Link Love: Marryokes

We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

Although this week’s link isn’t *specifically* LBTQ+, it’s so amazing that we really couldn’t resist sharing….

Meet Marryokes, a husband-and-wife team who specializes in beautiful, epically produced music videos starring couples, their wedding parties, their families, and their friends. We recommend starting here, with this amazing rendition of “I’m Gonna Be” set at a Scottish castle wedding, but really, you can’t go wrong! Ashley and I have spent the morning watching pretty much all the videos featured on the Marryokes site, and they’re all hilarious.

The best news of all is that, in perusing their YouTube channel, Ashley and I were happy to find a few LGBTQ+ couples in the mix—don’t miss Vicky & Michelle’s rendition of “Don’t Stop Me Now.” That being said, we wouldn’t mind seeing MORE amazing queer couples lip-synching for love… so start practicing now!

Look for Link Love every Friday through the end of August—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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