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Wedding: Aleah & Hannah

From Hannah and Aleah: The inspiration and preparation for our wedding started in April of 2014, a few months before we would get engaged on a freezing cold evening in the woods behind Hannah’s house. That Spring, Hannah’s parents purchased a plot of land up the hill from her childhood home in Readfield, Maine that held the remnants of a dairy farm dating back to the 1800s. The field where we would hold our ceremony two years later was full of rubble: rusted plows, heavy hand-carved beams, and scraps of old milk receipts. Hannah’s father, Steve, with the vision of an eternal optimist, looked at that pile of debris and saw our wedding.

The theme of our ceremony and our day was, without a question, that of community. In the year that followed our engagement, our community—friends from our alma mater, Colby College, colleagues from Boston and New York, and the fine people of Readfield, Maine—threw on their work gloves and rallied behind the cause of building a wedding venue from the ground up. They came in droves to haul wood and sheet metal, de-nail boards, and move rocks to build stone walls.

On August 6th, we celebrated our wedding on the completely rehabilitated farm that so many of our guests had been a part of transforming. Everything about the day from the literal ground up was DIY; our families collectively built the birch tree chuppah and all of the tables, neighbors planted flowers, made centerpieces, strung lights, and two of our friends arranged and played cello and fiddle music for the processional. Aleah’s mother even made a beautiful quilt for the ceremony to replace the traditional Jewish prayer shawl, a tallit, under which the couple traditionally stands with their parents. Figuring out which traditions of Judaism, Aleah’s faith, were important to both of us was a part of planning our ceremony with our dear friend and officiant. Using the quilt in the ceremony, as well as stepping on a glass and listening to our friends read the seven Jewish wedding blessings, were some of the ways we combined Aleah’s faith with Hannah’s personal beliefs.

One of our favorite memories of the day was our “first family dance.” We chose to dance to the Talking Heads “This Must be the Place” with all of our immediate family members. While we started the dance with both our fathers, we were quickly joined on the dance floor by our mothers, brothers and sister. Throughout the dance we kept switching partners, and a highlight was watching our fathers dance together!

Our advice to future bride(s) is to find intentional time to talk about the why behind the wedding. Every time we sat down to talk about the nitty gritty details (napkin colors, number of tables, porta-potties!) we would start our conversation with “reasons.” These were little reminders not only of why we were getting married, but why we had fallen in love in the first place.

From Gretchen, Aleah and Hannah’s photographer: Looking through the photos to select images to submit I was struck by how much laughter and love I captured this day. I loved the way both Aleah and Hannah were able to incorporate important parts of their lives into the day’s celebration and made sure that their family and friends knew how much they appreciated their help with the venue and celebrations as well as their love and support of their union.

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Event Credits

Attire: Hannah's Dress: BHLDN // Aleah's dress: Jenny YooFlorist: handpicked from Elvin's Farm // jewelry: Alexis Russell, Wedding Band: D. Cole JewelersLocation: Readfield, MaineMusic: Justin Gilbert DJ // Cake: Silly's Portland // Caterer: White Flour CateringPhotography: Gretchen Powers Film and Photo
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Engagement: Aleah & Hannah

From Gretchen, Aleah & Hannah’s photographerHannah and Aleah moved to Portland, Maine last summer and, via a family connection, became friends with my girlfriend and I.  They were recently engaged, and I convinced them to go on a fall adventure with us, which incidentally turned into an engagement shoot. Not only for their engagement, though—at the end of the shoot, the two of them got down on one knee and proposed to me to be their wedding photographer. I said yes!

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Event Credits

Location: Maine Audubon, Falmouth, MainePhotography: Gretchen Powers Film and Photo//
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Wedding: Hayli & Ophelia

From the brides: We’re Hayli and Ophelia, and we met in 2010 through our alma mater’s Christian student group. Six years later, we got married in a small town in Maine. Though we didn’t plan or try for a “perfect wedding,” a perfect wedding happened to us.

On that sunny late-spring day, Ophelia’s brother provided ceremony music on the fiddle, and he and Hayli’s brother served as our best men. Our dearest friends prayed for us, and another dear friend— a former professor—officiated. Our menu and many of the decorations were provided by a family friend of Hayli’s who took our suggested theme, “The Shire—a lite version,” and ran with it like a hobbit to a hot pie.

It felt strange—unfair—to be celebrating the most wonderful day of our lives so soon after 49 precious lives were taken in Orlando, but we paid homage to them in the spirit of our celebration. To be surrounded by those who love and celebrate our love is an unmatchable gift, and we hope to live out that love for one another for many years to come.

Photos courtesy of Sandy Lowe & Becky Butler.

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Event Credits

Attire: April Rose: Guilford, CT, USACakes and Dessert: Cathy Feener: Spruce Head, ME, USACatering: Cathy Feener: Spruce Head, ME, USAFlorist: Little River Flower Farm: Buxton, ME, USALocation: The Homestead at Rest & Be Thankful: Lyman, ME, USAMusic: Kevin Hu: San Francisco, CA, USAPhotography: Sandy Lowe & Becky ButlerVenue: The Homestead at Rest & Be Thankful: Lyman, ME, USA
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Wedding (& Anniversary!): Jamie & Erin

From Jamie: My wife Erin and I got married on September 14th, 2013. On our 2nd wedding anniversary, I wanted to express how much I love Erin by bringing back some of my favorite pictures (thank you to Kimberly Howard Photography) of the two of us on our wedding day. Saying “yes” to Erin when she popped the question at one of our favorite places in JP (The Brendan Behan Pub) was the easiest “yes” of my life. In fact, I knew Erin was the one well before that day and couldn’t believe how I had found the perfect person for me. Saying “yes” to her during our ceremony was even easier. With friends and family by our side, I couldn’t have felt more love in my heart if I tried. These pictures only capture a pinch of how wonderful of a day we really had.

