Wedding: Lauryn & Desiree

From Lauryn: Desiree and I (I’m the one in the dress) met in high school where we played basketball together.  To be fair, Desiree played basketball and I road the bench and tracked her stats.  Keeping her stats was easy because I rarely took my eyes off of her.  Des is gorgeous.  But beyond her beauty she is also the sweetest and most kind and selfless person.  From the moment I met her my freshman year we were completely inseparable.  We wanted to spend every moment together so she would drive me home from school everyday even though it was 40 minutes away from her house.  We were young, in love and gas was $1.00 a gallon.  Life was perfect. 

But everything wasn’t so simple.  Over time I struggled to deal with my feelings and emotions for her.  I was not ready to talk about anything that was going on between us and it led me to push her away and completely cut her out of my life after we graduated.  We didn’t speak during college but I still creepily kept up with her on Facebook and through our mutual friends.  Every time someone brought up her name my heart would race.  I missed her.  A LOT. 

On a summer day in 2010 I finally drank enough wine to give me the courage to reach out to her.  I am so glad I did.  We immediately starting talking about all the things I had been so scared of 10 years earlier.  After we talked we went to lunch at Desiree’s favorite restaurant, In-N-Out.  We have been together ever since that Double Double.  After dating for 3 years Des proposed in Santa Barbara and we married 8 months later in Tustin.  We wanted our wedding to be one big party for all of the people who loved and supported us along our journey together.  We laughed, drank, and danced from the moment the reception started until the very last second.  At one point, my wedding dress would not stay bustled and was getting in the way of our dance moves so my mom gave us some scissors and Des cut my train off! It just about gave my grandma a heart attack but I reassured her it’s not like I had anywhere to wear that dress again. Our wedding day ended with 30 of our closest friends and family at the dive bar down the street.  We drank beer, laughed, and danced some more before ending the perfect day starting our lives together. 

Photos courtesy of Jacquelyn Rachel Photography.



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Event Credits

Attire: Suit by Theory, top by Vince and loafers by Donald J. Pliner. Gown by Jasmine at Mary Me Bridal.Florist: Michele Jackson, www.michelejacksononline.comLocation: Tustin, CAPhotography: Jacquelyn Rachel,
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Baby on the Way: Theresa & Deanna

From Tara Beth, Theresa & Deanna’s photographer: Theresa & Deanna are having a baby!!! They contacted me to photograph their maternity session amongst the gorgeous cherry trees in Philadelphia, PA. Theresa is due any day now!! Congrats ladies!

tarabethphotography-8 tarabethphotography-13 tarabethphotography-21 tarabethphotography-23




Event Credits

Location: Philadelphia, PAPhotography: Tara Beth Photography
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Wedding: Erin & Mo

From Erin and Mo: Our wedding was held at the Westin in Itasca, IL. It had a beautiful welcoming atrium and an elegant indoor tent, which we used for both the ceremony and reception. We had lots of guests come from out of town, and loved the idea that the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party, and next-morning brunch were all held in the same venue. Additionally, the hotel grounds were extremely well kept, and we had no trouble finding places to take photos (not to mention, the weather could not have been more perfect that day).

We waited to see each other (and each other’s dresses) until the first glance. We did, however, plan our matching shoes: Toms Wedges (and colorful Toms Slip Ons for the reception). We wanted our day to be classy, but also fun and laid back. Our photos definitely show both sides of that! We certainly had to throw some rainbow into the mix, so we sported some colorful sunglasses with our wedding party. Speaking of colors, our florist provided us with the most gorgeous flower arrangements. All we did was give her some ideas with a few specific flower requests, and she did the rest. When our friends and family share memories from the wedding, they still talk about the flowers!

Incorporating friends into various aspects of our ceremony made it so special. In addition to our wedding party, personal friends included our officiant, our reader, our friend who hand-wrote the font for the programs, and our musicians. Having live music for the ceremony was really important to us, as we’re both musicians. Maureen even composed the music that we walked down the aisle to. Erin was escorted by both her parents, and Maureen by her uncle. We had a special acknowledgement of Maureen’s late father and other relatives who have passed away, in order to pay tribute to how they have influenced our lives.

