Brides Revisited: Mya & Holly— and Judah!

We love hearing from folks who have been on the blog in the past, and so, we were delighted to hear from Mya & Holly, just about a year after their ridiculously gorgeous San Francisco City Hall wedding appeared on the site!

From Mya: Hello again! Our wedding was featured on the site in January of 2015 and so much has happened since then that I wanted to send a little family update. We welcomed our son Judah in March of this year and it’s been the most thrilling experience that Holly and I have ever had. Our friends at Blueberry Photography were gracious enough to snap some photos of our little family and I adore showing them off! Here’s to hoping that everyone has a safe and joyful holiday season and that 2017 brings brighter days for our community. 

mya-holly-judah-3 mya-holly-judah-4 mya-holly-judah-2 mya-holly-judah-1

Brides Revisited is a series in which we check back in with the couples who’ve appeared on our site in the past. If you and your one true person are interested in being featured, we’d love to hear from you—whether you call yourselves brides, brooms, spouses, or something else entirely!

Event Credits

Date: 12/14/2016Location: Berkeley, CAPhotography: Blueberry Photography:
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  1. Caitlin
    Posted Thu, Jan 05, 2017 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful family! Congratulations

  2. Shirley V Crabtree
    Posted Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    One outrageously happy and Truly Blessed Naana!!! I love my daughter and her spouse for bringing my grandson into my life. It made 2016 one of my most favorite years to be alive!!!

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