Love Shoot: Rachel & Kim

One day, Rachel decided she needed some LGBT friends because she somehow managed to make it out of music school without any (how that happened, she doesn’t really know). On that same day, Kim was bored. Both Rachel and Kim saw an advertisement for an online penpal community and signed up. Rachel messaged Kim and they began writing and mailing letters.

Letters evolved to include email, text messages, and lots and lots of Skype (for 8 hours until 6am sometimes when neither Rachel nor Kim could keep her eyes open any more). Rachel developed a ginormous crush on Kim because Kim was amazing and smart and funny and she serenaded her with “Over the Moon” from Rent once over Skype.

So one day Rachel told Kim that she liked her and, lucky for Rachel, Kim felt the same way. It was crazy and complicated and they weren’t on the same continent for most of the first nine months of their relationship (because Kim was studying abroad in Japan for some of the time and Rachel was traveling all over Europe, the US, and Canada for work) but they made it work.

They met in person on Valentine’s Day in 2011, Rachel moved to Kim’s state (to the apartment above her, actually) and Kim hasn’t been able to get rid of her ever since.

Photos courtesy of Renee Brock.

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Event Credits

Location: Metro Atlanta, GAPhotography: Renee Brock, Photojournalist (
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Wedding: The Jennas

From Jenna and Jenna’s photographer: The Jennas are too cute for words. They were married among the vines at Running Hare Vineyard in Solomons Island, MD. The day was happy and relaxed all the way through. The weather was absolutely perfect and it went off without a hitch! The girls prepared separately with family and bridesmaids and waited to have their first look be from either end of the aisle. Classic romance. Proceeded by the flower girl carrying a “here comes the brides” sign, the Jenna’s came down the aisle one by one accompanied by their fathers. It was a beautiful ceremony that focused on appreciating the support and love they had felt from each and every one of their guests throughout the years. It was very touching. They also boxed a bottle of wine for their anniversary! The reception was a complete party. The Jennas booked a full band who absolutely rocked! There was partying and dancing through to the end of the reception and it followed to a bar after that! It was such a blast watching these two families come together bonded by the love of these two wonderful women!

Check out their engagement photos here!

Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -006Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -054Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -055Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -031Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -067Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -063 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -060Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -071 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -072Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -075 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -073Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -089 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -092 Prince-Frederick-Vineyard-Wedding-Photographer -126


Event Credits

Location: Running Hare VineyardsPhotography: Mathy Shoots PeopleVenue: Running Hare Vineyard
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Wedding: Katy & Emory

From Michelle, Katy and Emory’s photographerKaty and Emory reached out to me with a rather unique wedding plan—they were planning a big community wedding in Missouri in the fall, but would first have an intimate ceremony in Boston. After initial frustration about having two weddings (because Missouri doesn’t have marriage equality, yet!), Katy and Emory found a real silver lining in having such a small, intimate ceremony with just their parents in Massachusetts and then a big, beautiful ceremony and celebration in Missouri with their large community.

Katy and Emory met in Santa Clara, CA, moved to El Salvador, then Boston, and now Chicago, and their love has grown stronger with each new place they’ve lived. That’s due not just to their love but to the incredibly empowering communities that they have been a part of in each city and country where they’ve lived. As a photographer, I get to meet all kinds of people with all kinds of stories, and while this wasn’t the smallest wedding I’ve ever photographed, it was certainly one of the sweetest. Katy and Emory’s love was apparent every moment of our time together. It was such a privilege to be there and document the first of what’s sure to be many celebrations of their marriage. Mazel tov, lovebirds!

