Engagement: Lea & Leah

From Lea and Leah’s photographer: Lea and Leah’s wedding is the first same sex marriage that we have been able to shoot, which we are incredibly excited about. We have had a lot of friends and family that have been able to marry due to the new law, but they all wanted us to be guests and not shoot their weddings, so this worked out very well for both parties.

This is Lea and Leah’s engagement session. We had a lot of fun with them. They are nature lovers, but lived together in the city, so we tried to incorporate a bit of both into the shoot. There were about three or four locations we shot at around the Twin Cities, some very well known and others a little more off the beaten path. Working with them so far has been wonderful.

Event Credits

Location: Minneapolis, MNPhotography: RKH Images
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Wedding: Autumn & Ellen

From Autumn: Ellen and I met in 2009 online and decided to go on our first date in an apple orchard. I knew I loved her soon thereafter, as she was incredible in so many ways! We dated for about three years when we decided to go on a vacation to Provincetown in Cape Cod and I popped the question! Well… I tried… I had the ring but was so nervous and shaking that I jumbled all of my words and asked her at the end “so… whats your answer?” to which she replied “Autumn – you haven’t even asked the question yet…” And the rest is history!

We started to plan our wedding and decided on a fall theme in our most favorite location of all time: historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We gathered our amazing bridesmaids, who were such an incredible help with all of the planning, and we put together a beautiful wedding. We had our ceremony in the formal garden at Prescott Park surrounded by beautiful flowers and nature galore!

We wanted to keep it moderately intimate, surrounded by friends and family who are so dear to our heart. As the guests gathered around the fountains in the garden, my heart started to beat faster and faster out of sheer excitement to embark on the first day of the rest of our lives.

We held our reception at the local Irish pub downtown, keeping the feel of the day relaxed and fun for everyone. The entertainment provided by Josh Cramoy was incredible, the food was delicious, and the company was more than I could ever ask for!

We had incredible friends contribute to this day, from Kelsey and Amber (Pretty Thing Photography) taking care of all of the pictures and wedding planning, Matt playing the ceremony music, Stacey baking all of the cupcakes for the event, and the bridesmaids who were there for us every step of the way. We were blessed in so many ways. The next day we packed the car and moved to North Carolina with so much love in our heart and memories we will cherish forever.

Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Stacey BakerFlorist: FlowerlandLocation: Portsmouth, NHMusic: Matt Leblanc and Josh CramoyPhotography: Pretty Thing PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Pretty Thing PhotographyVenue: Prescott Park and Ri Ra Irish Pub
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Engagement: Susan & Julie

From Elena, Susan and Julie’s photographer: This is an engagement shoot in Holland, Michigan. The couple and I are all from the Chicago area but traveled to Western Michigan for the tulip festival. Susan and Julie are getting married in Chicago. They are adorable, you’ll see!

Event Credits

Location: Holland, Michigan.Photography: Elena Bazini Photography
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Elopement: Liz & Lucy

From Liz and Lucy’s photographer: Liz and Lucy are a bi-national couple (Lucy is Portuguese and grew up in Bermuda), residing in Houston, Texas. These two brides first met online and then eventually met in NYC. They recently decided to take things full circle and made their way back up to the Big Apple to elope! They were married in a heartfelt ceremony in Central Park’s Dene Shelter with just the two of them. After the ceremony we wandered all throughout the park and over to Roosevelt Island for photos.

Event Credits

Location: Central Park, NYC Officiant: http://www.commongroundceremonies.com/Photography: De Nueva Photography www.denuevaphoto.com
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Engagement: Ali & Olivia

From Ali: Here’s the story of how I proposed to Olivia: I lied and told Olivia I was directing a commercial for a new perfume called “Royal Essence” (I direct commercials, so she bought it). For the actual shoot days, I’d have her call-time halfway through the day, giving me time to shoot my portion, change clothing, and remove hair and makeup before she arrived. I then told her that my short film won an award at the fictitious Burbank Film Awards… which just happened to be at our very favorite movie theater: the Burbank 6. We arrived at the theater and there were signs for the 1st Annual Burbank Film Award ceremony on every wall. We entered the theater and found that we were the only ones there. We sat down, the lights immediately dimmed, and the music video began. I don’t have the best voice, but Liv has always enjoyed it, so I did it for her! She sobbed through the entire thing. As soon as it ended, the lights came up and I popped the question. She said yes!!!!

