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Wedding: Jania & Jessica

From Albert, Jania & Jessica’s photographer: These two ladies were absolutely a blast to work with, not to mention their families and their bridesmaids (who wore suits and ties to defy the norm) were fabulous the whole day! Not to mention the ladies’ love for one another shone throughout the whole day and set the mood and tone for the many years to come! It was an honor to photograph and ensure their memories live on forever!

Photos courtesy of A. Harris Photography.

Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-14Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-10Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-2Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-6Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-12Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-21Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-5Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-4Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-15Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-19Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-8Town-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-1sunset view of pierTown-Manor-on-the-Lake-Wedding-17

Event Credits

Location: Town Manor on the Lake Auburndale, FLPhotography: A. Harris Photography
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Wedding: Jennifer & Lisa

From Jennifer & Lisa’s photographer: Oh these two ladies! I truly adore this wedding due to the fact both of their families had embraced them with all of their love! Even with the kids, you can see that love did win that day. There was not a dry face I can recall, and even I teared up! Not to mention their wedding portraits were right on the beach—who doesn’t love the beach?


Event Credits

Attire: Aurora Bridal and Meradiths BridalCakes and Dessert: Just Cakes Melbourne Oceanfront Crown PlazaFlorist: Brevard FloristLocation: Melbourne Beach, FloridaPhotography: A. Harris PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Melbourne Oceanfront Crown Plaza Event CoordinatorVenue: Melbourne Oceanfront Crown Plaza
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Engagement: Brittany & Rachel

From Brittany & Rachel’s photographerI met these lovely ladies at a coffee shop for a meeting, and instantly, I knew they were a perfect fit for one another. Their passion for one another was clear from the meeting to their wedding—not to mention the cuteness you can see between these two in their engagement photos here!

Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-5Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-15Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-11Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-6 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-14 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-13Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-9 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-8Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-12 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-10 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-3 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-7 Dickson-Azalea-Engagement-2

Event Credits

Location: Dickson Azalea Park, Orlando, FloridaPhotography: A. Harris Photography
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Wedding: Jennifer & Amanda

From Amanda: As Jen and I approach our first anniversary we discovered we didn’t accomplish something very important on our to-do list. This submission is officially the last check mark from the wedding (better late than never?).

We met as so many tend to: through mutual friends. Though in our defense it was never intended to be a “match,” and we went years before exploring the possibility. As time went by, we continued to see each other every summer at our annual meeting (professional, not hyperbole) and to have fun catching up. Eventually we both found ourselves single…with me shortly moving across the country for a doctoral program. The perfect time to start a relationship! Two years of long distance later, and we are geographically together for good. Now in Tampa, we are loving life and wanting to share our happiness.

Jen proposed in a wonderfully surprising way on our 5 year anniversary. After repeatedly making sure she meant it, I emphatically agreed to spend the rest of my life with her (we both had to be sure). Next step, wedding planning. The general thoughts were easy—gather our families and friends together for an amazing party. Next we had to figure out how to actually plan a wedding. Insert amazing wedding coordinator. We each had a must have: Jen’s was awesome live music, Amanda’s was an unparalleled open bar. Both were seen to be essential in aforementioned amazing party. Insert said coordinator (shoutout Rena Carideo), and voila! Best wedding ever.

We were so happy to show off the city we now love to those that mean the most to us. The day could not have gone better. We were able to be ourselves, stand up with our favorite people in the world, have a wedding officiated by a wonderful friend, drink (and I think we can all agree, all weddings should be solidified with a toast), dance, and celebrate. Perfection.

Photos courtesy of Bára Miller Photography.

getting-ready-014 getting-ready-031 getting-ready-045wedding-party43jen-amanda-038jen-amanda-114getting-ready-102wedding-party32ceremony-094ceremony-140jen-amanda-130friends-09 reception-051 reception-334

Event Credits

Catering: Salt Block Catering// Tampa, Florida & Planner: Rena Carideo// Bára Miller Photography//
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Engagement: April & Deborah

From Rachel, April & Deborah’s photographer: April & Deborah are the cutest couple ever! April’s sister and Deborah were best friends and the reason they started dating. Then, April & Deborah won their wedding in a Facebook contest that the Veranda at Thornton Park was hosting. They won by a landslide and have an incredible support system of fantastic friends and family! 


Event Credits

Location: Orlando, FLPhotography: Rachel Doyle Photography
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Wedding (+ Video!): Amanda & Amy

We can’t get enough of this lovely couple—from their sweet story, to the beautiful photos & amazing video. Enjoy!

