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Wedding: Emily & Robin

From Emily & Robin: Our story starts like a cliche, in a bar—our love is anything but…

We both went to a meet-up group mixer one night in November of 2014, and by luck we ended up in a grouping together at the start of the event. We talked during a break, followed each other throughout the rest of the events for the night, and afterwards went to talk more over tea, ending up walking around the streets of the West Village getting to know each other for another couple hours. We both knew right away that this was different, and within a week we had fallen in love. Robin was invited to family Christmas 10 days later, and marriage was talked about in the first two weeks.  We got engaged a year later and started planning our intimate wedding shortly after. We had gone to Aurora Brooklyn (our venue) on our third date and again the night we got engaged. Their garden atrium was the perfect place for our ceremony, and their food is out of this world—and an important requirement for our wedding. We wanted it to be filled with good friends, our wonderful families, great food, and an amazing time.   And it was. We opted to do a lot of the decorations ourselves, i.e. the backdrop, the flowers, and a lot of smaller decorative elements. We also used Etsy and close friends for the bigger parts: our cake-topper, hair and make-up, and our day-of coordinator. All of this helped to reduce the cost of a NYC wedding so that we could spend our money on an amazing wedding photographer and a fantastic venue.  We couldn’t have asked for a better event—it really was everything we wanted and more!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Tew Photography.

© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography© Sarah Tew Photography

Event Credits

Music: Marie Michele ( // First Dance Song Performed by Doug Winton & Carly Walker of Kyloe Blue ( // Venue & Catering: Aurora Brooklyn ( // Make-Up: Erin Acker ( // Invitations: Love and Shelter ( // Hair: (Emily) Missy Green ( // Day of Coordinator: Lovelys Powell // Cake Topper: MeltingPotLove // Cake: Ladybird Bakery ( and The Chocolate Room (
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Wedding: Kaysey & Jacque

From Kaysey: Jacque and I married on a beautiful autumn day in Portland at Holocene, a local club/venue that hosts many queer dance parties that we have enjoyed over the years. Out friends and family did a brilliant job decorating and bringing the warm colors of autumn into the room. My little brother sang an original song as we walked down the aisle. Our best friend Mark married us, and we all nervously giggled together. We served tacos and cupcakes and spent the night dancing to our favorite songs. It was the most joyful room I have ever been in. My advice: make the ceremony your own. If you want to be political, poetic, spiritual, religious, traditional, radical—do it! We chose an excerpt from the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision during our ceremony, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I’m so grateful to be married to this strong, sensitive, beautiful best friend of mine!

Photos courtesy of Shaylee King Photography.


Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Saint Cupcake - http://www.saintcupcake.comCatering: Taco Pedaler http://tacopedalerpdx.comLocation: Holocene—Portland, ORMusic: The PDX DJs http://thepdxdjs.comOfficiant: Mark MartinezPhotography: Shaylee King http://www.kshayleephotos.comStationery: Melinda Haines// Make-Up and Hair: Gina Campbell http://www.ginacampbellbeauty.comVenue: Holocene Portland
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Wedding: Lindsay & Christine

From Christine: As our one year wedding anniversary approaches, we realize we should probably getting around to doing two things: 1. finally send out our thank-you cards, and 2. submit photos to your website. 

Lindsay and I were married in Poughkeepsie, NY on October 25th, 2015. With her family hailing from up in Rochester, and mine down in Queens, we selected Poughkeepsie as a good “in-the-middle” compromise (except anyone familiar with NY geography will know that my family definitely got the much closer end of this deal. Thanks, Lindsay).

The wedding itself was an absolute labor of love. Lindsay being a graphic designer and me a production artist, we knew we’d DIY-ing the heck out of our wedding. From the centerpieces to the cake topper to the card box to all of the printed pieces (menu, table numbers, escort cards)—you name it, we designed/produced it. We even had a team of family and friends join me early in the day to do all of the floral arrangements (we owe them, BIG TIME).

We woke up to dark skies and rain on the morning of our wedding, but as luck would have it, right as Lindsay arrived to meet me at our venue for our first look, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the sun shone bright. We got to say our I-do’s in an outdoor ceremony area overlooking the majestic Hudson River. Thank you, Mother Nature!

The entire day surpassed all of our expectations and wishes. We have fond memories of floating on air in a bubble of love the whole day. We are excited to celebrate our first wedding anniversary together and look forward to more floating love-bubbles in years to come (I know, I know…very cheesy).

Photos courtesy of Clean Plate Pictures.

Event Credits

Location: Poughkeepsie, NYPhotography: Clean Plate PicturesVenue: Grandview Events
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Wedding: Joni & Tammy

From Joni: Tammy is on staff and I’m a volunteer chaplain at the church where we first met four years ago. That meant that our wedding had to happen (conveniently, I might add!) at our church. Our minister asked us when we sat down with him to use three words to describe how we’d like our ceremony to feel. We answered with sacred, communal and lighthearted. We were certainly blessed to have experienced an infinite amount of each of those on our big day.

