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Anniversary: Corrinne & Michelle

It’s a very special day when we get to feature a couple who we know in real life, and today, we could not be more thrilled to help Corrinne & Michelle celebrate their second wedding anniversary! These two women inspire us every day, and now, we hope they will inspire you too—with their strength, their compassion, and their love.

Since Corrinne doesn’t know about this post (surprise!), we’ll let Michelle tell you their story: On September 25th, 2010, I logged into my Facebook account and posted this status:

BEST DAY EVER. Seriously, words can’t express and nothing can compare. ☺

I was twenty-two years old, in my senior year of college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and it was Homecoming week. The previous three years, I hadn’t paid all that much attention to the university’s hullabaloo over this event. But on this day, I spent the entire day in the company of a classmate whom I had recently befriended. She was bright and cheerful, and she had the most beautiful brown eyes I’d ever seen. Her name was Corrinne.

Facebook doesn’t tell me what we did all day, but I do remember small details. Gorgeous blue sky, hundreds of students and alumni milling around campus, the way Corrinne’s eyes glowed with excitement as she tugged me along. We explored the Homecoming festivities for a while before moving to a local street craft fair. This photo shows us moments after encountering a Hungry Howie’s pizza representative, who cheerfully gave us an entire pizza for free. We shared it, and we talked. For hours and hours, we talked.

I wasn’t in love then. It wasn’t even on my radar to think of a girl in that way. But I knew something was special about Corrinne.


Four years later, we got married in Asheville, NC. The journey from that first day (first date!) was not easy; at times it was hellish. We struggled with long distance while she was studying abroad in Japan. We struggled with no distance at all when we moved in together right after she came home. We struggled with trust and compromise, with support and self-care, with dating in secret and finding the courage to be together openly. We struggled with family who refused to accept our relationship, and we struggled with family who did. We struggled with faith. We struggled with making it one day at a time.

But when I looked into Corrinne’s eyes that October morning, I could only think of spending the rest of my life with this woman. This amazing woman, with her beautiful brown eyes and her easy laughter. Her willingness to listen to my fears and her ability to help me face and overcome each one. Her hugs and her kisses and her promises that every day together would be worth it, even if it was a struggle, simply because it was another day we got to love one another.

It’s been a little more than a year since same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide and almost two years since the bans in our state were struck down, since we took this step together. We have spent our marriage making every day count. Yes, we still struggle, but we’re making it, one day at a time.

Happy second anniversary, Corrinne. I stand by what I said six years ago: Best day ever. Words can’t express, and nothing can compare.

Congratulations, Corrinne & Michelle, and happy anniversary!

compilationwedding-certificate wedding-cert-kisswedding-day-banner

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Engagement: Amanda & Christina

From Amanda: We are head over heels with our engagement photos. Our’s are just so unique. The simplicity of just us. We’ve been together 8 years (June 25, 2008), and wanted to wait until gay marriage was legalized in the South. Never once did we give up on one another! Our love is everlasting. I love our engagement photos, they capture the moment of us. We legalized our marriage the first day it was issued to Charlotte, North Carolina (Oct 13th, 2014). It was so powerful. We were featured on the news (crazy they chose us!), and Creative Loafing. We were truly lucky to have this experience with so many lovely people. Here we are a two mom family, talk about magical!

Photos courtesy of Connection Photography.

IMG_4566 IMG_4581 IMG_4577 IMG_4571 IMG_4582 IMG_4572 IMG_4574 IMG_4563 IMG_4570 IMG_4567 IMG_4561 IMG_4564 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4557


Event Credits

Location: Charlotte, NCPhotography: Connection Photography
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Wedding: Victoria & Jessie

From Victoria: I have been a long time reader of A Bicycle Built for Two and I am so excited to share our photos with y’all. Did I have a wedding just to put the photos on this site? Hard to know.

When we set out to plan our wedding we sat down and listed the things we were going to really care about and decided to not get too stressed about everything else. We wanted good food, beautiful photos and a ceremony that was note religious but felt like a covenant. Oh, and Jessie wanted to look incredible. Spoiler: she did. (Thanks, Bindle and Keep for making gender queer suits!)