From Amy: Shortly after Amanda proposed, we started talking about what we envisioned for our wedding day. We knew we wanted to keep it relatively small (we ended up having 90 guests) and very intimate. We wanted the focus to be on our vows: we wanted our guests to leave feeling certain that regardless of if they ‘understood it’ or not, they could feel the love between us. 

It’s hard to believe we had ten months to plan our special day. It seemed to fly by so fast! I (Amy) found my dress relatively quickly. I am pretty indecisive, but when it came to searching for the dress, I knew exactly what I was looking for… a sweep train, v-neck, low back, and semi-fitted. Amanda on the other hand, being a little more tomboy in her attire, wanted the perfect blend of feminine mixed with a little… let’s just say not a dress. She didn’t want to wear a suit, but ivory slacks were not dressy enough. 

We began the search for her perfect outfit. We searched “jumpsuits,” “rompers,” and everything in between. Until we came across the website Revolve. We had never heard of them before but the return policy was amazing, so we thought, what’s there to lose? Her outfit arrived, and it was beautiful, ivory, classy and timeless. It needed alterations to make it fit like a glove but we knew just the right person for the job. Meanwhile, we kept thinking it needed a little something to complete the look. It was then that we found Westaire Bridal on Etsy, where they make custom beaded wedding belts and sashes. We ordered one to fit her waist. When it arrived we knew it was the missing piece. 

The day of our wedding, the jitters, stressors and everything in between were in full force. With it being an outside wedding, the weather was the uncontrollable factor. I remember waking up the morning of our wedding, sipping a mimosa and looking out towards our ceremony site. It was in that moment that I knew regardless of the weather, of the perfectionist personality I have, and all the uncontrollable factors, I was in the right place at the right time, about to marry the love of my life! I made peace with the weather, and told myself, “I’d marry her in the rain if I had too!” 

We chose to keep it traditional (well…given the circumstances…) and not see each other until we walked down the aisle. However, we wanted to have a first moment before the wedding to pray together. My amazing photographer Shonta and incredible videographer Christian had everything set up perfectly. Amanda was out in a field, and Shonta walked me backwards all the way to her. The moment I felt Amanda’s hands in mine, I knew I was home. We took a couple deep breaths and the tears of happiness started to flow. Amanda prayed over our day, our future, and everything in between. 

I could hear the acoustic guitar in the background as Amanda walked with her dad down the aisle. It was now my turn to walk down the aisle with my dad. As the words to “A Thousand Years” began playing, my heart dropped. I tried to stop time in my mind and soak up the moment, the family surrounding us, the decorations that turned out better than I could have imagined, and most importantly, the image of my beautiful wife at the end of the aisle. We read our handwritten vows to each other and amongst the tears of joy, I realized in that moment, the sun was shining, our family was standing beside us with unconditional love and support, and it was perfect! 

Thanks to my beautiful wife Amanda, we incorporated an original wood branding with a custom branding iron as our unity moment. That too went off without a hitch! Our guests were able to sign around our brand and we now have that memory in our home. 

As we look back on that beautiful, special day, we are left with a memory that we will never forget. We couldn’t have asked for more dedicated vendors that helped capture all of the beautiful raw moments throughout the day, and we are looking forward to the beautiful life ahead of us! 

Take a look at these gorgeous photos, and watch Amanda & Amy’s incredible wedding video here! (I cried…twice.)

Photos courtesy of Yume Photography.

Video courtesy of Aqueous Films.

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Event Credits

Attire: Amy’s Attire: David’s Bridal Amanda’s Attire: Ivory Pants Jumpsuit from Revolve ( & Belt from Westaire Bridal ( The Fresh Market Floral Department: (We worked with the floral manager, purchased the flowers and designed our bouquets and centerpieces ourselves)Location: Inverness, FloridaMusic: TJ Brown Band: Custom Wedding Brand: The Welded Keller ( Shonta Bertzyk with Yume Photography: Lakeside Ranch & Resort:
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Engagement: Traci & Dominique

From Traci and Dominique’s photographer: Traci contacted me a couple months about doing a sweet portrait session in which, at the end, she proposed to her girlfriend! Having experience with surprise proposals, I said sure! They are a beautiful couple who are in love, and it was the utmost pleasure capturing their love for one another. I’m very honored to tell their love story!


Event Credits

Location: Lake Eola Orlando, FLPhotography: A. Harris Photography
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