Engagement: Jax & Lena

From Cassandra, Jax and Lena’s photographer: As a photographer with a focus on same-sex weddings, it is my heart’s wish to provide a safe place for couples to share their love openly. I also believe that through celebrating love and equality, we empower others to do the same.

It is always a joy to work with couples that are madly in love, and are super relaxed in front of the camera. Jax and Lena are a perfect illustration. Their love for each other radiates through every image, and their laughter is infectious. Furthermore, Jax and Lena are two of the most selfless and genuine souls I’ve met. I’m so grateful to call them friends.

Jax spent her childhood in Missouri where she developed a strong love for nature; thus, for our location, we chose a forested area near the Little Miami River called Otto Armleder Memorial Park. It was there that we were graced with old trees, and gorgeous golden light.

Event Credits

Location: Otto Armleder Memorial Park, Cincinnati, Ohio Photography: Cassandra Zetta (www.cassandrazetta.com)
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Wedding: Jenn & Tori

From Derek, Jenn and Tori’s photographerI had an absolute blast photographing Jen & Tori’s wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego has an amazing space for a ceremony and when Jen & Tori they were going to be married there I was incredibly excited. Such a perfect and gorgeous spot. It was absolutely perfect for Jen and Tori. And take a look at their dresses! I mean, come on… SO PRETTY! I am incredibly honored that I was chosen to document their big day and I am so glad I met these two. These two have surely not seen the last of me; I consider them friends and can’t wait to hang out with them again. Congratulations Jen and Tori!!!!!! You two are a blast and were incredibly gorgeous on your wedding day… inside and out.


Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Babycakes San DiegoFlorist: Organic FloraLocation: Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, CAMusic: Injoy EntertainmentOfficiant: Morton BerugePhotography: Derek Chad PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: San Diego Weddings by Gina
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Greetings from Ashley & Maggie

Ashley and I have been helping Tracey with the blog since this past summer, but it was only recently that we found any pictures of ourselves we liked enough to post on the internet! Now, we can finally introduce ourselves— long-time followers who couldn’t email fast enough when we saw there was an opportunity to get involved. Even though our wedding is still a distant two-dress dream, A Bicycle Built for Two has been a part of our lives since we first came out— and I found the blog while tentatively Googling phrases like “lesbian couple” and “two women love.”

We met studying abroad during college and, after a lot of Facebook messages and Skype conversations, started dating the winter of our senior year. Fast-forward three years, and Ashley came to Colorado to spend the holidays with my family! After the traditional viewing of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, many pieces of pie, and a good old Colorado snowstorm, my father, who is a photographer, decided to commemorate the occasion by taking more than three hundred photos of us. It was a family operation, with my mother helping to adjust the lighting and my brother eating Christmas cookies at a safe distance— and in the end, we managed to come up with some shots worthy of this glorious blog!

Photos courtesy of Ron Cooper.

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Wedding: Susan & Julie

From Julie and Susan: After Julie and Susan got engaged in Cambodia, they knew they didn’t want typical fairytale wedding with veils, grandiose cakes and give-away Dads. Their wants were pretty simple: an authentic day with a touch of tradition and a ridiculously fun party. They decided on a restaurant named Osteria Via Stato close to their home in downtown Chicago. The venue was perfect for their 120-person ceremony, followed by great food, wine and a live band who played everything from Madonna to songs that honored Julie’s New Orleans roots.

Even though the weather was ridiculously cold, the warmth from Julie and Susan that day was enough to warm the city. If their smiles are an indication of their love, they will live happily ever after and continue to write their own version of a fairy tale every day.

Photos courtesy of Elena Bazini.

Event Credits

Catering: Osteria Via StatoFlorist: Sprout HomeLocation: Osteria Via Stato, ChicagoMusic: Ralph Wilder OrchestraOfficiant: Melissa ThornleyPhotography: Elena BaziniVenue: Osteria Via Stato
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Engagement: Sandy & Heather

