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Engagement: Jessica & Taz

From Taz: I was the manager at an animal shelter and Jessica was the new trainee. At first, I didn’t really notice her, other than the fact that she was shy and a fast learner, much like myself. As the second day went on and I was talking with some of my other employees I noticed she was laughing at what I was saying. The way she smiled and giggled at something stupid was so cute and made me smile like I hadn’t smiled in a very long time. From then on I started to pay more attention to her, trying to decide if she played for the same team that I did, but alas, I could not get a definite vibe. With that in mind I invited her to play softball with some of the other workers and myself and to my delight she agreed.

At first it was fun, but I grew more and more intrigued by this incredible woman before me and I knew I had to find out more about her. Then one day the opportunity came to play never have I ever, as the other workers were tired and did not walk to play ball that day. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity I outed myself, and in turn, made her come out as well. Now that I knew we had several things in common I was even more determined to get to know her on a personal level outside of our professional relationship.

As time passed we became more comfortable around each other and the small flirting began. That is until the day that really changed everything, the day that made us both blush. It was when everyone else had left after playing ball and the sun still shone brightly above us that we decided to stay later. We sat on opposite ends of the bench by the field and discussed likes, dislikes, dreams and plans for the future. Then the flirting really began as we threw pine straws and grass at each other between trying to decide what the clouds above us looked like. Time seemed to fly by all the while and before we knew it the sun was starting to make its descent in the distance. After that day we started to spend most days together for several hours just sitting there, even in silence it was magical. I knew that I was starting to fall for this woman, but I wasn’t sure if the feelings were mutual or if a friend was all I would ever be to her.

We both have a love for musicals and a new one had just come out that neither of us had seen so we decided we would go and see it together. October 8, 2012 we met in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Kitty Hawk and she got in my truck so we could go get a bite to eat before the movie. We decided on pizza and stopped at a little pizza place right up the road and had a slice. We still had plenty of time before the movie so we got a 6 pack of Green Apple Smirnoff and sat in the theater parking lot playing 21 questions while sipping on a drink. After making a pit stop at Kmart we went in to see Pitch Perfect and it was perfect. Holding hands in the dark, shaking from nerves and enjoying just being there, it was shaping up to be a great night, rain and all. After the movie we went back to the parking lot of Wal-Mart so she could head home, but before she got out of the truck I stood in the rain to wipe away her tears. Tears that came from the fear of change and something new, tears that I knew had ensured my place in the friend zone, but I didn’t care. I knew I would be here for her no matter what zone I was in. After almost a month the friend zone lifted and I move into the girlfriend zone and from there I knew I would never let her go.

Almost 2 years of being together, 6 animals and 1 house later I decided it was time to propose. I found a ring online, paid it off and had it on the way while conspiring with our friend from the shelter, Christina, on the proposal. Well, the ring finally came in the day I was to propose and was the wrong size and looked awful so I used my class ring as a substitute and went ahead with the planning. I knew I wanted to do it at the softball field where we spent a good portion of our time early on as a couple. I made a total of 5 signs that said; This is where we first clicked…Between the pine straws and clouds…And the sparkle in your eyes…This is where I fell in love…This is where I gave you my heart. I had also written Marry Me? in the dirt on the softball field and as she walked towards me I dropped each sign, one at a time, making her move closer to the spot where the marry me was written. When we got to that spot I got down on one knee and asked her to say yes and I promised to fix the ring issue and make her happy for as long as she would have me. I was so excited when she said yes that I got up and squeezed her in my arms and just held her close to me, this woman of my dreams.

 Photos courtesy of Vanessa Mickey, POBX – Photography on the Banks.