Despite Tammy being an introvert we opted for a large wedding, especially since our relatives alone added up to over fifty guests. Our guest list wound up hovering at around 125, and at one point went to 150. We had our four closest friends stand with us and opted to call all of them “friends of honor.” (Feel free to steal the phrase instead of using the traditional titles, if you like.)  We also left them to choose their own attire, as long as it was fitting for the wedding theme. None of them shopped together, yet all of them looked perfect! The night before the wedding we gave them all a necklace with a silver bar engraved with “Soulpod” on the front and our wedding date on the back.

Our ceremony was performed by our minister and his wife, who is a dear friend of Tammy’s.  We knew that they’d be reading from our recent book. (Tammy is a poet and I am photographer and we’d recently published a book of our work.) However, we didn’t review the ceremony prior to our wedding. We had no idea what poems would be read or what our vows were going to be, as we’d left them up to Steve, our minister. He told a beautiful story that included a mention of a white squirrel that had been seen on the grounds several times over the weeks leading up to the wedding, and our vows were beautiful, uncomplicated, and perfect for us.

There was so much support and love in the room with us. We chose to escort each other down the aisle, and a spontaneous round of applause erupted when we made our entrance. That was a surprise. Everyone was so supportive and full of joy.

Over and over, the response we got from guests was the attention to detail they noticed during the ceremony and reception. We like to think it was a byproduct of the love we put into every detail.  And there were lots of details. We lovingly picked out just about everything a guest would touch or see. We shopped for and bought mismatched dishes, silverware, napkins, water glasses and mason jars for every guest. The vases for the flowers, the table décor, the serving dishes, the decorations. Tammy has a background in design so she did the invitations, programs and the menu, along with our guest gift, a book full of our favorite love quotes. I’m a former theatre director, so I enlisted the help of my theatre friends to do the decorating, which among other things, involved hoisting a bunch of bunting to the top of a very high pavilion the morning of the wedding.

Both Tammy and I wanted a vintage feel and I was adamant that the experience be as close to having a picnic in your great grandmother’s back yard as possible. For me this meant family style dining using real dishes and playing yard games. The dishes happened. The family style dinner happened: fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and not just cake but a pie bar. The yard games, though, got rained out. In fact, the Monday before our wedding, the weather called for not just rain, but possible hail and tornadoes. Even the covered pavilion couldn’t withstand that. On Wednesday we met and crafted a plan for moving the whole event inside. Luckily, the weather held off and didn’t get too turbulent until the day after our wedding. It did rain on our big day, but it always seemed to stop just when we needed it to. Oh, and the white squirrel paid us a visit, right as everyone sat down to dinner.

There were a gazillion beautiful moments. Every moment was beautiful is more like it. As the sanctuary doors closed before we entered and the two of us had a private moment to talk to each other I asked Tammy if she was nervous.  She said no. And neither was I. It’s a remarkably beautiful experience to feel so clear and comfortable and at ease about love and commitment. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Full of ease and grace and joy.

Photos courtesy of Brenda Ladd Photography.

353_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto359_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto127_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto290_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto301_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto r077_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto146_160416_BrendaLaddPhoto345_JT__BrendaLaddPhoto613_Official_BrendaLaddPhoto 458_Recp_BrendaLaddPhoto720_ToastCake_BrendaLaddPhoto 577_Feast_Music_BrendaLaddPhoto641_ToastCake_BrendaLaddPhoto 605_Official_BrendaLaddPhoto

Remember Joni & Tammy’s clever DIY shoot last fall? It’s always fun to look back at engagement photos!

Event Credits

Catering: Food by Chef Alvaro (; Bartending & Serving by Austin Community College ( Arranged by a friend; Sourced from Austin Flower Company ( Austin, TexasPhotography: Brenda Ladd PhotographyVenue: Unity Church of the Hills
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Flashback Friday: Daisy & Sally

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings!

From Ashley:

Although it’s always hard to pick just one favorite, Daisy and Sally’s wedding stands out in my mind because it perfectly incorporates two of my favorite things: cream tea and punctuation marks. I oohed and aahed through all of these photos: from the couple’s adorable matching outfits and boutonnieres to the teacups and saucers to the GLORIOUS homemade ampersand light hanging above it all. 

Another thing I love about this wedding is the seating arrangements: the idea of having all of our guests seated at long tables gives the feel of a bustling family dinner, where no one has to be separated into sides or 10 tops. 

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story, Daisy and Sally! I’m so inspired (and wondering if Daisy’s dad would ever want to make another ampersand for my future wedding?)! 

Photos courtesy of Helen Lisk Photography.

ds1ds2 ds3ds4

See the rest of Daisy & Sally’s wedding in the original post!

