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Engagement: Allison & Alex

From the lovely Cass, Allison & Alex’s photographer: From the moment I met Allison and Alex, I already adored them. They have a refreshing and captivating type of love—one that makes you feel incredibly lucky to witness. When they’re together, they get lost in each other’s eyes and words, and the world around them dissolves. They’re head-over-heels and absolute soulmates.

Allison and Alex initially bonded at breweries over craft beers, and their love blossomed on long shared hikes. And so, for their sweet summertime engagement, we ventured into the woods as the golden sun poured down upon us, and delighted in a joyful, laughter-filled hike.

Photos courtesy of Cassandra Zetta.

Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0001Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0002Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0003Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0004Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0005Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0006Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0007Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0008Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0009Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0010Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0011Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0012Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0013Cassandra Zetta Photographer - Allison Alex - ABBFT_0014

Event Credits

Location: Cincinnati, OHPhotography: Cassandra Zetta (
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Wedding: Dani & Melanie

From Dani: When Melanie & I first met, most of our dates were at parks in Cincinnati. We were always out walking trails or lying under the stars talking for hours. So when it came time to plan our wedding we both agreed a picnic in the park theme was perfect for us. This was our day to celebrate the love we have found in one another and we wanted it to be the truest representation of who we are as a couple. We planned for simple and hoped for a nice sunny summer day to take in a beautiful view and celebrate our commitment to each other. Rain was predicted for our wedding day, and we were both so nervous, but when the time came and we had to make a choice to stay under cover and play it safe or take a chance and do things our way, we chose our way. We made it to the vows when the rain started to fall. Even though we had both spent so much time being afraid of the storm, when it hit it was like the pressure of making our wedding perfect just washed away. There I was in a gorgeous park with all my friends and family gathered around me staring at the love of my life, a woman that I had always thought was so far out of my league, and she was promising to love me always and to be with me forever. When you plan for a wedding you can’t help but to get caught up in the details, but when the moment comes and your day is finally here the only thing you really see is the person you came there for. The rain wasn’t what we planned for but it ended up being a perfect symbol for our life together.

When we went on our honeymoon we stopped in a little shop and found a sign that read, “The person who dances with you in the rain will most likely walk with you in the storm.” Sometimes life works out better than you could ever plan.

Photos courtesy of Images by Daniel Michael.


Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Lindsey's Shaved Ice & North College Hill Bakery: & Vonderhaars: A Gathering of Flowers: Cincinnati, OhioMusic: Benjamin Thomas String Duo & Upbeats DJ: & Alms Park, Premier Park Events:
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Engagement: Amy & Sarah

From Patrick and Vanessa, Amy and Sarah’s photographers: Amy and Sarah are the BEST! We met them at a bridal show and just hit it off. You know when you meet people, and you just get the feels that you mesh so well? Within 20 minutes we were all bonding over T-Rex tattoos, baseball, and hugging! Amy and Sarah were such a find for us- they are the right mix of hysterical, kind-hearted, and genuine people. Sarah LOVES baseball, specifically the Indians, so we rented out Progressive Field. We had a fun morning shooting their engagement session in the stadium and around downtown Cleveland.

zeefoto-107zeefoto-74 zeefoto-121 zeefoto-119 zeefoto-116 zeefoto-100 zeefoto-99 zeefoto-85 zeefoto-32 zeefoto-45 zeefoto-17 zeefoto-16zeefoto-14 zeefoto-15zeefoto-12

Event Credits

Location: Cleveland, OHPhotography: ZeefotoVenue: Progressive Field
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Engagement: Megan & Mia

From Megan and Mia: We had an engagement session incorporating some of the things we love about our city. We really wanted to include our daughters as well, since we are making a commitment as a family. Plus, they’re just so cute! We had an amazing time with our photographer, even through some rain and a hail storm. We drank wine, played in the park, and even slid down the fastest slide ever! Cass was really able to capture the everyday joy and over-the-top, ridiculous love that we have for each other.

Photos courtesy of Cassandra Zetta.

image7image7image6image3image2image8image9image4 image5image1imageimage10

Event Credits

Location: Findlay Market and Smale Park (Cincinnati, OH)Photography: Cassandra Zetta
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Wedding: Amanda & Melanie

From Cassandra, Amanda and Melanie’s photographer: When meeting with Amanda and Melanie for the first time, we immediately felt like old friends, and I am so grateful they chose me to document and preserve their afternoon garden wedding celebration.

Amanda and Melanie’s special day was held at St. Mary’s Transfiguration Spirituality Center, conjoined with her mother’s backyard. Upon arriving, I found myself in awe of the beautiful architecture, gorgeous floral gardens, and wrought iron fencing.

After hair, makeup, and getting into their dresses, Amanda and Melanie shared an amazingly sweet first look. I don’t believe I’d ever seen Mel or Amanda smile bigger than during this tender moment on their wedding day.

