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It’s Wedding Season!


You’ve been seeing a lot of words from us recently, but we had to pipe up one more time to let you know that we’re going on vacation! In light of a big move, a wedding (not ours!), and various other behind-the-scenes happenings, you can expect a little something different for the next month of A Bicycle Built for Two, as we take a short break from regular posts to let our new team settle into their roles.

Don’t worry! We’ll still be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—sharing new galleries, archive favorites, and introducing you to the new additions to the Bicycle blog crew. Then, in the middle of July, we’ll be back with more new weddings and engagements—so if you have a wedding (or engagement shoot!) of your own coming up this summer, make sure to submit!

Photo from Colleen & Riley’s engagement session, courtesy of Jenny Wohrle

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In light of the shooting in Orlando this weekend, we wanted to take a moment away from all things wedding to send our love to queer people everywhere.

Although we are only a website, we believe in the power of places where our community can gather—online and in person—and recognize how important it is for these places to continue to exist.

On days like this, wedding cakes and floral arrangements seem frivolous, but we hope that the work we do to celebrate love offers a counterpoint to the sadness and anger we must feel in the face of violence and hatred—in the U.S. and all over the world.

In the coming days and weeks, we will keep posting your beautiful photos and sharing your stories of resilience, overcoming, laughter, and joy. Meanwhile, offline, we hope you will join us in doing what we can: donating blood, advocating for gun control, and supporting one another—with radical kindness and fierce love for the LGBTQ community.

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Survey Results!

About a month ago, we asked you to answer a few questions about A Bicycle Built for Two, and we were thrilled when almost 200 of you responded! Thank you for sharing your opinions—and thanks for all of your positive feedback! We love the site, and it’s always good to hear from readers about how much it means to you. (We’re happy to report that 99.4% of you “most enjoy” the Real Wedding posts!)

Curious about some of the nitty gritty? Here are some stats we thought it might be fun to share:

  • About 50% of respondents are between 20-30 years old, and another third are 30-40. The rest (besides a few under-20s) are 40 and older—we were excited to see we even have a couple of readers who self-identified as 60+.
  • 84% of you have been visiting the blog for more than a year, and we’re thrilled that so many people keep coming back for more—even though more than a quarter of respondents said that they are already happily married!
  • More than half of you said you’d be interested in seeing A Bicycle Built for Two on Instagram, and a healthy number already follow us on Tumblr and Facebook. However, less than 10% of y’all visit our page on Pinterest—we’ll be working on jazzing it up in the next few months, so if you’re a Pinterest user, come on over!

nina & journey

Gripes? We heard a few, and we promise to work on them! One had to do with galleries— although we think it can be fun to look back into the archives, they are also, as someone pointed out, a way for us to “recycle” material, and we’ll try to use them in moderation. The best way to help us with that is to make sure we have plenty of submissions—encourage your friends, aunts, cousins, coworkers, etc. to submit their photos to the site!

We think that our most important area for improvement has to do with diversity. While a majority of respondents said they “see themselves” in the couples who appear on A Bicycle Built for Two, we also had lots of requests for more people of color, people with disabilities, and non-U.S. weddings. The most common comment, though, was that folks (ourselves included!) are excited about seeing more trans* and genderqueer weddings. If that is you (or someone you’re marrying), then please consider submitting— and feel free to be explicit with any requests involving language, pronouns, etc.!

We loved reading every single one of your survey responses, but there were a few that we just had to share.

“I LOVE that the blog covers [real] people. I connect so well because everything is perfectly imperfect—just like normal people are.” 

liz & lucy

We also know that, for some of you, the blog is a happy place in a world where things aren’t always coming up roses. You are one of the reasons we think it is so important for this blog to exist—you are not alone, and we hope that someday you will find yourselves celebrating your love for your partner with a big ol’ cake (or other dessert of your choice)!

“In my country same-sex marriage does not exist and well, let’s just say that being gay here is not the easiest thing. But your blog always cheers me up, and the moments I spend just scrolling through all the lovely couples are like daydreaming to me.” 

“When I was in the process of coming out it was such a sanctuary for me.” 

Finally, there was one respondent who surprised us, then made us shed a few happy tears:

“I am a straight mom of a lesbian daughter. She is about to be married to a beautiful, wonderful woman. I love looking at your beautiful wedding pictures. I hope they will submit theirs!” 

Supportive moms are so great, aren’t they? We hope they submit their photos too!

We’ll be back with a beautiful engagement on Monday, but in the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Pride to those of you who are already celebrating!

Photos courtesy of De Nueva and Shutter Styles Photography.