Two years later, there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel like the luckiest person in the world having her by my side. Whether she’s making me laugh, comforting me when I cry, planning the next renovation in our house, scraping popcorn ceilings, singing loudly in the car on our rides back from work, building an awesome fire in our backyard, making the best steak ever, snuggling with me, teasing me lovingly, or just loving all of me for me… I am so thankful for having her as my wife.

Erin, I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I’m with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.

Happy 2 year anniversary, babe! I love you!

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Event Credits

Location: Harpswell, Maine on Bailey Island (Mackerel Cove)Photography: Kimberly Howard PhotographyVenue: Bailey Island Library Hall
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Wedding: Kim & Mary Catherine

From Kim & Mary Catherine: Maine has always held a special place in our hearts. We adopted our first rescue pup from Maine, had our engagement photo session in Portland, Maine, and tied the knot on top of Cadillac Mountain, on June 20th, 2015, in Bar Harbor Maine. We planned an intimate ceremony of 20 guests that included family and our closest friends. The weather could not have been more perfect and we were able to enjoy a sunny day with a refreshing breeze. We also received numerous compliments of how heartfelt the ceremony was which contained an original ceremony script and handmade vow books. We incorporated the nautical theme into our vows by referring to being each other’s “anchor” through the enjoyable and challenging times of life. After the ceremony, guests headed to the Bar Harbor Inn for a dinner with an ocean view. The reception ended with a beautiful sunset and each guest was able to take home a scrumptious whoopie pie to commemorate our special day in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Photos courtesy of Yana Davis Photography.

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Event Credits

Attire: www.tiebar.comCakes and Dessert: Wicked WhoopieCatering: Bar Harbor, InnFlorist: Queen Anne's FloristLocation: Bar Harbor, MainePhotography: Yana DavisVenue: Bar Harbor Inn
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Wedding: Amanda & Adrianna

From Amanda: On the night that Adrianna and I met, topics of our conversation ran the gamut from glitter to French food. When I told my friends the next day about the cute girl in the bow tie who’d asked me out for escargot, they died laughing and (lovingly) referred to Adrianna as “Escargot” for the first 6 months or so of our relationship. Needless to say, good food was a top priority when we began planning our wedding last winter.

As we continued thinking about what we wanted for our wedding, two additional priorities emerged: a beautiful location, and amazing photographs. We can now safely say that we nailed it on all three accounts. The ceremony in the sunshine on top of the historic Fort Preble Bunker on the campus of Southern Maine Community College was perfect, the photos that the amazing Alice and Chris Ross captured are stunning and truly convey the love and laughter that we experienced that day, and the food at Sur Lie was mindblowingly good. The chef Emil even invented a new dessert – the “Bride’s Specialty Donut” – after I mentioned that I loved hazelnut and chocolate. They were a huge hit!

When we started planning our wedding, I was worried that it wouldn’t feel real or right without my dad there. He passed away almost two years ago, and I was scared that it would feel like there was a hole where something was missing during the celebrations. Instead of feeling empty on that day, the love and joy that radiated from every single person who was there completely filled me up. We honored him in the wedding program, I walked down the aisle on the arm of my older brother, my daffodil tattoo (which I got in his honor) was on proud display in my wedding dress, and instead of feeling like he was missing, it felt like he was there with us the entire time. He would have inhaled those donuts.

One of our favorite parts of our wedding was the ceremony itself. Our friend Ashley officiated, which felt appropriate as she was the one who facilitated our meeting in the first place. As she was creating our ceremony, she sent each of us separate emails asking us a series of 10 questions like “What do you love about the other?” and “What was the first thing you noticed about the other?” and “How does the other challenge you to be better?”. Ashley then wove our individual answers into the ceremony, and it was incredibly powerful to hear the things that we’d written about each other for the first time along with our friends and family, as we pledged our love to each other forever.

Photos courtesy of Alice + Chris Photography.

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Event Credits

Attire: Adrianna's suit: Bindle and Keep (, Amanda's dress: Maggie Sottero (, Adrianna's bow tie & wedding party ties: Stag Handmade ( Field Sustainable Floral Studio ( Portland, MaineOther: Ceremony site: Fort Preble Bunker at Southern Maine Community College (, Hair and Makeup: Head Games Salon ( Alice + Chris Photography ( Dinner Reception: Sur Lie Restaurant (
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Wedding: Cassie & Dana

From Dana: Cassie and I met shortly after I moved to Maine on a blind, lesbian double date while dating other people…presumably a rare occurrence for the Bangor area. After a magical summer in Bar Harbor followed by two years apart for graduate school, we found ourselves back on Mount Desert Island with 200 of our favorite people to tie the knot.

Our wedding weekend was a wonderful disaster. Horrific weather moved our ceremony, messed up quite a few travel itineraries, and forced us to trade in fancy shoes for rain boots. The craziness forced my type-A tendencies to give way to taking in every moment. The amount of love, support, and incredible dance moves that filled our rainy tent was perfection we’ll never forget.

Photographs courtesy of Erica Camille Photography.

Event Credits

Attire: Kleinfeld Bridal/Avanti BridalCakes and Dessert: Celebration Cakes by Janice StroutCatering: Bar Harbor Catering CompanyFlorist: Chickadee Hill FlowersLocation: Southwest Harbor, MaineMusic: Terry FrankOfficiant: Edie MayOther: "Getting Ready" shirt: It's Really the Little ThingsPhotography: Erica Camille PhotographyVenue: Causeway Club
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