Queer Card Guide: You’re Transtastic!

It’s time for another Queer Card Guide, and this month, we’re focused on trans folks. We’ve got punny greetings for top surgeries of all kinds, the perfect paper goods for sharing news of your transition, and this transtastic hand-printed masterpiece from Grape Gender Crush Designs:


Scroll onward for more queer card goodness!


(From left to right: our friends at Ladyfingers Letterpress & Paradise Papercraft)

Puns Galore


(Clockwise from top left: Peppersprout Press, Gay Pigeon, Four Letter Word Cards, & Henson Handmade)

Mmm… Pizza Rolls

Untitled collage (23)(From left to right: Katy Maher Art & Ladyfingers Letterpress)

When Cis Folks Mess Up…

Try not to. But if you do: apologize, do better—and send a card!

i'm sorry

(From No Coast Paper Co.)

Love is Love is Love is Love is Love

gallery3gallery 5

(Clockwise from top left: An Open Sketchbook, Mark It Proud, Prickly Cactus Collage, & Carolyn Draws)

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Wedding: Kayla & Lauren

From Kayla & Lauren: We shared our engagement photos a while back & wanted to share our wedding photos too! Our day was everything we could have wanted. We felt so lucky to be surrounded by our friends and family with so much love.

Photos courtesy of Michelle VanTine Photography.

1 82 921161210184 1719205

Event Credits

Attire: New York Bride and GroomCakes and Dessert: Fancy Cakes by LeslieCatering: The Tabard InnFlorist: Park FloristLocation: The Tabard Inn - Washington DCPhotography: Michelle VanTine Photography
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Popping the Question: Walking Down the Aisle

We’re back with another installment in Popping the Question, our series where we tackle questions unique to wedding-planning as a queer couple.

Today is all about strutting your stuff! We all know that “tradition” dictates how couples are supposed to walk down the aisle, but what happens to those of us who don’t fit into that traditional binary? If you’re already married, tell us: How did you decide who would walk down the aisle? Did you both walk down together? Or did you forgo that tradition entirely in favor of a different kind of grand entrance? If you’re planning—or just dreaming of—that perfect ceremony, how do you envision taking those all-important steps?

On a related note: what do dads have to do with any of this? Will pops be “giving you away”? Will you go it alone? Or will a member of your chosen family be walking you down the aisle?

amanda melanie

Whether you’re married, engaged, or simply dreaming of the big day, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on this post or get in touch with us . We’ll be accepting responses though Friday, September 18th, and then we’ll compile a post with some of our favorite stories, so get in touch!

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Zetta

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Meet the Team: Morgan

If you’ve been following along over the summer, you may recall seeing a call for volunteers back in June—and now, we’re thrilled to announce that A Bicycle Built for Two has a brand-new all-star team of wedding-lovers! Over the next few Fridays, we’ll be introducing you to the site’s new contributors, all of whom have already begun working behind the scenes to bring you more, better-than-ever LBTQ+ wedding goodness in the months to come.

First up, we have Morgan, A Bicycle Built for Two‘s inaugural social media editor! Since launching our Instagram last month (are you following us yet?), she’s been hard at work bringing cute couples to your phones and spreading the queer wedding love across the internet! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a 29-year-old masculine-of-center lesbian who appreciates great food and red wine. I was born in Massachusetts and did most of my schooling in Northern VA. I recently moved back to the east coast from San Francisco, CA after my 7 year relationship came to an end—so if you need breakup advice or tips on how to be an adult through it all, I’m here for you! Currently, I am taking a few months off to spend quality time with my family and friends, who I saw very minimally during my 5 years in CA.

How did you find A Bicycle Built for Two?

Honestly, I can’t remember. I feel like a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook, and the rest is history. I’ve been following the blog for 5-7 years now!

What do you love about the site?

I love being able to see lesbian and queer love on display. It’s super refreshing and comforting to see people just like me so in love and making such a huge commitment to each other!


Are you married/unmarried/planning a wedding/etc.?

Single and very unmarried :-). Bonus: I will be officiating my sister’s wedding next October. I’ve been working closely with her and her fiancé on planning and have really enjoyed it!