We had lots of fun personalizing our wedding. We each wrote the other a love letter, and during the ceremony, placed these letters into a box with a bottle of wine to be opened on our first anniversary. We designed and printed our own invitations and place cards with the help of Bridget at Paper Source. Our friend, Jeff, took photos of us (mostly silly ones) holding giant numbers cut out of poster board, and we used these photos as our table numbers. Don’t tell Maureen’s percussionist friends, but we cut a slit in a snare drum head and used it as a card holder. We even let our guests show their own creativity by encouraging them to sign the guest book next to an artsy thumbprint self portrait. Erin’s handmade cake toppers, though, really… took the cake!

We’re happy, fun-loving people, and we wanted our wedding day to reflect that. We wanted our guests to be comfortable, and as this was probably the first same-sex wedding for many of them, we wanted it to be full of love and acceptance. We didn’t necessarily go out of our way to emphasize our same-sex relationship, but we were just true to ourselves and let the love shine through on its own. After all, that was what this day was all about! 

Photos courtesy of Agnes Malorny Photography Corp.

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Event Credits

Cakes and Dessert: Lovin Oven Cakery LLC (Lindsay Losch)Catering: Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca ILFlorist: Artistic Floral Design, Inc. (Valerie Soos Sinclair)Location: Ceremony & Reception: Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca ILMusic: Spinnin' DiscsOfficiant: Carol MadalinPhotography: Agnes Malorny at Agnes Malorny Photography Corp.Planner or Event Designer: Westin Consultant at Westin Chicago Northwest: Samantha BaumanVenue: Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca IL
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Engagement: Jo & Wally

Jo emailed us to ask if we could post her and Wally’s engagement photos as a surprise to Wally for their anniversary, and we were more than happy to oblige. Congratulations to Jo and Wally! We are so excited to be part of your story.

From Jo: Happy 4th anniversary to my Feyonce!  I know how much you love this blog for inspiration and support as we take on our next adventure together. I can’t wait to take pictures with you again, only as wife and wife!

We are a native NYC city couple, Wally from Brooklyn and me (Jo) from Staten Island. Our engagement shoot was at our future wedding venue Stroudsmoor Country Inn in PA.

The Proposals: Jo and Wally met in grad school in 2011, while earning their M.A. in Secondary Education.

On June 28, 2013, Jo shared a short movie that chronicled their life together, with the final scene asking Wally to look out the window of their apartment. On the sidewalk, in chalk, were directions to find their cat Noah. When she found him, he wore a collar that read, “Will You Marry Me?” Jo got down on one knee, where they incoherently cried at one another. Wally proposed later that day using the Red String of Fate, their idea of how they came to be.

As part of the day, Jo had planned a surprise engagement party (with the help of their mothers) at MyMoon Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Wally grew up. The night ended with the support of family, friends, tres leches cake, and champagne.

Photos courtesy of The Hursts.

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Event Credits

Location: Stroudsburg, PAPhotography: The Hursts Stroudsmoor Country Inn
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Wedding Video: Alanna & Felicity

From Nan, Alanna and Felicity’s videographerFelicity and Alanna were surrounded by lots of loving and supportive family and friends at their wedding in La Jolla. This private ‘at home’ wedding was absolutely stunning! Three hankies!

Watch their wedding video here.

Check out their wedding post as well!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.50.35 AM

Event Credits

Location: La Jolla, CAOther: Nan from Classic Film Works
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Double Wedding: Julie & Kim, Jami & Nivada

From Nicki, the couples’ photographer: Julie, Kim, Jami, and Nivada (together 20 years!) came up from the south to get legally wed in NYC in a double wedding of awesome! While we were worried about the rain, these girls decided it was Brooklyn Bridge or bust, and risked the iffy weather to have amazing photos. The clouds parted for the hour or so we took pictures and things worked out brilliantly. Especially the time a group of cycling Dutchmen in American flag jumpsuits took over the ceremony. Yes, that happened. And it was amazing. Only in New York.

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Event Credits

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Photography: De Nueva Photography (
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Wedding: Wendi & Crystal

From Wendi: In order to fully grasp the importance of our wedding day, it’s helpful to know a little bit of our story: We’ve been together for over 11 years! Our love has derived from a deep friendship that created a foundation for the relationship we have now – one that is full of laughter, playfulness and a deep love for Jesus as well as each other. And kitties. Always kitties.

