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It’s Wedding Season!

It’s that time of year again: we’re taking our annual break from the regular line-up of weddings and engagements to do a little traveling, regroup, and enjoy the beginnings of summer! In our absence, we’ve scheduled a veritable extravaganza of goodness—features on TWO brand new LGBTQ+ wedding books, a photo road trip across the U.S.  in the form of city- and region-specific galleries, and our recurring “Flashback Friday” series, which revisits gems from the archives.

We’ll be back in late June with more more new weddings and engagements—so if you have a wedding or engagement shoot of your own coming up this summer, make sure to submit!

Photo (from this gorgeous shoot) by Amanda Swiger.

wedding season

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New Tumblr Favorites & A Quick Note

It’s been six months since we last checked in on some of your social media favorites, so today, we thought we’d swing by the ol’ Tumblr to revisit some of our most-loved posts. In addition to the perennial favorites Jamie & Jesse (yes, we know, they’re ridiculously good-looking), our followers have been all about…

This kiss from Lauren & Jessie‘s colorful 2014 wedding:

lauren & jessie

This Chicago engagement shoot from Anna & Hannah, way back in 2011:

anna and hannah

And Ashlee & Alyssa‘s beautifully rainbow wedding ensemble, as shown here:

Ashlee & Alyssa

Our most popular Tumblr post of 2017 so far is this beautiful photo from Tracy & Danielle‘s post-election celebration of love and solidarity:

tracy & danielle

Over on Pinterest, people are loving our board Brides in Pants//Lesbian & Queer Wedding Inspiration, so if you’re looking for dapper style, suspenders, or bow-tie chic, head on over to check that one out.

Submit, submit, submit!

And if you’ve noticed that things are looking a little slow around here, well, you’re not wrong. Ashley & I (Maggie) are both finishing graduate programs this semester, which means lots of writing and a little less blogging. That being said, the more submissions you send our way, the better—we’re not going anywhere, and we want your glorious weddings and engagement shoots, so use the submissions form or drop us a line if you have questions about sharing your story and photos. We love to hear from you!

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Thank you!

As 2016 draws to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity both to wish you all a happy new year, and thank you for your support of A Bicycle Built for Two. Whether you’ve been one of our loyal readers, contributed your wedding or engagement photos, taken our summer survey, worked with us on a sponsored post, or offered your financial support as an advertiser, we’re so thankful that you’ve been a part of the blog this year! One of the reasons we love this site is the community around it, so thank you so much for your words, photos, stories, and support.

We’d like to offer an extra-large shoutout to our sponsors—we admire the work they do and are so grateful for their financial support, which makes this site possible! If you’re in the market for unique and beautiful jewelry or excellent, queer-friendly photography, check out the links in this post or on our sidebar.

Bario Neal


M. Davidson-Shapiro Photographym-davidson

Wild Bloom PhotographyBAB

Thanks, too, to everyone who’s sponsored a post or giveaway in the last twelve months: Basic Invite, Focus PhotographyCassandra Zetta, The Mindy Weiss Wedding Book, and League of Kitchens. Be sure to check out their services, along with the many other businesses featured in our vendor directory. We couldn’t keep the blog going without all of you!

What’s next?

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of the blog, please reach out to us! We’re actively seeking advertisers for our sidebar and individuals or companies interested in sponsoring posts—and in this political climate, it is even more important than ever for queer-friendly businesses to be visible and vocal in their support of our community. Drop us a line to learn more about working with us in the coming year. We’d love to hear from you!


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Popping the Question: Put a Ring On It

Welcome to our new series here at A Bicycle Built for Two: Popping the Question! Based on the interests you expressed in our survey this summer, we’ll be tackling some questions that unique to wedding planning as a queer couple. 


Today’s questions are all about engagement rings: How did you pick them out? Did one of you surprise the other? Was it important to you to have matching or complementary styles? Or did you skip the rings entirely, in favor of tattoos or an engagement puppy?

Whether you’re married, engaged, or simply dreaming of future rings, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post or get in touch with us. We’ll be accepting responses through next Friday, November 25th, and then we’ll compile a post with some of our favorite stories, so get in touch!


In other news, we’re always accepting your submissions. Now more than ever, we are committed to celebrating our love and our community, and seeing photos from your weddings and engagements in our inbox warms the cockles of our queer hearts!

Photos courtesy of Scott Martin Studio.

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Usually, this is a space for celebration. Today, there’s not much celebrating to do.

But we’re still here—in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. and abroad, here to offer support and love and strength to one another.

We’re here because we have work to do: the work of taking care of ourselves and our loved ones today and tomorrow and every day for the next four years and beyond. The work of speaking up in defense of the rights of our black and brown and Muslim and immigrant brothers and sisters, of people with disabilities, of trans folks and the rest of our LGBTQ+ community.

We know this work will be exhausting, but we will not give up. We will keep celebrating our love and our families because we know, down to the bottom of our hearts, that where there is hate, there is love—more love, stronger love—and that love can’t be taken away from us.

We are here. We will be strong.


Photo courtesy of Amanda Swiger.

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On AfterEllen

We wanted to take a moment here to note the loss of AfterEllen, one of the few and the proud sites devoted to content by and for queer women.

This weekend, we’re sending our thanks to Trish Bendix and the rest of the editorial team for the work they’ve done over the last fourteen years. Looking forward, we hope this can be a reminder to hold our community close. Read publications owned and edited by queer women, support our businesses, and donate if you can to sites like Autostraddle and others, which cannot survive without our support. Share your love with On a Bicycle Built for Two by submitting your stories and photos, spreading the word about the site, and sharing our posts on Facebook and Tumblr.

Even in 2016, there are plenty of people ready to silence us and make us invisible, so it’s our goal to shout lesbian, bi, queer, and trans love from the rooftops. We hope you’ll help.

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Tumblr & Pinterest Favorites

Every six months or so, it’s fun to check and see which photos are getting lots of love on Tumblr & Pinterest. This fall, there’s some perennial winners (like Jamie & Jesse’s breathtakingly glamorous Chicago wedding), but lots of new favorites as well! Here’s a selection of five of our most-liked weddings—enjoy, repost, pin, share, and if you’re not already following us on Tumblr & Pinterest…well, what are you waiting for?

Emily & Holly

It’s easy to see why Emily & Holly’s English farm wedding is such a hit—from their beautiful flowers to that delicious-looking cake.

tumblr_o5s99egy8a1uuwis5o1_1280Amalia & Melissa

Amalia & Melissa’s wedding took place in a NYC bookstore, complete with a subway ride that took place in their dresses!

amalia-and-melissaAdele & Sarah

Our favorite detail from Adele & Sarah’s English wedding is the bunting: they asked each guest to bring a piece of material and sewed them together to create their utterly unique decor.

adele-sarahSheika & Morgan 

Sheika & Morgan’s Kentucky wedding was held at a tea house, where they jumped the broom, as per African American tradition!

sheika-and-morganJen & Carien

Jen & Carien’s Chicago ceremony features some great black and white shots—and one extremely adorable baby!

We’ve also been getting lots of love for our galleries, including our compendium of bookish LBTQ weddings, our extravaganza of brides & brooms in vests, and our seasonally appropriate feature on fall weddings, which opens with this adorable bow-tie-wearing puppy dog:


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