What was/is one must-have for your wedding?

I WILL have a brick-oven pizza bar as “drunk food” post-wedding or at the after-party and a very non-traditional ceremony and reception.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy being outdoors—going on hikes or adventures. I also enjoy going to movies and concerts! I was raised to love New England sports so my family watches way too much baseball, hockey, and football.


Do you have any pets?

Not at the the moment. I grew up with two cats though—R.I.P., my loves!

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?

Super traditional – turkey, bacon, and avocado.

Thanks to Morgan for sharing her social media savvy with A Bicycle Built for Two! Give her a warm welcome on Insta or in the comments—and look out for another “Meet the Team” post this time next week. 

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Engagement: Jenn & Allie

From the couple: Jenn & Allie met during a World Ready Women retreat at their alma mater eight years ago. After the weekend, they promised to hang out again. They finally hung out when they discovered they were going to be RAs together. During the first day of RA training, they snuck away and went to Starbucks together. From then on, they were inseparable BFFs. They took a thousand trips together, got their noses pierced, ate lunch together everyday, and even stood together side by side for over 12 hours to touch Kanye’s hand at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival. Allie went off to grad school at Duquesne while Jenn finished her last year at Chatham, and they were both super excited when Jenn got into The New School. Jenn moved to NYC, went to school and worked at Squarespace– and they visited each other *almost* every weekend. Jenn spent her summers in Pittsburgh and after the second summer decided that she didn’t want to be away from her BFF anymore. Jenn officially moved in with Allie and her sisters, spent every weekend with Allie, and found an amazing Pittsburgh job. Allie went to Ghana and started her PhD. One morning, Allie woke up and realized that she wanted to spend every day for the rest of her life with Jenn. She let her know, and they went and got iced soy lattes and walked around the reservoir to talk about it. So they decided to get a cute little red Prius and officially move in together. They’ve lived happily ever after with their Boston terrier Tulip ever since.

Allie 3

For the engagement, Allie decided to plan a surprise proposal in Amsterdam during their long-awaited European frolic fest. She secretly got in touch with one of Jenn’s friends on Instagram to figure out the best place and a photographer. She also asked all of Jenn’s family and friends to send postcards with what they love about Jenn written on them. The ring was in hand, all she had to do was get her plan together!

On the morning of August 13 (we take our #sundaysareforlovers very seriously!) we were already running late to, what Jenn thought, was a lesiuresly stroll through the park. After finally getting on a train into Amsterdam from our hotel, the train stalled. It was after 10 already, and Allie had arranged for them to meet the photographer there without Jenn knowing. She was freaking out. But she had a plan on the fly.

Allie asked Jenn if she’d like any reading material for sitting on the train. She pulled out the postcard from Jenn’s mom and dad. They both started to cry (sorry to the woman sitting across from us on the train who probably had no idea what was going on!). Allie handed postcards from Jenn’s nephews, brother, and sister-in-law. By the time Jenn finished reading them, the train had arrived at the stop near the park.

After Jenn nearly got hit by a moped, they arrived at Vondelpark. Allie covertly got the signal from photographer extraordinaire, Nicole Olwagen, and simultaneously while following Nicole and leading Jenn without revealing who Nicole was, she started to hand more postcards from Jenn’s family and friends. Jenn and Allie floated to the spot where Nicole lead them, and Allie got down on one knee to ask Jenn to marry her.

After saying yes, and hugging each other, Jenn whispered to Allie that she thought someone was photographing them, and Allie revealed that it was in fact part of the plan, PHEW! Nicole lead Jenn and Allie around for a fabulous photo shoot, and after they enjoyed the biggest Dutch pancakes ever.

They celebrated one week of being engaged with an ultimate #sundaysareforlovers in Paris doing some of their favorite things: breakfast in bed listening to Ella, strolling the streets, and a picnic at the Eiffel Tower park with Allie reading Jenn French love poems. Their wedding is planned for summer 2019, ten years after meeting at Chatham University.

Photos courtesy of Nicole Olwagen.