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Sponsor Spotlight

Every once in a while, we take a break from real wedding and engagement shoots to thank our sponsors, whose support has made it possible for A Bicycle Built for Two to exist these 5+ years! Their lovely ads are always featured in our sidebar, but today we want to put them front and center. We are so grateful for their support!

Our Sponsors

Bario Neal


If you’re looking for an incredibly unique, ethically sourced, handcrafted engagement ring, then Bario Neal should be your first stop. They’re committed to environmentally responsible creations, and they’re long-time supporters of marriage equality—even if you’re not in the market for a ring, they also have some other amazing pieces, so take this opportunity to peruse their site!

M. Davidson-Schapiro Photography

m davidson

Michelle works in Boston & beyond, taking gorgeous photos of weddings, engagements, and other events (plus some very cute babies!). Michelle did an interview with us last year, when she filled us in on her own wedding & some of her favorite things about being a photographer; she was also recently featured on the awesome Autostraddle column Follow Your Arrow! If you’re looking for a photographer in the New England area, make sure to check out her site!

Wild Bloom Photography


Catherine is based in both Minneapolis & Brooklyn, bringing her “unfussy” aesthetic to weddings, engagements, and more. Lat year, we featured her beautiful photos from Heidi & Kelly’s fall wedding in upstate New York, and in the past, we’ve posted several other weddings from CatherineHead on over to her website and, for more pretty pictures, you can follow her on Instagram too!

Get Involved

If you’re a wedding vendor who’s interested in joining this all-star line-up, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love to send you an info sheet and talk to you about ways we can help spread the word about your business.

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Take Our Reader Survey

In the spirit of springtime, we are thinking big thoughts about how A Bicycle Built for Two can grow and change in the coming year—and we’d love to hear what you think!

Click on the link below to participate in our reader survey. It shouldn’t take long, and your input will help us to make the blog better than ever.


jj10Photo courtesy of Annie Gerber

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Join the Wedding Party!

Update: Thanks to all of you who’ve written to us! We’ve heard from a number of people already, so if you’re interested in this position, please get in touch by 5 PM EST Tuesday, May 3rd. 

Dearest readers,

We’ve got big plans here at A Bicycle Built for Two, and we’re looking for one (or more!) lovely people to join our all-star team! If you are an organized and reasonably tech-savvy individual who is passionate about sharing the love of diverse LBTQ folks with the world wide web, then we would love to talk to you.

More specifically, we are seeking an editor to help prepare posts, keep our social media looking fabulous, and bring new ideas to the blog. This is a volunteer position—unfortunately, we can’t afford to pay you for your work, but we can offer you a cut of any profits, endless love, some top-notch resume experience, and perhaps even an invitation to our future wedding!


This position will entail:

  • Organizing submissions of engagement and wedding stories & photos to prepare approximately 3 posts per week
  • Maintaining frequent updates to our Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook pages
  • Overseeing the ABBFT email account and helping us respond to emails in a timely fashion
  • Reaching out to photographers or other vendors (via social media and/or through email) to solicit new submissions 
  • Assisting with special projects (making galleries, sponsored posts, etc.!)


  • Great written communication and organization skills
  • A passion for sharing stories of LBTQ love (you don’t have to be married and/or planning a wedding to be involved!) 
  • Innovative ideas for the future of ABBFT
  • Ability to use or learn WordPress & Google Apps (we can teach you the basics, but a working knowledge helps!)

Time Investment: about 5 hours per week

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, we’d love to hear from you—just send us a brief message about yourself and your experience, telling us why you’d be a good fit for A Bicycle Built for Two!

Photo courtesy of Lisa Shaw.

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Old Favorites & New Submissions!

Now that A Bicycle Built for Two has been Tumbling for just over a year, we thought we’d take a quick look back at our top five most popular posts. Check out these lovely couples—and remember, if you haven’t visited us on Tumblr and Pinterest, there’s most LBTQ wedding joy just around the digital corner!

Jamie & Jesse

Honestly, we’re not surprised this gorgeous Chicago wedding is beloved by our social media followers. We can’t get enough of these beautiful images either!


Lo & Kate

And then there’s this amazing Mexican beach wedding, with a couple whose suit and dress games could not be more on point. (Kate’s unique lace dress made this Buzzfeed gallery!)


Amanda & Brianna

This incredible New York engagement shoot features another stunning couple, some killer polka dots, and amazing natural light.


Liz & Nadine

Liz and Nadine’s backyard Denver wedding was a gorgeous, flower-filled celebration of their love.


Angela & Quyen

And here’s an incredibly sweet Cincinnati engagement from one of our favorite photographers.



We love admiring some of these old favorites, but we’re also actively looking for new submissions. Photographers, engaged, and newly married folks—we’d love to see your stories and pictures and share them with the world!

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