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Wedding: Trineice & Brigid

From Rebecca, Trineice & Brigid’s wedding planner & designer: When I first met Trineice and Brigid, I knew instantly that I wanted to work with them. Not only was I thrilled that they were planning their wedding in Oakland, California (my home turf!) and wanted to show off all the beauty and special spaces tucked away in this special town, but I was also really drawn to their energy and enthusiasm. I *LOVED* that they met while dancing at SF Pride, and knew that dancing — and really the pure joy that just glowed between these two — would be at the heart of the vision for their wedding. Their venue, the Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate, is a melding pot of historic elegance set amid gorgeous, open grounds. The brides wanted to play off of that vibe, combining the laid back energy of spending a summer day at the park with an elegant outdoor cocktail hour and seated dinner. And of course, ending the night with an epic dance party was a must!!

Photos courtesy of Kara Brodgesell Weddings.

BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_103 BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_053BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_099BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_036BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_108 BrigidTrineiceWedding_GettingReady_111BrigidTrineiceWedding_Ceremony_100BrigidTrineiceWedding_Ceremony_186BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_124BrigidTrineiceWedding_CouplePortraits_138 BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_144BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_009 BrigidTrineiceWedding_Dancing_141BrigidTrineiceWedding_CocktailHour_131

Event Credits

Attire: Trineice - Kipper Clothier (; Brigid - JCrew ( and Dessert: Susie Cakes ( Blue Heron ( Farm Girl Flowers ( Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate, Oakland, CAMusic: Heart of Gold DJs ( Rev. Priya Friday-Pabros, M.Div.Photography: Kara Brodgesell Weddings ( or Event Designer: Be Hitched, Event Planning & Design ( Dunsmuir Hellman (
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Wedding(s!): Erica & Alex (Part 2)

From Erica: Six months after our ceremony in England, we flew out to California for our very country wedding in my hometown in Northern California. This time we had a full bridal party with friends from high school and college and my best friend wrote and performed our commitment ceremony (including a homily that brought us to tears!). The whole day was hosted as the local county fair grounds, so we camped up the country theme! Guests arrived to fresh apple cider and sweet breads (pumpkin, apple & cinnamon) while a local celtic band played on hay bales. Our ceremony was in a little tucked-away garden. We included a hand-binding ceremony and requested that our parents, bridal party, and guests sign a marriage certificate as our ‘legal’ acts. The evening consisted of cocktails, a tri-tip BBQ buffet, speeches, and copious amounts of dancing to cheesy pop music. The room was decorated with autumnal fabrics in embroidery hoops, English bunting, Christmas lights, and red accents. Our table decorations/favours were homemade jars of jams, tomatoes, salsa, beets—anything red!—made and decorated by our family and friends! As we had over 120 people there for the day, family and friends were also massive in helping set-up and clear-up. We will be forever grateful for all who chipped in to help create both weddings!

We honeymooned the following year in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and continue to make our home in London, England. We were thought we were ‘done’ getting married but then SCOTUS and the UK parliament started to make moves towards marriage equality in 2014 and we got excited that we might actually be able to be MARRIED (and legally recognized!!) in both countries…but that’s a different post!

Photos courtesy of Wyatt Olson Photography.


Event Credits

Attire: Suit: Gresham Blake (bespoke) in Brighton and London, shirts from Hawes & Curtis (UK & online), Dress: Jenny Yoo, from The English Department in PortlandLocation: CaliforniaOther: Buttons: ButtonEmpire on Etsy White knots: whiteknot.orgPhotography: Wyatt Olson PhotographyVenue: Siskiyou Golden Fairground
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Wedding: Joanna & Valerie

From Michelle, Joanna & Valerie’s photographer: We photographed this amazing couple at the San Francisco Film Centre in the Presidio of San Francisco. From Joanna’s INCREDIBLE high end designer suit to walking each other down the aisle…. this power couple had a wedding that harnessed their personalities perfectly. We just adored their dinosaur chic theme. Dinosaurs are a common interest for the two of them, and the way it played a part in their wedding was perfectly subtle and unique. Can we tell you about the belly laughs that everyone endured during all of the speeches that were made? And then there was the sing-a-long of “Under The Boardwalk”…where apparently everyone sings a song like this at every wedding…awesome! But the best part was when Joanna and Valerie played catch with their dads as a “First Catch”. No traditional father- daughter dance here! We had the best time with these two lovebirds.

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Event Credits

Catering: LRE CateringFlorist: Utsuwa Floral DesignLocation: San Francisco Film CentreMusic: Gatsby Entertainment GroupPhotography: Michelle Walker PhotographyVenue: San Francisco Film Centre
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Wedding: Mako & Samantha

From Mako: Sam and I met 4 times before I really got to know her. The universe kept shoving us together as if to say “Would you just look at this girl?!” And eventually I listened. We spent an entire night sitting on a mutual friend’s floor playing cards and getting to know each other, and by the time the sun came up I was absolutely smitten. We were 17 at the time.

Sam proposed to me in a fit of laughter under a summer star-filled sky after we had been together just 6 months. I said yes, not knowing it’d be 10 years before we’d make it happen.

We got our Registered Domestic Partnership in 2008. When the bill passed on June 26th, 2013 that allowed gay marriage in California, we both already knew it was going to happen. On Christmas morning (Sam’s favorite holiday) I got down on one knee in front of my family and asked her to marry me for real.

We had a fall wedding at the beautiful rustic Pine Hills Lodge in Julian, CA. Over the years we had talked about our wedding plans; what we’d do, who we’d invite, and now it was time to get real. We had a very elegant wedding with around 100 people– all close friends and family– with a budget that started off at $10K, evolved to $14K, and ended up being $18K. We were so blessed to have both our families there, since there had been some turmoil in the past, but our day was so perfect and SO full of love.

