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Engagement: Sierra & Mallory

From Kaycee, Sierra & Mallory’s photographer: Sierra contacted me a month or so ago asking if I would be interested in shooting their proposal! I just about fell out of my chair!!! I have always, always wanted to photograph a proposal!! Sierra had just moved to Alberta so she could be with Mallory, and I learned more about their relationship over the phone. When I found out Sierra was a massage therapist, I booked an appointment (and consultation combo of course). After the massage, we walked around for over an hour, looking, scheming and planning it right down to the last detail! It was going to be the ultimate surprise, as Sierra said to me– “she will never see this coming!”. Here is their proposal story: 

First Picture
This was the first pose in!! I was so nervous!! I had on my ridiculously thick Roots hoodie with the ring box in the pocket. I’m sure it wasn’t noticeable, but I swear I had a sign on me that said LOOK AT THE SQUARE SHAPED BUMP IN MY POCKET!! I felt like that ringbox in my pocket was like a siren going off constantly.. or that I or that it was going to burn a hole through the pocket and wreck the surprise.. I was sweatin’ about it!! Haha!

Back to Back
This was our second pose in– Sierra wanted the proposal done right off the bat so she wouldn’t have to stress about it!! We planned  for me to wear a sweater on the day of the shoot, keep the ring box in my hoodie, get them into this pose and then “fix Sierra’s hair”. When I went up to Sierra, I handed her the ring box with my offhand so Mallory wouldn’t see it. For these 2 photos, Mallory has NO clue what is going on behind her!! Which is SO exciting!! (Ps Kaycee at this moment takes a big.WHEW, I DID IT AND DIDN’T WRECK THE SURPRISE) lol!


After our “outside photoshoot” portion, Sierra and I were relieved that we had pulled it off!! The three of us chatted as we walked back into the house and Sierra remarked, “I’m so glad I got to you first. I was so worried that you would have got a ring and proposed first!” Mallory laughed with us and shrugged it off, all smiles… LITTLE DID WE KNOW…..

Second Proposal
THAT MALLORY HAD BOUGHT A RING AND WAS PLANNING ON PROPOSING DURING THE PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!  I had no idea and didn’t realize that Mallory had disappeared once we got into the house.. Sierra and I were chatting away when Mallory came out of the bedroom with a box in her hand .. I turned around and Mallory was down on one knee proposing to Sierra!!!! Oh my gosh!!! There was a ton of joy in this room!!


Mallory had planned on proposing during the photoshoot and was planning on doing it during the in-the-house portion!! So it was a DOUBLE proposal!!

DoubleDouble 2

Photos courtesy of Kaycee Ann Photography. For even more proposal goodness, head on over to her blog post here.

Event Credits

Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada // Photographer: Kaycee Ann Photography
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Anniversary: Kimberly & Hayley

Kim and Hayley’s Banff elopement (complete with wedding dresses and snow boots!) was one of our favorite features from 2016, so we were thrilled to get an update from this binational couple!

From Hayley: Because we never had an official engagement I decided to surprise Kim with a ring on our first anniversary that we spent in Amsterdam. We had a really fun photographer Nadine, and it was a great day. We are still living in separate countries waiting on visas but things are moving a lot closer to an end date, hopefully next time we update we’ll be in the same country!

Photos courtesy of Nadine van der Wielen.


Event Credits

Date: February 10th, 2017Location: AmsterdamPhotography: Nadine van der Wielen
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Gallery: To Have and To Hug

We could all stand to benefit from some cute pictures of babies and their mamas.

(Also recommended: our gallery of canine babies here.)

Alia & Theresa: 
Adele & Sarah: adele-sarahTracey & Angela: tracey-angelaAnlin & Denise:
anlin-deniseStephanie & Michelle:  Aly & Elroi: aly-elroiEmily & Ashley: emily-ashley-2emily-ashleyTheresa & Deanna: theresa-deannatheresa-deanna2Jen & Carien: View More: More:

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Gallery: Cuddle Up

As fall arrives for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days get cooler and we break out the sweaters, boots, and—of course—blankets! Judging from our archives, blankets are a particularly popular feature of cool-weather engagement shoots, and why not? We certainly can’t argue with results this adorable! Find a blanket of your own and cuddle up with a nice cup of tea as you peruse this gallery of beautiful blanket-lovers.

