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We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

This week, we’re excited to share Love Les, a photography and interview site focused on queer stories! Leslie, the site’s founder and namesake, is a self-described lipstick lesbian and LGBTQ+ advocate, committed to uplifting and affirming love in all its forms. She says she’s a “hopeless romantic,” but Leslie’s site is filled with hope—in the form of conversations with queer folks about their coming out stories, relationships, and ways of moving through the world.

Because Leslie is based in Atlanta, her site is a gold mine for stories of Southern queers—but she’s also interviewed folks as far away as New York City. Head on over to Love Les to read stories from A Bicycle Built for Two‘s very own Taylor, military couple Krystal & Brook (pictured here), and “wild and holy woman” Jes Kast, a femme minister with a collection of “different colored heels to match the liturgical calendar.”

We can’t get enough of these stories and images—and we’re so grateful to Leslie for her work on this amazing project!

krystal & brook

Look for Link Love every Friday through the end of August—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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