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Wedding: Hayli & Ophelia

From the brides: We’re Hayli and Ophelia, and we met in 2010 through our alma mater’s Christian student group. Six years later, we got married in a small town in Maine. Though we didn’t plan or try for a “perfect wedding,” a perfect wedding happened to us.

On that sunny late-spring day, Ophelia’s brother provided ceremony music on the fiddle, and he and Hayli’s brother served as our best men. Our dearest friends prayed for us, and another dear friend— a former professor—officiated. Our menu and many of the decorations were provided by a family friend of Hayli’s who took our suggested theme, “The Shire—a lite version,” and ran with it like a hobbit to a hot pie.

It felt strange—unfair—to be celebrating the most wonderful day of our lives so soon after 49 precious lives were taken in Orlando, but we paid homage to them in the spirit of our celebration. To be surrounded by those who love and celebrate our love is an unmatchable gift, and we hope to live out that love for one another for many years to come.

Photos courtesy of Sandy Lowe & Becky Butler.

Hayli Ophelia -1347Hayli Ophelia -1051Hayli Ophelia -1246 Hayli Ophelia -1063 Hayli Ophelia -1110Hayli Ophelia -1568Hayli Ophelia -1348Hayli Ophelia -1352Hayli Ophelia -1338Hayli Ophelia -1193Hayli Ophelia -1332Hayli Ophelia -1174Hayli Ophelia -1217

Event Credits

Attire: April Rose: Guilford, CT, USACakes and Dessert: Cathy Feener: Spruce Head, ME, USACatering: Cathy Feener: Spruce Head, ME, USAFlorist: Little River Flower Farm: Buxton, ME, USALocation: The Homestead at Rest & Be Thankful: Lyman, ME, USAMusic: Kevin Hu: San Francisco, CA, USAPhotography: Sandy Lowe & Becky ButlerVenue: The Homestead at Rest & Be Thankful: Lyman, ME, USA
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Wedding: Katie & Hannah

Hannah got in touch with us about posting these photos in honor of her and Katie’s 2nd wedding anniversary on July 31st, but alas, we were just hair too slow in getting back to her, and so instead, we’re helping this lovely couple celebrate their 25th “monthaversery”! Congratulations to you both on more than two wonderful years!

Now, dear readers, before you enjoy their story and take a look at these gorgeous photos, we have just two words for you: RING. TATTOOS.

From Hannah: We usually joke and say we wanted to get married so much we did it three times! We met in Chicago right as 2013 started, and when the time came to tie the knot, we both knew that it would be too hard to pick one of our home places (Michigan and Norway) over the other for such an important event. Luckily for us, Illinois decided to get on the equal marriage wagon in 2014, so that July we got hitched in a tiny (slightly impromptu) ceremony on a pier in our Chicago neighborhood, before moving to Hannah’s home country Norway.

In June the next year we came back to the US for a big family wedding in Michigan with all of Katie’s family and friends + Hannah’s parents and siblings, where we redid the ceremony, and had speeches and dancing and a photographer and got matching ring tattoos. It was a terrible, windy, rainy day, but it was still an amazing party, and we got the most beautiful sunset as a reward. A month later, the day after our “official” one year anniversary, we had our third and last wedding; a reception/one year anniversary party in Norway with Hannah’s friends and family + Katie’s parents, eating bbq and dancing into the night.

Photos courtesy of Optical Amusements.

KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_023 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_061 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_087 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_105 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_151 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_197 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_287 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_301 KatieHannah_wedding_WEB_497

Event Credits

Location: Fox Hills Golf Course, Plymouth, MichiganPhotography: Optical Amusements:
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Flashback Friday: Emily & Holly

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite (or, as Alice would say, favourite) weddings!

From Alice:

I love the English country rustic feel of Emily and Holly’s wedding. I love the florals, the bunting, the country church and, most of all, the beautiful flower crown! Their words also paint a beautiful picture of the community of loving family and friends they had surrounding them on their special day. As an English country girl myself, their wedding makes my dreams for the future seem that much more achievable. Thank you, Emily and Holly, for sharing your day with me and the rest of the readers.