When we started planning we still couldn’t be married in North Carolina, so we decided to borrow from the Quakers and have our wedding be a witnessing by our community and have everyone come up and sign our wedding certificate. Our officiant is a beloved queer elder who has been with her wife for 17 years. In the end we were able to be legally married on our wedding weekend, so we eloped with just immediate family a few days before the wedding. The magistrate even asked us how we refer to one another! (Spouses or happy couple were our gender neutrals of choice.) A queer victory indeed.

Our wedding style was “Retro Latina Whimsy”; my family is from Argentina, so we wanted to have a big asado with lots of dancing. We chose a butcher instead of a caterer and a venue out in the country so we could dance well into the night.

We are so lucky to have such talented family members who stitched together our wedding with their beautiful work. My mom and I made my dress, Jessie’s aunt and uncle made our rings at their shop, everyone pitched in to arrange flowers from our farmer’s market, and my cousin made our wedding certificate. I even got a little crafty and made the hem of an attendant’s dress into a bow tie. Jessie’s attendants were our beloved queer family who went all in with butch up-dos and looked pretty darn great in their suits. We had only one snafu: a bee climbed into my dress mid-ceremony. (Yup, I’m allergic. Nope, I didn’t bring my epi-pen to my wedding.) My sister got the little guy out of there and we all had a huge laugh about it before getting back to the vows.

The other Argentinian element I wanted to bring in is a tradition called “carnival carioca” where at the end of the wedding, as the music heats up we get out crazy costumes. I would have never guessed what a hit it would be with my Michigan in-laws! It was a great week and we are so lucky to have friends and family who were so eager to celebrate our relationship with such open hearts. And I hope you enjoy taking a peek at our photos!

Photos courtesy of Hartman Outdoor Photography.

V&J wedding_2015_0232_touchedHartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0354Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0480Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0567Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0009Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0234 Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0184 Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 0210 Hartman Outdoor _ Victoria Jessie Wedding 1096

Event Credits

Attire: Bindle and KeepCakes and Dessert: Daisy CakesCatering: Left Bank ButcheryDate: 08/29/2015Florist: Bluebird Meadow FarmsLocation: Chapel Hill, North CarolinaPhotography: Hartman Outdoor PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Rock Quarry FarmVenue: Rock Quarry Farm
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Wedding: L & Kristin

From L, the “broom”: Kristin and I have been engaged since June of 2012 (engagement photos and story on this blog!) and since NC became legal, were planning our wedding for October of this year. Due to circumstances that are happening in the fall, our wedding would have been delayed but Kristin decided she wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day with a three week planning period. Why not? Instead of a big bash, we decided to have an intimate elopement followed by a big party in the future. This ceremony was held at our house with a small gathering of family and close friends. Everything came together in a very short amount of time in large part due to our amazing support system. We were surrounded by love and so excited for this new chapter in our lives. Being legally married here in NC feels AMAZING!!!!

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Nicole TurnerCatering: Hutch and HarrisFlorist: Tiffanie HedinLocation: Our home, LoveNestOfficiant: Alex HedinPhotography: Maxine HedinPlanner or Event Designer: The bride and broom
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Engagement: Victoria & Jessie

From Victoria: A little over 4 years ago Jessie took me on a photo-safari date to the art walk on the grounds of the North Carolina Museum of Art. A few weeks ago we made our rainy return with our wedding photographers to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. We got some very good (very southern) advice before our shoot that I would like to pass on- take a little nip of whiskey with you to get things warmed up. A little mason jar of High West whiskey from my native Utah, and we were good to go.

Photos courtesy of Hartman Outdoor Photography.

image5image9 image4
image7 image8image3 image1 image2

Event Credits

Location: North Carolina Museum of ArtPhotography: Hartman Outdoor Photography
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Wedding: Alison & Becky

Alison and Becky’s love story: Like all good stories, ours has featured some real twists and turns along the way with just the right amount of adventure and fun mixed in to keep us interested. We met in 2010 while working at a summer camp in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Actually, we didn’t like each other initially… but that shifted by the summer’s end. After camp we endured four months of long distance dating before deciding to go full “U-haul lesbian” on the situation and move in together.