Soon after, the ceremony began. Melanie walked down the aisle first, led by her father; Amanda followed hand in hand with her mother, into this sacred space. The ceremony’s spoken words and gently sung lyrics were unique and personal; their vows, heartfelt. Their joyous reception in Amanda’s mother’s backyard followed, but not before they took a moment to change into their party outfits. The two brides then danced for the first time as Mrs. and Mrs., filling the air with love. Melanie’s father/daughter dance was incredibly sweet; Amanda’s mother/daughter dance followed, where she wiped away her mother’s tears. Throughout the rest of the afternoon, the brides and guests mingled, danced, played yard games, and enjoyed the festivities. It was truly a perfect spring wedding.

Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_001Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_002Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_003Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_004Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_005Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_006Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_007Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_008Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_009Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_010Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_011Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_012Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_013Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_014Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_015Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_016Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_017Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_019 Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_021Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_022Amanda Melanie WeddingSubmission_byCassandraZetta_023

Event Credits

Location: Cincinnati, OHPhotography: Cassandra Zetta ( St. Mary’s Transfiguration Spirituality Center
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Sponsored Post: Cassandra Zetta

A Bicycle Built for Two is running a series of sponsored posts featuring some of our favorite photographers. Here’s one!

Meet Cassandra, a photographer, penguin-lover, and “hopeless romantic” who specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community! Cassandra’s work has been appearing on A Bicycle Built for Two since way back in 2013, when she caught our eye with Angela & Quyen’s beautiful engagement session. She posted two more shoots with us this year (here and here), and you can see even more of her lovely photos on her website. Cassandra and her wife live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but she loves to take her camera on the road!

Cassandra Zetta by Ryan Deasley Photography

Cassandra, photographed by Ryan Deasley Photography.

Tell us your story. How did you come to be a photographer?

When photography entered my life, it became the pinnacle of my evolution. I had just graduated college with a degree in graphic design, and while I love and appreciate design to its core, I knew in my heart that it wasn’t my calling… So, I began searching for other mediums that would serve my creative soul. That’s when I discovered wedding photography. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the idea of working with couples so in love and happy during their grand wedding celebration spoke to me. That was the day my lightbulb went off and I found my calling.

What are you few adjectives you would you to describe your style?

Emotional. Intimate. Honest.

Cynthia + Theresa Wedding-240

Cynthia & Theresa, one of Cassandra’s lovely couples. 

What’s your favorite moment to photograph during a wedding?

The ceremony, always. The way the couple looks at one another, the sweet readings, the heartfelt vows; it all touches my heart so deeply that I cry at every ceremony.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Hands down, the friendships that are forged with my couples. From the initial consult, we share stories, laugh, find parallels in our lives, and form a wonderful connection. Through keeping in touch via email, social media, engagement sessions, and further communication, it truly feels that for every wedding I photograph, I’m actually acquiring two incredible new friends. This is the part I am most grateful for.

Lacey + Tiffany Elopement-263

Lacey & Tiffany: some beautifully tattooed brides! 

Why do you love working with LBTQ couples?

Working with LGBTQ+ couples has filled my heart in a way I never knew possible. As a member of the community, I am able to understand and relate to the experiences, struggles, and triumphs of other LGBTQ+ couples. After planning our wedding, I realized the difficulty same-sex couples face trying to have a voice in a heteronormative industry. From a photography perspective, I wanted to change this. I longed to provide a safe place for all couples to share their love openly, and without worry. I overhauled my business to focus on our community– and it has been so rewarding.

Sarah + Rachel Wedding-94

A gorgeous photo to capture Sarah & Rachel’s love. 

Tell us about your wedding day! What were your favorite moments?

Nine years ago, I met and fell in love with the most generous and selfless soul. After almost 4.5 years of being together, she proposed to me on the beach at sunrise in Hilton Head. We then began planning a fun and intimate wedding at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Our wedding day was magical, filled with love and our closest family and friends. My favorite non-traditional decision from our day was that we walked into the ceremony together; entering as two, leaving as one. Second only to the heartfelt ceremony, of course, our favorite moment from the day was when Penny the Penguin surprised us during the reception. My wife and I both love and adore animals, but penguins are extra special. So when Penny came wobbling down the aisle towards us, it was such a wonderful moment.


Cassandra and her wife celebrating their legal wedding in Connecticut, as photographed by Kelly Prizel (in front of Maggie’s favorite library!)

We’d like to thank Cassandra for sharing her story and her images– and for her sponsorship of A Bicycle Built for Two. We love her, and we know you will too!

If you’re a photographer, planner, or other wedding vendor interested in being featured in a sponsored post, drop us a line! We’d love to talk to you. 

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Love Shoot: Kristen & Camille

From Cassandra, Kristen and Camille’s photographer: Kristen and Camille celebrated their one year anniversary with a sunset love session in downtown Cincinnati. After moving to the area for work, Kristen met Camille, and they have been inseparable ever since. These two share a deep unapologetic love for one another, and it was a true honor documenting this beautiful day in their story of togetherness.

KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0015 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0013 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0014 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0010KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0009 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0011 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0005 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0006 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0002 KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0003KristenCamille_byCassandraZetta_0008

Event Credits

Location: Downtown, Cincinnati + Newport, KYPhotography: Cassandra Zetta (
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