From Sandy: Most people find it funny when I tell them that Heather and I are actually from the same town and went to high school together (yes, we even graduated in the same class) however we didn’t know one another. Heather and I met on April 11th, 2011 while out at happy hour with some mutual friends. When I first noticed Heather that evening I was actually on the phone talking to someone and she walked over to introduce herself and I stuttered trying to get off the phone call — she still makes fun of me to this day about that. Our relationship didn’t quite start because of that night, however a friendship was created and we spent the entire summer getting to know one another and hanging out. The day finally came that things seemed to be moving towards a different direction for us and while dancing in the rain at a wine festival I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Fast forward to April 11th, 2014 and Heather thinks that she and I are getting couples pictures taken together with Photography by Brea (a gift I gave her for Valentine’s Day). Little did she know that day was so much more than just getting those pictures taken! Brea and I had everything set up for her to capture me proposing to Heather and I couldn’t have asked for that day to turn out any more perfect. The look on Heather’s face when I got down on one knee is something I will never forget, seeing the woman you love so much look so unbelievably happy and surprised was amazing. Following the proposal I had everything set up for a dinner at Rams Head Tavern (the place we had met at 3 years ago) with some of our family and close friends to celebrate the engagement.

We set our wedding and are now on the path to planning the big day as well as our honeymoon to Europe.

From Brea, Sandy and Heather’s photographer: When Sandy and Heather met with me to book their wedding photography, Heather insisted on a second engagement session – you know, one she was actually prepared for! They picked the perfect location with a rustic, farm feel that also had the perfect view of sunset! Unfortunately it was too cloudy to get a good view of that sunset, but we made the most of it and still got some incredible night shots too! I love every minute I spend with these two and I’m so happy that they chose me to be a part of their journey! I can’t wait for their wedding!

Event Credits

Location: Agricultural History Farm Park, MarylandPhotography: Photography by Brea, LLC
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Wedding: Nancy & Wendell

From Carolina, Nancy and Wendell’s photographer: I don’t typically shoot weddings – but when a special story comes along, sometimes you just can’t resist. I know Nancy and Wendell from my Crossfit gym and throughout the last couple of years I’ve seen their relationship model what love is for the rest of us. They’re strong, compassionate, loving and dedicated to each other. After 20 years together, I was honored to be asked to capture Nancy’s proposal, and even happier when they asked me to photograph their wedding.

Nancy and Wendell wanted to make sure the wedding was special and that guests had a great time. So, when the first venue fell through because it would make having an epic party difficult, it seemed only fitting that their dear friends offer to hold the wedding on their beautiful property in the southern hills of Eugene, Oregon.

Now, this is Oregon… so, rain is a possibility, especially in early June. But Mother Nature was simply smiling on them and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! And rightfully so. Unsure about the future of same-sex marriages in Oregon, they originally had their legal ceremony in Washington. But just weeks before this day, Oregon overturned their ban, making this celebration so much sweeter. As Nancy made her way down the aisle, after waiting so many years, there was so much love among everyone there, not a dry eye in the house. Even mine… and that’s difficult when you’re also shooting.

And so we all gathered, nestled in the woods, under a canopy of green, with lights, music, delicious champagne, and partied until late into the night.

I wish Nancy and Wendell a lifetime of love and happiness. I thank them again for entrusting me with documenting one of the most special days in a couple’s life.

Event Credits

Attire: Mr. Formal & David's BridalCakes and Dessert: Haute CakesCatering: Carte Blanche CaterersFlorist: Camillia FlowersLocation: Eugene, ORPhotography: Carolina Reese PhotographyPlanner or Event Designer: Green-Eyed Girl ProductionsVenue: Private Residence
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Engagement: Rachael & Sam

From Paige, Rachael and Sam’s photographer: Rachael and I have been best friends since the first grade. Just over two years ago, Rachael started talking non-stop about this girl named Sam. Never before had I seen her eyes light up the way they did when she talked about this mystery woman. I knew it was serious when she decided to pack up and move to San Francisco to be with her. She has been head over heels in love ever since.

I finally had the privilege of meeting Sam when they spent a few nights down in San Diego to visit family. We only hung out together for a few hours, but that’s all it takes to realize these two are perfect for each other. In October, Rachael staged an elaborate Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt around SF and finally proposed.

The first weekend of December, we all got together for a delicious celebratory brunch with Rachael and Sam’s family before heading down to La Jolla for part one of their two day engagement session. D.G. Wills in downtown is one of the coolest bookstores I have ever set foot in and I could not think of a better backdrop for two bookworms if I tried. 

The morning after, we drove out to Elfin Forest near Encinitas for a peaceful shoot in the woods. It’s a little uncommon for San Diego, but we were blessed with some gorgeous fall colors reminicent of those found in Northern California.

Event Credits

Location: DG Wills in La Jolla and Elfin Forest Photography: Paige Nelson Photography
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