Sam and I found our vendors through extensive online searching (mostly googling “gay friendly ____”) and sifted through tons of venues, photographers, and DJs. The Pine Hills Lodge was the perfect backdrop for our fall celebration, the photos of red and brown leaves around a rustic lodge fit immaculately with Sam’s vision and the price tag of $7500 for the venue and catering fit with our budget plan. La Vida Creations Photography was another easy pick for us. Their candid style and appreciation for light went a long way in our book, and Sam was absolutely taken with their “Senior Tails” portfolio showcasing senior dogs with their humans. Upon meeting Jeff and Betsy there was no turning back; their geeky side spoke to us on another level. We later discovered they were close friends with two of my closest friends, and it became a much more personal connection. Finally, we found DJ Pat with Sound Prodigy. His love for all things Disney really bonded us in our first meeting with him.

Our centerpieces were the talk of the night and were so much fun to put together. They consisted of medium glass lanterns, moss, live herbs, and tiny fairy lights entwined in the herbs. It gave our tables this great rustic fantasy feel, and were great gifts for anyone who wanted one. These were easy to make and fairly cheap only costing $20 each. For our favors we had homemade caramel apples that my aunt prepared for us, which had cinnamon sticks for the handle and cute leaves that said “Fall in Love.” We had so many apples, people were leaving with one in each hand and each pocket! Instead of cake, which is pricey and not our favorite dessert anyway, we had a spread of 12 different types of pie, most were from Mom’s Pies in Julian. And the mutual friend, who really brought us together, caught both the bouquets!

Whenever we talk about that day we both just say how perfect it was and how grateful we are to have so much love in our life. I could go on for days about all the planning that went into and the love and fun that came out of our perfect wedding.

Photos courtesy of La Vida Creations

MakoSamWedding_0009MakoSamWedding_0008 MakoSamWedding_0019 MakoSamWedding_0027 MakoSamWedding_0041MakoSamWedding_0001MakoSamWedding_0037 MakoSamWedding_0051 MakoSamWedding_0064 MakoSamWedding_0067 MakoSamWedding_0081 MakoSamWedding_0089 MakoSamWedding_0095

Event Credits

Attire: Gowns: Alfred AngeloCakes and Dessert: Mom's Pies//Julian, CALocation: Julian, CAMusic: DJ Pat with Sound ProdigyPhotography: La Vida Creations PhotographyVenue: Pine Hills Lodge
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Wedding: Kelly & Erin

From Kelly and Erin’s photographer, True Love Photo: I’m a seasoned pro with over 600 weddings under my belt, but this one was like no other. The feeling of electricity and love in the air was absolutely amazing! Kelly & Erin call their family ‘ the awesome family, ‘ and anyone who knows them would be able to see why. Fun, happy, and so in love. And a fun fact: Kelly is a surrogate who has carried 5 children in her womb!

(If you missed our post with Kelly and Erin’s engagement photos, you can check them out here!)

bb0046bb0041bb0042bb0017bb0020bb0003bb0016 bb0029gb0009gb0043bb0001bb0031bb0010

Event Credits

Location: The Westin, Sacramento, CaliforniaMusic: Music and MorePhotography: www.truelovephoto.comVenue: Scott's Seafood/ The Westin
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Wedding: Angie & Bri

From Bri: Angie and I met when I was on a clinical internship in the city she was living in at the time, Chico, California. We immediately fell for each other and ended up dating long distance for our first year together while I finished up grad school in San Francisco. We value close relationships with others, craftsmanship in the things we consume, and purpose in our actions. We tried to orchestrate our wedding in a way that reflected these values. To maximize close interaction with our friends and family, we had our ceremony in a close circle, minimized “events” during our reception to increase the opportunity for spontaneity, and had a shuttle system to our venue to encourage more community. We reflected craftsmanship by barrel-aging our own cocktail, having our photographer take some of our photos with Angie’s vintage cameras, and using a local seasonally-focused food truck to cater the food. We sought to be very purposeful in our choices for which customs to incorporate and which to leave behind. I am half-Portuguese, and we incorporated that Azorean tradition of the entire wedding community walking to the ceremony site together. A few months after our wedding, we took off on a new adventure – traveling the country for Bri’s job. Our adventures are on this blog: The Chance We Took

Photos courtesy of Post & Beam Co.

IMG_7515IMG_7526IMG_7604IMG_6749IMG_7190IMG_6257IMG_7102 IMG_6574IMG_7674 IMG_6898IMG_7325

Event Credits

Florist: Popoja Designs // Post & Beam Co. // White Ranch //
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Gallery: City Hall Weddings

While visiting San Francisco this past weekend, Ashley and I stopped by City Hall—in part because we were eager to visit the site of so many of the beautiful photos that have appeared on this blog! We were anything but disappointed by the reality of this breathtaking public building, and to top it all off, we were even able to watch a lesbian wedding in progress on the grand staircase! On the heels of our visit, it seemed only appropriate to repost a few of the spectacular San Francisco City Hall images from our archives:

Holly & Mya:

holly myaholly & mya

Kelly & Nicole:

Kelly & NicoleKelly & Nicole2

Meg & Blair:

Meg & Blair

Erin & Kerri:

Erin & Kerri

Deborah & Stephanie:

deborah & stephanie

Of course, there are plenty of other City Halls celebrating two-bride weddings around the world. Here are a few from the archives:

Copenhagen//Thilde & Laura:

thilde & laura

NYC//Jill & Susanne:

Jill & Susanne

Cambridge, MA//Kelley & Beth:

Kelly & Beth

Check out our other galleries here for all kind of wedding-related inspiration!

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