Allie 8

Allie 9

Allie 10

Allie 1

Allie 2

Allie 4

Allie 5

Allie 6

Allie 7

Allie 11

Allie 12

Allie 15

Allie 13

Allie 14

Event Credits

Location: Vondelpark in Amsterdam // Photographer: Nicole Olwagen
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Link Love: Butch Visibility

We’re back with more Link Love, an occasional feature where we celebrate something we love in the LBTQ+ wedding space!

butch 2

This week, we’re soaking up an amazing project from Meg Allen, a “photographer, adventurer, and artist” in Oakland, California. In her portrait series, BUTCH, Meg explores female masculinity through a series of gorgeous photographs documenting a community who isn’t often in front of the lens. As Meg told The Huffington Post back in 2014, “I wanted see a gallery of people who looked like me in attractive portraits!”

Now, Meg’s created a book with the full series of images, available this September from her personal site.

butch 3 butch 4

If you’re watching A Bicycle Built for Two‘s Facebook page, you may have already seen a few of these images courtesy of our friends at The Pride & Joy Project—many thanks to them for drawing our attention to Meg’s work!

For more butch visibility from our archives, click back to Amanda Swiger’s (not entirely safe for work) butch boudoir shoot with her wife Jordan.

Look for Link Love every Friday—and drop us a line if you have a suggestion for a featured link! 

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Engagement: Sierra & Mallory

From Kaycee, Sierra & Mallory’s photographer: Sierra contacted me a month or so ago asking if I would be interested in shooting their proposal! I just about fell out of my chair!!! I have always, always wanted to photograph a proposal!! Sierra had just moved to Alberta so she could be with Mallory, and I learned more about their relationship over the phone. When I found out Sierra was a massage therapist, I booked an appointment (and consultation combo of course). After the massage, we walked around for over an hour, looking, scheming and planning it right down to the last detail! It was going to be the ultimate surprise, as Sierra said to me– “she will never see this coming!”. Here is their proposal story: 

First Picture
This was the first pose in!! I was so nervous!! I had on my ridiculously thick Roots hoodie with the ring box in the pocket. I’m sure it wasn’t noticeable, but I swear I had a sign on me that said LOOK AT THE SQUARE SHAPED BUMP IN MY POCKET!! I felt like that ringbox in my pocket was like a siren going off constantly.. or that I or that it was going to burn a hole through the pocket and wreck the surprise.. I was sweatin’ about it!! Haha!

Back to Back
This was our second pose in– Sierra wanted the proposal done right off the bat so she wouldn’t have to stress about it!! We planned  for me to wear a sweater on the day of the shoot, keep the ring box in my hoodie, get them into this pose and then “fix Sierra’s hair”. When I went up to Sierra, I handed her the ring box with my offhand so Mallory wouldn’t see it. For these 2 photos, Mallory has NO clue what is going on behind her!! Which is SO exciting!! (Ps Kaycee at this moment takes a big.WHEW, I DID IT AND DIDN’T WRECK THE SURPRISE) lol!


After our “outside photoshoot” portion, Sierra and I were relieved that we had pulled it off!! The three of us chatted as we walked back into the house and Sierra remarked, “I’m so glad I got to you first. I was so worried that you would have got a ring and proposed first!” Mallory laughed with us and shrugged it off, all smiles… LITTLE DID WE KNOW…..

Second Proposal
THAT MALLORY HAD BOUGHT A RING AND WAS PLANNING ON PROPOSING DURING THE PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!!  I had no idea and didn’t realize that Mallory had disappeared once we got into the house.. Sierra and I were chatting away when Mallory came out of the bedroom with a box in her hand .. I turned around and Mallory was down on one knee proposing to Sierra!!!! Oh my gosh!!! There was a ton of joy in this room!!


Mallory had planned on proposing during the photoshoot and was planning on doing it during the in-the-house portion!! So it was a DOUBLE proposal!!

DoubleDouble 2

Photos courtesy of Kaycee Ann Photography. For even more proposal goodness, head on over to her blog post here.

Event Credits

Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada // Photographer: Kaycee Ann Photography
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