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Gallery: Minimalism is for Lovers

These couples prove that you don’t need to spend all the money in the world (or invite all the people your world) to have a truly flawless wedding day! Scroll down for small budgets, small guest lists, and creative takes on traditional wedding delights!

Taryn & Randi523175_10152463493565626_873384576_n

Mirhanda & MB3

Tracy & Daniellewildflower-tracy-danielle-09-1024x683

Nichole & Lizimage

Deborah & Stephanieimage_11

Erika & Lucia:  erika+lucia95

Lauren & Scout004

Sally & Sarah:14700_4382745880671_275393537_n

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Wedding: Mirhanda & MB

From the couple: For most of our (admittedly short) engagement, we thought we were going to elope. Large gatherings are not really our thing, and we would much rather spend the day reading in a tea room. Ultimately, though, all 6 of our Southern parents got involved, and the rest is history.

In the end, our theme became “It’s Not a Wedding Without _______.” In place of gifts, our guests brought the one thing they thought was essential for any wedding to have. By the end of the day, we had flowers, dresses, cake, a photographer, and a trip to Asheville. One of our friends even brought herself as our last-minute officiant (Thanks, Mo!).

The day was wonderful, and we joke that we must be the only couple to be surprised by their own wedding!

Photos courtesy of Annamax Photography.

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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert:
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Wedding: Tracy & Danielle

From Danielle: Tracy and I originally met about 4 years ago through mutual friend groups. At the time we both were seeing other people. We reconnected a year and a half ago and this time we were both single. It was our fast-thinking mutual friends who planned a group outing that allowed our friendship and relationship to grow. We went on a hike with our dogs on Memorial Day of 2015 and have been together ever since. January was not the original plan for our wedding, but November 8th changed everything. Our wedding was not an act of fear, but an act of love and solidarity. Being able to celebrate our love in front of family and friends was one of our favorite parts of the day. The day was so laid back and drama free that we would both do it all over again. Tracy and I planned a wedding in 52 days on a $1,500 budget. Our advice: do what makes you happy. We omitted being walked down the aisle, father/daughter dances, unity symbols, traditional ceremony scripts, etc., and our day was amazing and filled with so much love and joy.

Photos courtesy of Wildflower Wedding Photography.

For even more amazing photos, check out Tracy & Danielle’s photographer’s blog.

Event Credits

Attire: Danielle's Dress - Modcloth / Tracy's Suit - Ao Dai (Jacket) & H&M (Pants)Cakes and Dessert: Peggy Jean's Pies - McAllister's Deli - Danielle went DIY on almost all of the details. She made the fabric scrap garlands, the glass plate signs, guest favor glasses tags...Location: Columbia, MOOther: Beer - Logboat Brewing - Wedding Rings - Buchrader's - Wildflower Wedding Photography - www.wildflowerweddingphotography.comVenue: Friend's Backyard
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Elopement: Kimberly & Hayley

From Kimberly: Hayley and I met online 6 years ago, and although I’m from Connecticut, USA and Hayley is from the UK, we’ve kept things going strong and gained a love of travel. When we were planning our wedding we knew we couldn’t have it in America or the UK because one set of our families wouldn’t be able attend. So we decided to make it all about us and elope in Banff, Canada. On the day of our wedding we made our way out with our commissioners and photographer to frozen Lake Minnewanka to say our vows. Afterwards we went for afternoon tea and then later to fondue. When Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” came on the radio, we knew it was meant to be.   

Photos courtesy of Robyn Kirkpatrick.

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Event Credits

Location: Banff, CanadaPhotography: Robyn Kirkpatrick:
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Wedding: Cath & Laura

From Cindy and Sharon, Cath & Laura’s photographers: Cath and Laura met on about 15 months ago. Cath was about ready to give up on online dating services, but had not given up yet. Their first date was a 9 a.m. yoga class on a Sunday morning. After class they had lunch together and talked for two or three hours.

The wedding was definitely spontaneous. Laura was listening to the radio and heard about the Supreme Court decision. She called Cath to tell her about it. The two had been tossing around the idea of marriage, but had made no plans. When Cath heard that there was going to be a mass wedding in downtown Atlanta that day, she asked Laura if she wanted to get married right then and there. So the proposal took place over the phone. Laura was hesitant at first, because she wanted her whole family to be able to share in the joy. So Cath told Laura to call her parents to see if they could make it. When they found out Laura’s parents were willing to drive from Conyers to come, Cath and Laura decided to head to the courthouse. They also called and invited a few friends and co-workers.

Everything happened so quickly, they did not have time to buy rings, so they borrowed rings from their friends, Hilary and Katie. After getting married by a judge during the mass wedding, they headed to the courthouse steps where they were married by Unitarian Universalist minister Anthony Makar.

