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Wedding: Nellie & Lauren

From Natural Shotz, the couple’s photographers: Nellie and Lauren were married at the Awbury Arboretum located in Germantown Philadelphia, PA. While the forecast called for rain into the late evening hours, the rain miraculously stopped as the brides walked down the isle. Friends and family members gathered to celebrate Nellie and Lauren’s love in a beautiful outdoor celebration. Their rustic harvest wedding theme shined through their decorations and center pieces like baskets of apples with delicious homemade apple butter. Their wedding reception included live music, hilarious and theatrical speeches, and lots of dancing.

02Natural-Shotz-Wedding05Natural-Shotz-Wedding04Natural-Shotz-Wedding03Natural-Shotz-Wedding11Natural-Shotz-Wedding10Natural-Shotz-Wedding09Natural-Shotz-Wedding06Natural-Shotz-Wedding08Natural-Shotz-Wedding12Natural-Shotz-Wedding15Natural-Shotz-Wedding01Natural-Shotz-Wedding13Natural-Shotz-Wedding07Natural-Shotz-Wedding 14Natural-Shotz-Wedding

Event Credits

Location: Germantown, Philadelphia, PAPhotography: Natural Shotz Photography (Rebecca & Dominique Richardson)Venue: Awbury Arboretum
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Engagement: Val & Carmen

Hello, dear readers! Maggie here, writing to say that I’m particularly excited about today’s post because, in addition to being an adorable couple, both of these lovely humans are writers! I’ve actually been a fan of Carmen’s work for several years now, and when she shared a few of her engagement photos on Twitter, I plucked up the courage to message her to ask about submitting to A Bicycle Built for Two. She said yes, and in record time, the photos were in our inbox!

Val & Carmen’s engagement shoot was at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, one of the couple’s favorite spots and, according to Carmen, one of the first places they went together when they moved to Philly. I’ve never been, but after seeing these photos, I think it’s fair to say Val & Carmen have great taste in gorgeous places: Val proposed in March 2015 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, at the fountain from the Monastery of Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa.

Have a minute? After you peruse these beautiful photos, I highly recommend heading on over to Val’s and Carmen’s websites to check out some of their work. Val writes YA and is working on a novel; Carmen has a book of wonderfully scary, seductive, fierce, feminist stories coming out next year—and both of them have pieces online for your reading enjoyment!

Photos courtesy of Samantha Jay Photography.

carmenval-samanthajayphoto-22carmenval-samanthajayphoto-5 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-42 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-54 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-95 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-112 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-118 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-151 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-154 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-159carmenval-samanthajayphoto-211 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-174 carmenval-samanthajayphoto-207

Event Credits

Location: Philadelphia's Magic GardensPhotography: Samantha Jay Photography
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Engagement: Madison & Zoe

Usually we mix things up, but this week, we’re going three for three with glorious outdoor engagements. Enjoy—and don’t miss the image shot *by drone* at the end of this particular series!

From Madison: Zoe and I met almost 5 1/2 years ago when we were both summer camp counselors in Windsor, NH. It was love at first sight, and over the next half a decade we traveled long distance back and forth between Oberlin, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York, adopted a puppy, moved to Philadelphia, adopted another puppy, and set up our first home together in my hometown. Last June, during a busy week, Zoe surprised me by proposing at our home surrounded by all of our dear friends and family. We are traveling back to our camp in Windsor, New Hampshire to get married in September of 2017. Our dear friends Scott & Ashley, who will photograph our wedding, took our engagement photos, which we could not be more in love with. We were lucky to take some of our photos at our family home outside of Philadelphia, and some at Scott & Ashley’s home in Ulster, Pennsylvania. Scott used a drone to take a photo of us laying alongside the serendipitous heart-shaped pond on their farm. Some photos even feature my younger siblings, who are our tiniest best friends, not to mention our flower boy and girl. We are lucky to be surrounded by such loving friends and family, and I cannot wait to marry Zoe in a little under a year.

Photos courtesy of Scott Martin Studio.

scottmartin-13scottmartin-5scottmartin-10 scottmartin-11 scottmartin-9 scottmartin-8scottmartin-12 scottmartin-1

Event Credits

Location: Engagement: Philadelphia, PA & Ulster, PAPhotography: Scott Martin Studio
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The STRONG Philly

We’re always excited to feature work from photographer Amanda Swiger, whose images you may remember from Rebeca & Bonita’s sweet elopement or the awesome black-and-white butch boudoir shoot she did with her wife, Jordan! So when Amanda got in touch to offer us a peek at the event she organized to honor the victims of this summer’s shooting in Orlando, we told her we’d be honored to share these pictures on A Bicycle Built for Two.

