Wedding: Stacey & Kat

From the brides: Kat and Stacey had a Greek-themed wedding at their home in Maryland. They tried to incorporate all things they love—their children, horses, fire, friends, poetry. They unwittingly picked the coldest weekend in October, but that did not stop friends and family from camping and celebrating until the wee hours of the morning.

Photos courtesy of Devon Rowland Photography.

Devon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland PhotographyDevon Rowland Photography Devon Rowland Photography Devon Rowland Photography Devon Rowland Photography

Event Credits

Location: Upper Marlboro, MDPhotography: Devon Rowland Photography
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Something A Little Different [NSFW]

When wedding photographer Amanda Swiger got in touch with us about featuring a new project she’d been working on, it only took about thirty seconds before we decided to say yes! Normally here at A Bicycle Built for Two, we’re all about weddings—the rings, the bow ties, and the beautiful cakes. But we’re also all about love—loving our wives and ourselves and our bodies—and Amanda’s new foray into boudoir photography showcases all of those loves in the form of some incredibly sexy photos of her wife, Jordan… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

In her message to us, Amanda offered a beautifully explanation for why this kind of photography is so important:

After a really honest conversation with my wife recently about the lack of queer and butch boudoir out there, I convinced her to let me shoot some images of her! So much of the boudoir realm is focused on a very “straight” perception of what it means to be sexy and leaves little room for anything outside of the “lingerie, pretty hotel room, high heels and lace” box.  Added to that is the fact that everywhere we look we see these slim, muscular bodies that are what we are told is perfect, when in reality there is so much beauty beyond that.  While I think all sexuality should be celebrated, as lesbian women I think it’s hard sometimes to feel like our own uniqueness is sexy or attractive.  For the women out there who want to do something for the woman they love but maybe aren’t interested in donning satin and a set of heels, there is very little inspiration out there for what this could look like.  Sometimes what makes someone feel sexy is a leather jacket or their favorite boots—and why not celebrate that too?

So we set out to capture my wife in a setting that fit her love for being outdoors, that showcased her tattoos and love of suggestive underwear, and that took into account that she is both incredibly strong and soft. I really think it is important that we as queer and lesbian women keep pushing the envelope for what it means to be a woman and doing new things to express who we are! 

woods Jordan a woods Jordan-2a woods Jordan-3a woods Jordan-6a woods Jordan-7a woods Jordan-8a woods Jordan-9a woods Jordan-11a woods Jordan-13a woods Jordan-15 woods Jordan-18a woods Jordan-19a woods Jordan-26a

Event Credits

Attire: underwear: head//jeans: Buffalo by David Bitten//jacket: Calvin KleinLocation: Ridley State Park in Newtown Square, PA
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Wedding: Lindsay & Jamie

From Lindsay & Jamie’s wedding planner, Sarah Day: Lindsay and Jamie got me involved after they had stared the planning process on their own and quickly became overwhelmed with not only the details but with the challenges of planning a same-sex wedding. They were, unfortunately, disappointed to discover that many vendors in the area were not very accepting of their marriage. So we tackled one vendor at a time, looking for vendors who not only captured the look and feel of what the brides wanted, but who also were open to and excited about working on a same-sex wedding. I was truly honored by the group of event professionals that we ultimately assembled to bring to life the vision that Lindsay had for her southern wedding. We had our final walk-through at the venue the same week the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex weddings and we were all in tears as we walked through the property and knew that all our hard work was now not just producing a beautiful wedding but a wedding that would be recognized in all 50 states!

Weather can always a be tricky thing to deal with when planning an outdoor wedding. Georgia was under a particularly challenging deluge of rain this fall, but we were not going to let it slow us down. That morning I ran out and scoured the countryside (literally) for matching rain boots for the bridesmaids and as many umbrellas as I could find. We didn’t want to miss any photo opportunities as we were tromping through the mud! Thankfully we also had an incredible photography team that was in the trenches with us and didn’t miss a beat.

