Wedding: Jess & Emet

From Jess: Our story is truly meant to be. We are both Americans who were living in Israel when we met in May 2013 at a queer womyn’s gathering in Jerusalem. A short five months later, we were both studying at the same Jewish institution and Emet surprised me with a proposal, even though we had been discussing our plans to get married. You can check out the surprise proposal here. We took some engagement photos with camels and deserts and with the beautiful city of Jerusalem behind us, a city that means so much to us, since we met and got engaged there. We got married legally in LA. Our Jewishness is very important to us, and we brought many of the observant traditions into our wedding. We are so blessed to have an incredibly supportive and loving family, and our wedding day was fabulous. We hadn’t seen each other during the 7 days prior to the wedding, so it was a very emotionally charged day for us. We hope you enjoy the photos!

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Emerling.

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EmetJess_Portraits068 EmetJess_Portraits069

EmetJess_Portraits143 EmetJess_Portraits146 EmetJess_Portraits243

Event Credits

Attire: Binde & Keep & Bridals by LoriCatering: Balabusta Catering: www.balabustacatering.comLocation: Los Angeles, CAMusic: DJ Keelez: www.djkeelez.comOfficiant: Rabbi Susan GoldbergPhotography: Jennifer Emerling: Wilshire Boulevard Temple
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Engagement: Chelsea & Erin

From Chelsea and Erin: We wanted to get our engagement photos at one of our favorite places to go – the Ballard Market. We got to dance, eat cheese, and taste delicious sweet samples while getting our photos taken. Not a bad deal! Our favorite part of this experience was realizing that we are a step closer to getting married. Life is so sweet – and getting to share it with the best hearted, best looking and most fun person you know makes it even sweeter.

Photos courtesy of Kristi Waite Photos.



Event Credits

Location: Ballard Market, SeattlePhotography: Kristi Waite PhotographyVenue: Ballard Market
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Wedding: Mary & Pam

From Brooke and Bryn, Mary and Pam’s photographers: We are a wedding photography duo based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mary and Pam came to us through one of our favorite wedding coordinators, Lisa McNichol from …And Something Blue. (Look her up–she’s the BEST!) Mary is perhaps the sweetest person we’ve ever worked with. There wasn’t a single moment that she wasn’t looking out for someone else — her wife, her guests…us! And Pam is a Georgia native — full of Southern sass and strength, and just as much warmth. Watching these two was a lesson in how to take care of the people you love. They shared time with each of their guests, but still found time to come back together often. And at the end of the afternoon, Mary had a big screen TV brought in so that her soccer crew could watch the World Cup game, while Pam headed out to the lawn to fly kites with her closest friends from Georgia. It was wonderful morning and we were so happy to be there to capture it.

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Event Credits

Catering: Cavallo PointLocation: Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CAPhotography: Brooke and Bryn PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Lisa McNicholVenue: Cavallo Point
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Engagement: Candice & Abigail

From Fenna Blue, Abigail and Candice’s photographer: Abigail and Candice contacted me just a few months before their wedding. They had the misfortune of meeting with a photographer who was definitely not supportive of their marriage. When they contacted me, I knew immediately I would definitely shoot their wedding. Meeting them for the first time was awesome, and I totally loved their vision for their wedding. We were on a bit of a crunch for time to get their engagement photos done and met in the hot Ohio summer. We headed out to a nursery in Wooster, Ohio with a really beautiful, old barn. Their theme for their wedding was “country chic,” so we definitely stuck to that with their engagement photos. By a serendipitous coincidence, Abigail and Candice both wore blue, Candice’s dress had white as well, and we were out against red barns… very Americana! We traipsed out to some corn fields as well, really trying to capture the beauty of Ohio’s farmland. They brought their dog, Lucy, who was a total delight! It was really fun working with them and having an opportunity to display their love against a beautiful backdrop of Ohio in summer!

Event Credits

Location: Wooster, OHPhotography: Fenna Blue of Short Girl Photography
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Wedding: Etain & Michelle

From Etain: Michelle proposed on a beach in Spain in 2012 (think “Will you marry me?” written in the sand), and I proposed back by projecting it onto a building in Dublin’s docklands 6 months later (picked up by the national Irish news!). We decided to get married in Spain, a small affair in the hills somewhere… In the end we had 150 guests join us for a big, bright wedding full of love and laughter. We were blown away by overwhelming happiness in the air at the wedding.

The ceremony was officiated by a lady called Lizzie Marriage. It was like Mary Poppins had flown in on an umbrella – she rocked it. It was moving, it was fun, and it was serious business all at once. The roar of applause when the ceremony finished was amazing, and we were immediately handed two ice-cold glasses of cava before saying hello to all the guests.

We thought it would be funny to enter to the Eurovision winning song “Euphoria.” Little did we know the place would go wild – people standing on seats, pumping fists in the air (to the bewilderment of some of our straight guests). It blew the roof off the place and really set the tone for the rest of the night.