MDS_0618 MDS_0730 MDS_0732 MDS_0801 MDS_0817 MDS_0821 MDS_0843 MDS_0846 MDS_0868 MDS_0872 MDS_0961 MDS_0973 MDS_1020 MDS_1025 MDS_1067

Event Credits

Attire: Emory's dress is from BHLDN, Katy's suit is from J.Crew and her shoes are from MadewellFlorist: In Collaboration with Alex Waldbart Florist in St. Louis, MO, the flowers were done by New Leaf Flores in Jamaica Plain, MALocation: Katy and Emory's home in Jamaica Plain, MA and the Arnold Arboretum, also in Jamaica PlainOfficiant: Katy and Emory's wonderful friend Kendra of earthseed yoga, Emory's ring is a 1920's family heirloom that was resized by Roger at James Durbin Jewelry Design, Katy's ring was made by artist Karen Johnson, The "Mrs. & Mrs." ring dish was a gift from Katy's cousin Martha that came from Crate and BarrelPhotography: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro,
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Love Shoot: Grace & Cassie

From Cassie: Grace and I have been dating for just about a year now! We met this time last year while we were both undergraduate students at DePaul University – we officially met through a mutual friend who introduced us because Grace was about to travel to El Salvador on a mission trip, which is a service/volunteer trip I had been on the previous year. Little did I know, Grace had had her eye on me for years. She would come see The Vagina Monologues at DePaul, which I would direct/perform in every year. Apparently, she had always wanted to come up to me after a show to talk to me, but always got too nervous to follow through.

When Grace returned from her service trip to El Salvador, and when I returned from my service trip to East St. Louis, she approached me at a mission trip reunion meeting to tell me that she had stayed with the SAME host family I had stayed with and befriended the host sister at her home stay, whom I had grown very close with when I was visiting El Salvador. After we started exchanging stories, Grace mentioned how she teaches women’s self-defense classes at the MMA gym she trains at in Chicago. I was in the middle of directing The Vagina Monologues again at DePaul, and I asked her if she would teach a self-defense class to the women of the cast. She agreed – and we serendipitously found out that the gym she trains at was right below my apartment building. It was fate! After she taught the self-defense class, we began to talk everyday – I would visit her at the gym after night class and she would visit me at my office job in-between her class schedule. The rest is history!

Currently, Grace is studying abroad in Merida, Mexico for the next 6 months. We both had been dreading when she would leave, and so to help with the distance, our good friend Brad Siefert offered to do a Love Photo-shoot for us so we can have some candid moments to look back on while apart. Brad runs a very successful wedding and engagement photography business, Hitch and Sparrow, and we were so flattered to be given the gifts of these beautiful pictures. I miss Grace every single day, but these pictures help me remember how happy she makes me and how lucky we are to have found each other (cheesy-I know, but true!).

Event Credits

Location: Logan Square, Chicago, ILPhotography: Brad Siefert- Hitch & Sparrow:
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Wedding: Jessica & Rebecca

From Jessica: Rebecca and I had a perfect wedding in Benton Harbor, MI. We were amazed by the incredible amount of love and support that surrounded us! And we felt that love 100-fold on our wedding day. This event was truly a community effort. We never could have pulled it off without the help of everyone involved. In lieu of a wedding shower, we invited our family and friends over for a day of eating and drinking and crafting all of our DIY details, decorations and extra special touches.

Our ceremony and reception had a “rustic elegance” feel to reflect our love of outdoor adventure and our awe of nature’s incredible wonders. We were both walked down the aisle by our fathers, one at a time. Our incredible bridal party walked to an instrumental version of “Beast of Burden” and we walked to “Our House” by Crosby, Stills and Nash. We had the absolute honor of being married by Jess’ father. He wrote and delivered a beautiful ceremony that left not a dry eye in the crowd. We wrote our own vows and sobbed our way through them. We ran from the ceremony victoriously, overjoyed that we had actually done it! We had overcome so much to get to that day and it felt incomparable to any amazing feeling ever experienced.