Here’s a link to the music video. Both our families have cameos.

Afterward we commissioned a photographer friend, Elizabeth Yarwood, to go romping through the woods with us on a fairy themed engagement photo shoot. We had a blast and we can’t WAIT to get married soon!

Event Credits

Location: Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CAOther: Hair and Makeup by Rosa MontanoPhotography: Elizabeth Yarwood
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Wedding: Molly & Stacy

From Molly: On a chilly Friday evening in October, Stacy and I were surrounded by our friends and family for our ceremony in the beautiful rooftop Skygarden at a downtown Minneapolis hotel. It was chilly, but our guests and bridesmates braved the 43 degree temperatures to watch us exchange vows. The reception and dance followed in the ballroom of the hotel.

We made our day our own in the details. Stacy wore Converse shoes to stick to her athletic roots. I carried a bouquet which held broaches and hairpins given by important women in my life. My bouquet was wrapped in part of my mother’s wedding dress. Our nieces and nephew greeted guests with programs, and each of our siblings was in the wedding party. Because Stacy and I are not big on public displays of affection, my maid of honor and Stacy’s woman of honor leaned in with our bouquets when we kissed to seal our wedding vows. Our first dance was a memorable one, full of quirky dance moves, and it certainly was a crowd-pleaser. These small details made the day truly ours. However, our favorite part of our day was looking out on our guests at dinner and realizing the love that surrounded us. It was our perfect day!

Photos courtesy of Anna at Studio 220.

To see Molly and Stacy’s engagement photos, click here

Event Credits

Attire: The Wedding Shoppe and Bride-to-Be ConsignmentCakes and Dessert: The Sweet RetreatFlorist: Thistle FloralLocation: Minneapolis, MinnesotaMusic: Midwest Lights and SoundOfficiant: Rev. Leigh BrownPhotography: Anna at Studio 220Venue: Crowne Plaza Northstar Hotel and Skygarden
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Engagement: Stephanie & Julianna

From Stephanie: It all started when I thought we were going to the beach to have a couple drinks to celebrate our friends’ one month anniversary. Corny, I know, but so cute! I was so excited to get dressed up and go out for drinks on a nice night. Meanwhile, I’m getting all dolled up and so is Juge (Julianna), which never usually happens.

Once we are both ready, we head to the beach and we park in this random parking lot. Juge decides to take me down the cement rocky stairs to get to the beach. I am SO mad at this point because I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just walk down the street to the beach. Anyways, after rolling my ankle and almost wiping out, we made it to the beach. I see Jacki and Gabby in the distance laying on a blanket taking photos of the ocean. They seemed a little far, so I took off my flip flops and kept on walking. Juge was holding my hand the whole time, pulling me towards her and at this point I’m still thinking nothing of it. Juge stops and looks down to her right, so I do the same and “Will you marry me?” is written out in black rocks in the sand. She dropped to her knee and pulled out a box– I couldn’t believe it! I dropped my shoes and began to get all emotional. She then asked me to marry her and of course I said YES!

Gabby was photographing the entire thing. In the sand was an ice bucket with champagne and two glasses to toast to our engagement. You would think that was it, but nope, not even close! After taking pictures and enjoying the moment, Juge asks me if I still want to go to Alba for a few drinks with Gabby and Jacki. Of course I want to, so we drive over to the Alba roofdeck and I am thinking the four of us are just going to go get some martinis! Well once again I was wrong and totally thrown for a whirl. We walk upstairs and go out on the deck to see the entire rooftop stand up and start clapping. All of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate our engagement with us! This whole night was PERFECTION. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. 

Photos courtesy of Infinity Portrait Design.

Event Credits

Location: Boston, MAPhotography: Annie and Susan Infinity Portrait and Design
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