(When we got in touch with Emily & Holly, they sent us some bonus shots, since the first time Emily sent the photos, Holly “was not consulted.” Haha. The first photo was one of her picks!)

Photos courtesy of Maxim Burlakov


Don’t miss the rest of Emily & Holly’s photos in their original post!

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Wedding: Tara & Megan

From Megan and Tara’s photographer: Megan and Tara’s wedding was beautiful, as they are. Their attention to detail and hard work were evident everywhere, and as a photographer, what they created was a joy to behold. Their day was perfect: beautiful weather, loving and kind guests, and an amazing ceremony! It’s always an honor to be chosen to photograph a couple’s wedding, and I am so happy to have been there to watch these two remarkable women get married.

MT_Blog_13 MT_Blog_15MT_Blog_01MT_Blog_11MT_Blog_12MT_Blog_08MT_Blog_07MT_Blog_10MT_Blog_06MT_Blog_16

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: House of Clarendon Caketique, Lancaster, PALocation: Stirling Guest Hotel: Reading PAMusic: Erin McKeownOfficiant: Rev. Shauna Lynn at 'Till Death Weddings. Harrisburg, PAPhotography: Dreaming Tree Studios, Carlisle PAVenue: The Stirling Guest Hotel. Reading, PA
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Engagement: Tara & Megan

From Megan: Tara and I met over 11 years ago when we both started a new job together. Tara was actually my boss and although I’m sure it was against company policy, one night she asked me out for dinner and drinks, unaware that I wasn’t even twenty-one yet. Regardless, we sat in the restaurant for three and a half hours talking and laughing, as Tara nervously and badly sang along to every song that came on. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and as Tara drove away, all I could think of was, “I never got her number,” not remembering that we would see each other the next day at work.

We continued going on random dates for a while but still hadn’t kissed. Tara was getting nervous that I would never make the first move, so one day she pushed me up against the wall in an elevator and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. I still get a tingle down my spine when I think of it, and from that moment on, we were inseparable. We’ve always had our ups and downs, but the 11 years we’ve spent together have been amazing.

I knew I wanted to marry Tara after our first year together, but never knew the best way to propose. I wanted it to be perfect, but life kept getting in the way. I finally decided the time was right in October of 2013. On a cold and rainy morning, I sent her off on a scavenger hunt through town to all our favorite places, including the Creperie that makes the best macaroons ever, where I had a box of them waiting for her. Each stop revealed a new clue and a scrapbook page to add to a book that told our love story. She ended up at a local park where I was waiting with the final piece of the book that read “will you marry me, yes or no?” I think she was in complete shock – she had no clue this was coming and of course said “yes.”

We always joke that we are a 1950s couple. I work and handle the finances, while Tara tends to the house and raises our four puppy children. It was only fitting that we would make our engagement photos match that. We rented a room at a motel built in the 1950s that has never been updated, and remains much as it was from the date it was constructed. We portrayed two lovers meeting for an evening of debauchery, and then finished the photos off in our backyard in a tent we made together, which was falling apart mere hours before the shoot. In the end, it came out perfect and looks like it came right off a pinboard. The credit goes to Tara, who with a degree in American Studies insisted that everything be period correct, and to our photographer, Heather, who went along with our crazy idea. We are looking forward to our pin-perfect 1930s themed wedding in October of this year.

Photos courtesy of Dreaming Tree Studios.

TM_150TM_077TM_068TM_026TM_014TM_057TM_210 TM_170

Event Credits

Location: Carlisle, PAPhotography: Dreaming Tree Studios, Carlisle PA
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Gallery: Put a Ring on It

While Maggie is usually the one who compiles these fantastic galleries, I am taking over today to share a selection of gorgeous rings from our archives. It’s fitting that I chose this theme, given that I have been known to send Maggie more than a few ring pictures, just in case she should ever need them. (In fact, now that I’m looking more closely, Michele & Betty’s rings look rather familiar…).