Fast forward a couple of years and I had made up my mind; I was ready to lock it down. So, early one December morning, I slipped a ring into my pocket and dragged Becky out of bed for a sunrise hike. We climbed up to one of our favorite spots: an open mountaintop with a 360-degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the sun began to light up the lone tree at the top of the mountain, I bent down on one knee and asked Becky to marry me. And she said yes. (And thank goodness for that, because it was pretty damn romantic and surprisingly difficult to pull off and all good stories should have good endings.)

From Alison, the bridegroom: I had a pretty straightforward vision for the wedding: I just wanted to be outside, surrounded by my favorite people. Becky’s dream was considerably more complex and involved an abundance of details (all dutifully cataloged on Pinterest). I soon realized that this meant we would be doing an awful lot of crafting in the months leading up to the wedding: from placecards to star lanterns to the cake. Towards the end, Becky hosted a handful of Saturday crafting days (which she termed “Crafturdays”) and invited friends over to help us complete the many wedding projects. The Crafturdays featured lots of designing and cutting and painting and sewing and – at least for me – drinking.

In the end, we both got what we wanted. It was a phenomenal day and definitely worth the DIY effort.


We were married on the banks of the New River on a sunny June afternoon in the North Carolina mountains. The gorgeous tent-like structure under which we stood during the ceremony, called a chuppah, was a nod to Becky’s Jewish heritage. In the Jewish tradition the chuppah represents the couple’s future home, and we built ours with the help of our parents and siblings. The wooden posts came from trees we felled at our family homes in North Carolina and Tennessee and the handmade lace cover came from Becky’s grandfather’s family.

Music was central to the day’s festivities. Fortunately, we have lots of friends who are talented musicians, so our Wedding Band was comprised entirely of people we love- they even sang us down the aisle!

The flowers were sustainably grown on a nearby farm and were arranged by family and friends the day before the ceremony. We saved jars for months… it has been nice to have some shelf space back in our lives.

After the ceremony we signed the Jewish marriage document, called a ketubah, which doubles as a work of art to be displayed in the home. Adding a modern twist to the Jewish custom, we wrote our ketubah ourselves and read it as an exchange of vows during the ceremony. We were very fortunate to have Kim Roth of Bright Room Studios create lovely designs for both our invitation suite and our ketubah.

Quite simply, the reception was awesome: it featured great food and a fantastic party. On the food front, Seed to Plate catering did an outstanding job; people are still talking about the dinner. As with our flowers, it was important to us that the food be locally sourced and sustainably grown- not to mention delicious! Seed to Plate delivered on all counts. The other central food item at the wedding – the cake- was one of the biggest projects we tackled. Becky used my great grandmother’s poundcake recipe (a true family treasure) and cleared out our freezer to make room for the cake layers weeks in advance. Additionally, she made about 5 pounds worth of lemon curd and buttercream frosting. Family members assembled everything and decorated the top with fresh flowers and local strawberries.

After stuffing our faces with wonderful food, everyone hit the dance floor. I think I probably danced for about three hours straight (which was understandable, given that I created the playlist). 

The final event of the evening was a skylantern sendoff. The lanterns -like everything else- went off perfectly thanks to the careful attention of our day-of coordinator Meris and her husband Paul.

I am pleased to report that I consented (somewhat begrudgingly, I must admit) to having the festivities filmed. The talented crew at Reel Weddings created a trailer that captures the emotion and spirit of our special day. I am quite glad that my better half convinced me we needed to have everything filmed.

On our handmade save the dates we told people to, “Come for the Love. Stay for the Party.” I think we definitely delivered.

These days, we’re living the wifelife dream in an old Victorian house with a cat and a dog and four chickens. Someday soon we plan to start a small working farm.

Photos courtesy of Lillie Elliot Photography.