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Wedding: Ashley & Angela

From Ashley and Angela: We got married at the Iberostar in Cancun, Mexico in front of 70+ of our closest friends and family. After finding each other online, we couldn’t wait to have our first date… so much so, that we had a pre-first date! Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Our dream destination wedding took place on a gorgeous beach of Cancun. We DIY’d most of our wedding details (chapstick, miniature donkey pinata favors, program fans, wedding signs, scented aloe, newsletter, invitations, etc), and our bridal party so graciously helped us by lugging them in suitcases to Mexico. It was a lot of work, but we loved every moment of it; in fact, the projects we took on brought us even closer together. Ashley and her mother even DIY’d her wedding dress and hair accessory!!! Angela and her mother do not have those skills; they went shopping… haha. Everything far exceeded our expectations. The weather was gorgeous, the music didn’t stop, and the superior company was what made our day. We couldn’t have asked for a better party! We are so grateful to our photographer (Mark Chaird of Chaird Photo) and videographers (Ryan Beacher and Sara Murray of Squareware Studios) for capturing every memory for us to cherish. The day flew by so quickly, it was an absolute pleasure to relive it through the photographs and videos we received. Priceless memories captured forever.

We live a truly blessed life together. We have been on adventures in Costa Rica, relaxed on the gorgeous beaches of Mexico, explored various cities from Philadelphia to New York City to Boston and then some. Our itch to travel continues as we look forward to more destinations to visit, more cultures to enlighten us. We also enjoy doing DIY projects ranging from house decor to furniture restoration to gifts to home improvements… the list is randomly endless. We actually just started a new YouTube channel last week called LEZdoit to share some of our projects! It’s in the early stages, but we hope to share our love for creating beautiful, affordable commodities. Ashley is the main artist behind all that we do; everything she touches turns out to be a piece of artwork. While Angela is the avid “foodie” of our team; she thrives off of culinary creativity. Her passion for food has allowed us to open our palettes and minds to appreciate the beauty amongst different cultures.

Our family and friends are very important to us, and we’re lucky to be surrounded by amazing people. Not only have they accepted us with open arms, they’ve wholeheartedly supported and encouraged us to love each other and everyone/everything that surrounds us. The world is a better place just for the love that radiates around us. With that, we repeat, we live a truly blessed life together and are excited to embrace what the future holds for us. We hope, by sharing this love, we encourage the acceptance of all kinds of love the world has to offer. Cheers to love because love always wins!

You can also check out Ashley and Angela’s wedding trailer, produced by Squareware Studios.

13bride-with-signs 8ceremony-with-officiant 9walking-back-down-aisle 10champagne-toast

Event Credits

Location: Cancun, MexicoOther: Video by Ryan Beacher and Sara Murray of Squareware StudiosPhotography: Mark Chaird of Chaird PhotoPlanner or Event Designer: Audrina and Israel of Iberostar CancunVenue: Iberostar Cancun
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Wedding: Lauren & Christine

From Lauren: As an event planner, I wanted to have a destination wedding to ensure we had an intimate affair with our closest family and friends and also to relieve some of the stress of planning a large wedding. We had over 50 people fly to Mexico to enjoy a week of festivities!

Naturally, I had to get involved in some DIY projects. Our colors were ivory, navy and burlap with a hint of mint. I created almost every aspect of the wedding – invitations, menus, reminder cards, table numbers, etc. My vision was rustic beach with a Mexican flare. We both really appreciate the holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and what it stands for, so it was incorporated into our planning. Sugar skulls were subtlety added into the mix – on our welcome cups, wedding favors and cake topper.

Our day flowed perfectly. Nicole Barr (our photographer) made sure of it! She kept us on track and on time. We knew we wanted a “first look” to calm our nerves and prevent “ugly” crying during the ceremony – so glad we did. It was an intimate moment and we were able to get a lot of photos taken during this time as well.

My cousin Jan married us. Christine and Jan worked hard to create a beautiful ceremony. It was personal, unique and from the heart. Our ceremony and cocktail hour were on a gorgeous sky deck overlooking the ocean, and a generous breeze was welcomed as it was hot. The reception was situated in between two pools, creating a beautiful back drop in the evening with candles, strung lights and papel picado. Our first dance was to Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.”

We ended the night by jumping in the pool! It started as a fun shot we wanted to have the photographer take, and then our bridal party and guests joined us! It was the highlight of the evening and certainly something we will never forget.

We have received countless comments on how much fun our guests had and I wish we could do it all over again!

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Event Credits

Attire: JCrewLocation: Puerto Morelos, MexicoMusic: DJ All MusicOfficiant: Cousin of Bride: Jan HaydenPhotography: Nicole Barr PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Weddings by LomasStationery: Made by BrideVenue: Azul Sensatori
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