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Wedding: Kayla & Lauren

From Kayla & Lauren: We shared our engagement photos a while back & wanted to share our wedding photos too! Our day was everything we could have wanted. We felt so lucky to be surrounded by our friends and family with so much love.

Photos courtesy of Michelle VanTine Photography.

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Event Credits

Attire: New York Bride and GroomCakes and Dessert: Fancy Cakes by LeslieCatering: The Tabard InnFlorist: Park FloristLocation: The Tabard Inn - Washington DCPhotography: Michelle VanTine Photography
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Engagement: Lauren & Kaitlyn

From the future brides: Kaitlyn works as a labor and delivery nurse in D.C. and is currently studying at Georgetown to become a Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health and Midwifery. Lauren teaches third grade. One fateful day, we both “swiped right” on a dating app called Tinder.

We met up for our first date at the National Gallery on October 1st, 2014. Lauren claims to have known instantly that Kaitlyn was “the one.” After walking around the museum to find Degas’ Little Dancer, we were so immersed in conversation that we missed the crosswalk light twice in a row en route to a nearby wine bar. We figured that was a good “sign,” pun intended, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

After two years of dating, Lauren and her best friend Ekaterina found themselves walking into the same lobby of the National Gallery where the couple had first met. Kaitlyn had ostensibly headed to a meeting that morning for the Lifespan Sexuality Education program (Our Whole Lives) she teaches to middle schoolers through the Unitarian Universalist Church. This explains the all-consuming surprise Lauren felt upon seeing Kaitlyn walk towards her and drop to one knee. Not only did Kaitlyn ask the easiest question Lauren had ever heard (Will you marry me?), but also she’d hired a photographer to capture the whole thing!

The wedding is planned for the summer of 2017.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Fenfert Photography.

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Event Credits

Date: 04/16/2016Location: National GalleryPhotography: Jessica Fenfert Photography
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Engagement: Brittany & Kristin

From Kristin (curly hair): In February 2012, there was a brand new lesbian bar opening in DC!! At the time I was living in Salisbury, MD which is about a 3 hour drive to the City. I saw the grand opening event on Facebook and asked one of my good friends if she would be up for the adventure with me and she agreed! Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Brittany was in Arlington, VA going through the same exact process. So when February 10 rolled around, we were both on separate journeys to Phase 1 Dupont. I got to the bar early and watched it fill up. Brittany, however, didn’t get to the bar until after midnight and found the line to get in was wrapped around the block. Looking back now, what happened next seems like fate to us, but at the time it was just super lucky for Brittany. She and her friend were picked to cut the line and go right inside!

At that point it was almost impossible to even move inside the bar, yet Brittany managed to see me on the dance floor. A bit shy, Brittany had her friend come up and ask if I wanted to dance with his friend. I peaked around him to see the most gorgeous girl in the entire bar sipping her gin and tonic, and said, yes I would like to dance. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers and headed back to our homes in opposite directions.

We spent the next two weeks texting all day, every day before we finally set up a real date. We met in Baltimore for dinner for our first official date and the start of our long distance relationship. For the next year and a half we spent the weekends alternating who would make the 3 hour trip until I finally moved to Virginia and in with Brittany.

Fast-forward to February 2015. Brittany had been telling me about this networking/happy hour at the Hay Adams Hotel, and having never been to this DC landmark before I was eager to attend. She told me she would already be at the Hotel for work and would just meet me there. When I arrived, I was immediately greeted by two members of the hotel staff asking if I was there for the networking event (very efficient). They pointed me in the direction of the elevator and in that very short walk I had two other staff members also ask if I was there for the networking event. I assumed there were so many people coming to the event they were all just making sure we got where we were supposed to be. What I didn’t know was that early that evening they were all shown my picture and told to follow along with this “networking event” scheme. Once I took the elevator to the top floor another woman was waiting for me and said to follow her. I noticed the first corner of the room was dark and empty and was a bit confused, but once we turned the corner I knew exactly what was happening. The only lights were the glow of the city coming through all windows, and the room was empty except for Brittany standing in the middle of the double doors with the White House and Washington Monument behind her. She held out her hand and said what I bet were a lot of sweet things, but I was too full of emotion to remember, then asked me to spend the rest of my life with her. It was truly the most perfect moment of my life!

We waited a few months until it was warm for our engagement pictures. Leah Adkins was able to take our two favorite things– each other and D.C.– and create the most gorgeous pictures for us. We tie the knot June 4, 2016!

IMG_5287IMG_5275 engagementpic3-rd-21 engagementmarvin-rd2engagementcheek-rd2engagementblckandwhtengagement-1-rd-2 engagementfeet-rd-2 engagementrings-rd-2

Event Credits

Location: Washington, DCPhotography: Leah Adkins Photography
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Wedding: Nancy & Joan

From Jon, Nancy and Joan’s photographerNancy & Joan chose the intimate Swann House just outside of Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. as the location for their private ceremony. After flying in from their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, their marriage was officiated on the rooftop by Tiffany Newman. Following their first kiss as a new couple, Joan was shocked to hear the sound of a bagpiper from below. Nancy had organized and hired a professional bagpiper as a surprise for their wedding day. Afterwards we took full advantage of the weather and the grounds around the Swann House for some great portraits!

