Farewell, Wedding Lovers!

It’s been more than three years since Ashley and I began our tenure as Bicyclers-in-Chief—three wonderful years of gorgeous queer love, passionate wedding photographers, dapper style, two-dress weddings, and hand-crafted mason jar centerpieces. Forgive us if we’ve told this story before, but when we first found the blog, we were both undergrads, recently out and trying to find images of ourselves in a world where Googling “lesbian” can be a scary prospect. After somehow stumbling across an engagement shoot during a long night of collegiate procrastination, I sent Ashley the link to the blog, and the rest was history—we went on to become devoted A Bicycle Built for Two readers, and when the opportunity came to volunteer for the blog, we jumped at it.

Ashley Maggie-143 copy

All this is to say that we know what the blog means to some of you because it’s meant the same thing to us—visibility, celebration, community, the opening up of futures we could hardly have imagined just a few years ago. When we started working on the blog, same-sex marriage was illegal in 31 U.S. states. Since then, we’ve experienced milestones and setbacks, but through it all, we’ve been nothing but grateful for this generous, diverse, international community. Your pride, joy, and love are the reason this blog exists.

Now, we’re making room for a new generation of wedding-lovers, who will take over blog operations beginning on February 1st. Until then, please bear with us as our recent hiatus stretches a little longer in order to give Morgan, Sam, Erin, and Casey time to prepare for an amazing 2018 full of LBTQ weddings, engagements, and more.

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The last three years have meant so much to us, and we’re thankful to each and every one of you for your support of the blog—whether that means sharing links, contributing your stories, or simply paying us a visit every now and then. Now, Ashley and I are off to plan our own wedding, with frequent trips through the blog archives for inspiration and guidance from those of you who’ve paved the way!

With love,
Maggie & Ashley

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  1. julia bradbury
    Posted Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    Oh Maggie both me and my partner Michelle have really enjoyed your blog and wish it every success in the future.
    I’m so glad that yourself and Ashley are getting married and wish you every happiness in your new life together.
    Michelle and myself will be getting married in the fall and will both be wearing white Wedding Dresses and pink Huntress Wellingtons, our Bridesmaids will be wearing pink Wellingtons too.
    Best Wishes

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