There were so many special touches during the ceremony that made it unique and memorable. Our first dance was “Naive Melody” covered by the Lumineers, then fading into the original Talking Heads version, at which time the rest of the bridal party joined and we danced the night away as our good friend played the perfect songs all night long. Outside, there was bonfire and inside there were 3 beautiful toasts, a delicious meal and all kinds of different pies, generously baked by friends and displayed on gorgeous wooden displays. In lieu of a photo booth, guest were encouraged to use our instant cameras to take photos of themselves and the events of the night. Guests were also encouraged to place words of wisdom on 10 different wine bottles, each to open on a different anniversary. We cut our delicious gluten free carrot cake, danced with our fathers, threw two bouquets and continued to dance until they kicked us out! The day was filled with joy, laughter, happy tears, love and unending support from family and friends. It was perfect.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Shaw.

image17 image18 image19image23image10 image9image13image12image22

Event Credits

Catering: White Horse FarmFlorist: Pam Roost and Melanie WymaLocation: Benton Harbor, MIMusic: Dan FisherOfficiant: Chuck RoostPhotography: Lisa Shaw of Bigger Picture PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Rikki SowinskiStationery: Julie SeawardVenue: Blue Dress Barn
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Engagement: Jenn & Jenna

From Christine, Jenn and Jenna’s photographer: I have always wanted to photograph a proposal. I still can’t believe my first proposal was for two of my unbelievably beautiful friends, Jenn and Jenna. You see, a while ago Jenn proposed to Jenna – it was ultra-romantic, complete with rose petals, candles, and little notes hidden around their home. I was over the moon excited for them to start their wedding planning adventure together.

Fast forward to about 2 months ago. Jenna messaged me to see if I’d be interested in photographing her proposal to Jenn. I almost died with excitement! There were a lot of “eeeeeeeee” moments coming from my office. After a ton of planning on Jenna’s part, the day finally came. Whether rain or shine, Jenna was determined to pop the question to Jenn – I love that about Jenna, she was just 100% committed! So rain and all, we went to Dundurn Castle, and after a few “test shots” Jenna got down on one knee and popped the question! After Jenn’s excited “YES” we took some engagement photos of these two beauties! I am so happy for my two friends!


Event Credits

Location: Ontario, CanadaPhotography: Christine Picheca Photography
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Wedding: Stefanie & Kathleen

Here at A Bicycle Built for Two, we celebrate love every day, but especially today, we send our very best wishes to all the couples who have been featured over the years, all the couples who have turned to this blog for inspiration, and all the readers out there who are still looking for the perfect Valentine to share engagement rings, wedding cakes, and bouquets with. Happy Valentine’s Day to Stefanie & Kathleen and to all of you!

From Danielle, Stefanie and Kathleen’s photographer: I first met Stefanie and Kathleen through kijiji, of all places, just over 2 years ago, when I was looking to capture some same-sex couples’ sessions. We met, we shot, we became instant friends. I had the pleasure of having them in front of the camera twice and I was honoured to have been asked to be there for their big day. Stefanie and Kathleen’s beautiful, down to earth, intimate wedding in Fredericton, New Brunswick was truly one of a kind. Both girls had absolutely stunning wedding dresses and personalized details. Their day was intimate, romantic, and full of love and support for the happy couple. The brides rented out an entire B&B to get ready at the morning of their wedding and we had their first look just across the street under a willow tree. We ended up getting the majority of the photos done before the rain hit us! We experienced some downpours, some sun, and wind during the day. A typical day in the Maritimes! They had a small ceremony in a chapel on UNB campus, followed by an intimate dinner with friends and family at a local restaurant, Brewbakers. After that, a party broke out where more friends joined in to celebrate the happy couple (but not before we got a few shots in their roller derby skates!). Stefanie and Kathleen couldn’t have looked more radiant on their day, and I couldn’t be happier being involved in something so beautiful.

DSC_0670 DSC_0732DSC_0272 DSC_0794 DSC_0812 DSC_0851 DSC_0894 DSC_1013 DSC_1113 DSC_1367DLR_6881 DSC_1585DLR_7310 DSC_2204

Event Credits

Location: Fredericton, New BrunswickPhotography: DLR Photography - www.dlrphoto.caVenue: Edwin Jacob Chapel, Brewbakers restaurant
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