Gallery: Cuddle Up

As fall arrives for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the days get cooler and we break out the sweaters, boots, and—of course—blankets! Judging from our archives, blankets are a particularly popular feature of cool-weather engagement shoots, and why not? We certainly can’t argue with results this adorable! Find a blanket of your own and cuddle up with a nice cup of tea as you peruse this gallery of beautiful blanket-lovers.

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Ashley & Kristen: View More: More: & Sam:  rachel-samrachel-sam2Alissa & Caity:alissa-caity2alissa-caity Amanda & Christina: amanda-christina amanda-christina2 Anna & Sarah:anna-sarah anna-sarah2
Devin & Christy: devin-christy devin-christy2 Hannah & Eileen: hannah-eileen2hannah-eileen Kaylin & Rhodes: kaitlyn-rhodes kaitlyn-rhodes2 Mariel & Lisa: mariel-lisa mariel-lisa2Jo & Wally: jo-wallyjo-wally2

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