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Elopement: Danielle & Sandra

From the brides: We eloped in Santa Barbara, CA at their gorgeous Spanish style courthouse in an intimate and emotional ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Christine Skari.

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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: CrushcakesCatering: JaneFlorist: Victor the FloristLocation: Santa Barbara, CAPhotography: Christine SkariVenue: Santa Barbara County Courthouse
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Elopement: Tiffany & Stephanie

From Kim, Tiffany and Stephanie’s photographer: Tiffany and Stephanie recently moved to the Pacific Northwest and love spending time outdoors, so naturally when planning their elopement they chose the Columbia Gorge as their venue. Keeping it short and sweet for fear of “ugly crying,” we met up at a trailhead and enjoyed a sun-soaked, heartfelt ceremony at the base of Wahclella Falls.

© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller |© Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller | © Kim Smith-Miller |

Event Credits

Location: Wahclella Falls, ORPhotography: Kim Smith-Miller Photography
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Elopement: Kimberly & Hayley

From Kimberly: Hayley and I met online 6 years ago, and although I’m from Connecticut, USA and Hayley is from the UK, we’ve kept things going strong and gained a love of travel. When we were planning our wedding we knew we couldn’t have it in America or the UK because one set of our families wouldn’t be able attend. So we decided to make it all about us and elope in Banff, Canada. On the day of our wedding we made our way out with our commissioners and photographer to frozen Lake Minnewanka to say our vows. Afterwards we went for afternoon tea and then later to fondue. When Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” came on the radio, we knew it was meant to be.   

Photos courtesy of Robyn Kirkpatrick.

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Event Credits

Location: Banff, CanadaPhotography: Robyn Kirkpatrick:
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Elopement: Rebeca & Bonita

From Amanda, Rebeca and Bonita’s photographer: Truly, madly, deeply. That is exactly how I would describe Rebeca and Bonita. Most couples we work with have been planning their wedding for years, picking out flowers, meeting with vendors, tasting the cake, but not these two. Only 8 days before their wedding, they sent me an email asking if I’d be free to photograph their ceremony in Philadelphia. You see, these two just knew. And they didn’t want the fuss and frills. They wanted to be married, they wanted private vows, emotional moments, true, mad and deep love. And that’s exactly what their wedding day was.

Their ceremony had all of us in tears. In the wake of legalized gay marriage, there is this sense of finally. Finally we can be married. And as soon as they finished their first kiss as wife and wife, Bonita was saying over and over that finally she could call Rebeca her wife. There was so much joy in those judges chambers, so much happiness and so much focus on what it really was about… two individuals pledging their lives to each other.

Afterward we walked around center city Philadelphia, taking photos of the two of them, talking about life, love, community and of course their two adorable rescue dogs. They literally couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and what resulted was some of my favorite images this year. We ended the night at Nineteen, a gorgeous top story restaurant where they graciously allowed us to photograph on their decks. They shared their first dance while sky burned gold and orange and pink around them and it was simple and beautiful, just like their love.

Bonita and Rebeca - Married! Bonita and Rebeca - Married! Bonita and Rebeca - Married! Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!Bonita and Rebeca - Married!

Event Credits

Location: Center City PhiladelphiaPhotography: Swiger Photography
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Elopement: Anna & Mel

From Anna: Mel and I met three years ago through Tumblr. She was based in Canada while I was based in the Philippines. Three months after we met, she got all crazy, jumped on a plane and headed home to ask me to be her girlfriend and her wife. Since same sex marriage isn’t legal where I live and getting a visa to where she’s at is a long shot, we decided to elope in stunning New Zealand.

Photos courtesy of Kate Wark Photographer.

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Event Credits

Date: 10/27/2015Location: Auckland, New ZealandOther: Hair and Makeup by Face Me Makeup NZPhotography: Kate Wark PhotographerVenue: Silo Park
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Wedding: Nichole & Liz

Nichole & Liz may win the award for quickest submission: they got married this past weekend in New York City, and had sent us their photos within two days!

From Nichole: My wife and I had a Periscope wedding at City Hall. We had everything we wanted on a super shoestring budget– just under $800– and here’s how we did it: we decided to nix the big venue, catering, and entertainment, which can cost upward of $10k, and went with a magical union at city hall with just a few close friends and family members as our witnesses. Then we discovered the Periscope app! Just days before the event we invited all our friends and family near and far to join us in the live stream of our ceremony.

We had 4 bridesmaids who all wore something yellow (my favorite color), a lacy white dress I already owned, a white collared shirt, slacks, vest and shoes for Liz, and City Hall as our backdrop. My sister narrated the whole shindig, and 40 guests tuned in and commented and snapped photos the whole way through. Our biggest costs were the rings engraved with “pari passu” totalling $400, Liz’s outfit at $150, and the celebratory dim sum meal and drinks in nearby chinatown with the bridal party at $150, along with the small cost of marriage license and registry. For just under $800 total, it was intimate and fun and filled with so much love. Everyone we wanted to be there was there and we didn’t have to pay by the head– or for a photographer/videographer to capture the day. 

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Event Credits

Location: City Hall, New York CityPhotography: friends & family
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Engagement: Colleen & Riley

From Colleen: Riley and I met in the Green Mountains of Vermont while attending Bennington College a few years ago. As we got to know each other through our music courses, we realized we each had our own unique presence and were immediately intimated by each other. It is such a small college and one of us would always hear the other playing in some show or event on campus. Eventually, our talents drew us together.

By my last year at Bennington, I asked Riley to be the lead singer in my senior performance. She was incredible. One day she said she needed to talk. She came over to my room, crying. She told me she couldn’t keep singing for the show because she was interested in me and was afraid her feelings would get in the way. I told her that was no reason not to sing and asked her what she was up to later. That night we had our first date involving beers, being locked out, and climbing through windows and we’ve been together ever since!

Riley had one more year to finish at Bennington. When she graduated, we stayed the summer in Vermont and by the end, we were getting ready to tour our way across the country to Seattle, WA. Before we hit the road, Riley inaudibly proposed to me at the Radio Bean in Burlington. I said “Yes, baby”.

We had all sorts of adventures as we traveled together and when we finally reached our destination, we knew it would be home… for now! After a year of living together, we began planning our wedding and now, at the end of August, friends and family will be coming from all over to the Wayfarer on Whidbey Island to join us for our special day.

In the meantime, we had some fun at the Washington Park Arboretum and at our little cottage with our photographer, Jenny Wohrle. Oh, and our puppy, Obi!

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Event Credits

Location: Washington Park Arboretum & Our CottagePhotography: Jennifer Wohrle (
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