Engagement: Amanda & Christina

From Amanda: We are head over heels with our engagement photos. Our’s are just so unique. The simplicity of just us. We’ve been together 8 years (June 25, 2008), and wanted to wait until gay marriage was legalized in the South. Never once did we give up on one another! Our love is everlasting. I love our engagement photos, they capture the moment of us. We legalized our marriage the first day it was issued to Charlotte, North Carolina (Oct 13th, 2014). It was so powerful. We were featured on the news (crazy they chose us!), and Creative Loafing. We were truly lucky to have this experience with so many lovely people. Here we are a two mom family, talk about magical!

Photos courtesy of Connection Photography.

IMG_4566 IMG_4581 IMG_4577 IMG_4571 IMG_4582 IMG_4572 IMG_4574 IMG_4563 IMG_4570 IMG_4567 IMG_4561 IMG_4564 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4557


Event Credits

Location: Charlotte, NCPhotography: Connection Photography
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Wedding: Alyssa & Amanda

From Amanda: Although Alyssa and I live in Brooklyn, we knew we wanted a fall wedding, and we had envisioned a slightly more rustic setting than New York City. We found the perfect hilltop venue just a few hours north of NYC in Hudson, NY. Hudson is a gorgeous town near the Catskills with amazing views, great restaurants, and stellar antique shopping. It’s also (kind of) between Pittsburgh and Boston, our respective hometowns. We arrived a day early to hang lights and decorate our venue with help from a tireless brigade of friends and family. Our guests mostly stayed in B&Bs in downtown Hudson and had a chance to explore the area over the course of the weekend. The only hiccup … the weekend turned unseasonably cold (it actually snowed the day after the wedding). We had to scramble to rent indoor heaters for our barn venue, and forgo most of the outdoor activities we’d planned. If you can’t tell from the photos, we were freezing by the time it was our turn to take couple shots. At one point, the photographer asked us to put our hands on each other’s faces and we refused because our hands were both icy cold. Otherwise, with the help, support, and love of an amazing group of friends and family, the wedding was a beautiful celebration.

Photos courtesy of Zach Honahan.



Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Family and FriendsCatering: Hickory BBQ and SmokehouseLocation: Hudson, NYPhotography: Zach HonahanVenue: The Hill, Hudson
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Love Shoot: Wendy & Liz

From Liz: There are few things I think I have gotten really right in this life. Few decisions I look back on and think, “Man, what a good idea Liz. You really nailed that!” I find myself wondering when I do make a good decision, how did I get there? What caused me to see the light and actually take a step towards a happy and healthy adult life? I’ve noticed in the last year and a half I have made more “good” decisions than in the previous 32 years before. So I decided to try and figure out where I made the turn. When did I suddenly wake and become this smart, super adult??

October 4th, 2014. That is the day. I heard a knock on my hotel room door and when I opened it I saw the most beautiful woman my eyes had ever seen. I know that sounds cheesy and like I stole it from a romance novel, but unfortunately my brain sees love exactly like a romance novel. I am actually the cheesiest romantic I’ve ever met. You want sappy love music (Phil Collins, of course) and a dance in the kitchen? Got it. You want me to pick you up on the beach and spin you around after I write our initials in the sand? Done.  Rose petals, champagne and a bubble bath? It’s yours. So, needless to say, when I opened that door my heart skipped a beat, and I knew I was going to be with this woman forever.  At this point you may be wondering, why is this beautiful woman randomly knocking on my hotel room door? Is she the maid? Is she lost? Well there is only one obvious reason she was there, and that reason is LOVE. Ok, ok, I’ll stop. But really she was there to photograph the wedding of one my closest friends and her bridal party, in which I happened to be the Best Woman. So yes. Stop rolling your eyes. My romantic, over the top words are true. She was there because of love. She was to be with the “suits,” while the other photographer was with the “dresses.” 

Wendy came in like a tornado. Her dimples stretched for what felt like a mile, and her eyes were unreal. Like really and truly I thought they were fake. Contacts perhaps? When I asked if they were, I got a huge smile and a side eye followed by a “No, girl. These are all me.” I never had a chance. There is no other word to describe her than contagious. I could ramble on and on about her and that amazing wedding, but I will sum it up for you like this: I stared, she stared. I asked her to dance, she put her number in my phone. I begged her to come to the after party, she did. I asked her out on a date, she said yes. Three days later I took her to dinner. The rest, as they say, is history.

On December 12th, 2015, one year and two months after our first date, I surprised Wendy by asking her to marry me on a pier overlooking the Chesapeake. We had gone to a beautiful resort hotel in Cambridge, MD because she had a wedding to shoot. While she was at the wedding I welcomed friends and family from near and far and set them up in a lovely secret location, while I waited at the end of the longest pier known to man. When she arrived back to the hotel she found a dress and a box waiting for her on the bed. The box lead her to another hidden box, which lead her to another hidden box, which lead her to me. As you can imagine, as a true romantic, I had the rose petals and meaningful, slow music and champagne ready to go. She was surprised but also not, because just like me she knew we were meant to be together and this was the logical next step. After she said yes, I took her to the secret room full of people who love us and we celebrated well into the night. When we finally went to bed around 3 am I knew my decision was the most adult of them all. Any girl who can hang with me and my friends that late and still think I am amazing needs to be my wife. Immediately.

