Lesbian Engagement Shoot: Alanna & Holly

From Kendra Coupland of Redivivus Photography: It’s not every day that I hang out with a couple who are so kind and loving and openly affectionate towards each other. It’s in the way they look at each other, speak to each other and laugh with each other and just being around them inspires me to be more kind, more loving and more affectionate in my own marriage. It’s a reminder of why I became a wedding photographer in the first place – because I love love. I love seeing it and being surrounded by it. I love waking up, going to work and getting to see two people who are head-over-heels-crazy-about-each-other vow their lives to one another. I love seeing couples vow to be kind and patient with one another, to support each other through the hard times, to laugh and enjoy the good times together, to create a family, to be a friend, to help each other remember when they get old and forget, to take care of one another when they are ill, to learn and grow together. What more wonderful thing can life even offer than a life-long companion? Not much in my {not so} humble opinion.

When I’m around Holly & Alanna their love is more than evident and it’s truly an honour to have people like that in my life to inspire me, let alone be lucky enough to document such a special day for them!

Kendra Coupland is an award-winning wedding photographer based out of Burnaby, BC.

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Location: Vancouver, BC, CanadaPhotography: Redivivus Photography | www.redivivusphotography.com
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    Thats so sweet, and totally different to any engagement shoot I’ve seen before. The photographer has done a fab job of capturing their love 🙂

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