Event Credits

Location: Currituck Rural Center, North CarolinaPhotography: Vanessa Mickey, POBX - Photography on the Banks
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Engagement: Kristina & Liz

From Liz: I remember the exact day I met Kristina; it was my first day of work in 2011. I had never met anyone like her and I was infatuated with her personality, confidence, laugh, and mostly her kind heart. We both were going through a rough time (our mothers were undergoing treatments for cancer) and we bonded through the hardship. We were close friends for almost a year when she left for another job opportunity. Shortly after she became available after a long, rocky relationship. We hung out as an attempt to boost her spirits and we just kept hanging out after that! Kristina brings out the best in me, I am so happy around her, and she makes the world seem a better place. I’ve never met anyone so genuinely happy, she sees the silver lining in every situation. I always thought love was a phase that eventually faded, but Kristina has changed that view. With her I know it will be everlasting through any obstacle or hardship that comes our way. She makes me the best version of myself and I could not imagine sharing my life with anyone else other than her.

Kristina proposed on Valentine’s Day at the Hampton Inn & Suites. She had set the room up with champagne, the hot tub was lined with candles, and the ring was in between two champagne flutes. To say I was surprised was an understatement. It could not have been more perfect! I may have cried, but eventually I did say yes.

We waited until my sister was available to take our engagement photos. She is incredibly talented and she made the session comfortable and a fun experience. I loved our engagement photo session. We included our furbaby, Oxford, because he is our world.

I love this blog and have been wanting to submit our photos, even if they are a bit past date, because I am so proud of our relationship and the people we have become through our shared experiences. I truly believe we were destined to meet each other that day in 2011 and I cannot wait to see what our future has in store for us.

Event Credits

Location: Monroe, NC
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Engagement: Nella & Dee

From Nella and Dee’s wedding planner: Nella and Dee are getting married! Legally! They are then going to celebrate with a Miami chic-themed affair in Charlotte, North Carolina. They contacted me to plan their celebration for their family and friends. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. This is their e-session shot by Love Shutter Photography at Historic Rural Hill. Their love has no doubt!

Event Credits

Location: Charlotte, NCPhotography: Love Shutter PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Posh Affairs, LLCVenue: Historic Rural Hill
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Engagement: Cindy & Valerie

From Cindy and Valerie: We have been together for four years and can’t believe that our two-year engagement is almost over! We are getting married at one of our favorite North Carolina wineries. This past winter we went up to the mountains with some good friends for an engagement photo session. We had so much fun that we had to share it with you!

Photos courtesy of Rachel Juran.

Event Credits

Location: Asheville, NCPhotography: Rachel Juran
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Wedding: Melanie & Nicole

From Carolyn ScottOur first e-mail from Melanie said, “Two girls getting married in Durham seek cool, laid-back, easy-going, ridiculously talented photographers to capture every detail of this illegal venture on June 7, 2013 at Duke Gardens. Two wedding dresses, two mothers of the bride, two step dads, one dad, two maids of honor, zero bridesmaids and one awesome party. We met at a white trash party, Nicole took Mel’s stitches out after ACL surgery and impressively told the surgeon “I got this.” A year later Mel saw Nicole doing Soulja Boy moves on the dance floor and knew she needed to get to know this girl better. So she did. We are celebrating the fifth anniversary of our first date on 12/12/12. Mel asked Nicole to marry her on Labor Day and gave her a ring. A month later Nicole asked Mel to marry her back and gave HER a ring. Because you can do cool stuff like that when you are two girls.” For reference – Melanie is in the pink dress, Nicole is in the ivory dress.

We loved them instantly. Then they came over to our house and Nicole wore this sweater. At that moment, we may or may not have begged them to let us shoot their wedding. They agreed. Then all went out to see Jurassic Park in 3D. They screamed really loud when the velociraptor attacked. Then we photographed their “gay and awesome” wedding ceremony (our first gay wedding!). And then went out two days later to see Iron Man (not in 3D… and no screaming this time). We found out that the paths behind our houses connect so they’re going to be seeing a lot more of us (provided they like their pictures) so that we can visit their elderly cat named Syd (see below) whom Carolyn befriended at the wedding.