Enjoy! And for more LBTQ wedding inspiration, don’t forget to check out our other galleries.

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Wedding: Meg & Blair

From Shawnee, Meg & Blair’s photographer: It was such an honor that Meg & Blair asked me to photograph their wedding day. These two had their first date at my birthday party a few years back and have been smitten every since. In the meantime they have moved to the other side of the country and although I was able to visit them once before, this trip was extra special. Not only was I able to photograph two dear friends tying the knot, but I got to spend my birthday with some seriously rad people in my favorite place.

Blair and Meg got hitched at City Hall in San Francisco, and it couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. They both looked incredible: Meg in her vintage outfit and Blair in a handmade pink wrap dress. Every little detail was flawless, including the shawl that Meg handmade for Blair. 

Congratulations Meg and Blair! I can’t think of a more perfect pair of people, and am so very happy you chose to me capture such a beautiful day. I love you both, and am so very excited about the journeys that await you!

From the couple: We met on January 4, 2010, and from day one we were captivated and inseparable. We met in Richmond, VA as Meg was finishing up college. That summer we traveled, backpacking between cities and farms and womyns lands – that summer solidified us. Afterward we decided we would move to San Francisco. We packed our car full of clothes, books, guitars and excitement and hit the road with nothing in SF to greet us, no home or jobs or people. That was three years ago and since then we have built a life here, a full life. We have made a home, flourished at our jobs, found our people. We finally got engaged last holiday season and were married four years after we met.

For our wedding we knew we wanted to marry privately/ “elope.” We thought about traditional weddings or larger ceremonies but that just isn’t us. We are very quiet, very private people and to not honor that would feel contrived to us and diminish what our marriage was all about. We did however want the most important women in our life to be witness to our union. So we had our mothers and Meg’s sister come share our occasion. And we asked our dear friend Shawnee to come be our photographer. Shawnee is incredibly talented and we wanted to have photographs of this day to share with others and to cherish forever. Also Shawnee attending the ceremony felt especially evocative, since the day that Meg and I had met 4 years prior we had spent the evening at Shawnee’s birthday party.

We wanted a quintessential SF wedding and so we wed at San Francisco City Hall which is a magnificent location: the architecture, history, and grandeur of it all is just breathtaking. We managed to have all details of our wedding be either vintage, handmade, and/or local. Our rings (engagement and wedding) are all vintage circa 1930s. Blair’s dress was handmade by a local woman. The lace shawl was hand knit and crocheted by Meg, a piece that will be a keepsake forever. Meg’s outfit was all vintage, from her shoes to her shirt. Meg’s sister made her earrings. We did our own hair, makeup, and nails. We bought our flowers and our cake from a local florist and bakery the afternoon before the wedding. Blair’s mother wrapped the bouquets in lace. We made our own doily cake topper and doily “just married” banner. We had vintage floral handkerchiefs and we wrapped our guests kerchiefs around handwritten love letters from us. Afterward we walked to lunch at Absinthe Brassier and Bar and then we went our separate way to spend an evening eating wedding cake, drinking champagne, and exchanging our personalized vows. The next morning we met up with everyone again to have a tea party at SF’s Love Joys Tea Room. All in all it was exactly what we dreamed of – romantic, beautiful, memorable, and heartfelt.

Now that we are married nothing really feels any different, in all honesty. We are still the same couple we have always been except now we share a last name and are legally recognized, and of course the magnitude of that can not be overstated. We are now about to move back to the East Coast for the next chapter in our lives. Oh, and we are expecting our first baby!





Event Credits

Location: City Hall, San Francisco CAOther: Reception at Absinthe Brasserie and BarPhotography: A Lovely Photo www.whatalovelyphoto.comVenue: City Hall, San Francisco CA
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