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Gallery: Australia Says “I Do”

We know we’re a little late to this party, but here are some of our favorite Australian LBTQ+ weddings in celebration of the historic “yes” vote for marriage equality! We are so happy for all our Aussie brides & brooms—and hope this good news provides a boost to all those fighting around the world for justice for queer folks!

Emma & Cara:

Drass & Carly:drass carly

Tracy & Kristy:tracy kristy

Cassie & Milena:

Corinne & Alice15

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Flashback Friday: Wendi & Crystal

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings!

From Taylor:

I love the off-white, short dresses in this wedding and the simplicity of the color scheme. I love the genuine smiles of the brides and their clear adoration for each other. But most importantly, I love Wendi and Crystal’s story. I needed it along my journey, and their love is a powerful testament to the beauty and freedom that come from living into your truth. Thanks, Wendi and Crystal, for sharing your story with the world!

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Campbell Photography.

wc4wendi & crystal wc3 wc2

Enjoy the rest of Wendi & Crystal’s photos and read their love story in the original post.

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Gallery: Pride & Joy!

This month more than ever, we need Pride, in all its rainbow exuberance. So, this gallery is dedicated to some of our most colorful weddings—featuring everything from a subtle flash of rainbow knee sock to a full-out extravaganza of ROY-G-BIV!

Especially when the news may be bleak, we think it’s especially important to celebrate each other—with cupcakes and Converse and kisses—and that’s what this gallery is all about.

Looking for more queer wedding inspiration? There are plenty more galleries here!

Monique & Megan:Rainbow- Monique & MeganKelly & Erin:Rainbow- Kelly & ErinKate & Zach:Rainbow- Kate & ZachDese’rae & Katie: Rainbow- Dese'rae & Katie (popup)Leah & Lisa: Rainbow- Leah & LisaRuth & Ellie: Erica & Alex: Rainbow- Erica & AlexJessie & Lizzy: Rainbow- Jessi & LizzyCrissie & Ellen: Rainbow- Crissie & EllenSarah & Jesse: Rainbow- Sarah & JessieKathleen & Kelsey: Rainbow- Kathleen & KelseyRainbow- Kathleen & Kelsey2Ashlee & Alyssa: Rainbow- Ashlee & AlyssaRainbow- Ashlee & Alyssa2Marissa & Casi: Rainbow- Marisa & Casi

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Wedding: L & Kristin

From L, the “broom”: Kristin and I have been engaged since June of 2012 (engagement photos and story on this blog!) and since NC became legal, were planning our wedding for October of this year. Due to circumstances that are happening in the fall, our wedding would have been delayed but Kristin decided she wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day with a three week planning period. Why not? Instead of a big bash, we decided to have an intimate elopement followed by a big party in the future. This ceremony was held at our house with a small gathering of family and close friends. Everything came together in a very short amount of time in large part due to our amazing support system. We were surrounded by love and so excited for this new chapter in our lives. Being legally married here in NC feels AMAZING!!!!

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Nicole TurnerCatering: Hutch and HarrisFlorist: Tiffanie HedinLocation: Our home, LoveNestOfficiant: Alex HedinPhotography: Maxine HedinPlanner or Event Designer: The bride and broom
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Wedding: Jane & Laurie

From Jane: Laurie and I met over ten years ago, when we were both in college in Washington, DC. I fell head-over-heels at first sight, but it took me a little longer to convince Laurie. After a wonderful road trip through California, she was finally convinced! Even though we come from completely opposite backgrounds in many ways (I was raised by hippies in Northern California, and she was raised by fundamental Christians in Oklahoma), we share similar passions for the outdoors, animals of all kinds, and art/photography. We are also Deaf, and all of our friends are too, while our families are hearing.

We started to plan our wedding around two years ago, picking a date when many of our friends and family would be able to join us, since we decided on a destination wedding in the Virgin Islands. We have gone there many times and have many happy memories there, and we wanted to share those memories with our family and friends. Our event was unforgettable from start to finish. We kicked off the week with a sunset sail on Tuesday, and then had a joint family dinner on Wednesday, since our families had never met before the wedding week (thankfully it went extremely well), and finally, rehearsal on Thursday.

The BIG day on Friday started with mimosas and a delicious breakfast, made by my friend who is a professional chef, in our villa kitchen. Afterwards, Laurie went to start getting dressed, while I lingered, talking with friends. Suddenly one of our friends ran in to tell us about the Supreme Court decision! We had resigned ourselves to the fact that the decision wasn’t going to happen on our day, but the court surprised us all! I ran to tell Laurie. She later said she couldn’t imagine what the emergency was, because the expression on my face was joyful yet I was running towards her… then I told her the news. We both burst into tears. It was a very emotional morning. After that, we got ready.