Besides it being the first gay wedding we’ve photographed, it was also the biggest wedding heist we’ve EVER seen pulled off in the history of our career. I’d use this blog to lecture all of you ladies out there who are afraid of the rain on your wedding day, but I’m kind of sure that the pictures speak for themselves. Red/orange radar from a tropical storm and two brides who didn’t care at all but who were determined to take pictures outdoors come hell or high water (quite literally very high). We were soaked (and changed our clothes before the ceremony; Carolyn blow-dried her shoes in their bathroom) but the girls stayed relatively dry thanks to umbrellas… and this should prove to ALL of you that it’s better to dance in the rain than to have indoor pictures. Anyway – it was wet. The ground was flooded. Duke Gardens wouldn’t put out chairs because they would destroy the extremely saturated grass. But Melanie and Nicole are like the honey badgers of the bride world and had their wedding outside anyway with standing guests. The sun came out one hour prior to ceremony time. It was amazing and total unreal. Their pictures after the ceremony at Duke Gardens are a sunny day. One of their guests asked us the evening before what’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen at a wedding – and now we have an answer.

Photos by Carolyn Scott Photography.

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Wedding: Patty & Lisa

Derek, from Two Ring Studios, emailed me yesterday and said “It’s a sad day here in NC with the passing of Amendment 1. So, I thought the timing of posting Patty and Lisa’s commitment ceremony this week might raise awareness of the issue.”

I agree! As a big eff-you to North Carolina for their decision to deny basic civil liberties to their residents, today’s wedding features a (still) proud, lesbian, North Carolina couple.

From Derek: Patty and Lisa were officially wed in Boston, MA earlier in year, but they celebrated their marriage in the lush mountains of Asheville, NC. Surrounded by friends and family, a blessing service was held at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Asheville followed by an enchanted reception at Biltmore Estate’s Lioncrest venue. The lovely couple wore dresses in shades of blue that complimented the floral embellishments of hydrangea and lilies. Lanterns hanging from trees lit up the beautiful spring evening as guests danced the night away to jazz vocalist Kat Williams.

Are you kidding me with this last picture? That setting (and photo!) is stunning… I think an excursion to the Biltmore is in order. More importantly, congratulations ladies and thank you for being an exceptional example of love and commitment in the face of discrimination.

Gorgeous Photos by Two Ring Studios

Event Credits

Florist: Blossoms at BiltmoreMusic: Kat WilliamsPhotography: Two Ring StudiosPlanner or Event Designer: Two Sweet SparrowsVenue: Biltmore Estate Trinity Episcopal Church
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Wedding: Hilary & Janet

From the brides: We started our wedding adventure with a group called Cycle North Carolina which biked from the mountains to the beach of this beautiful state. It took us 7 days and 395 miles to reach the most exciting day of our life, our wedding day. Once we reached the finish line in Corolla, North Carolina where family and close friends waited to greet us, we all traveled to the wedding location, a beach house in Nags Head. A weekend full of love, celebration, sand, sunrises, and an ocean front view was a perfect combination for our wonderful event.

We knew from the beginning of our wedding planning we wanted an intimate setting and a unique experience. This beach house certainly did the trick. It was a perfect way to spend time with those we care about most.

The day and weather could not have been better. Love and joy was seeping out from everywhere. Our beautiful blue wedding dresses stood out amongst our guests, who were asked to wear white. The wind, with it’s gentle touch, added to the movement of positive energy and happiness that surrounded us. The celebration even continued into the next day. As all our family and friends probably would have guessed considering how we began our wedding experience, the celebration was concluded with a bicycle ride off into the world as a newlywed couple and a just married sign. You see, just because the North Carolina law currently says this same-sex love and marriage will not be recognized does not mean it is not recognized by the people who really matter to us. Love is love.

Photos by Krista Moll Murray.



Event Credits

Attire: David's BridalLocation: Nags Head, NCPhotography: Krista Moll Murray
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