Spartan Race Giveaway!

Do you enjoy running up mountains, traversing obstacle courses, and getting extremely muddy in the pursuit of physical fitness? If so, then you are about 100 times more hardcore than Ashley or I– and this is the post for you!

Spartan Races is looking for competitors for their (televised!) Fittest Bride Challenge this October, and although I would never (ever ever ever) consider competing in this event myself, I would be extremely excited to watch one of our darling readers wow the world with their daring and intensity. Best of all, the grand champion will receive a FREE wedding reception at the Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont– a lovely venue that has actually been featured in a previous Bicycle Built for Two giveaway!

For details on how to apply to be a competitor in the Fittest Bride Challenge, check out the website here (and if you do compete, let us know so we can follow your athletic accomplishments!). Ashley has pointed out that a two-bride couple means that you potentially have TWO chances to win the grand prize here… 


The Giveaway!

Maybe you’re not interested in appearing on television, but you’ve always wanted to try a Spartan Race? Well, we’ve got good news for you too, because we’re holding a GIVEAWAY!

One winner will receive a free registration for any Spartan Race in the continental U.S.– I just checked the map, and it looks like there are upcoming events everywhere from South Carolina to Oregon.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us about the most hardcore thing you’ve every done (or just saying hello!) before Tuesday, September 22nd at 9 PM EST. We’ll use the magic of random numbers to select a winner by the end of that week, so make sure to check back for results soon!

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