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Wedding: Erica & Brittany

From Jane, the brides’ photographer: Brittany and Erica first met in May 2014. Brittany swept Erica off her feet when she sent her a message on her online dating profile about macaroni and cheese. When the two met in person at Ubon Thai restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware, they hit it off right away.

On September 4, 2015, in Bethany Beach, Delaware—just a few miles down the coast from where they shared their second date—Brittany proposed to Erica. Showing off her creative side, Brittany created a homemade picture book that told their love story and Erica read it as they enjoyed a picnic. A little over a year later, they are thrilled to be celebrating the start of this next chapter with beloved family and friends!

Erica and Britt are a couple full of joy and who bring everyone together in any setting. Their wedding was no exception. There wedding was aboard a boat that took the couple from engaged to married to dancing in the mist of a beautiful nighttime cruise! 

IMG_0609 (1)IMG_0003IMG_0002IMG_1532 IMG_1541 IMG_1608 IMG_1845 IMG_3195

Event Credits

Location: Connecticut RiverPhotography: Jane Barry
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Engagement: Hannah & Nicole

For our first engagement feature of 2017, here’s a beautiful session from a warmer season! Enjoy.

From Nicole: “Excuse me; can you hold that door for me?”

“What’s the magic word?”

“Uh, I love you?”

This was one of the first exchanges Hannah and I had with each other. At the time it seemed like just a smart aleck exchange between two people who had spoken only a few words to each other. In reality, it was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I was in love with Hannah from the moment I met her. She has an infectious smile and an energy about her that makes you feel completely at ease. When I held the door for her at work we exchanged those words and I have to admit, even though it was a joke, I felt my heart skip a beat. The two of us connected instantly. I know that people say that they fell in love at first sight, but I was a cynic and did not believe in any of that, at least not until I met Hannah. Early on in our dating I found this quote that perfectly sums up our connection, “You were you and I was I; we were two, before our time. I was yours, before I knew; and you have always been mine two.”- Lang Leav. Getting to know Hannah was like becoming reacquainted with a long lost soul whom I had known before.

Given both of our love for the outdoors, our first date was in the Arb in Ann Arbor. What was intended to be a short stroll turned into a 5-hour journey in which we climbed trees, walked barefoot, skipped rocks and philosophized. I truly believe that Hannah and I fell in love walking through the Arb that day, and from there we never looked back. The past year and a half has been full of love, joy, sadness—through losses of loved ones, the birth of a niece, and, of course, our engagement.

Hannah asked me to marry her while we were camping one weekend (one of our favorite things to do). We were on Good Harbor beach right outside of Leelanau for the day. While enjoying being the only ones there, sitting by the water reading on the beach, Hannah nonchalantly said, “So, I talked to your parents a while ago about marrying you. I asked them for permission and they said they were all for it.” I found this interesting because even though we had discussed getting married, I had no idea where this conversation was going. Confused, I said to her, “Awesome! So one day here soon I’ll be expecting that question from you.” When I looked up from my book and over at Hannah she had a beautiful birch tree candle that swiveled open. She then swiveled it open to reveal the words, “Will you marry me?” It was perfect. Little did Hannah know that I had already purchased a ring for her and had planned on asking her to marry me on our next trip up north. So, a few weeks later, while sitting in our hammock watching the sunset over Lake Michigan I gave Hannah her ring and asked her to marry me as well.

On October 7, 2017, we will say I do, which is the most exciting thing ever!

Photos courtesy of Justine Castle.

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Event Credits

Location: St. Clair, MichiganPhotography: Justine Castle:
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Wedding: Maureen & Morgan

From Morgan: Maureen and I met on OKCupid over four years ago. Even though we lived on either side of Los Angeles, we found out on our first date that we grew up less than a mile from each other, worked next door to each other in high school, and have mutual friends, among other coincidences. We were destined to cross paths and are thankful every day that we found one another.

We were able to plan the wedding of our dreams at one of our favorite places, the Ojai Valley Inn. We are so grateful for all of the amazing professionals that made our wedding so special and uniquely us, especially our incredible planner Michel of Michel B. Events, our florist Bree of RockRose Florals, and photographer Daniele of Lavender and Twine.

Surrounded by 130 of our close family and friends, we said our “I do’s” in the historic Wallace Neff courtyard with the rolling hills of the Ojai Valley as our backdrop. The ceremony was followed by cocktail hour in the terraced herb garden. The Get Down Boys provided a fun bluegrass music backdrop and were a hit with our guests. The reception dinner was held on the Orchard lawn below and was set up with extra long tables and strung with twinkle lights. DJ Wes of RedShoe L.A. got everyone on the dance floor following our first dance and joint father/daughter dance. 

It was the most memorable weekend of our lives and we can’t wait to go back to relive it every year on our anniversary!

Photos courtesy of Lavender & Twine.

