Flashback Friday: Vanessa & Judy

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings!

From Maggie:

As a girl from the Southwest, I am utterly enchanted by Vanessa & Judy’s intimate ceremony at Pecos National Park. Place is so important to me, and it is clear that this is a special one: a sacred spot with a long history that seems perfect for the beginning of a long and loving marriage. 

There’s so much more to love here too: Vanessa & Judy’s entirely unique take on traditional white wedding attire, the fresh flowers, and the beautiful photos that show a relationship filled with laughter and smiles. While the size of Ashley’s family means that a tiny wedding is probably not in our future, I love what we see here: two people clearly so in love against a background of weathered adobe and New Mexico sky.

Photos courtesy of Maura Jane Photography.

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See the rest of Vanessa & Judy’s photos in the original post.
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Wedding: Carol & Anna

From Erin, Carol and Anna’s photographerCarol and Anna have been together 16 years. These two incredible women met the “old fashioned way”, playing softball. It’s not everyday that two beautiful souls find their way into each other’s lives the way that Carol and Anna did, it’s just so seldom nowadays. After meeting these two, spending time with them and laughing with them, it’s easy to see how they fell for one another. The weather on the day of Carol and Anna’s wedding was stunning, the sun was shinning, the sky was deep blue and the air was tickled with just a hint of cool. It was a gorgeous day, full of love, smiles, adoring looks and lots and lots of friends who surrounded these two with so much love and joy! Carol and Anna’s wedding ceremony and reception left everyone who was there feeling inspired and happy. Inspired to love and to live fully, to embrace marriage equality and perhaps to embrace the Patriots and the Red Sox, just a little bit more.


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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Fireside CateringCatering: Fireside CateringLocation: Boston, MAMusic: Chad Priest/A Taste of MusicOfficiant: Judith LoreiPhotography: Erin Long PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Christine MonahanVenue: The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
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Gallery: Pride & Joy!

This month more than ever, we need Pride, in all its rainbow exuberance. So, this gallery is dedicated to some of our most colorful weddings—featuring everything from a subtle flash of rainbow knee sock to a full-out extravaganza of ROY-G-BIV!

Especially when the news may be bleak, we think it’s especially important to celebrate each other—with cupcakes and Converse and kisses—and that’s what this gallery is all about.

Looking for more queer wedding inspiration? There are plenty more galleries here!

Monique & Megan:Rainbow- Monique & MeganKelly & Erin:Rainbow- Kelly & ErinKate & Zach:Rainbow- Kate & ZachDese’rae & Katie: Rainbow- Dese'rae & Katie (popup)Leah & Lisa: Rainbow- Leah & LisaRuth & Ellie: Erica & Alex: Rainbow- Erica & AlexJessie & Lizzy: Rainbow- Jessi & LizzyCrissie & Ellen: Rainbow- Crissie & EllenSarah & Jesse: Rainbow- Sarah & JessieKathleen & Kelsey: Rainbow- Kathleen & KelseyRainbow- Kathleen & Kelsey2Ashlee & Alyssa: Rainbow- Ashlee & AlyssaRainbow- Ashlee & Alyssa2Marissa & Casi: Rainbow- Marisa & Casi

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Flashback Friday: Daisy & Sally

While we’re on vacation this month, the Bicycle Built for Two team is revisiting some of our all-time favorite weddings!

From Ashley:

Although it’s always hard to pick just one favorite, Daisy and Sally’s wedding stands out in my mind because it perfectly incorporates two of my favorite things: cream tea and punctuation marks. I oohed and aahed through all of these photos: from the couple’s adorable matching outfits and boutonnieres to the teacups and saucers to the GLORIOUS homemade ampersand light hanging above it all. 

Another thing I love about this wedding is the seating arrangements: the idea of having all of our guests seated at long tables gives the feel of a bustling family dinner, where no one has to be separated into sides or 10 tops. 

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story, Daisy and Sally! I’m so inspired (and wondering if Daisy’s dad would ever want to make another ampersand for my future wedding?)! 

Photos courtesy of Helen Lisk Photography.

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See the rest of Daisy & Sally’s wedding in the original post!

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It’s Wedding Season!


You’ve been seeing a lot of words from us recently, but we had to pipe up one more time to let you know that we’re going on vacation! In light of a big move, a wedding (not ours!), and various other behind-the-scenes happenings, you can expect a little something different for the next month of A Bicycle Built for Two, as we take a short break from regular posts to let our new team settle into their roles.

Don’t worry! We’ll still be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—sharing new galleries, archive favorites, and introducing you to the new additions to the Bicycle blog crew. Then, in the middle of July, we’ll be back with more new weddings and engagements—so if you have a wedding (or engagement shoot!) of your own coming up this summer, make sure to submit!

