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Wedding: Kaylie & Samantha

The personal touches in this wedding are just too perfect: a grandma-made wedding vest, a beautiful hope chest, and a waffle cake!

From Samantha: Kaylie and I met in 2010 at college and became friends during an Alternative Break to Chicago. Over the next year and a half we kept finding ourselves unexplainabley drawn to each other but refused to believe it was anything more than friendship. Finally one of my best friends, and roommate at the time, stole my phone and sent Kaylie a HORRIBLE pickup line. Luckily Kaylie found it endearing and we have been walking on this wonderful path together ever since. Two years, nine alternative breaks and one mighty Mufusa (our cat) later, I asked Kaylie to marry me. Surprised at the timing (I had just started my Master’s) but not at the question, she said yes.

It was important to us to have many personal touches incorporated into our wedding day. While Kaylie easily found her wedding dress, I struggled with what I would wear. The last time I was in a dress was as a flower girl when I was four, and the dress only made it half way down the aisle. I wanted my outfit to have meaning and luckily two of my aunts made that happen. My grandmother was able to deconstruct both of their dresses and create a beautiful wedding vest. My vest, along with a grandma-made bow tie and my ninja turtle dress socks, allowed me to feel bridal, dapper and comfortable all at the same time. Additionally, home-made bow ties and ties were made for each bridal party member and family member who wanted one.

Continuing with the DIY theme Kaylie and I wanted a one-of-a-kind guest book. We originally decided one a bench but once my best man and I started working on it we ended up constructing a hope chest. We asked guests to sign it around the base trim and, even with the one misplaced signature and congratulation on the top, it now sits proudly at the end of our bed.

Our centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres were also DIY and were a combination of succulents, hydrangeas and moss, all topped with a 100% beeswax Vermont Honeylight Candle. After our wedding we sent our flowers to Vermont Honeylights to be preserved and combined with beeswax to create a wedding candle. The replaceable votive wick allows us to burn it without damaging the main candle piece.

Our wedding venue, Tourterelle Inn, was truly perfect. The owners, Bill and Christine, were a dream to work with and took on our Brunch-Ceremony and evening reception idea with open minds and passion. Bill crafted us a creative and delicious menu while Christine provided a calm and passionate presence for each wedding situation. Tourterelle was a perfecting catering/venue/inn all in one experience.

Our morning ceremony was nestled between the Adirondack Mountains and Mount Abraham. Our aisle was decorated with 36 inch diameter balloons that Kaylie insisted on. Despite my objections I secretly liked them in the end. We entered and exited to a ten year old cousin playing piano. He chose to play “Sunday Clothes” from Hello Dolly, more popularly known as the song from Wall-E. I would say Wall-E is my favorite animated movie ever but that would be an under exaggeration as its my most favorite movie EVER. My grandmother acted as our Justice of the Peace and legal officiant for our ceremony. We gave her no script and she was able to craft a beautiful program, complete with personalized vows and readings from some of our favorite guests. Our brunch consisted of made-at-the-table eggs benedict, a beautiful waffle cake and crossword puzzles made up of Sam & Kaylie trivia.

After a quick intermission and some power napping we reconvened for our evening reception. I danced with my father to a live-ukelele version of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, a song that he played on repeat during morning drives to school when I was young. Our bridal party members made heartfelt speeches and their was even an original rap. Our evening cake was adorned with two Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) brides. Our uncles had been married the previous year and were forced to buy two heterosexual sets, they kept the grooms and gave us the brides.

As the sun went down and guests began to leave, we crowded around a bonfire to reminisce on our beautiful day and munch on leftovers. Untraditional from the moment my uncle performed a dramatic reading of “Drunk in Love” at the rehearsal dinner, it seemed fitting to have the night end with Oreos, sweatpants, and the rescue of certain drunk bridal party member from peeing in the wardrobe. It’s truly a day that neither of us will ever forget.

Photos courtesy of Shawna Ploof. 
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Event Credits

Catering: Tourterelle InnDate: 09/26/2015Florist: Green Haven GardensLocation: New Haven, VermontOther: Vermont Honeylights CandlesPhotography: Shawna PloofVenue: Tourterelle Inn
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Elopement: Amy & Maya

From Amy and Maya: We are celebrating our one-year anniversary TODAY in the same place we got married, and I decided it was time to take a moment to write in and share our story. If anything was ever “meant to be,” it was our wedding!

About 2 years ago I stumbled across this very blog and entered – and won! – a contest for a 2-night stay at Amee Farm Lodge in Pittsfield, VT. I promptly forgot about it. Almost a year later my partner, Maya, and I were 2 months away from an epic adventure – Type Rider II: The Tandem Poetry Tour. We would be riding a tandem bicycle 1,400 miles from Boulder, Colorado to Beloit, Wisconsin. Along our route we would build 25 Little Free Libraries and write free poetry for strangers.

At some point during our planning, I remembered the contest and decided we should spend the 2 nights in Vermont for a little bit of R&R before our trip. And then it hit me. We should elope. We were already planning to get married at the end of Type Rider II, when our friends and family would gather to celebrate with us in Beloit. But Wisconsin lawmakers were still waffling over the same-sex marriage decision and . . . it was already legal in Vermont. What could be more fitting?

We got married on the property at Amee Farm Lodge with Maya’s mother as our witness, a justice of the peace (and her sister who brought a violin because they thought we needed music), and 4 very confused cows standing as witnesses. A waterfall flowed behind us and, although it had rained most of the day, the sun peeked out minutes before the ceremony started – a blessing of our union, for sure.

Two weeks later we set out for the tandem adventure of a lifetime. When I won the contest 2 years prior, I had no idea how apropos the name of this blog was going to be! Thank you for inspiring the first of many adventures Maya and I will take together.

UPDATED: To read more about Amy and Maya’s bike-riding, poetry-making adventures, check out their blog!

Photos courtesy of Stefanie Renee and Randi Stein.


Event Credits

Location: Amee Farm Lodge, Pittsfield, VTOfficiant: Jennifer HowardPhotography: Stefanie Renee and Randi SteinVenue: Amee Farm Lodge, Pittsfield, VT
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Wedding: Jessica & Erika

More goodness from around the interwebz.

East Coasters (and now Brooklynites) Jessica and Erika had the most gorgeous, Vermont, lesbian wedding (or any wedding, really). EVER.


Perfectly styled by 14 Stories and photographed by Carlos Castillo.  Go to Project Wedding for more pictures.


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Wedding: Leah & Lorraine

When Leah and Lorraine became engaged they began looking for the perfect spot to hold their wedding ceremony and reception. With only a handful of states legally recognizing their same-sex union they chose Vermont where they fell in love with Juniper Hill Inn.  Over 50 of their closest friends and family came from across the united states to join them in celebrating their marriage.

From California, the brides crafted and DIY’d almost all the wedding details which paid tribute to the things they loved: San Francisco, their dogs, and family. Touching photos by Love Madly (I love that first one).


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H.O.T. Colors!

This stunning Vermont wedding captured by the talented Matt Miller is quite a treat for anyone who has a fondness for nature, pretty things, and incredible details.  Emily & Ali left no stone unturned while gathering things for their charmingly woodsy outdoor wedding, but friends are really where the magic came together.  Everyone pitched in to make this day perfect, by sawing tree stumps & collecting hay bales, hanging lights & even handpicking flowers for the centerpieces.

Where do you collect hay bales? And how do you saw tree stumps? Maybe I’ve been in Brooklyn too long? Via 100 Layer Cake.

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