AlisonBecky_001 AlisonBecky_006

Event Credits

Attire: J.CrewCakes and Dessert: DIYCatering: Seed to PlateFlorist: Shady Grove Gardens and NurseryLocation: Laurel Springs, North CarolinaMusic: DIYOfficiant: Family FriendPhotography: Lillie Elliot PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: The Whole Shebang - Meris GanttStationery: Bright Room Studios - Kim RothVenue: Private Residence on the New River
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Engagement: Jessica & Taz

From Taz: I was the manager at an animal shelter and Jessica was the new trainee. At first, I didn’t really notice her, other than the fact that she was shy and a fast learner, much like myself. As the second day went on and I was talking with some of my other employees I noticed she was laughing at what I was saying. The way she smiled and giggled at something stupid was so cute and made me smile like I hadn’t smiled in a very long time. From then on I started to pay more attention to her, trying to decide if she played for the same team that I did, but alas, I could not get a definite vibe. With that in mind I invited her to play softball with some of the other workers and myself and to my delight she agreed.

At first it was fun, but I grew more and more intrigued by this incredible woman before me and I knew I had to find out more about her. Then one day the opportunity came to play never have I ever, as the other workers were tired and did not walk to play ball that day. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity I outed myself, and in turn, made her come out as well. Now that I knew we had several things in common I was even more determined to get to know her on a personal level outside of our professional relationship.

As time passed we became more comfortable around each other and the small flirting began. That is until the day that really changed everything, the day that made us both blush. It was when everyone else had left after playing ball and the sun still shone brightly above us that we decided to stay later. We sat on opposite ends of the bench by the field and discussed likes, dislikes, dreams and plans for the future. Then the flirting really began as we threw pine straws and grass at each other between trying to decide what the clouds above us looked like. Time seemed to fly by all the while and before we knew it the sun was starting to make its descent in the distance. After that day we started to spend most days together for several hours just sitting there, even in silence it was magical. I knew that I was starting to fall for this woman, but I wasn’t sure if the feelings were mutual or if a friend was all I would ever be to her.

We both have a love for musicals and a new one had just come out that neither of us had seen so we decided we would go and see it together. October 8, 2012 we met in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Kitty Hawk and she got in my truck so we could go get a bite to eat before the movie. We decided on pizza and stopped at a little pizza place right up the road and had a slice. We still had plenty of time before the movie so we got a 6 pack of Green Apple Smirnoff and sat in the theater parking lot playing 21 questions while sipping on a drink. After making a pit stop at Kmart we went in to see Pitch Perfect and it was perfect. Holding hands in the dark, shaking from nerves and enjoying just being there, it was shaping up to be a great night, rain and all. After the movie we went back to the parking lot of Wal-Mart so she could head home, but before she got out of the truck I stood in the rain to wipe away her tears. Tears that came from the fear of change and something new, tears that I knew had ensured my place in the friend zone, but I didn’t care. I knew I would be here for her no matter what zone I was in. After almost a month the friend zone lifted and I move into the girlfriend zone and from there I knew I would never let her go.

Almost 2 years of being together, 6 animals and 1 house later I decided it was time to propose. I found a ring online, paid it off and had it on the way while conspiring with our friend from the shelter, Christina, on the proposal. Well, the ring finally came in the day I was to propose and was the wrong size and looked awful so I used my class ring as a substitute and went ahead with the planning. I knew I wanted to do it at the softball field where we spent a good portion of our time early on as a couple. I made a total of 5 signs that said; This is where we first clicked…Between the pine straws and clouds…And the sparkle in your eyes…This is where I fell in love…This is where I gave you my heart. I had also written Marry Me? in the dirt on the softball field and as she walked towards me I dropped each sign, one at a time, making her move closer to the spot where the marry me was written. When we got to that spot I got down on one knee and asked her to say yes and I promised to fix the ring issue and make her happy for as long as she would have me. I was so excited when she said yes that I got up and squeezed her in my arms and just held her close to me, this woman of my dreams.

 Photos courtesy of Vanessa Mickey, POBX – Photography on the Banks.

Event Credits

Location: Currituck Rural Center, North CarolinaPhotography: Vanessa Mickey, POBX - Photography on the Banks
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