Looking for more fall wedding inspiration? Check out last year’s autumn galleries here and here

Ashley & Kristen: View More: More: & Sam:  rachel-samrachel-sam2Alissa & Caity:alissa-caity2alissa-caity Amanda & Christina: amanda-christina amanda-christina2 Anna & Sarah:anna-sarah anna-sarah2
Devin & Christy: devin-christy devin-christy2 Hannah & Eileen: hannah-eileen2hannah-eileen Kaylin & Rhodes: kaitlyn-rhodes kaitlyn-rhodes2 Mariel & Lisa: mariel-lisa mariel-lisa2Jo & Wally: jo-wallyjo-wally2

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Love Shoot: Wendy & Liz

From Liz: There are few things I think I have gotten really right in this life. Few decisions I look back on and think, “Man, what a good idea Liz. You really nailed that!” I find myself wondering when I do make a good decision, how did I get there? What caused me to see the light and actually take a step towards a happy and healthy adult life? I’ve noticed in the last year and a half I have made more “good” decisions than in the previous 32 years before. So I decided to try and figure out where I made the turn. When did I suddenly wake and become this smart, super adult??

October 4th, 2014. That is the day. I heard a knock on my hotel room door and when I opened it I saw the most beautiful woman my eyes had ever seen. I know that sounds cheesy and like I stole it from a romance novel, but unfortunately my brain sees love exactly like a romance novel. I am actually the cheesiest romantic I’ve ever met. You want sappy love music (Phil Collins, of course) and a dance in the kitchen? Got it. You want me to pick you up on the beach and spin you around after I write our initials in the sand? Done.  Rose petals, champagne and a bubble bath? It’s yours. So, needless to say, when I opened that door my heart skipped a beat, and I knew I was going to be with this woman forever.  At this point you may be wondering, why is this beautiful woman randomly knocking on my hotel room door? Is she the maid? Is she lost? Well there is only one obvious reason she was there, and that reason is LOVE. Ok, ok, I’ll stop. But really she was there to photograph the wedding of one my closest friends and her bridal party, in which I happened to be the Best Woman. So yes. Stop rolling your eyes. My romantic, over the top words are true. She was there because of love. She was to be with the “suits,” while the other photographer was with the “dresses.” 

Wendy came in like a tornado. Her dimples stretched for what felt like a mile, and her eyes were unreal. Like really and truly I thought they were fake. Contacts perhaps? When I asked if they were, I got a huge smile and a side eye followed by a “No, girl. These are all me.” I never had a chance. There is no other word to describe her than contagious. I could ramble on and on about her and that amazing wedding, but I will sum it up for you like this: I stared, she stared. I asked her to dance, she put her number in my phone. I begged her to come to the after party, she did. I asked her out on a date, she said yes. Three days later I took her to dinner. The rest, as they say, is history.

On December 12th, 2015, one year and two months after our first date, I surprised Wendy by asking her to marry me on a pier overlooking the Chesapeake. We had gone to a beautiful resort hotel in Cambridge, MD because she had a wedding to shoot. While she was at the wedding I welcomed friends and family from near and far and set them up in a lovely secret location, while I waited at the end of the longest pier known to man. When she arrived back to the hotel she found a dress and a box waiting for her on the bed. The box lead her to another hidden box, which lead her to another hidden box, which lead her to me. As you can imagine, as a true romantic, I had the rose petals and meaningful, slow music and champagne ready to go. She was surprised but also not, because just like me she knew we were meant to be together and this was the logical next step. After she said yes, I took her to the secret room full of people who love us and we celebrated well into the night. When we finally went to bed around 3 am I knew my decision was the most adult of them all. Any girl who can hang with me and my friends that late and still think I am amazing needs to be my wife. Immediately.

As we plan for November 5th, 2016, we continue to grow and learn about each other. She is truly my best friend.  The happiness I have found in Wendy cannot be measured in words. She is my partner in all aspects of this life and I am beyond grateful that I opened that door and heard Phil sing to me as she walked past. It was the best moment of my life… At least until November.