From Lindsay: My family is from up north (Pennsylvania, mostly), so we really wanted to throw them a “southern affair” when they visited Georgia. Our welcome bags at the hotel were filled with items from Georgia-based companies, and the favors incorporated Georgia (and my home state of Virginia). The food and decor was also very southern. So we had LEGAL lesbian wedding in small town Georgia. Pretty damn cool if you ask me! 

Lindsay & Jamie’s wedding won two Belief IWP Awards— in the categories of Wedding Concept and Special Photo!

Photos courtesy of Six Hearts Photography.

Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0424-X3 Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0082-XLMadison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0160-XLMadison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0325-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0349-X3 Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0879-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0186-X3 Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0766-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0686-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0569-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_0127-XLMadison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_1064-X3Madison-Barn-at-Oakleaf-Farm-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography-Lindsay-Jamie-Six-Hearts-Photography_1204-X3

Event Credits

Catering: Beyond DetailsFlorist: EMW FloralsLocation: The Barn at Oak Leaf - Madison - GeorgiaPhotography: Six Hearts PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: SAS WeddingsVenue: The Barn at Oak Leaf in Madison GA
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Wedding: Jenn & Elise

From Sarah, Jenn and Elise’s photographer: You know the saying “you had me at hello”?Well, I totally experienced that meeting Jenn and Elise and hearing these beautiful words: “There will be TWO wedding dresses, Sarah. And two sets of beautiful shoes. TWO brides, Sarah. How awesome will that be?!” Um, yes. Please. Keep talking! It was actually quite some time ago that we first met, and over that time I feel like I’ve gotten to know these two incredible women quite well. To say that I’ve enjoyed working with them is quite the understatement. To say that they’re clients wouldn’t be correct. These women have become my friends. The entire process has been wonderful and I feel lucky to have captured their love and their wedding day.

So let’s talk about two wedding dresses, two sets of shoes, necklaces, mom/daughter moments, and all that. What a whirlwind, and was I sweating! Oh yes, I love looking for the perfect place, and of course, the most perfect place required balancing precariously on a rolling chair to get the dress hanging perfectly. We schemed about their first glance too, and I was thrilled with the balloon idea. The ceremony was held on the beautiful patio of Valley Ridge Golf Course under the most perfect blue sky. My favourite detail is a tie between the cookies at the ceremony (Okay, I have to stop and talk about the cookies. They’re probably the best cookies I’ve ever tasted and I want some right now actually.) and the Jones Soda inspired pop bottles, painstakingly made by the girls with a photo of each and EVERY guest.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a ‘moment’ kinda girl. I look for moments, sometimes I help them along (I’m sneaky like that), but for the most part I strive for authentic. And you can’t get any more authentic than letting two people who love each other more than anything in the world just be. I am speaking specifically about the AMAZING sunset session we did, where I set them free to just be themselves. Photographer heaven right there. Between the kisses and cuddles, there was also some robot dancing because, let’s be honest, no one can be serious for that long. I truly, 100%, loved every single second.

calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer022 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer024calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer048calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer062 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer036 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer044 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer101 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer103calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer106calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer079calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer096calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer001 calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer127calgary_same_sex_wedding_photographer126

Event Credits

Attire: Jenn's dress: Novelle Bridal Elise's dress: Cameo & Cufflinks Bridesmaid dresses: Henkaa https://www.henkaa.comCatering: Valley Ridge Golf Course Calgary, AB CanadaMusic: Bruce HanishewskiOther: Make Up: Yulia Rudko www.modernphotography.caVenue: Valley Ridge Golf Course
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Brides Revisited: Tracey & Angela

When we asked A Bicycle Built for Two’s founder Tracey to help us kick off our new Brides Revisited series, she said that our timing was “perfect.” Tracey and Ang’s five-year anniversary is coming up, and Tracey says “time has flown—but it also feels like a lifetime (or two).”

Check out their perfectly nautical wedding here, enjoy these pictures of their tiny, adorable babies, and read about their planning process in our archives!