Event Credits

Location: Fulton County Government BuildingPhotography: Cindy and Sharon, Same-Sex Wedding Photographers (
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Wedding: Meg & Blair

From Shawnee, Meg & Blair’s photographer: It was such an honor that Meg & Blair asked me to photograph their wedding day. These two had their first date at my birthday party a few years back and have been smitten every since. In the meantime they have moved to the other side of the country and although I was able to visit them once before, this trip was extra special. Not only was I able to photograph two dear friends tying the knot, but I got to spend my birthday with some seriously rad people in my favorite place.

Blair and Meg got hitched at City Hall in San Francisco, and it couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. They both looked incredible: Meg in her vintage outfit and Blair in a handmade pink wrap dress. Every little detail was flawless, including the shawl that Meg handmade for Blair. 

Congratulations Meg and Blair! I can’t think of a more perfect pair of people, and am so very happy you chose to me capture such a beautiful day. I love you both, and am so very excited about the journeys that await you!

From the couple: We met on January 4, 2010, and from day one we were captivated and inseparable. We met in Richmond, VA as Meg was finishing up college. That summer we traveled, backpacking between cities and farms and womyns lands – that summer solidified us. Afterward we decided we would move to San Francisco. We packed our car full of clothes, books, guitars and excitement and hit the road with nothing in SF to greet us, no home or jobs or people. That was three years ago and since then we have built a life here, a full life. We have made a home, flourished at our jobs, found our people. We finally got engaged last holiday season and were married four years after we met.

For our wedding we knew we wanted to marry privately/ “elope.” We thought about traditional weddings or larger ceremonies but that just isn’t us. We are very quiet, very private people and to not honor that would feel contrived to us and diminish what our marriage was all about. We did however want the most important women in our life to be witness to our union. So we had our mothers and Meg’s sister come share our occasion. And we asked our dear friend Shawnee to come be our photographer. Shawnee is incredibly talented and we wanted to have photographs of this day to share with others and to cherish forever. Also Shawnee attending the ceremony felt especially evocative, since the day that Meg and I had met 4 years prior we had spent the evening at Shawnee’s birthday party.

We wanted a quintessential SF wedding and so we wed at San Francisco City Hall which is a magnificent location: the architecture, history, and grandeur of it all is just breathtaking. We managed to have all details of our wedding be either vintage, handmade, and/or local. Our rings (engagement and wedding) are all vintage circa 1930s. Blair’s dress was handmade by a local woman. The lace shawl was hand knit and crocheted by Meg, a piece that will be a keepsake forever. Meg’s outfit was all vintage, from her shoes to her shirt. Meg’s sister made her earrings. We did our own hair, makeup, and nails. We bought our flowers and our cake from a local florist and bakery the afternoon before the wedding. Blair’s mother wrapped the bouquets in lace. We made our own doily cake topper and doily “just married” banner. We had vintage floral handkerchiefs and we wrapped our guests kerchiefs around handwritten love letters from us. Afterward we walked to lunch at Absinthe Brassier and Bar and then we went our separate way to spend an evening eating wedding cake, drinking champagne, and exchanging our personalized vows. The next morning we met up with everyone again to have a tea party at SF’s Love Joys Tea Room. All in all it was exactly what we dreamed of – romantic, beautiful, memorable, and heartfelt.

Now that we are married nothing really feels any different, in all honesty. We are still the same couple we have always been except now we share a last name and are legally recognized, and of course the magnitude of that can not be overstated. We are now about to move back to the East Coast for the next chapter in our lives. Oh, and we are expecting our first baby!





Event Credits

Location: City Hall, San Francisco CAOther: Reception at Absinthe Brasserie and BarPhotography: A Lovely Photo www.whatalovelyphoto.comVenue: City Hall, San Francisco CA
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Wedding: Holly & Mya

From Mya: Our story began 3 1/2 years ago. We met when I was visiting a friend in Chicago. I was living in L.A. at the time. The distance was only one of many hurdles that we’ve overcome to make our love work. I’ve moved cross-country twice for Holly so far and I happily intend to follow her wherever she goes, for the rest of my life. She’s my home. We married on a Tuesday; just the two of us and a photographer. Amanda from Blueberry Photography captured this moment so beautifully for us and we’re so grateful. After the ceremony we jetted off to Palm Springs for a mini-honeymoon. The day was exactly what we wanted: simple, stylish, joyful and fulfilling. xo

Event Credits

Attire: J. Crew suit, Laura Byrnes dressLocation: San Francisco City HallPhotography: Amanda of Blueberry Photography
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