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree. We both said yes.

A couple of months later an LGBT photo series was going viral online. It was called “All Love Is Equal,” by Braden Summers. On a whim, I decided to email Braden and thank him for his work and ask for a recommendation of a photographer to shoot a series of Rheanna and I. Much to my surprise, he offered to personally work with us. Getting the photos done was such an amazing process and I will never forget it, or the lifelong memories Braden has given us in these photos.

Much of our relationship, even down to getting these engagement photos, could be called coincidence by some, or fate by others, or by us: an energetically favoured chemical reaction. The scales were tipped with Rheanna and I, and I couldn’t be happier.

Photos courtesy of Braden Summers Photography.


Event Credits

Location: Brooklyn, NYPhotography: Braden Summers Photography:
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Wedding: Abby & Kari

From Abby: I drew so much inspiration from this website when planning our wedding that I so wanted to submit our photos in hopes that it will help the next couple!

Kari and I met three weeks after I moved to Seattle. She was a welder (Flashdance!), I was just starting law school. We had nothing in common except for an adventurous spirit and a desire to have fun in everything we do. Over the past seven years, never of those have changed and I’m still not sure we have anything in common. We love each other’s differences and respecting that makes each day a new adventure. We love Seattle, and couldn’t envision anywhere else we would get married especially now that it is legal in Washington! Our photographer was extremely patient as we took him around the city to all of our favorite spots: Kerry Park, Pike Place Market, and Discovery Park. I hope others enjoy our photos as much as I have enjoyed drawing inspiration from others on this site.

Event Credits

Location: Seattle, WAPhotography: Veil Studios - Michael Hollingworth
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Engagement Video: Lily & Nicole

From the brides-to-be: Nicole and Lily met in their semi-professional acappella group in NYC in 2010. 2 years later, Lily surprised Nicole by having their acappella group, Treble, sing them into their engagement. Nicole thought she was showing up to an engagement gig for a client, only to realize the gig was in fact for her! Here is a video of the engagement:

Our wedding will be at the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, RI. Nicole and Lily are very excited to be getting married by the water with their friends and family. In keeping with the theme of integrating their friends and family into their special day, their acappella group will be singing them up and down the aisle and the decorations will consist of archival photos from both of their families.

They are looking forward to upscale burgers and cocktails at their Gatsby-inspired reception.

Event Credits

Location: Bristol, RI
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Engagement: Shoshana & Meredith

Don’t forget to keep up with Shoshana & Meredith’s wedding plans on their vlog!

From Shoshana:

I love Meredith. She is amazing: kind; funny; caring; smart and gorgeous. After getting to know her very well over the last two years, and coming to realise more and more profoundly that I want my future to be with her always… so I proposed!

I didn’t get down on one knee, or do a flash mob dance… but I did want the event to be truly special and unique, an evening we’d enjoy and treasure.
I took her to a restaurant in London’s Soho that she’d been wanting to try for ages… but although I said to her, let’s dress up, I still acted like it was just a normal date night – we went to see a movie at the Curzon, which was just two minutes from the restaurant (even though we got a bit lost in between the cinema and Randall & Aubin!)
We entered the restaurant and were seated. Everything seemed normal. Until we were both given menus that looked like this…

Meredith had no idea what was going on… She was very confused and slightly worried! She couldn’t understand how the restaurant knew our names and why they’d put them on the menu… which I found a little hilarious, but I tried to keep a straight face! (She had no idea all this had anything to do with me at this point!)

“What… the… Shoshana, what’s going on?”

I left her in suspense for a just a little bit longer, not saying much and pretending to also be mildly confused..! Then I started encouraging her to look more closely… As she did this, I took a moment to collect myself, for one of the most important moments in my life.

After she realised this menu was something I’d purposely made to give to her, I started to explain, out loud, my feelings towards her, how important she is to me and how much I love her and how much she made me laugh and feel so happy, every day… It felt really good to verbalize my feelings… although I tell her I love her each day, I wanted her to be sure of how sure I am, about her.
I then pulled out a ring… Actually not just “a” ring… but The Ring. If you know what I mean! wink wink!
Here it is:

It fits her finger perfectly (side note: she has unusually tiny fingers!) and suits her gorgeous style.

We both had a lot of fun that night… date nights are always fun, but this one was extra special as we had some extra happy news to celebrate!

I loved planning and implementing the surprise, from secretly purchasing the ring, to designing the menu and co-ordinating with the restaurant… even sending a selfie to the restaurant manager, so he would recognise us as soon as we walked in… It was all so much fun to think this all this would put a big smile on Mer’s face!

And so that night we celebrated: over champagne, lobster and candlelight! Delicious! Bellissimo!

Oh… and by the way! In case you were wondering, the movie we went to see that night was “Blue Is The Warmest Colour.” Loved it!!!

My thoughts and feelings right now: I am very excited for my fiancée and I. Our journey is just beginning…

Now! I have checked in online already and printed my boarding pass… It’s time to fly to New York to visit my wonderful fiancée for a week… adventure starts tomorrow morning! (How did I get so lucky?!!)

Here’s to Happy Ever Afters!

PS. Official engagement photos to come… !

Event Credits

Attire: Coast (for Shoshana's black dress), Uniqlo (for Meredith's outfit)Catering: Randall & Aubin, Soho, LondonLocation: Randall & Aubin, London.Other: White gold and black diamond ring by Astley ClarkePhotography: Ourselves (and the waiter), we vlog too! or Event Designer: Shoshana
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Engagement: Lupe & Lori

From Lori: December has always and will continue to be a month of celebration for Lupe and I. For one, we share the same birthday- December 12th (different years) and second, Lupe proposed to me on December 1, 2012 (you can easily see our fascination with the number 12). So we thought, what better way to commemorate our engagement than by taking some fun engagement shots? With the help of with Lucio Villa, a great Chicago based photographer we were able to celebrate this special day in our relationship and make even more memories! The cold and windy Chicago weather was nothing in comparison to all of the love and laughter we shared that day.


Event Credits

Location: Chicago, ILPhotography: Lucio Villa
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