Here’s a quick timeline of their relationship:

January 2009: Met
February 2010: Engaged
February/April 2011: Married (legal/wedding)
April 2012: Began trying to conceive
December 2012: Got pregnant with twins
January 2013: Moved from NYC to San Diego
July 2013: Gave birth to boy/girl twins

What is your favorite thing about being married?

Going through all of life’s joys and sorrows (and everything in between) with my very best friend.

What do you like best about your wife?

How dedicated she is to our family. She is the best mother and an excellent wife. Angela is funny and fun and we really have a good time together.


What do you fight about?

We fight when we are worn out: tired, overworked; emotionally drained, physically drained, etc. Angela is a stay-at-home mom to our two-year-old twins and that is a huge job. I work full time and have the strain of having to financially provide for our entire family—also a huge job. When I come home from work (promptly at 5:45), I take over with the kids and Angela makes dinner. I feel like I never get a break, but she feels like she does everything! I’ve heard that partners who both feel like they do 70% of all the work in a relationship usually are pretty even in sharing the responsibilities. We definitely each feel like we are doing 70% of everything!

I miss the time in our relationship when we were focused on what we could do for the other person. Now we are stretched so thin that any little time we selfishly take for ourselves. Right now in our household you rarely hear “what can I do to help?” and instead it is “can you please do this for me?” This is something that we are working on.

Describe a typical day in 5 words or less.

Endless chaos.


What is one thing you and your partner do to relax?

We have always loved to travel and we make sure we take a kid-less vacation each year. When the twins were born we went to Croatia without them. Amazing. Last year we went to Antigua, and this year we are taking 8 nights away in the Caribbean. We also take a nap during the weekend when the kids are napping—chores can wait. With kids it’s those little things.

What is the best wedding gift you received?

My wife. Hands down.

tracey-23 (4)

What moment from your wedding still stands out the most in your mind?

I don’t really have a specific moment that stands out above the rest. It’s funny—five years later, I don’t often think about our wedding day. I glance at photos on occasion and have absolutely wonderful memories. I wouldn’t change much if we were to do it over. Overall, when reflecting on our wedding, I remember overwhelming love and lots of laughter.

What advice would you give to people who have just gotten married?

If you are planning on having children, take as much time as you can to enjoy married life without kids. Our children are the best things that have ever happened to us, but our focus has entirely shifted from each other to our children. I am so glad we had time in our married life where we just basked in our love for each other. I love remembering that time. But I also wouldn’t trade where we are now for anything.

Also, don’t put yourself in situations where you might be tempted to do something foolish. It’s easy to make good decisions if there isn’t any other option. It’s much harder to make a good decision when temptation (whatever that is) is right in front of you.  Angela and I both do things on our own, with our own friends, and we trust each other implicitly, but you won’t find me drunk at a bar without her.

tracey-12 (1)

A few more thoughts:

Relationships are hard and marriages are especially hard. But putting in the work is so worth it. You might disagree with me on this, but I think it is important that same sex-couples take extra caution when deciding to get married. Although we know that marriage equality is a constitutional right, many still think of it as a privilege that “they” have bestowed on us. I want us to show the nation that the right decision was made. I beg you not to rush into marriage and to stay committed. We are trailblazers; we are examples. I want our children to be proud of who we are and where they come from. I don’t want the world to have any reason to want to regress.

Brides Revisited is a new series in which we check back in with the couples who’ve appeared on our site in the past. If you and your one true person are interested in being featured, we’d love to hear from you—whether you call yourselves brides, brooms, spouses, or something else entirely!

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Wedding: Tara & Megan

From Megan and Tara’s photographer: Megan and Tara’s wedding was beautiful, as they are. Their attention to detail and hard work were evident everywhere, and as a photographer, what they created was a joy to behold. Their day was perfect: beautiful weather, loving and kind guests, and an amazing ceremony! It’s always an honor to be chosen to photograph a couple’s wedding, and I am so happy to have been there to watch these two remarkable women get married.

