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Wedding: Jenna & RJ

From Jessica, Jenna & RJ’s photographer: Two brides, Jenna and RJ, got hitched at this beautiful family backyard wedding.

IMG_0181 IMG_0214 IMG_0347 IMG_0372 IMG_0568 IMG_0627 IMG_0665 IMG_0750 IMG_6130 IMG_6165 IMG_6168 IMG_6913

Event Credits

Florist: Rebecca's Flower Shoppe, Fairhaven, WALocation: Blaine, WashingtonPhotography: Jessica Drake Photography //
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Wedding: Karen & Elizabeth

From Dani, Karen & Elizabeth’s photographer: Karen and Elizabeth married at Beecher’s Loft, just above Seattle’s famous Pike’s Place Market. It was an intimate wedding surrounded by close family and friends. They have a great affinity for the Inn at the Market, so having the ceremony and reception here was a natural choice.

For even more photos, you can check out Dani’s website. PLUS, a little bird told us that she’s not completely booked for the summer, so if you’re planning an event in the Seattle area (or anywhere else in the world!), look her up!

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Event Credits

Attire: Blinx and The Clothes HorseCakes and Dessert: Chesapeake BayCatering: Cafe CampagneFlorist: Pike Place FlowersLocation: Seattle, WAOfficiant: the Canon to the Ordinary and the Bishop of OlympiaPhotography: Dani Weiss PhotographyVenue: Beecher's Loft
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Wedding: Emily & Elizabeth

From Amanda, Emily and Elizabeth’s photographerE&E have such a sweet and enduring love for each other. The morning of their November wedding was cooooold, but clear and sunny. It was also busy with friends and family preparing the 8th floor of the Pacific Tower that overlooks Seattle. The excited brides planned long tables to diagonally fill the space where their guests would both watch their ceremony and enjoy a second Thanksgiving feast. Each table was named after a bird to follow one of the sweetest relationship stories I’ve ever heard…

Emily and her cousins were riding in the car together one day. One of them was looking through an online dating app and swiping past profiles she wasn’t interested in. Soon the others added commentary, including the word “Duck” whenever she would swipe past one and “Goose” when she would give the profile a thumbs up. Fast-forward to early in Emily’s relationship with Elizabeth… there was a gathering with Emily’s family and upon seeing the way they looked at each other one of Emily’s cousins pulled her aside and asked, “Is she your Goose?” Awwwwww! She was, and she is.

We started the formal photography with a first look at Four Points – across the street from the hotel where everyone was staying. The pillars and urban backdrop added the perfect variety and compliment to their venue. Elizabeth & Emily were ecstatic when they first saw each other and hugged so much that their dresses became attached at the bust! Haha!!!
With their siblings by their sides as bridesmaids and bridesmen and Emily’s uncle officiating, these two read their vows of support, promises, and love to each other while the sun went down behind the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle lights began to glow behind them. Happy tears, laughter, and love swept over the whole building as the wedding ceremony ended with a kiss and transitioned into a sequin filled dance party.

For more photos of this beautiful wedding, check out Amanda’s blog!

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Event Credits

Attire: Bhldn & David's BridalFlorist: QFC Seattle, WashingtonPhotography: Amanda Photographic, Pacific Tower, Seattle, WA
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Engagement: Monika & Autumn

From Autumn: Monika messaged me on OK Cupid on September 14, 2014 and I was thrilled! I really wanted to fall in love — and at this point, I had never even dated a lesbian, but I was about 99.9% sure I was gay. I had just separated very amicably from my ex-husband of 12 years and we were committed to staying a family. Monika was very direct from the beginning and asked me out for coffee. I loved that she wasn’t about playing games. We texted quite a bit up until our coffee date 2 days later. It was truly love at first sight. When I first saw her, she just radiated positivity, love and kindness. I was eager to get to know her. There was chemistry right away and it didn’t hurt that on our first meeting she brought me a Sounders FC flag! (I’m a big fan.)

We moved in together by February with my three kids and their dad, who has become one of Monika’s best friends. We are all very happy together and I love that our family is so unique. My kids absolutely adore Monika and she is so great with them.

In September of 2015, Monika surprised me for my 40th birthday by taking me to Maui! As part of the surprise, she made me a board with 40 tins on them that each held little gifts or notes about what we were going to do in Maui. Tin number 31 held my engagement ring and at midnight on our one year anniversary, she proposed to me on the beach, under the stars in Maui. It was so magical and beautiful!

