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On AfterEllen

We wanted to take a moment here to note the loss of AfterEllen, one of the few and the proud sites devoted to content by and for queer women.

This weekend, we’re sending our thanks to Trish Bendix and the rest of the editorial team for the work they’ve done over the last fourteen years. Looking forward, we hope this can be a reminder to hold our community close. Read publications owned and edited by queer women, support our businesses, and donate if you can to sites like Autostraddle and others, which cannot survive without our support. Share your love with On a Bicycle Built for Two by submitting your stories and photos, spreading the word about the site, and sharing our posts on Facebook and Tumblr.

Even in 2016, there are plenty of people ready to silence us and make us invisible, so it’s our goal to shout lesbian, bi, queer, and trans love from the rooftops. We hope you’ll help.

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Tumblr & Pinterest Favorites

Every six months or so, it’s fun to check and see which photos are getting lots of love on Tumblr & Pinterest. This fall, there’s some perennial winners (like Jamie & Jesse’s breathtakingly glamorous Chicago wedding), but lots of new favorites as well! Here’s a selection of five of our most-liked weddings—enjoy, repost, pin, share, and if you’re not already following us on Tumblr & Pinterest…well, what are you waiting for?

Emily & Holly

It’s easy to see why Emily & Holly’s English farm wedding is such a hit—from their beautiful flowers to that delicious-looking cake.

tumblr_o5s99egy8a1uuwis5o1_1280Amalia & Melissa

Amalia & Melissa’s wedding took place in a NYC bookstore, complete with a subway ride that took place in their dresses!

amalia-and-melissaAdele & Sarah

Our favorite detail from Adele & Sarah’s English wedding is the bunting: they asked each guest to bring a piece of material and sewed them together to create their utterly unique decor.

adele-sarahSheika & Morgan 

Sheika & Morgan’s Kentucky wedding was held at a tea house, where they jumped the broom, as per African American tradition!

sheika-and-morganJen & Carien

Jen & Carien’s Chicago ceremony features some great black and white shots—and one extremely adorable baby!

We’ve also been getting lots of love for our galleries, including our compendium of bookish LBTQ weddings, our extravaganza of brides & brooms in vests, and our seasonally appropriate feature on fall weddings, which opens with this adorable bow-tie-wearing puppy dog:


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Popping the Question: What’s in a Name?

Welcome to our new series here at A Bicycle Built for Two: Popping the Question! Based on the interests you expressed in our survey this summer, we’ll be tackling some questions that unique to wedding planning as a queer couple.

Beth Aimee Battle For A Last Name-HIghRes-0079

Our first question is about last names: Did you (or do you plan to) keep yours? Take your partner’s? If so, how do you pick which name to keep?

We’re heard about (and featured!) a variety of creative solutions, but now, we want to hear your stories. Leave a comment on this post or get in touch with us to let us know what you think about this question—whether you’re married, planning a wedding, or just planning ahead. We’ll be accepting responses through this Friday, September 16th, and then we’ll compile a post with some of our favorite stories, so get in touch!


In other news, we’re still enthusiastically accepting your submissions of wedding and engagement photos. If you went to, were in, or had a beautiful queer wedding (or engagement!) this summer, send those pictures our way!

Photo courtesy of Tara Beth Photography.

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Meet the Team: Jane

This Wednesday, we’re delighted to introduce our third (and final!) new team member: Jane, a 33-year-old from Washington, D.C.

How did you find the blog?

One of my best friends showed it to me when we were planning our wedding.

What do you love about A Bicycle Built for Two?

It gives LBTQ women a place to share ideas, designs, and their stories…. It is nice to feel represented! When planning a wedding, all the bride/groom crap gets annoying.


Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

 We got married almost a year ago ON the day marriage equality was passed – June 26! We totally got lucky! Planned the wedding for over a year… it was awesome. Here it is!

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

We forced all of our friends and family to embark on a rather tedious journey (two+ flights, taxi ride, boat ride, another taxi, etc.) to the Virgin Islands, which was the biggest “must have!” We love St. John and had a blast sharing our love with our favorite people. For the wedding ITSELF, I insisted on the best catering we could find (I’m a total foodie), and my wife insisted on the best photographer we could find (she’s VERY into photography).

What do you do for fun?

I’m a bookworm, so you’ll find me engrossed in my Kindle. We also love the outdoors and travel.