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Event Credits

Attire: Monique Lhuillier & CustomFlorist: Rockrose Floral DesignMusic: Red Shoe LA & The Get Down BoysPhotography: Lavender & Twine// Carmody & Co.Venue: Ojai Valley Inn
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Brides Revisited: Mya & Holly— and Judah!

We love hearing from folks who have been on the blog in the past, and so, we were delighted to hear from Mya & Holly, just about a year after their ridiculously gorgeous San Francisco City Hall wedding appeared on the site!

From Mya: Hello again! Our wedding was featured on the site in January of 2015 and so much has happened since then that I wanted to send a little family update. We welcomed our son Judah in March of this year and it’s been the most thrilling experience that Holly and I have ever had. Our friends at Blueberry Photography were gracious enough to snap some photos of our little family and I adore showing them off! Here’s to hoping that everyone has a safe and joyful holiday season and that 2017 brings brighter days for our community. 

mya-holly-judah-3 mya-holly-judah-4 mya-holly-judah-2 mya-holly-judah-1

Brides Revisited is a series in which we check back in with the couples who’ve appeared on our site in the past. If you and your one true person are interested in being featured, we’d love to hear from you—whether you call yourselves brides, brooms, spouses, or something else entirely!

Event Credits

Date: 12/14/2016Location: Berkeley, CAPhotography: Blueberry Photography:
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Wedding: Rebecca & Katie

From Rebecca & Katie, #TheLuckyDucketts: The night before we got married our venue called to tell us they had just lost power. Our region was experiencing widespread flooding, wind damage and power outages due to Hurricane Matthew. We took a deep breath and tried to keep it in perspective because although we were running into challenges (delayed vendor arrivals, guests canceling) we knew there were others affected by the storm much more severely than we were.

The morning arrived quickly. Our bride tribe worked at lightning speed to set everything up in order to be ready for our scheduled three o’clock ceremony. We walked out to Patti Griffin’s “Heavenly Day” and as we said our vows, the sun began to come out. One of our good friends performed our first dance song, “Slow Pony Home” by the Weepies. We made the day our own by adding in a Chambong and jumping on stage with the band. At one point a bouquet landed in a chandelier during the bouquet toss (but that wasn’t intentional!).

Delicious food, lots of wood accents and flowers, and quite possibly the best 80’s cover band in the country made our wedding day a dream, but being surrounded by our loving friends and family made it perfect. We had spectacular vendors and people helping us, and we’re beyond grateful for all of the love and support we received. It was truly the most special day of our lives and we’re SO glad to be finally married!

Photos courtesy of Kirstyn Marie.

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Event Credits

Attire: Maggie Soterro and Calvin KleinCakes and Dessert: Lisa and MiMi WallaceCatering: Chef by DesignFlorist: The New LeafMusic: The DeloreansOfficiant: Reverend Julia-Dorsey Loomis and Reverend John RohrsOther: Makeup and Hair—Heather Michele Goodfield, Cierra Fremont, Samantha Jane RussellPhotography: Kirstyn Marie PhotoPlanner or Event Designer: Jessica TallettStationery: Wedding Paper DivasVenue: Woman's Club of Portsmouth
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Popping the Question: Put a Ring On It

Welcome to Popping the Question, our new series here at A Bicycle Built for Two! Based on the interests you expressed in our survey this past summer, we’ll be tackling some questions unique to wedding planning as a queer couple.

This time, we invited you all to share your engagement ring stories, and today, we’re featuring a few of our favorite responses—thanks so much to everyone who got in touch!

From Annie:

img_9036Photo courtesy of Karen Krogh Photography.

“Once we realized we were on the path of forever we started looking for rings.  Sandy said she wanted “something simple with a small solitaire.” I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew when I saw it I would know.I was looking at pawn shops and classified ads. Then, I found it!  It was absolutely beautiful and so “me”:  a center diamond with baguettes on either side and a thin band with small inset diamonds.  I contacted the seller.  The engagement ring and wedding band were soldered together, so we negotiated a price for the set. Then, we made arrangements to pick up the rings in a town about 3 hours away but a snow storm prevented us from being able to travel, so we had to rely on United States Postal Service. While waiting to receive my set I began to search for the solitaire for Sandy.  I found a beautiful half karat round diamond on a narrow gold band. Ideal!

When my set arrived I took it to a jeweler to be separated. On the day we were to pick up my set, now an engagement ring and a wedding band,  our plans were to go to a small quiet park on a nearby lake. We faced each other and spoke from our hearts. We each proposed to the other.  We took out the rings.  I had Sandy’s small solitaire and Sandy had my…. What’s this? A beautiful half karat round diamond on a narrow gold band. I hadn’t seen my ring since we’d picked it up at the jeweler, but the rings were practically identical! It turns out the band to the set was actually a wrap or guard.  The baguettes were attached to it. Once separated it left a solitaire on a thin band as the engagement ring. This was one of those “meant to be” moments.

With our matching engagement rings we went to our special restaurant. Our waitress was the first person we told we were engaged.”


