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Engagement: Link & Lupe

From Erin, Link and Lupe’s photographer: Not too long ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting Link and Lupe for the first time. Referred by a mutual friend, they contacted me about photographing their engagement session, and intimate wedding to be held in Boston. Link and Lupe were planning to get married in Boston prior to their move to Massachusetts from California. So, after many emails back and forth, and a few phone calls, we had a plan! For their engagement session, we decided to meet up in Amherst, for coffee at Amherst Coffee HA!, because well, COFFEE!!! What followed was a stroll at the Emily Dickinson Museum, and then a gorgeous hike beside the river, and in the woods at The Robert Frost Trail.

The images captured during Link and Lupe’s engagement session, tell the story of the true, deep love that Link & Lupe share…you can see and feel their connection, their commitment to one another. From the gentle tenderness of a hand upon the skin, to that moment of lingering just before a kiss…it all says so much. This kind of deep love, this human connection is what I hope we are all able to find in this life. Thank you Link and Lupe!















Event Credits

Location: Boston, MassachusettsPhotography: Erin Long Photography
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Road Trip: Boston

In 2003, Massachusetts became the first state to recognize marriage equality, so it seems fitting that we’re shipping up to Boston for the first stop on our LBTQ wedding road trip!

In 2014, Melissa & Jamie traveled from Tampa, Florida (where same-sex marriage was not yet legal!) to get married in Boston, and took some adorable photos around the city:

Then, there’s this glorious shot from
 Kate & Amanda‘s wedding at the Ritz-Carlton-Boston-Common:1-Amanda_Kate-269

Erin & Karen‘s wedding on the Boston harbor (or, I should say, “hah-bah”) is also lovely:image10

As is Anne & Tina‘s engagement on the Charles River Esplanade:

I, personally, am completely in love with Carol & Anna’s wedding at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum:

The Arnold Arboretum has also been a prime location for both weddings, like Jennifer & Shereta‘s…

… and engagements, like Gretchenrae & Molly‘s:

(Gretchenrae & Molly also took photos at Brookline Booksmith!)Gretchenrae-Molly-engagement-5377-1024x684

Cambridge has been the place for some hip weddings as well; in particular, Samantha & Whitney‘s wedding at the Blue Room…

… and Katrina & Nora‘s wedding at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.

We love that dirty water… and all of this Boston queer wedding inspiration!

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Engagement: Anne & Tina

From the couple: As Anne tells it, we met on OKCupid. But Tina insists that explanation doesn’t do justice to our story, and that you have to know that we hung out as “museum buddies” for a few months before Anne finally realized her friends were right, and she and Tina were perfect for each other.

A year and a half later, we (and our two cats) moved in together; a year after that, shortly after Anne met Tina’s grandparents in Croatia, Tina proposed!

We were lucky that Tina’s sister Doris, a talented amateur photographer, offered to do a photo shoot for us as an engagement present. We knew we wanted to go to the Charles River Esplanade (one of our favorite places around Boston) for the photos, but rescheduled multiple times because of rain. Finally, we agreed that we couldn’t put it off anymore, and packed our umbrellas in preparation for a gray, damp session—but lucky us, the day dawned clear and sunny! While the weather was chilly (and the fall foliage pretty much gone) we had a blast goofing around in the sun, and are so happy we were able to capture these wonderful mementos of our love.

15259384_10101515729747305_6485660953376742772_o15304071_10101515730041715_5601501520110844717_o 15370067_10101515730400995_6762677864782115030_o 15326044_10101515730331135_8344782772516221126_o 15384414_10101515730326145_917606035000519011_o15289231_10101515729921955_1973368310131501942_o15304450_10101515729892015_6856658389280724968_o15259395_10101515731354085_4001793741460983275_o15370107_10101515730914965_3193455373527090196_o15271771_10101515731488815_6034061688823934399_o 15325338_10101515730820155_6668521764487145612_o

Event Credits

Location: Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MAPhotography: Doris Kopic
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Engagement: Beth & Aimee

As a three-day weekend comes to a close (for our lucky U.S. readers), here’s an ingenious solution to the last name question & some lovely images from one of our favorite photographers.