This past February, Amanda and Jordan founded The STRONG Philly, a lesbian community for the greater Philadelphia area that organizes events & meet-ups, runs a blog, and offers free photo shoots to promote the visibility of women in the area. Following the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, they organized one such photo shoot—we’ll let them tell you the rest.

From The STRONG blog: We know that words like Orlando and Pulse now have a heavy feeling attached to them.  And they should.  People were murdered, people’s lives were changed.  But in the wake of that tragedy, we saw such sweet sentiments pop up too.  And so while our Orlando Strong shoot was meant to honor those more deeply affected by what happened that awful night, we wanted to spread the message that we aren’t going anywhere either.  We will proudly be out, proudly in love and proudly stand with our community, both locally and nationwide.  So we came up with the idea to have any couples at the shoot, hold the hand of the couple next to them and kiss their girlfriend/partner/wife.  Standing with the couples around us and supporting their love and our own.  And we loved the result.

And because this seemed so happy, a time where tragedy has forced us also to celebrate life, we are posting a lot of color images.  Our love is not black and white, we are a diverse and vibrant and technicolor community and to post these images in all B&W felt like we were stealing the joy.  So today, we crush on love, on being boldly in love and on sending the message that our love won’t be stopped!  Keep on kissin’ ya’ll!

Head on over to the STRONG blog for even more of these beautiful images.

SS6-33SS6-76 SS6-34 SS6-35SS6-79 SS6-55SS6-90 SS6-62 SS6-118SS6-2a
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Engagement: Ashley & Kristen

It’s been a big week for engagement photos here at A Bicycle Built for Two—we’ve got two more beautiful fall engagement shoots coming up in the next few days, and then, stay tuned for some beautiful new weddings!

From Sarah, Ashley and Kristen’s photographer: I get to photograph some amazing couples all the time, but I don’t always make life long friends with them like I did with Ashley and Kristen! They are such a fun, hilarious couple, we couldn’t help but crack up and have a blast during their session. They are beyond perfect for each other, and I am so looking forward to photographing their wedding.

View More: More: View More: More: More:

View More: View More: More: More: More: More:

Event Credits

Location: Erie, PAPhotography: Sarah Peach Photography
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Engagement: Brighid & Elizabeth

From Unforgettable Expressions, Brighid & Elizabeth’s photographers: Brighid and Elizabeth are a fun-loving and laid-back couple. We enjoyed spending a few hours with them capturing their love in and around Fishtown in Philadelphia, PA.

Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-15Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-14 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-9 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-10 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-11 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-12 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-13 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-8 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-3 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-4Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-6 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT-2 Brighid-Elizabeth-BBFT

Event Credits

Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia, PAPhotography: Unforgettable Expressions Photography
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Something A Little Different [NSFW]

When wedding photographer Amanda Swiger got in touch with us about featuring a new project she’d been working on, it only took about thirty seconds before we decided to say yes! Normally here at A Bicycle Built for Two, we’re all about weddings—the rings, the bow ties, and the beautiful cakes. But we’re also all about love—loving our wives and ourselves and our bodies—and Amanda’s new foray into boudoir photography showcases all of those loves in the form of some incredibly sexy photos of her wife, Jordan… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In her message to us, Amanda offered a beautifully explanation for why this kind of photography is so important:

After a really honest conversation with my wife recently about the lack of queer and butch boudoir out there, I convinced her to let me shoot some images of her! So much of the boudoir realm is focused on a very “straight” perception of what it means to be sexy and leaves little room for anything outside of the “lingerie, pretty hotel room, high heels and lace” box.  Added to that is the fact that everywhere we look we see these slim, muscular bodies that are what we are told is perfect, when in reality there is so much beauty beyond that.  While I think all sexuality should be celebrated, as lesbian women I think it’s hard sometimes to feel like our own uniqueness is sexy or attractive.  For the women out there who want to do something for the woman they love but maybe aren’t interested in donning satin and a set of heels, there is very little inspiration out there for what this could look like.  Sometimes what makes someone feel sexy is a leather jacket or their favorite boots—and why not celebrate that too?

So we set out to capture my wife in a setting that fit her love for being outdoors, that showcased her tattoos and love of suggestive underwear, and that took into account that she is both incredibly strong and soft. I really think it is important that we as queer and lesbian women keep pushing the envelope for what it means to be a woman and doing new things to express who we are! 

woods Jordan a woods Jordan-2a woods Jordan-3a woods Jordan-6a woods Jordan-7a woods Jordan-8a woods Jordan-9a woods Jordan-11a woods Jordan-13a woods Jordan-15 woods Jordan-18a woods Jordan-19a woods Jordan-26a

Event Credits

Attire: underwear: head//jeans: Buffalo by David Bitten//jacket: Calvin KleinLocation: Ridley State Park in Newtown Square, PA
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