There were embarrassing, hilarious and tearful speeches before the meal. We dined on local dishes like lobster, slow roast peppers, pork and seafood skewers. The meal was wrapped up with a gin and tonic sorbet, and later followed by a tower of white chocolate, orange and pistachio cake balls. There were Flamenco dancers in to entertain the masses after the food – it was a lot of fun and of course we ended up being pulled on stage to join the dancing. Our first dance was to Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”

The following day we invited all of our guests back for a BBQ and pool party. Between the mojito bar and seriously competitive volleyball in the pool the day flew by in sort of splashy, delicious blink of an eye. It was unforgettable.

Check out a video of Etain & Michelle’s wedding here.

Photos courtesy of Albert Pamies.

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Event Credits

Attire: Sarah Foy Design Location: Mijas, SpainOfficiant: Lizzie Marriage (actual surname!)Photography: Albert Pamies, Videography Salvador Blanco Planner or Event Designer: Tara Chapman, Fiesta Sol WeddingsStationery: Sarah June Fox Venue: Hacienda San Jose
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Elopement: Ellen & Amanda

From Meg, Ellen and Amanda’s photographer: Ellen & Amanda eloped in New Hampshire with their little dog along for the ride. I spent an afternoon doing a little portrait session with them before they jetted off to the church. We did some portraits in their pretty white dresses, and then they both changed into more comfy clothing that really showed their true selves. (Ellen is an artist & Amanda is a librarian.)

Event Credits

Location: Sugar Hill, New HampshirePhotography: Rodeo & Co. Photography
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Wedding: Meg & Blair

From Shawnee, Meg & Blair’s photographer: It was such an honor that Meg & Blair asked me to photograph their wedding day. These two had their first date at my birthday party a few years back and have been smitten every since. In the meantime they have moved to the other side of the country and although I was able to visit them once before, this trip was extra special. Not only was I able to photograph two dear friends tying the knot, but I got to spend my birthday with some seriously rad people in my favorite place.

Blair and Meg got hitched at City Hall in San Francisco, and it couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. They both looked incredible: Meg in her vintage outfit and Blair in a handmade pink wrap dress. Every little detail was flawless, including the shawl that Meg handmade for Blair. 

Congratulations Meg and Blair! I can’t think of a more perfect pair of people, and am so very happy you chose to me capture such a beautiful day. I love you both, and am so very excited about the journeys that await you!

From the couple: We met on January 4, 2010, and from day one we were captivated and inseparable. We met in Richmond, VA as Meg was finishing up college. That summer we traveled, backpacking between cities and farms and womyns lands – that summer solidified us. Afterward we decided we would move to San Francisco. We packed our car full of clothes, books, guitars and excitement and hit the road with nothing in SF to greet us, no home or jobs or people. That was three years ago and since then we have built a life here, a full life. We have made a home, flourished at our jobs, found our people. We finally got engaged last holiday season and were married four years after we met.

For our wedding we knew we wanted to marry privately/ “elope.” We thought about traditional weddings or larger ceremonies but that just isn’t us. We are very quiet, very private people and to not honor that would feel contrived to us and diminish what our marriage was all about. We did however want the most important women in our life to be witness to our union. So we had our mothers and Meg’s sister come share our occasion. And we asked our dear friend Shawnee to come be our photographer. Shawnee is incredibly talented and we wanted to have photographs of this day to share with others and to cherish forever. Also Shawnee attending the ceremony felt especially evocative, since the day that Meg and I had met 4 years prior we had spent the evening at Shawnee’s birthday party.

We wanted a quintessential SF wedding and so we wed at San Francisco City Hall which is a magnificent location: the architecture, history, and grandeur of it all is just breathtaking. We managed to have all details of our wedding be either vintage, handmade, and/or local. Our rings (engagement and wedding) are all vintage circa 1930s. Blair’s dress was handmade by a local woman. The lace shawl was hand knit and crocheted by Meg, a piece that will be a keepsake forever. Meg’s outfit was all vintage, from her shoes to her shirt. Meg’s sister made her earrings. We did our own hair, makeup, and nails. We bought our flowers and our cake from a local florist and bakery the afternoon before the wedding. Blair’s mother wrapped the bouquets in lace. We made our own doily cake topper and doily “just married” banner. We had vintage floral handkerchiefs and we wrapped our guests kerchiefs around handwritten love letters from us. Afterward we walked to lunch at Absinthe Brassier and Bar and then we went our separate way to spend an evening eating wedding cake, drinking champagne, and exchanging our personalized vows. The next morning we met up with everyone again to have a tea party at SF’s Love Joys Tea Room. All in all it was exactly what we dreamed of – romantic, beautiful, memorable, and heartfelt.

Now that we are married nothing really feels any different, in all honesty. We are still the same couple we have always been except now we share a last name and are legally recognized, and of course the magnitude of that can not be overstated. We are now about to move back to the East Coast for the next chapter in our lives. Oh, and we are expecting our first baby!





Event Credits

Location: City Hall, San Francisco CAOther: Reception at Absinthe Brasserie and BarPhotography: A Lovely Photo www.whatalovelyphoto.comVenue: City Hall, San Francisco CA
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