My friend Kim Nelson of Hand in Hand Photography took these beautiful engagement photos of us in a park down the street from where we live and at our favorite coffee place. We are busy working on plans for our wedding on October 8th of 2016.

IMG_8613IMG_8609 IMG_8610 IMG_8611IMG_8617IMG_8615 IMG_8616 IMG_8612

Event Credits

Location: Seattle, WAPhotography: Hand in Hand PhotographyVenue: C&P Coffee
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Engagement: Megan & Jenna

From Julia, Megan and Jenna’s photographer: I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Seattle, and when Megan and Jenna reached out to me last year about documenting their engagement and upcoming wedding, I could not have been more excited! The love shared between these two is simply infectious, and their personalities balance each other perfectly.

From Megan: Jenna and I first met at a bar. By the end of the night, Jenna confidently asked for my number, but we didn’t connect again until a few weeks later. Jenna’s laugh captivated me. There was a sense of ease in being together we both hadn’t experienced so quickly before. After a year of dating, I couldn’t picture a future without her and I proposed during an “equality” photo shoot. Jenna used to model and misses it, so I set up a photo shoot and coaxed her into it by saying it was for a mutual friend’s school project. At the end of the shoot, I was holding a sign that said “She’s my one” on one side and “Marry me” on the other. She was shocked, but said yes! The summer following our engagement, we took a trip to San Francisco for Pride. At the hotel, Jenna pulled out a ring and proposed to me. She said that every woman deserves that special moment – to be surprised and asked if they would marry the one they love. Another year has flown by, and in just a few short months we will be Mrs. & Mrs. Davis!

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Event Credits

Location: Bellevue, WAPhotography: Julia Kinnunen Photography
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Wedding: Kathleen & Kelsey

From Kathleen: Five years ago, Kelsey and I met through a mutual acquaintance. I was looking for a running partner at the time and immediately noticed that Kelsey was athletic. She was a track coach so I asked if she wanted to go for a run. (She was a long jump coach by the way, nothing to do with running!) She accepted and shortly after I convinced her to run a half marathon with me. Throughout the process of training we fell in love and the rest is history! 

We had a small intimate wedding of about 30 people located at Parsons Gardens in Seattle and followed with the reception at our place. We wanted a low key wedding that we could enjoy with our closest family and friends. It truly was perfect. Between the delightful weather and my beautiful bride, I couldn’t have been happier.

Photos courtesy of M. Magee Photography.

012-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 024-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 027-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 028-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 036-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 043-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 044-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 047-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 048-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 051-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 058-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 059-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey 063-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey006-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey004-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey075-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey077-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey068-M-Magee-Photography-KathleenKelsey

Event Credits

Florist: Fiore Blossoms//www.fioreblossoms.comLocation: Seattle, WashingtonVenue: Parsons Gardens//
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Engagement: Alissa & Caity

From Alissa & Caity: After meeting online and sending emails back and forth for a of couple weeks, we had our first date on New Year’s Eve of 2011. Despite Alissa’s dorky dance moves and the fact that Caity had just moved to Seattle days earlier, we hit it off. Alissa loved Caity’s fantastic smile (she gets so many compliments), passion for cooking, and spontaneity. Caity loved Alissa’s eyes, traveling spirit, and humor.

We have remarkably compatible interests, from silly things like TV shows to core values and a similar vision for our future. Together we supported each other through earning our Master’s degrees (Caity’s in Communication and Digital Media and Alissa’s in Mental Health Counseling). We saw one another through stressful jobs, moving apartments, and other major life transitions. Caity is now a Community Partnership and Digital Media Manager at Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider Company, and Alissa is a Counselor at Open Adoption & Family Services. We currently live in a tiny studio together and couldn’t be happier, although we look forward to one day owning a home and making space for a veggie garden, dog, and baby (or two).

We’ve been huge fans of On A Bicycle Built for Two for many years, feeling inspired by every single beautiful person pictured and comforted by the clear sense that we are part of a larger community of amazing queer women. We couldn’t submit our engagement photos fast enough, and look forward to sharing pictures from our wedding on February 13th, 2016.

Photos courtesy of Molly Magee.

002MMageePhotography_0002 008MMageePhotography_0008034MMageePhotography_0034003MMageePhotography_0003021MMageePhotography_0021 027MMageePhotography_0027 052MMageePhotography_0052084MMageePhotography_0084 059MMageePhotography_0059 063MMageePhotography_0063 069MMageePhotography_0069 (1) 087MMageePhotography_0087

Event Credits

Location: Seattle, WAPhotography: Molly Magee
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