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Wedding: Sarah & Kelly

From Sarah: Kelly and I met four and a half years ago, and we were the quintessential “Uhaul” couple. Let’s just say, our first date lasted four days! We feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced the wedding of our dreams, surrounded by our friends and family in the most gorgeous place where I grew up. The entire weekend was perfect; we wanted everything to be low-key and comfortable. We frequently host people in our home and wanted to capture that feeling of hospitality. We were very purposeful in everything we chose to do (and all the wedding “rules” we chose not to follow!). I also grew up Jewish, and tradition is very important to both Kelly and me, so we wrote the entire ceremony together, adapting the customs to make it our own. It means the world to us that we had the opportunity to celebrate our love with such an amazingly supportive community.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Arnold.

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Event Credits

Attire: Bindle & Keep; Lonesome Traveler; Sarah O Jewelry and Brilliant BridalCakes and Dessert: Red Head Baking CompanyFlorist: Ivy Lane FloralLocation: Vail, ColoradoMusic: AViVAOfficiant: Lifelong friend Jessica TillisOther: Video by Ali BibboPhotography: Sarah Arnold; or Event Designer: Sparrow Event PlanningStationery: DIYVenue: Vail Wedding Deck; Donovan Pavilion
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Wedding: Kourtney & Alana

From Kourtney & Alana: On November 4, 2016, we were married in front of our family and friends in Estes Park, Colorado. We landed on Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park because decorations that were needed would be minimal since we had the backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park. We decided on things that were important to us: a venue, photographer, an awesome DJ, and enough booze to keep our guests dancing the night away.

We had growler centerpieces that had pictures of those relatives who were no longer with us printed on them. A cigar bar, an amazing DJ with a bright pink mohawk, a photo booth where we had guests sign the backdrop as our ‘guest book,’ a florist who incorporated Colorado’s mountain flowers in arrangements that were simple and rustic—we made sure to focus on things that were perfectly us. We both walked down the aisle with our dads to Elle Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You.” Our best friend officiated the wedding. While we each only had one maid of honor, we wanted our other friends to feel included, so before the wedding we sent out a letter asking them to all wear different shades of the same color. It turns out our friends are pretty good at matching, so you could tell they were still special to us, even if we didn’t have a big bridal party.

As we planned our special day, the one thing we could not plan on was the amount of love our family and friends brought with them. It ended up being a weekend of fun and a celebration of love. Family from both coasts came together, and it reaffirmed our belief that if you lead with love, love will always win.

Photos courtesy of Friends & Lovers Photography.


Event Credits

Attire: David's BridalCakes and Dessert: Great Harvest Bread Co.Catering: Mary's Lake LodgeDate: 11/04/2016Florist: Inspired Designs DenverLocation: Estes Park, ColoradoMusic: DJ Rockstar AaronOfficiant: Best FriendOther: Makeup by JamiePhotography: Friends & Lovers PhotographyVenue: Mary's Lake Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado
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Engagement: Sarah & Kelly

From Sarah & Kelly: Living in Colorado, there’s no shortage of beautiful photo ops. We spend our time either in the mountains skiing, hiking, and camping, or in Denver, where we live, and we love both places.

After connecting on OKCupid, we spent weeks texting, then talking on the phone, then FaceTiming, and finally meeting for our first date. We’ve been together for 3 and a half years now, and it feels so surreal that we’re getting married! When we each came out, we turned to a variety of important resources, like the website Everyone is Gay and none other than A Bicycle Built for Two. It’s been a long and exciting journey, and we hope that we can share our story and help empower others in some small way.

We got engaged in a hammock on our favorite mountain hike in September and will be getting married in the mountains next summer, so our usual Denver stomping grounds were the perfect settings for a fall engagement shoot. We opted for the River North Neighborhood, which is filled with amazing graffiti artwork and our favorite breweries, our favorite local park, and our new home as the backdrop.