As we plan for November 5th, 2016, we continue to grow and learn about each other. She is truly my best friend.  The happiness I have found in Wendy cannot be measured in words. She is my partner in all aspects of this life and I am beyond grateful that I opened that door and heard Phil sing to me as she walked past. It was the best moment of my life… At least until November.

Photos courtesy of Carly Fuller Photography

View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz
View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-lizView More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-lizView More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz View More: http://carlyfullerphotography.pass.us/wendy-liz

Event Credits

Location: Annapolis, MDPhotography: Carly Fuller Photography
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Flashback Friday: Tracey & Angela

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings! What better way to finish off our series with the wedding of our beloved founder, Tracey, and her wife, Angela?

First off, let’s remember that they were married on A YACHT, which is among the coolest venues I (Ashley) could ever imagine. But it’s not just that – all of the details of this wedding are wonderful, from the trunk of pashminas featuring the couple’s anchor logo (which you may recognize from our sidebar!) to the fact that they had blankets for their guests to use as the night grew colder. I’m also a huge fan of the flowers, which add an elegant touch to this nautical affair!

Photos courtesy of Jenn Gallivan, Ray Doncev, Hart & Sol and Alexis Garrett

IMG_0283Lex 2IMG_0364IMG_0190

Want to see more? Check out the original post here!

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Meet the Team: Jane

This Wednesday, we’re delighted to introduce our third (and final!) new team member: Jane, a 33-year-old from Washington, D.C.

How did you find the blog?

One of my best friends showed it to me when we were planning our wedding.

What do you love about A Bicycle Built for Two?

It gives LBTQ women a place to share ideas, designs, and their stories…. It is nice to feel represented! When planning a wedding, all the bride/groom crap gets annoying.


Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

 We got married almost a year ago ON the day marriage equality was passed – June 26! We totally got lucky! Planned the wedding for over a year… it was awesome. Here it is!

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

We forced all of our friends and family to embark on a rather tedious journey (two+ flights, taxi ride, boat ride, another taxi, etc.) to the Virgin Islands, which was the biggest “must have!” We love St. John and had a blast sharing our love with our favorite people. For the wedding ITSELF, I insisted on the best catering we could find (I’m a total foodie), and my wife insisted on the best photographer we could find (she’s VERY into photography).

What do you do for fun?

I’m a bookworm, so you’ll find me engrossed in my Kindle. We also love the outdoors and travel.

Jane and Laurie

Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have a menagerie, as we both love animals. We have three cats and two dogs. The cats are Maine coon, Bengal, and a black DSH. The dogs are both ridgebacks. Cats: Dolphin, Phoebe and Noir. Dogs: Supernova and Zuzana (Nova & Zu).

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

I don’t like cold sandwiches in general. Deli meat is gross. A really good panini with pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto will go over well though!


Many thanks to Jane for volunteering her time to work with A Bicycle Built for Two! She has her own web design company, and has offered to help us with some much needed updates to the function and design of the site. We can’t tell you how excited we are to see the finished product!

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Gallery: Raise a Glass

Today, we’re sharing some beautiful photos (many of them glorious candids!) of our brides and brooms with glasses in hand. We’d also like to propose a toast: to our lovely readers, to the awesome couples who submit their stories, and to the photographers who capture these beautiful moments!

As Ashley’s very Italian family would say: Salute!

Can’t get enough of these gems from the archives? Peruse our other galleries here!

Adelle & Robyn:5- Adelle & Robyn Amanda & Adrianna:5- Amanda & Adrianna Caitlin & Tenille:5- CAitlin & Tenille Corinne & Stephanie:5- Corinne & StephanieAriel & MichelleArielle & Michelle Erica & Alex:5- Erica & Alex Erin & Heidi:5- Erin & Holly Erin & Michelle:5- Erin & Michelle Ilina & Kristin:5- Ilina & Kristin Jessica & Rebecca:5- Jessica & Rebecca 5- Jessica & Rebecca2 Kristy & Brianna:5- Kristy & Brianna Laure & Ulrike:5- Lauren & Ulrike

Peg & Lauren:52

Sarah & Lauren:5- Sarah & Lauren Sita & Kate:5- Sita & Kate Tara & Megan:5- Tara & MeganHeidi & Kelly:5- Heidi & Kelly

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Flashback Friday: Wendi & Crystal

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings!

From Taylor:

I love the off-white, short dresses in this wedding and the simplicity of the color scheme. I love the genuine smiles of the brides and their clear adoration for each other. But most importantly, I love Wendi and Crystal’s story. I needed it along my journey, and their love is a powerful testament to the beauty and freedom that come from living into your truth. Thanks, Wendi and Crystal, for sharing your story with the world!

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Campbell Photography.

wc4wendi & crystal wc3 wc2

Enjoy the rest of Wendi & Crystal’s photos and read their love story in the original post.

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