From Beth: Aimee and I started dating a little over two years ago. Last October, Aimee popped the question while we were out apple picking. This past Saturday our awesome photographer came up from PA for our engagement shoot. We were anxious, but we were also really excited mainly because during the shoot we would find out which last name we would be keeping! A few months into dating we jokingly decided to play a game with the prize being that the winner would keep their last name. Once we were engaged we figured out what game to play, and when exactly we would play. For the epic showdown of Clark vs. Chiasson, we would play Yahtzee.

Saturday was a spectacular day that was filled with so much laughter and so much love. The pictures of the whole shoot came out to be so amazing, and they truly capture who we are as a couple. A BIG shout out to our photographer who traveled all the way from PA, picked off all her nail polish while we played, and captured pictures that will forever be a sweet reminder of the beginning of our journey as Chiassons!

Photos courtesy of Tara Beth Photography.

View More: More:
Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0029 Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0053 View More: More: View More: Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0079 Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0083 View More: Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0098View More: View More: More:

Event Credits

Date: 08/27/2016Location: Charlestown, MAPhotography: Tara Beth Photography -
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Wedding: Carol & Anna

From Erin, Carol and Anna’s photographerCarol and Anna have been together 16 years. These two incredible women met the “old fashioned way”, playing softball. It’s not everyday that two beautiful souls find their way into each other’s lives the way that Carol and Anna did, it’s just so seldom nowadays. After meeting these two, spending time with them and laughing with them, it’s easy to see how they fell for one another. The weather on the day of Carol and Anna’s wedding was stunning, the sun was shinning, the sky was deep blue and the air was tickled with just a hint of cool. It was a gorgeous day, full of love, smiles, adoring looks and lots and lots of friends who surrounded these two with so much love and joy! Carol and Anna’s wedding ceremony and reception left everyone who was there feeling inspired and happy. Inspired to love and to live fully, to embrace marriage equality and perhaps to embrace the Patriots and the Red Sox, just a little bit more.


Erin_Long_Photo004300397-3 Erin_Long_Photo003500578-3 Erin_Long_Photo032600869-2 Erin_Long_Photo034100884-2 Erin_Long_Photo016200705-3 Erin_Long_Photo012800671-3 Erin_Long_Photo037300916-2 Erin_Long_Photo024800791-3 Erin_Long_Photo025500798-3 Erin_Long_Photo003600390-3 Erin_Long_Photo018800542-3 Erin_Long_Photo039500938-2 Erin_Long_Photo043200975-2 Erin_Long_Photo005900413-3 Erin_Long_Photo005600410-3

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Fireside CateringCatering: Fireside CateringLocation: Boston, MAMusic: Chad Priest/A Taste of MusicOfficiant: Judith LoreiPhotography: Erin Long PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Christine MonahanVenue: The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
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Engagement: Maidel & Erica

From Maidel and Erica: We have been together for almost 4 years, engaged for 7 months, and have been traveling as a couple since 2012. Travel is a big part of who we are. We feel that deciding to travel together from the beginning is one of the best choices we ever made for our relationship. Many say that traveling as a couple will either ‘make or break’ a relationship and of course we can see how that may be the case. You’re literally with the other person 24 hours a day and you really do get to know each other on a deeper level. Traveling together has enriched our togetherness and our relationship. We both share a nomad heart and an adventurous soul. So much of our relationship is exploring new cities together. We have a unique bond. She’s my anchor and I’m her sail. We balance each other. 

Our engagement took place on one of our many amazing trips, and our honeymoon is set to occur in Maui. Of course we knew we’d want our engagement photos at a special unique place, so we took a road trip. We started in Boston and made our way up the coast to Bar Harbor, Maine. Our engagement photos were taken in Massachusetts, in Gloucester at the Eastern Point Light House, and in Rockport, in the little town of Bare Skin Neck. We both share the love for all things nautical, and this place was a nautical postcard. We hired an amazing local photographer and made nautical photo magic. I’m so lucky that I’m not only marrying my best friend but the best travel partner one can ask for.