MT_Blog_13 MT_Blog_15MT_Blog_01MT_Blog_11MT_Blog_12MT_Blog_08MT_Blog_07MT_Blog_10MT_Blog_06MT_Blog_16

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: House of Clarendon Caketique, Lancaster, PALocation: Stirling Guest Hotel: Reading PAMusic: Erin McKeownOfficiant: Rev. Shauna Lynn at 'Till Death Weddings. Harrisburg, PAPhotography: Dreaming Tree Studios, Carlisle PAVenue: The Stirling Guest Hotel. Reading, PA
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Engagement: Mckenzie & Tori

From Mckenzie: Tori and I met for the first time in March of 2012 at a monthly queer women’s dance party in Washington, DC called She.Rex. We connected over music (she’s a bass player and I’m a singer), and had an amazing time playing together in a rock band for the next year and a half before finally starting to date. Once we got together, we talked a lot about the future -marriage, kids, where we might live – but we always skipped over the getting engaged part. I decided it was time to act, so I got some advice from Tori’s sister and brother-in-law, and got to planning!

Shortly after Tori and I had started dating, we went on a trip to San Francisco. It was there that I remember really falling hard for Tori and found out later that she had felt the same way. Because this place was so special to us, I knew I had to do the proposal there, but how would I get her there, especially without it becoming suspicious? Well, luckily enough, a month or so prior to my planning, Tori and I had booked flights to Oregon to visit my family in late August. This was the solution: I could change the flights to fly into San Francisco instead, and she would not have to know! I barely told anyone that the proposal was coming, so it would be a surprise. The day of the flight to ‘Oregon’ came, and I was out-of-my-mind nervous. I thought I had it well-planned down to the last detail, so all I could do was go with it. I was able to get her all the way to Oakland without any suspicion. When we got there I was like, ‘So we’re not actually changing planes here; we’re staying here in San Fran for the day!’

We had a lovely day in San Francisco, where we had a scrumptious lunch at one of the best taco places in town, shopped around the Mission District, and relaxed in the sun at Dolores Park. Later that evening, we hopped in an Uber to head to ‘dinner,’ and she had no idea where we were going. The driver took us through Golden Gate Park, which was so lovely. As we exited the park, we came upon Ocean Beach. When Tori figured out where we were, that was the first time she got suspicious about what was happening. We walked around on the beach collecting rocks and shells for a bit while the two of us were trying not to act super nervous.

Our photographer Danielle was on the beach with us catching candids, and Tori had no idea she was there; she looked like she was just out there on her own capturing the sunset. Danielle’s cue to know I was about to propose was when Tori and I compared our seashell findings. This was the only trip-up! There were basically no shells on the beach that day. Tori thought it was pretty weird that I was so insistent on finding shells when there weren’t really any to be found, but she was so nervous with hopeful anticipation that she just went with it and channeled her nerves and excitement into the task. I was so grateful for this!

We found a few shells, and we stopped on the beach to compare them and pick our favorites. I had placed the ring under the stack of shells in my hand, so when I got to the bottom of the stack, I said, ‘Okay, I have one more,’ and I opened up my hands with the ring sitting there and asked her to marry me. She said ‘Yes!’ And Danielle captured the moment beautifully. It was perfect.

We had our moment, and then Danielle came over and we told Tori what was going on. She was in disbelief. We had a whole engagement photoshoot right after the proposal had occurred. Danielle was so amazing at calming us down and making us not look completely weird (because of course we were feeling super giddy and ridiculous at this point). After the shoot, Tori and I went to the most delicious sushi dinner and just soaked up the loveliness of it all together.

The next morning, we had a way-too-early flight to Oregon, but we made it! We then got to make the big announcement to my family in person, which was super cool, and later that week the pictures from Flytographer got to us, just in time for us to put them up on Facebook and share the experience with everyone! The pictures that Danielle took were exactly what we had wanted, and we feel so grateful to have them as a memento of this special day.

150819_mckenzie_-0041-1800px150819_mckenzie_-0040-1800px 150819_mckenzie_-0036-1800px 150819_mckenzie_-0026-1800px150819_mckenzie_-0024-1800px

Event Credits

Location: Golden Gate Park, San FranciscoOther: FlytographerPhotography: Danielle in San Francisco for Flytographer
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