From Emily:

“After much prodding and begging from me, my girlfriend of four years and I went engagement ring shopping together on a random spring afternoon. We had a great time searching through the different stores and eventually found exactly what we wanted. It didn’t matter to us if the rings matched, just that we liked them, and we split the cost of both to make it fair. Our rings have been safely stored in a lock box under our bed for the perfect proposal moment (though we take them out occasionally to try on and admire again!).

It took us a while to figure out how we wanted to propose. The main issue was that we both wanted to be proposed to and have it be a surprise, but we also wanted to be able to start wearing our rings at the same time, not months apart. We have tentatively decided to do it on a vacation in the summer, where we will visit Madrid and propose to each other at some point on the trip. I am so in love with her and while I’m VERY ready to get engaged, I’m willing to wait for the perfect moment to show her how much she means to me.”

From Anlin:


“In February 2011 Denise arranged a weekend away in the Drakensberg Mountains for us for the weekend. We went for a grueling walk, which was supposed to have been an easy 2.5 km walk… At the highest point she presented me with a beautiful diamond ring. This was not an engagement, as Denise did not feel the need to get married, but it was a promise to love me forever, and that was perfect for me. So in April that year I bought Denise a ring to do the same, promise my love in a way that the world could see.

About six months later, we went on a road trip around South Africa. We drove 6000 kms and spent many hours together with family and my daughters. When we returned to Johannesburg we went about the New Year as one does, busy with work, overseas meetings for Denise. At the end of January I received a SMS from her asking if I would marry her. I said yes of course, but I did not for one moment think she was serious.

2 days later, when I received a bouquet of flowers at the office and the card read “Please will you marry me?” I realized that she had been serious. I phoned her and said YES!!!!

We had our rings we had given each other and did not want another ring to add to that. But a few months later I lost the ring she gave me, and that gave us the opportunity to have matching rings made in time for our wedding.

Unfortunately I seem to have bad luck with diamond rings, and when our daughter was 2 months old I lost my ring in a parking lot. Must have been the porridge brain that goes with having a newborn baby to look after.  I still have my wedding band, plain Jane, but I need no more… Needless to say, a ring is just that, a symbol to show the world you are someone else’s. We show the world our love for each other in many ways, so we don’t feel the need to replace the lost ring.  Maybe one day when our ship comes in?”

Read more about Anlin & Denise’s love story here!

From Hannah:

“We did forego the engagement rings, since both of us are pretty practical and frugal. We found some really great wedding bands on Etsy though, made from tungsten and Hawaiian Koa wood. The shop has free engraving too, so we are already thinking of what to inscribe on each other’s rings as a gift for each other. This has been one of our favorite parts of wedding planning.”

From Mel:

“Rachel and I had been together 3.5 years before she surprised me and popped the question. Years ago I pinned a ring on Pinterest, but it was so different and so beautiful I never thought I would actually have one like it. Rachel remembered that ring and tried to track it down, but it was originally made in Japan and no longer available as a design. So she asked her college roommate’s uncle (who lives five hours away!) to design the same ring, nervous every step of the way whether it would turn out. I’ll never forget the day she proposed, and how absolutely gorgeous my ring was! Mine was made in yellow gold, and she liked it so much she received the same ring in white gold when I proposed a few months later. Before those rings people assumed we were just friends, but now strangers notice our matching rings and want to know the story of them, and the story of us – it makes me proud to have an outward symbol of our relationship.”

mel1mel2Photo courtesy of Jason Worrell Photography.

Planning an engagement this holiday season? Eager for more queer engagement stories and photos? Check out our gallery of proposals here and read more in this Buzzfeed round-up, featuring several A Bicycle Built for Two couples. Or leave a comment on this post to keep the conversation going! We love hearing from you.

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Engagement: Emma & Katie

For your Monday—what has to be one of the funniest first meeting descriptions we’ve ever published. Congrats, Katie & Emma!

From the couple: One day Emma was most likely watching 30 Rock and eating ice cream in bed—because she’s a damn adult and can do what she pleases—when a little OKCupid notification popped up: “You probably have the best about me profile ever.” Responding positively to compliments of any kind, noting that Katie’s height was in her desired range, and agreeing that her profile was indeed “the best” so at least this girl must have good judgment, Emma responded.

They made plans to get slushies in the park on their lunch break. It was hot out. Emma pretended it was fine. Katie’s teeth turned blue. Emma got sunburned through her sweater. It was love.

Photos courtesy of Cassie Xie Photography.

KatieEmmaDowntownDecaturEngagementSession-1759KatieEmmaDowntownDecaturEngagementSession-1597-1 KatieEmmaDowntownDecaturEngagementSession-1771-1 KatieEmmaDowntownDecaturEngagementSession-1711-1 KatieEmmaDowntownDecaturEngagementSession-1832-1

Event Credits

Location: Decatur, GeorgiaPhotography: Cassie Xie
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