Photos courtesy of Carly Fuller Photography

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Event Credits

Location: Annapolis, MDPhotography: Carly Fuller Photography
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Wedding(s!): Erica & Alex (Part 3)

From Erica: When we planned our two weddings in 2010 (see parts 1 & 2), we honestly did not believe that we would see marriage equality in the US or the UK anytime soon, so when SCOTUS overturned California’s Prop 8 in June 2013, we were ecstatic! We went out to celebrate, and started fantasising about flying home and getting LEGALLY married in San Francisco City Hall, in my home state… I may have even gone out and bought a cute, white cotton £20 dress in a moment of excitement! We may have even started talking about updating my engagement ring to include some sparkly stones and talking about what kind of party we would want to throw!

Then, in July 2013, the UK passed the Marriage (Same Sex) Act and suddenly marriage equality was happening in England!* But what did that mean?! We were already civilly partnered here; could we go get a marriage certificate in the US and have it recognised here? Would the UK come up with a way for us to allow those thousands of couples who were civilly partnered to get married (if they wanted to)?? We had to wait until December 2014 for the UK government to get their act together and make it happen. Their solution: we could have the option of a ‘conversion ceremony’ whereby our legal relationship status would change from a ‘civil partnership’ to a ‘marriage’ and we would be issued a new marriage certificate with our original wedding date. Good ol’ bureaucracy….

Eventually, we calmed down from all the excitement and started to get practical. We decided on a small ‘conversion’ ceremony at our local town hall in London whereby we would renew our vows and then throw a party afterward at our favourite local pub. My parents were visiting in July 2015, so after having a spring wedding and an autumn wedding, we figured we should have a summer wedding as well! The day SCOTUS ruled on Obergefell v Hodges in June 2015, we were signing the preliminary paperwork for our conversion ceremony—we took it as a good sign!

The day was joyful and easy. Our closest friends, family, and godchildren joined us at the town hall ceremony. Colleagues of mine were busy decorating our rented brick barn in the beer garden of our local pub with bunting, pink balloons, and strings of hearts and we had jugs of Pimms on arrival. There were three Victoria sponge cakes with strawberries—one for each wedding—and a ton on Tunnock’s Tea Cakes! There was a perfect toast by my friend, Alex gave a speech (finally!), and another friend offered to sing ‘Married’ for us from Caberet! We ate, drank, and hung out with our friends until the evening when we hosted a 5-part pub quiz that’d we’d written! A great day…

Six weeks later, we met up with photographer Albert Palmer to take some loved-up couples photos of us in our adopted city. They were everything we’d hope they would be and perfectly captured us, five years into our version of married bliss.

*As of 2014, marriage equality is a possibility in England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland remains under different laws and they are fighting their own battle there. However, after the Republic of Ireland passed marriage equality in 2015, I have hope for N.I.!

Photos courtesy of Albert Palmer Photography.

Alex Erica-021Alex Erica-049Alex Erica-067Alex Erica-081Alex Erica-083Alex Erica-115Alex Erica-103 Alex Erica-195Alex Erica-139Alex Erica-149 Alex Erica-159Alex Erica-187Alex Erica-165

Event Credits

Location: LondonPhotography: Albert Palmer PhotographyVenue: Wandsworth Town Hall & The Antelope, Tooting
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Gallery: Tattooed Beauty, Part 2

We hear tattoos can be addictive, so here’s some more good-looking ink for you to admire. We’ve got no shortage of tattooed LBTQ ladies in our archives!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to offer a shout-out to Allebach Photography: one of many amazing photographers in our vendor directory—but the only one specializing in tattooed wedding shoots!

Alyson & Jesse:Alyson & Jesse

Jocelyn & CarolineJocelyn & CarolineJocelyn & Caroline2

The AnnasThe Annas

Kathleen & KelseyKathleen & Kelsey

Ashley & LeeanneAshley & LeeanneJodie & AmandaJodie & Amanda

Jessica & Rebecca:Jessica & Rebecca

Monique & WendyMonique & Wendy

Mako & Samantha:Mako & Sam

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