Jane and Laurie

Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have a menagerie, as we both love animals. We have three cats and two dogs. The cats are Maine coon, Bengal, and a black DSH. The dogs are both ridgebacks. Cats: Dolphin, Phoebe and Noir. Dogs: Supernova and Zuzana (Nova & Zu).

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

I don’t like cold sandwiches in general. Deli meat is gross. A really good panini with pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto will go over well though!


Many thanks to Jane for volunteering her time to work with A Bicycle Built for Two! She has her own web design company, and has offered to help us with some much needed updates to the function and design of the site. We can’t tell you how excited we are to see the finished product!

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Meet the Team: Taylor

Taylor is a 20-something who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and today, we’re excited to introduce her as one of the latest additions to the Bicycle blog crew!

How did you find the blog?

I can’t remember the specifics, but it must have been a few years ago when I was beginning to ask Google for answers about my sexuality. Thanks, Google! You’re a lifesaver.

What do you love about A Bicycle Built for Two?

I absolutely love the stories – they were what keep me coming back all these years! Finally I had narratives that I could see myself in and stories of new possibilities for my future.


Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

I am (very) unmarried. Not sure if there are varied degrees of being unmarried… But I do hope to be married someday!

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

Since many of my friends are getting married, I think about this question a lot. I want my future wedding to be an expression of who my partner and I are as a couple. So my “must-have” would be the courage to break tradition and be creative!

What do you do for fun?

I love spending time with people, first and foremost! This often includes exploring the city, biking, hiking, attending events and eating good food. I also enjoy reading and playing the violin.

2013-11-15 15.57.09

One of Taylor’s favorite bookstores. 

Do you have any pets?

I don’t, but I love cats! Befriending people with cats that I can cuddle is a high priority.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

If I’m making it myself on-the-go, I love a good peanut butter and honey sandwich, especially if the honey crystallizes around the edges. Otherwise, Reubens and anything with hummus are favorites!

2015-02-17 11.49.21

Check out that slice of avocado on the left! 


Many thanks to Taylor for her willingness to get involved with A Bicycle Built for Two! She’ll be managing our social media and working on special projects—you’ve already seen some of her awesome work on our Tumblr page!

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Meet the Team: Alice

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the first of our new team members: Alice, a recent university graduate who lives in Oxfordshire, England! 

How did you find the blog?

Honestly, I’ve been reading it for so long I can’t remember! I think I might have stumbled upon it through a Tumblr post, but I’m not entirely sure.

What do you love about A Bicycle Built for Two?

I love that it gives a platform to so many LGBTQ women, from all walks of life, and celebrates the love between them. The blog was a great source of comfort and hope to me when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality, providing some much-needed representation of the kind of future I wanted to have. I particularly love reading the stories of how couples met, and the ‘Brides Revisited’ series. The beautiful photos aren’t so bad either!

Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

I’m unmarried and definitely won’t be planning a wedding any time soon! That said, it can’t hurt to store up ideas for the future, right?!


What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

This is a very theoretical question for me right now (see above!), but first and foremost I would want to enjoy the day celebrating with the people that I love. There is often so much stress surrounding weddings—the day should be all about joy and love! (Sorry that came out sounding more cheesy than I intended!)

What do you do for fun?

I love spending time outdoors—especially hiking and rowing (the sport, not arguing!). I’m also a bit of an old lady at heart and enjoy knitting when I get the time!

Do you have any pets?

I have a dog called Oscar who’s just turned 1. He’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever—it’s a bit of a mouthful!


Look at that model dog! 

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

What a difficult question! It’s going to have to be a tie between tuna mayo and jam. (I think you might call jam sandwiches ‘jelly’ sandwiches across the pond, but I could be mistaken!)


We’re so grateful to Alice for jumping in to help with A Bicycle Built for Two. She’ll be managing all of our new submissions and keeping the blog running on the daily—we can’t wait for you to see all of her beautiful work!

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It’s Wedding Season!


You’ve been seeing a lot of words from us recently, but we had to pipe up one more time to let you know that we’re going on vacation! In light of a big move, a wedding (not ours!), and various other behind-the-scenes happenings, you can expect a little something different for the next month of A Bicycle Built for Two, as we take a short break from regular posts to let our new team settle into their roles.

Don’t worry! We’ll still be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—sharing new galleries, archive favorites, and introducing you to the new additions to the Bicycle blog crew. Then, in the middle of July, we’ll be back with more new weddings and engagements—so if you have a wedding (or engagement shoot!) of your own coming up this summer, make sure to submit!

Photo from Colleen & Riley’s engagement session, courtesy of Jenny Wohrle

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