Engagement: Tara & Megan

From Megan: Tara and I met over 11 years ago when we both started a new job together. Tara was actually my boss and although I’m sure it was against company policy, one night she asked me out for dinner and drinks, unaware that I wasn’t even twenty-one yet. Regardless, we sat in the restaurant for three and a half hours talking and laughing, as Tara nervously and badly sang along to every song that came on. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and as Tara drove away, all I could think of was, “I never got her number,” not remembering that we would see each other the next day at work.

We continued going on random dates for a while but still hadn’t kissed. Tara was getting nervous that I would never make the first move, so one day she pushed me up against the wall in an elevator and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. I still get a tingle down my spine when I think of it, and from that moment on, we were inseparable. We’ve always had our ups and downs, but the 11 years we’ve spent together have been amazing.

I knew I wanted to marry Tara after our first year together, but never knew the best way to propose. I wanted it to be perfect, but life kept getting in the way. I finally decided the time was right in October of 2013. On a cold and rainy morning, I sent her off on a scavenger hunt through town to all our favorite places, including the Creperie that makes the best macaroons ever, where I had a box of them waiting for her. Each stop revealed a new clue and a scrapbook page to add to a book that told our love story. She ended up at a local park where I was waiting with the final piece of the book that read “will you marry me, yes or no?” I think she was in complete shock – she had no clue this was coming and of course said “yes.”

We always joke that we are a 1950s couple. I work and handle the finances, while Tara tends to the house and raises our four puppy children. It was only fitting that we would make our engagement photos match that. We rented a room at a motel built in the 1950s that has never been updated, and remains much as it was from the date it was constructed. We portrayed two lovers meeting for an evening of debauchery, and then finished the photos off in our backyard in a tent we made together, which was falling apart mere hours before the shoot. In the end, it came out perfect and looks like it came right off a pinboard. The credit goes to Tara, who with a degree in American Studies insisted that everything be period correct, and to our photographer, Heather, who went along with our crazy idea. We are looking forward to our pin-perfect 1930s themed wedding in October of this year.

Photos courtesy of Dreaming Tree Studios.

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Event Credits

Location: Carlisle, PAPhotography: Dreaming Tree Studios, Carlisle PA
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