We were both born and raised in Miami and have Cuban parents. We both had a mutual close friend for many years and never met. We work only 2 blocks from each other. Erica had gone on a weekend girls’ trip with Maidel’s sister a year before they actually met. It took one lucky night for us to meet on our own terms, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Life is funny that way: you have to be in the right place at the right time. Maidel works as a Chiropractic Assistant/ Office Manager for the Miami Heat basketball team chiropractic office, and Erica is the Senior Manager at a Parking Firm. We have a dog/fur-son named Frankie that fills our life with joy beyond words. We’re pretty in love with this li’l guy. He’s a rescued Boston Terrier and he’s spoiled rotten.

Erica’s Proposal: I’m impossible to surprise, maybe because I’m nosy. I have a knack for being a little too curious. (What can I say? I like to know things…) Turns out, my nosiness was a bit of a challenge when it came to proposing to me. Erica was smart. She waited to have my focus elsewhere. I was so focused on planning everything for her birthday cruise to the Bahamas that I never suspected a thing. Right after the captain’s dinner and the unavoidable cruise photos we ended up at the cruise’s martini bar, complete with nautical decor. We met up with some friends we had made in the days before, including a lovely couple, Kat and Filipe. The piano player/violinist happens to also be a lesbian and an amazing musician. We are all drinking these gourmet martinis, with beautiful music in the background, when the violinist starts playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a real ukulele. It’s my dream “down the aisle” song. Erica gets on one knee holding a box I had given to her on our travels years before, and Kat films the whole thing. I was so confused I didn’t move. She proposed and for the first time ever I was speechless. I, needless to say, said yes.

Maidel’s Proposal: Maidel told me we were going to a fancy dinner near a lighthouse. On the way there, as we entered the very upscale street of mansions, all I could see were signs that read “Private Road,” “Private Property.” I was concerned. Where were we going? We got into a little dispute and when we arrived I wanted to go see the lighthouse, but it was closed. It was almost sunset. Why did we come all the way out here if it was closed, and where was the restaurant? Frustrated and cold at this point, she said, let’s just set the tripod and take a picture while we are here. And out of nowhere comes a lady who asked if we wanted her to take the picture for us. I replied, “no, thank you,” and thought “how strange, we have a tripod and she’s the only one here.” Maidel fumbled with the camera for a little while and seemed slightly frustrated; she approached me to take the photo and then sat on a rock and pulled a box from the camera bag. It all made sense at that point. She was proposing back, and the camera lady was our photographer. Sadly, Maidel could not get the camera to record, which explained her frustration, but we had wonderful pictures to remember that special moment. The surprise proposal then turned into a two hour engagement shoot. (I was eventually fed, LOL.)

Funny Photo Facts:

  • Because I was wearing a dress, I could not kneel down—so I sat on a rock to propose. Girl Problems.
  • While it looks like perfect weather in the photos it was actually in the low 50’s. FREEZING for two Miami Girls.

Photos courtesy of Cassandra Lauren Photography.

Maidel-and-Erica-Rockport-MA-Engagement-99 Maidel-and-Erica-Rockport-MA-Engagement-96 Maidel-and-Erica-Rockport-MA-Engagement-15 Maidel-and-Erica-Rockport-MA-Engagement-7

Event Credits

Location: Rockport, MAPhotography: Cassandra Lauren Photography
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Wedding: Jennifer & Shereta

From Sam, Jennifer and Shereta’s photographer: Jennifer and Shereta were one of the most lovely couples I have photographed. From the moment I met them, they were incredibly kind and warm. They chose to tie the knot at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston because they love the outdoors and nature; it was really amazing to see them wed in the spring time as the flowers were blooming and the weather was great. They got ready at the Westin Copley Hotel and took an Uber to the Arnold Arboretum. It was an intimate ceremony with only close family members. What’s not to like about this small but elegant wedding ceremony?!

Ze-Liang-Photography-01Ze-Liang-Photography-03Ze-Liang-Photography-02Ze-Liang-Photography-12Ze-Liang-Photography-09 Ze-Liang-Photography-15 Ze-Liang-Photography-06Ze-Liang-Photography-14Ze-Liang-Photography-10Ze-Liang-Photography-13Ze-Liang-Photography-04Ze-Liang-Photography-11

Event Credits

Location: Boston, MAPhotography: Ze Liang Photography ( Arnold Arboretum
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