Event Credits

Location: Washington, D.C.Music: The Professional Piper Officiant: Tiffany NewmanPhotography: Jon Fleming PhotographyVenue: The Swann House
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Wedding: D’Bria & Patrile

love love love the shoes!! =) -S

From Tara Beth, D’Bria & Patrile’ photographer: This beautiful couple got married on Nov. 1st, 2013 in Washington D.C. They tied the knot in front of four of their closet friends, and me! It was such an honor to go witness, and photograph their special day!

They plan to have a big wedding once they get back to Alabama! Congrats Ladies!

Event Credits

Location: City Hall, Washington D.CPhotography: Tara.Beth.PhotographyVenue: City Hall
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Wedding: Veronica and Francesca

From Francesca, Verónica, and their wedding planner:

Francesca and Verónica were not bridal brides, planning brides, or crafty brides. They wanted to get married in style without fussing too much about the details. It was a great relief when their wedding planner, Rebecca Dick, announced that “the theme of wedding is wedding,” and they could all move past the tulle-covered fantasies and Pinterest projects doomed to incompletion to plan a glorious ceremony and one hell of a party.

Their goals were simple: 1) Get married 2) Eat well 3) Dance as much as possible.

Step 1: Get married

Despite parental suggestions of Pachelbel and string quartets, Verónica and Francesca went with the Charm City Ramblers, a vibrant ragtime band for their processional, recessional, and cocktail hour. They were so good, some guests tracked them down to hear their gig the following night. The officiant, Maureen Burke, was extraordinary. She customized the service to perfection and even took out the parts that were a bit too mushy for the brides. With the glowing sunset reaching over the balcony and through the floral arch, the entire ceremony was golden, touching, and moving. Thankfully, none of the children cried, but many of the adults did.

Step 2: Eat well

Verónica and Francesca are almost as committed to delicious food as they are to each other. They started things off with a selection of Sardinian wines and Italian salumi, along with some more veggie-friendly hors d’oeuvres. In recognition of their love for culinary tourism, each of the four food stations represented a cuisine that they love. Ethiopian, Cuban, BBQ, and Mexican provided enough variety to accommodate the many preferences that guests can see fit to share with brides (Why does this happen? Who cares that you dislike mayonnaise?), and each cuisine was paired with a corresponding beer or wine. Francesca and Verónica did extensive testing to make sure that the pairings were just right. They are still testing, post-wedding.

Since few people would buy a cake that was already more than a day old under other circumstances, Francesca and Verónica decided to skip cake and have their guests bring pie instead of presents. At least one child gasped with joy when she saw the buffet.

Step 3: Dance as much as possible

If the theme of wedding is wedding, the theme of the reception was ‘make it sound like a high-school dance from the 90s.’ And it did. And it was so good. Everybody danced, including the photographer, Ashlee Wilcox Van Veen, who somehow managed to take fabulous pictures of the action at the same time.

The official party ended with a joyous trek out to the waffle truck, where people got to fill their bellies one last time before setting off for the after-parties.

Photographs by Documentary Associates

Event Credits

Florist: Jose Capestany, Watergate FloristLocation: Josephine Butler Parks CenterMusic: DJ Elon with Bialek's Music and Charm City RamblersOfficiant: Maureen BurkePhotography: Documentary AssociatesPlanner or Event Designer: Blue Canary
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Wedding: Jessica & Didetsa

From Fareine Benz (the photographer):

This past March, I had the privilege of shooting Jessica and Didetsa’s wedding. I met Jessica through our graduate school program at the University of Virginia, where we became good friends. She and Diddy had been in a long distance relationship for several years, with Diddy working in Maryland and Jessica working in Newport News prior to moving to Charlottesville. Jessica proposed to Diddy over Thanksgiving break in 2011, and they were married in D.C. on the Odyssey Cruise Ship a year and a half later.

The two of them picked March 30th for their wedding date because they loved cherry blossoms, and the last weekend in March is typically the height of cherry blossom season. Unfortunately, winter stayed around a bit longer on the East Coast, but that did not seem to bother Jessica and Diddy in the least.

If I could describe their wedding day in three words, they would be “calm,” “sincere,” and “loving.” The love the two of them had for each other echoed in their first look, throughout their vows and long after the reception ended. Every person who was present for the wedding – vendors included – saw how deeply in love the two of them are. Their officiant noted during the ceremony that every so often she had the feeling that a marriage was going to last forever, and she experienced that feeling at this wedding. And I agree. I think these two are forever.



Event Credits

Location: Washington, D.C.Photography: Fareine Benz PhotographyVenue: Odyssey Cruises
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