Here’s how it all happened: We both grew up in conservative Christian homes where we fell in love with Jesus at a young age. Neither of us ever considered ourselves to be gay – we just thought we hadn’t met the “right guy” yet. Upon further consideration and through various experiences, we individually knew deep down that since childhood there was something different about ourselves and our romantic attractions. We met in college in 2001. Both being freshman and living in the same hall, Crystal quickly became friends with my roommates and by default, I slowly became friends with her as well. Crystal was a bit “too-cool-for-school” while I leaned towards the more “nerdy” side (we think it’s because she was home-schooled for most of her life). A year and a half later, we slowly fell in love. Real head-over-heels, heart-bursting love. We still don’t know exactly how it happened, except that in a whirlwind of emotions, a casual friendship turned into a deeply heartfelt love. We questioned much of the emotions that were stirred up, knowing we were pursuing something very different than what we were taught as little girls in Sunday School. We guessed what our loved ones would think. We knew what our home churches believed and easily assumed their thoughts. Yet we also knew what we had together was incredibly raw and gentle and bursting with color and life and that truly made us want to strive to be better people for each other and the world around us.

Plagued with inner conflicts of meshing love with faith, we formed a relationship by a beautifully sacred commitment. We trudged forward with our lives together, in silence to our world (over nine years in silence). We watched the rest of our loved ones find their soul mates, get married and build families. Time caused us to realize we had been stuck in the same place all those years, not being able to move forward with plans to get married and start a family of our own all while feeling unable to invite said loved ones to be a part of our love celebrations. After realizing how unfair we had been to ourselves and those around us, we went through a year-long process of coming out to ourselves and preparing to come out to the rest of our world. Holding tight to the truth that honesty is the best policy for all, in the summer of 2013 we moved forward and began changing everything. Telling our story. Telling the truth, as hard and terrifying and painful as it may be. Struggling with what it means to be true to our loves – a love for the Father and a love for each other. Coming to grips with the sting of rejection from some while feeling the warmth of acceptance from others.

Which brought us to our wedding: establishing our commitment before God and the rest of the world and pledging with happy hearts our sacred love for one another. We feel our entire relationship – the last 11 years – had been building to this wedding celebration.

About the wedding: Crystal and I were a little bit of a dream team, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve helped countless friends with their weddings throughout the years and I love all things DIY and crafty. Also, Crystal works as a graphic designer so that was huge in our execution of things! For the theme, we knew we wanted it to be all things metallic, glitter and sequins – your perfect lesbian wedding!

We did all of the decor ourselves and Crystal designed our invitations and the programs/menus for the day. We had “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles playing as we walked down the aisle three times – once with dear friends and family to represent our past, once with church friends to represent our present and finally just the two of us to represent our future. It was a very sacred moment and symbolized the crazy journey that brought us to that day. We had over 100 guests join us at our church, where we were their first same-sex couple to get married at their location. A friend of a friend did our cake and cupcakes (which people are still raving about). We also found a local family that has a taco cart and they made the most amazing homemade, authentic tacos on-site! We also asked guests to bring a special piece of fabric with them which was weaved into a beautiful loom along with notes, well wishes and trinkets – this was one of our favorite pieces of the day. I also loved the hundreds of white feathers dipped in gold paint and glitter that we hung all over the reception area – definitely created the vibe we wanted and all of our guests had glitter on them at the end of the night!

It was the happiest day of our lives and we’re still glowing from it all (and slowly putting everything away). We’re a part of the Why Marriage Matters Arizona campaign, and our church is a corporate sponsor of it, which is why we’re huge on sharing our story with the world. We are pushing for marriage equality in Arizona and love telling our story in hopes that another couple who has been silent because of fear and shame, can relate.

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Campbell Photography.


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Event Credits

Attire: Mod ClothCakes and Dessert: Suzanne LeverCatering: So-Cal Taquizas Location: Glendale, ArizonaOfficiant: Andrew ShepherdPhotography: Alyssa Campbell PhotographyVenue: Foothills Christian Church
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