Wedding: Andrea & Julie

From Andrea and Julie: We were married Memorial Day weekend at Morgan’s on Fulton in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, historically known as the meatpacking district. Right off the bat we knew we wanted a venue with an unmistakeable Chicago feel. We also wanted to keep everything simple and not let others define what our wedding should or should not be. Nearly 100 friends and family members gathered to celebrate us taking this wondrous and very natural next step together. Julie elected to wear black; she didn’t want to let antiquated notions of must-wear-a-white-wedding-dress get in the way of personal style preference. Her ensemble also included a birdcage veil, a faux fur wrap, and a selfie stick. Andrea, photographed with her friends getting ready at Soho House Chicago, also chose classic black, donning a bespoke suit with marbleized pattern tie from Lifetime Collective, complete with two tone wingtips and dinosaur socks. Julie’s design firm, Studio K, provided a gorgeous backdrop constructed with resin leaves. The night was beautiful, and to have so many of the people we love within 100 feet of us at all times was an incredible feeling.

Photos courtesy of Arthur Mullen & Nako Okubo.




Event Credits

Location: Chicago, ILPhotography: Arthur Mullen & Nako OkuboVenue: Morgan's on Fulton
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    Love love LOVE the black outfits!!

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