Before we knew it, our families started to arrive to witness us signing our wedding ketubah (Jewish marriage document). We signed the ketubah, and had photos with our families on the deck of our villa. Afterwards it was time to head down for the ceremony, on the beautiful Trunk Bay beach, which is one of the best beaches in the world. The ceremony went by quickly, with beautiful readings (Neruda, Corinthians, and ee cummings) from Laurie’s brother and my sister, accompanied by two close friends. We wrote our own vows, and said them simultaneously, and then jumped into the water for our first kiss as a married couple after over ten years of being together!

The reception was beautiful, with wonderful catering and a huge open bar on the deck of our villa. The party finished pretty early, because the next morning, we met bright and early on the dock to take a chartered boat with most of our wedding guests to the British Virgin Islands. We spent the day snorkeling, sailing, hiking the Baths National Park, and eating at a country club on one of the BVIs (Cooper Island).

This concluded our unforgettable wedding in the Virgin Islands! We couldn’t have asked for a better day, or for better memories. We have a lot more pictures – picking just a few was hard! Much love and best wishes to future brides… we hope our wedding inspires you!

Photos courtesy of Savanah Loftus.

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Event Credits

Attire: Dress: Encore by Watters / Suit: NordstromCakes and Dessert: Island Sweet Stuff http://www.islandsweetstuff.comCatering: Ted Robinson http://www.tedssupperclub.comFlorist: Passion Flower St John http://www.passionflowerstjohn.comLocation: St John, US Virgin IslandsOfficiant: Juniper Sussman (friend)Photography: Savanah Loftus: http://savanahloftus.comVenue: Trunk Bay, St John
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Wedding: Cath & Laura

From Cindy and Sharon, Cath & Laura’s photographers: Cath and Laura met on about 15 months ago. Cath was about ready to give up on online dating services, but had not given up yet. Their first date was a 9 a.m. yoga class on a Sunday morning. After class they had lunch together and talked for two or three hours.

The wedding was definitely spontaneous. Laura was listening to the radio and heard about the Supreme Court decision. She called Cath to tell her about it. The two had been tossing around the idea of marriage, but had made no plans. When Cath heard that there was going to be a mass wedding in downtown Atlanta that day, she asked Laura if she wanted to get married right then and there. So the proposal took place over the phone. Laura was hesitant at first, because she wanted her whole family to be able to share in the joy. So Cath told Laura to call her parents to see if they could make it. When they found out Laura’s parents were willing to drive from Conyers to come, Cath and Laura decided to head to the courthouse. They also called and invited a few friends and co-workers.

Everything happened so quickly, they did not have time to buy rings, so they borrowed rings from their friends, Hilary and Katie. After getting married by a judge during the mass wedding, they headed to the courthouse steps where they were married by Unitarian Universalist minister Anthony Makar.

Event Credits

Location: Fulton County Government BuildingPhotography: Cindy and Sharon, Same-Sex Wedding Photographers (
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A Big Thank You for a Big Day!

It was almost five years ago that Tracey started this site to collect ideas for her own two-bride wedding. In the last five years a lot has happened. First, you all started reading this site, looking at pictures and submitting your own stories. Then, Tracey and Angela got married, on a boat in San Diego. They had some beautiful babies, and then Shannon came on the scene, to help with the blog and leave Tracey more time for parenting.  And finally, not too long ago, Ashley and I took over, to track the ever-increasing number of pictures and emails coming in.

As all that happened, the world was changing around us. Gay marriage was slowly legalized, state by state, case after case made their way through the courts, and activists made petitions, phone calls, and speeches. And now, today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of true marriage equality, in every state in the country. Get out your rainbow flags and your sparklers and go buy yourself a milkshake! Today is the day!

Ashley and I found this blog when we were in college, newly out to ourselves and our families, and looking for role models. Googling “lesbian” was still a scary prospect, but when I first saw the tandem bicycle picture we all know and love, I knew I had found a good place. In the days that followed, we scrolled through pictures, read stories, and started to see ourselves in the pretty dresses, dapper vests, converse sneakers, laughter, tears, and love.

So today, we want to thank Tracey for starting this site and keeping it going, for giving us pretty pictures and true stories, wedding inspiration, proposal ideas, and so many role models of women who express their love fully and deeply every day. We want to thank Shannon for the work that she did to update the site on a regular basis, and we want to thank you for reading and submitting your photos and your stories! Thank you, too, for the work you’ve been doing offline, the work of coming out to friends and family, standing up for your rights, and living your lives as honesty and as kindly as you can. That work could not be more important.

Of course, that work is not over– and in the coming days and weeks and years, we will keep working, so that our friends around the world can express their love freely and legally, so that our friends at home can be sure of fair treatment and safe spaces regardless of their gender identity and expression, and so that all of us can celebrate ourselves and our loves with the full support of our governments, our friends, and our families. But today, we will celebrate by holding our wives (and partners and girlfriends and puppy dogs) close and raising our glasses to Mary Bonauto and Edie Windsor and the many, many, many other women (and men!) who have helped us to win this victory! HOORAY!

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