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Come Visit Us on Pinterest!

After far too long, A Bicycle Built for Two is back on Pinterest, where we have new lesbian and queer wedding inspiration boards featuring expanded versions of some of our recent galleries. From a growing collage of beautiful bouquets to quirky delights like a collection of our wedding/engagement photos featuring umbrellas, we have dozens of new pins to help you plan…or just for you to admire! In working on these boards, Ashley and I rediscovered just how addictive Pinterest can be– if you need us anytime in the next six years, we’ll be here, scrolling through pictures of delicious-looking wedding cakes.

Speaking of social media, don’t forget to follow us on Tumblr, where we regularly post some of our favorite images from the blog archives– and Facebook, which is now being updated on a regular basis by the lovely Shannon (many thanks to her!).

Do you have ideas for other Pinterest boards/Tumblr features/inspiration galleries? Leave a comment on this post or drop us a line with your thoughts! We’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to send us your wedding and engagement photos. We’d especially love to see more submissions featuring people of color, plus-sized ladies, masculine-of-center folk, and people from outside the U.S.A.!


Photo courtesy of Hartman Outdoor Photography.

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Links & News for Advertisers!


Over the last few months, couples from A Bicycle Built for Two have been showing up all over the web:

If you’re looking for more Bicycle Built for Two goodness around the web, don’t forget to check out our Tumblr page– where we regularly feature current photos from the blog and throwbacks from the archives!

In other news…

If you’re a photographer or other wedding-related vendor, you might be interested to know that we have just launched several new advertising initiatives, so if you’re interested in working with us on an ad, a sponsored post, or even a giveaway for our beloved readers, then please get in touch A.S.A.P.!

Photo courtesy of Amber Wilkie.


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A Big Thank You for a Big Day!

It was almost five years ago that Tracey started this site to collect ideas for her own two-bride wedding. In the last five years a lot has happened. First, you all started reading this site, looking at pictures and submitting your own stories. Then, Tracey and Angela got married, on a boat in San Diego. They had some beautiful babies, and then Shannon came on the scene, to help with the blog and leave Tracey more time for parenting.  And finally, not too long ago, Ashley and I took over, to track the ever-increasing number of pictures and emails coming in.

As all that happened, the world was changing around us. Gay marriage was slowly legalized, state by state, case after case made their way through the courts, and activists made petitions, phone calls, and speeches. And now, today, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of true marriage equality, in every state in the country. Get out your rainbow flags and your sparklers and go buy yourself a milkshake! Today is the day!

Ashley and I found this blog when we were in college, newly out to ourselves and our families, and looking for role models. Googling “lesbian” was still a scary prospect, but when I first saw the tandem bicycle picture we all know and love, I knew I had found a good place. In the days that followed, we scrolled through pictures, read stories, and started to see ourselves in the pretty dresses, dapper vests, converse sneakers, laughter, tears, and love.

So today, we want to thank Tracey for starting this site and keeping it going, for giving us pretty pictures and true stories, wedding inspiration, proposal ideas, and so many role models of women who express their love fully and deeply every day. We want to thank Shannon for the work that she did to update the site on a regular basis, and we want to thank you for reading and submitting your photos and your stories! Thank you, too, for the work you’ve been doing offline, the work of coming out to friends and family, standing up for your rights, and living your lives as honesty and as kindly as you can. That work could not be more important.

Of course, that work is not over– and in the coming days and weeks and years, we will keep working, so that our friends around the world can express their love freely and legally, so that our friends at home can be sure of fair treatment and safe spaces regardless of their gender identity and expression, and so that all of us can celebrate ourselves and our loves with the full support of our governments, our friends, and our families. But today, we will celebrate by holding our wives (and partners and girlfriends and puppy dogs) close and raising our glasses to Mary Bonauto and Edie Windsor and the many, many, many other women (and men!) who have helped us to win this victory! HOORAY!

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Greetings! Here at the intersection of Pride Month and wedding season, we wanted to let you know about some improvements that we are making to the site!

First of all, the Vendor Directory has been updated for the first time in many moons— which means there are more than a hundred new postings for photographers, planners, bespoke suit-makers, and other LBTQ-friendly folk who would be thrilled to work on your wedding. In particular, keep your eyes open for lesbian-owned businesses, many of whom have self-identified in their blurbs.

Secondly, we are working on re-entering the world of social media. If you’re a Tumblr user, you can follow our pretty, new Tumblr blog here! The reawakening of the Facebook page and some new Pinterest boards will be coming soon, so keep an eye out.

As always, make sure to keep submitting your photos (especially engagements!) and spread the word about the Bicycle blog. And if you have any suggestions on other improvements you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you!

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Birthday Fiesta

Do you remember when both their heads nearly fit in the palm of Angela’s hand?

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Angela and I are so grateful for your support over the years but I have become so wrapped up in life outside of the blog. Over the weekend I reflected on how far this country has come and how blessed I am to live in a country that allows me to marry and raise children with someone of the same sex. I know this isn’t the case for everyone in every state but even in those state where gay marriage is not yet legal I am confident it will be soon.

Pierce and Gray will be a year old tomorrow. A year! The longest and shortest year of my life. Angela and I are celebrating with a big birthday bash on Saturday and then we are heading to Croatia next week for a much needed vacation without the babies. I hope to post pics of both.

And while I love this blog, the community it has created and the service it is doing for those that want inspiration and normalization  it hasn’t been a priority for me over the past year. But don’t worry – I’m not walking away! Shannon has been doing an amazing job of keeping it up for the last 1.5 years. I am looking for another somebody out there who is willing to help her out and keep posts up on the blog. You would be paid with love and gratitude (I fork over more in web hosting fees than I make on this blog). You can be anywhere in the country but I just ask that you are able to commit to it fairly regularly and for a reasonable duration.

If you are interested please email me at traceyraebeal@ – Tracey

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Personal Update

I miss you and hope you guys are doing well. The babies are already 8 months old and I am still trying to get acclimated to how much your life shifts when you go from no kids to two kids (will it ever happen – who knows?). Angela is an AMAZING mother and although it can be overwhelming at times to be home all day with the babies she wouldn’t change it for anything. I am working full time and do mom duty in the early mornings, afternoons/evenings and weekends. During these times I try to give Angela some breaks which means we don’t spend as much time together as we would like. Our focus and priorities have shifted to the babies and to being the best parents possible and for now we take the limited time we can get with one another and relish in it. After the babies go to bed I do freelance consulting work from home and after that if I have some precious free time I work on the blog. Luckily Shannon is still a huge asset to the blog and keeps the posts coming.

Also, my sister got married in September at our parents home and the photos are just stunning. Check them out

Let me know how you all are doing! If you are a new reader introduce yourself. – Tracey

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