Photo from Colleen & Riley’s engagement session, courtesy of Jenny Wohrle

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Wedding: Brigid & Cara

From Aimee, Brigid and Cara’s photographer: Hold on to your socks, because this is a wedding that I am so excited to share. Brigid + Cara are kind, funny, caring, down-to-earth, and generally delightful human beings. I’m so proud to have been a part of their big day! They met through a mutual friend (Anya — one of their bridesmaids), and when you meet them, you can see instantly why Anya thought to introduce them. They’re simply perfect for each other! Cara’s hilarious, fun-loving personality perfectly complements Brigid’s dry, quiet wit. Together, they’re amazing. Though they reached out to me about their wedding from their digs in southern California, they flew east to DC for their engagement session, and by the time the wedding rolled around in March, they’d made DC their new forever-home. I’ll let Cara take it from here, in her own words…

From Cara: I’m the bride in the super cool custom suit from Kipper Clothiers. My gorgeous wife Brigid and I met in April 2013 through Brigid’s best friend (and my college friend and running buddy) Anya while Brigid was on a visit to DC. We hit it off big time and decided to date.

For a year we flew back and forth from my home in DC to Brigid’s home in Southern California. I joined Brigid in California via an amazing cross-country road trip together the following year and we were engaged a few weeks shy of our second anniversary. I proposed at the Owen’s Aviary at the San Diego Zoo, one of our absolute favorite spots. Brigid returned the favor a few weeks later on our actual anniversary by taking me on a tour of San Diego area breweries and popping the question at our favorite OC area restaurant.

We planned most of our wedding from California and we knew that everything would turn out beautifully with the help of our excellent wedding team. We made the decision to move back to DC to be closer to family and to establish our forever home together a few months before the wedding. The actual move was two weeks before our wedding, and let me tell you, moving cross-country via another amazing road trip in that close proximity to our wedding was grueling. We survived though and made it to DC safely.

Two weeks exactly after moving back, we got married at the gorgeous Barns at Wolf Trap. The Barns are a concert venue close to Washington, DC. The lighting, shadows, beautiful hardwood floors and excellent acoustics made our venue perfect for us. The Barns looked magical on our wedding day thanks in huge part to Haley, our wonderful florist and coordinator.

Marrying my best friend was the absolute best part of the day, however. Our ceremony was perfect for us and captured our love for each other. Brigid looked absolutely fantastic in her Jenny Yoo gown and birdcage veil. We had delicious food, excellent local beer, a table full of yummy desserts from one of our favorite local bakeries, and a dance party that included seriously everyone at the wedding from our 95 year old neighbor to our 8 month old nephew. The night concluded with an after-party consisting of late night drinks and delivery pizza at our hotel and it was absolutely perfect. Being married to one another has been a wonderful gift, and we are so excited to start our new life together.

Also, make sure to check out the seating chart and decorations designed by Brigid (and peruse her website for more photos)!

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Event Credits

Attire: Cara's suit: Kipper Clothiers Brigid's Dress: Jenny Yoo from Nordstrom Wedding SuiteCakes and Dessert: Sticky Fingers Bakery (http://www.stickyfingersbakery.com/)Catering: Main Event Caterers (http://www.maineventcaterers.com/)Florist: Haley Tobias of Cedar & Lime Co (cedarandlimeco.com)Location: The Barns at Wolf Trap, Vienna, VAMusic: Brian Jones of MyDeeJay (mydeejay.com)Officiant: A.C. Warden of Capital Ceremonies (capitalceremonies.com)Other: Hair by Allegra HouriPhotography: Aimee Custis Photography (aimeecustis.com)Planner or Event Designer: Haley Tobias of Cedar & Lime Co (cedarandlimeco.com)Stationery: Brigid Cowdrey (brigidcowdreydesign.com)Venue: The Barns at Wolf Trap (wolftrap.org)
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In light of the shooting in Orlando this weekend, we wanted to take a moment away from all things wedding to send our love to queer people everywhere.

Although we are only a website, we believe in the power of places where our community can gather—online and in person—and recognize how important it is for these places to continue to exist.

On days like this, wedding cakes and floral arrangements seem frivolous, but we hope that the work we do to celebrate love offers a counterpoint to the sadness and anger we must feel in the face of violence and hatred—in the U.S. and all over the world.

In the coming days and weeks, we will keep posting your beautiful photos and sharing your stories of resilience, overcoming, laughter, and joy. Meanwhile, offline, we hope you will join us in doing what we can: donating blood, advocating for gun control, and supporting one another—with radical kindness and fierce love for the LGBTQ community.

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