We had the best time with our photographer, who also happens to be a very talented friend. We scheduled the shoot before November 9th, when things felt just a little brighter. But we know that together, we will weather whatever storms come our way, and we won’t let anything deter us, now more than ever. We can’t wait to shout it from the mountaintops, quite literally.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Arnold.

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Event Credits

Date: 11/06/2016Location: Denver, COPhotography: Sarah Arnold (
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Greetings from Ashley & Maggie

Ashley and I have been helping Tracey with the blog since this past summer, but it was only recently that we found any pictures of ourselves we liked enough to post on the internet! Now, we can finally introduce ourselves— long-time followers who couldn’t email fast enough when we saw there was an opportunity to get involved. Even though our wedding is still a distant two-dress dream, A Bicycle Built for Two has been a part of our lives since we first came out— and I found the blog while tentatively Googling phrases like “lesbian couple” and “two women love.”

We met studying abroad during college and, after a lot of Facebook messages and Skype conversations, started dating the winter of our senior year. Fast-forward three years, and Ashley came to Colorado to spend the holidays with my family! After the traditional viewing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, many pieces of pie, and a good old Colorado snowstorm, my father, who is a photographer, decided to commemorate the occasion by taking more than three hundred photos of us. It was a family operation, with my mother helping to adjust the lighting and my brother eating Christmas cookies at a safe distance— and in the end, we managed to come up with some shots worthy of this glorious blog!

Photos courtesy of Ron Cooper.

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Wedding: Liz & Nadine

Liz and Nadine had a beautiful wedding in Denver, Colorado. This gorgeous couple infused African-American and Native-American traditions into this unique ceremony. Friends and family came together to celebrate the love and union of these two incredible individuals. The feeling of love and happiness permeated the ceremony and reception. The evening ended with sparklers and a sing-along to Bob Marley.

 Photos by Acoma Street Photography.

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Watercourse BakeryLocation: Denver, ColoradoPhotography: Acoma Street PhotographyVenue: Lumber Baron Inn and Gardens
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Liz and Julie

From Jennie, of Green Blossom Photography: Liz and Julie were married in the beautiful rustic Rocky Mountains at Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado. For an outdoorsy, adventurous couple the location was perfect and provided such a great backdrop for an intimate and emotional celebration. My favorite parts of the day were the utterly heartfelt toasts to the happy couple, followed by a surprise flash mob performed by all the guests. Heather and I were honored to be able to capture the day, from the first look, to the woopie pie cake tasting, to the energetic dancing along with an awesome blue grass band.

Event Credits

Location: YMCA of the Rockies at Snow Mountain Ranch, ColoradoPhotography: Green Blossom PhotographyVenue: YMCA of the Rockies at Snow Mountain Ranch
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Wedding: Chrystal and Rebecca

From Chrystal: After the excitement of the proposal began to subside it was replaced with a lot of new questions: What kind of service should we have? Should we go to a state where same-sex marriage is performed? or perhaps to Canada? We decided that perhaps the best way to show our own irreverence for the current status of marriage equality in Colorado was to just act like any other couple. And so we (Becca) created custom save-the-dates and invitation suites with a “civil disobedience” theme and continued on as though we were no different from any other couple. We settled on the AA barn in Grand Lake, Colorado as the perfect rustic, remote, high-altitude venue we’d always searched for. Becca and I met in the mountains, fell in love in the mountains, and finally, married in the mountains. Then we ate and drank and danced and played outside. And the mountains, along with our friends and family members, will remain forever witnesses of our dedication to love, live, help, grow, heal and learn with together for a lifetime. And someday maybe the rest of the Nation will too.

Gorgeous photography by Maria Alexandra.

Check out their equally beautiful engagement shoot here.

Event Credits

Florist: Succulent Wedding Bouquets & Accessories Location: Grand Lake, ColoradoPhotography: Maria Alexandra PhotographyVenue: AA Barn Grand Lake Colorado
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